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"Funny, romantic, easy going" ~ annonWhen Lucy and Dan's ship sunk, Lucy went unconscious and Dan was there to save her and pull her into the life raft.They are both drifting aimlessly in the sea, hoping they will be rescued before they run out of water. Tensions rise and they start to get on each other's nerves when all of a sudden there's a spark of romance. Watch what happens in this story about patients and understanding. They both have a lot to teach, and a lot to learn.Will there be romantic sparks flying? Read now to find out.HEA Guaranteed in this sexy romance story! Pick up your copy tonight!

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Sandra C Clemins


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Truth Or Dare

By: Sandra C Clemins


“How dare you say that to a woman”

“What what did you expect me to say?”

“I didn’t expect you to call me a flat-chested hairy banana”

“Well if I didn’t call you that then what else would I call you? We have been on the ship for over five days now and I am beginning to be very hungry. I’m just waiting for us to be rescued off this godforsaken cruise”

“Well, I’d appreciate if you didn’t call me names especially food items, I don’t know if you’re a carnivore or not”

“If I was a carnivore, you would be gone two days ago. Can I please just get some sleep without you yapping in my ear?”

“Yes, yes. Go get some sleep, I’ll keep a lookout for any passing ships and don’t worry I won’t set off the flare gun prematurely like I did last time we saw a commercial airliner jet flying above”

“Great, sounds good”

I watched him go back under the shaded area of the boat and I sat there plotting how mean he was to myself. I held that flare gun out and almost felt like I wanted to just shoot him with it. I knew that would be a bad idea though considering it would start a fire on our little life raft and potentially pop it and we would both be at the mercy of whatever sharks and other crazy creatures are in the bottom of the sea. I really wish that we weren’t alone survivors of our boat crash, but I am thankful that he was able to pull me out from my unconscious state when the boat crashed into Iraq and put me on life raft. It’s just that over the last five days he has been so annoying since then and I’m not sure why. I don’t know why he saved me if he just planned on being mean to me the whole time.