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Transgender Erotica Pretty Young Woman: pretty girls find out a little more about what's happening to him.

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Transgender Erotica pretty young woman

Tisha Red

Copyright © 2018 by sher

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Melissa woke up, her head feeling fuzzy. She felt the sexy sensation of the sheets rubbing against her stocking-clad legs. The cord from the headphones was tangled around her neck, threatening to get involved with her blonde hair. She resolved the mess with some mildly irritated sounds, finally breaking her hair free from the tangle of her headphone cord. What was it that she had been dreaming about...? She felt like it was erotic, but she couldn't remember what had been happening or why she felt like she should be aroused. Oh, well. Time to get up and start getting ready for work. She swung her long legs down to the floor as she pivoted and sat up. A slight groan that she didn't notice escaped her full lips as the butt plug that she didn't realize was inside her sank deeper inside her body with the change in position. Melissa rose to her feet. The stockings she was wearing, fantastic and expensive lace-topped stockings that stayed up on their own, made her shiver again as her feet met the floor. She stood and quickly stepped into her high-heeled shoes. There. The five-inch heels made her smallish frame feel taller and the heel made her feel...what was it...? Sexier? Centered? Whatever. She walked toward the kitchen of her apartment with grace, her legs feeling wonderful as the stockings caressed her hairless skin, though why whether it was hairless would matter made her wonder why she might have even had that didn't matter. Melissa could smell the coffee brewing in the kitchen. It was really good coffee. She clicked into the kitchen, pausing to inhale briefly. Her chest swelled, the still-tender DD-cups pushing against the satin of her babydoll nightie and making her breath catch momentarily. She didn't notice that, either. The coffee smelled fantastic. She felt good about buying the expensive but good stuff, like she felt about the thick latex lump that was buried in her ass. It was the right thing to do. A random almost-memory from the dream that she'd been having flittered through her consciousness for the briefest of split seconds. She had been on her knees, her nipples on fire from the clamps that had been on them but oh it had been such a delicious sweet painful sexy suffering and a voice had told her that she was a good girl and she throbbed and wanted to serve and be full and... Melissa shook her head. What had that been, some weird erotic dream? Despite her nipples being hard as pebbles and standing out against the cups of her nightie... Not enough coffee yet. She thought that she opened the fridge to get half and half out, but instead reached into a drawer and got out a vibrator with a thin, angled shaft before a flared bulbous head. While she thought about her red-painted fingernails opening the container of cream for her first cup of coffee for the day, her body was spreading its legs and pulling her panties down her shaved legs to her knees. After sucking on the end of the vibrator hungrily, absently wishing that it was the head of a cock, her right hand pulled her ass cheeks apart while her left guided the head of the vibrator against her rectum. "Oops, forgot, to...umm...what did I forget to do?" she wondered idly as a groan that she didn't hear escaped her lips. The thick butt plug that she had been wearing all night escaping her ass would have made her gasp with pain as it stretched her but she had other things to think about. Like how her coffee still hadn't gotten its cream. She sighed as she turned on the vibrator, guiding it to just where she wanted it in her ass. She moaned involuntarily as it found her prostate gland. Melissa didn't see the thick plug that had been buried in her ass all night as she moaned softly, finding a pattern of gentle circles on her prostate with the vibrator. This was how she got the creamer into her coffee every morning. It was a process...wasn't it...? Her manicured left hand slipped under her pale blue babydoll nightie that barely covered her breasts but that also matched the stockings that stayed up on her bare, smooth legs. Melissa's delicate oval-shaped face pouted a perfect "O" as she got ready to pour out the cream for her morning coffee, her closed eyelids hiding her baby blue eyes. The little button nose below those eyes scrunched a little occasionally with pleasure. Melissa didn't think she was especially pretty but some would find her especially so. She moaned gently as the vibrator continued to stimulate her prostate. She was getting wet. The bikini panties she was wearing to match her nightie had a wet spot on the front where the head of her thick but thoroughly flaccid cock had rested, and the drop or two of precum that had oozed out kept it damp. The vibrations on her gland already had her wet and her nipples were very prominent on her chest as she sighed, her eyes still closed, still thinking of opening a cardboard carton that she was ever-so-slowly opening in her mind. Her body was doing something different. She stood in her kitchen, her thighs only an inch or two from her tabletop. She was tottering in her heels at this point, the vibrator on her prostate doing its job admirably well. Her coffee cup, steam rising from it, was a few inches from the edge of the table. After another minute or two of grinding the vibrator in her asshole against her prostate with her right hand and her left pinching her nipples absently, her left hand slowly, luxuriously made its way down her flat, hairless tummy to her hairless crotch. She sighed again as she started stroking her thick, flaccid cock, the head positioned directly over her still-hot cup of coffee. Melissa's breath caught, then she grunted, her red nails contrasting the thick, drooping cock that they were stroking as she had an unsatisfying orgasm from her prostate, her legs shaking slightly as spurt after spurt of her cum slipped into her waiting cup of coffee. Now that she had gotten the creamer that she so loved in her coffee, Melissa stopped stroking her still-limp package as she removed the vibrator from her ass. She didn't notice anything as she put the vibrator away, thinking that she was just putting the carton of half-and-half back in the fridge. She had no idea that she had already lubed up and slid the thick plug back into her ass, then pulled her panties back up over it and her lifeless "manhood." Finally, not sure why her shaved legs were shaking slightly, Melissa sat at her kitchen table, barely noticing that there was a huge presence in her rear. Ahhh... She sipped her coffee, not realizing that the taste that she had been craving was good coffee mixed with her own semen was what she had been craving. Once she had drained the cup of jizz-enhanced coffee, she stood, walking perfectly naturally on her high heels and not realizing how much she relished the feel of her satin panties against her soft member and shaved scrotum, or the thick latex plug that was buried in her ass. Well, time to get ready for work. She stripped, not realizing how reluctant she was to relinquish the feel of her soft undergarments and the fullness of the plug in her ass after she cried out as it stretched her as she removed it, then cleaned it. Then she showered. She didn't think about how automatic it was for her to shave her legs, ass, balls, and cock, and totally disregarded the empty feeling in her backdoor. It was just part of drying her smooth body as she sat on her commode and filled her ass over and over again with an enema, ensuring that what left her body was nothing but clean water. Her head felt clear now as she donned what would be scandalous lingerie but was for her just her underwear. Sheer black stockings, a black garter belt, a lacy thong, and a lacy matching bra to support her DD breasts. Melissa brushed her teeth and did her makeup after donning sensible business attire that was appropriate for an accountant like she was. Just as she was about to leave her apartment, Melissa thought that she had forgotten to turn off her coffee maker but in reality, she had hiked her skirt up to her waist, bent over, pulled her panties down to her knees, and had slowly lubed her ass before taking several long minutes to work her big butt plug back into her ass. Reality had seemed a kilter? for her but once the plug slid home insider her, she sighed, feeling content. She pulled her panties back up, tucking her (for now) useless cock between her legs, readjusted her skirt, and headed off to work.


Work was uneventful. Melissa didn't notice the guys in the office trying not to ogle her the way that they always did. Home, she flopped down on the couch, not noticing her own grunt as the big plug in her ass bumped against her prostate or the involuntary flex of her sphincter that caused a few more drops of her precum to soak into her satin panties. She was tired. It had been another normal day at the office at her accounting firm, except for a few odd moments when she had felt...weird. It was really weird, in fact. She didn't realize as she thought about the weird parts of her day that she had hiked up her skirt, pulled her panties to the side, and begun stroking her thick but still unresponsive dick. It had felt like bits of Melissa's dream had come floating back to her while she was trying to work. "Slave..." a voice had whispered, seemingly directly into her ear. She had spun around, not realizing that her ass was rhythmically clamping around its plug, nor that her dick had begun to drool precum. That had been strange, she thought, absently moving her left hand down to pull the plug out of her ass just enough to really stretch her rectum as her other hand just worked its way up and down her shaft. Lunch had been fun, just Melissa and the other girls in the office talking, trading a little gossip but mostly talking work and their personal lives. She had mostly been quiet. It wasn't a conscious decision, had felt—a presence in her mind reminding her of...something. Oh, well, that wasn't important. She had studying to do. Melissa stopped stroking her limp dick, tucked it back into her panties, readjusted her skirt, and headed into her kitchen to get dinner ready. Yum, another TV dinner. Oh well. The sauce her friend had showed her how to make made the ravioli taste SO much better. She took the package out of the freezer but didn't realize that after that, her heels clicked into the bathroom where she removed the enormous plug from her ass and voided her bowels into the toilet. She then forgot to notice that she spent several minutes giving herself another thorough enema, moaning and grunting the whole time, then reinserting the thick plug into her ass. Back in the kitchen, Melissa picked up the TV dinner she had just taken out of the freezer and popped it in the microwave. As she read the instructions, she hiked her skirt up once more, pressed the buttons she needed to on the microwave, and pulled her panties down to her knees. She didn't notice her grunt as she slid the thick plug out of her ass, or hear her soft grunts and moans when she replaced it with the same vibrator from that morning, beginning to slowly stroke her soft cock. She paused briefly to take her dinner out the microwave, then cranked the vibrator up to its maximum while she furiously pumped her slack dick until she again grunted, "UNNNGHHHH!" and her cum spilled all over what she intended to put in her mouth. She didn't notice her fingertips wiping the few drops of her jizz from the end of her penis and bringing it to her lips, nor did she hear the soft sigh as she tasted herself. She put her ingredients back into the cupboards where she kept them, she thought, when in reality, Melissa removed her vibrator and cleaned it off, then lubed up her plug and slid it back into her ass. She sighed with satisfaction, feeling like she closed the last cupboard as she pulled her panties back up and readjusted her skirt. She sat down to eat at the kitchen table, slowly inhaling the scent of her favorite ravioli microwave dinner with the special sauce that her friend Jessica had taught her how to make. It just made the food taste so much better! As she savored the taste of the mediocre but easy to make food with its fantastic flavor-enhancing sauce, Melissa thought about her friend Jessica. They were very close. They hung out at least once a week, sometimes as many as three or four. Their visits consisted most of the time of one of them going to the other's place and talking or watching a movie, she recalled. She didn't remember the times that they both practiced deepthroating dildos staring into each other's' glassy eyes or practicing stretching their assholes together. All she remembered was that they had good fun. She recalled (or thought that she did) that one time that they had both had a little too much cabernet sauvignon and had ended up kissing deeply on Jessica's couch. They had both ended up grinding their crotches together through their panties, she thought that she recalled. She didn't remember how both of their normally flaccid dicks had become hard as granite as they sucked each other off for over an hour but somehow didn't manage to cum. She also failed to remember that that was because she hadn't been given permission to ejaculate from penetration, or from anything other than on or in something that she was going to ingest. Her phone rang. "Hello?" she said in her sonorous voice that many of her male—and a few female—coworkers adored. "Hello?" There was nothing but silence. "Huh," she said, hitting the end button and putting the phone down, failing to notice that the screen showed that the call had lasted 34 minutes. Well, she thought, she ought to get down to studying. Melissa believed that she was taking a class on German at the local community college. So to study, she glided into her bedroom, thinking that she would get into some comfy clothes to study. She took her business suit off, hanging it up neatly, then failed to notice that she pulled her panties off after detaching her garters and returned to the bathroom to remove her butt plug and give herself another thorough enema. Once her notebook and study material was out, (she thought. She actually put a collar around her neck, a latex bra that lifted her breasts and left her nipples exposed, a crotchless pair of latex panties, latex stockings, and a ridiculously high-heeled pair of shoes) she headed back to her bedroom to study (re-fill her ass with her thick plug). Thinking that she was sitting on her bed to look over the course material, Melissa put leather cuffs on her wrists and locked them together behind her back, then knelt on the floor. The key was in a cube of ice that would dangle before her unseeing eyes where she knelt. There was a key in every ice cube in the freezer and a part of her knew which one corresponded to each of the labeled padlocks she didn't remember that she had in her sock drawer. In front of her, stuck to the floor with a suction cup, was a ten inch long dildo. It was made of black latex, was thick and veiny, and had a faux pair of balls that was just as hairless as hers, she didn't realize. Her lips, covered in lip gloss, wrapped around the mock phallus, and as she thought she was practicing German phrases and pronunciation, she was actually working her mouth up and down on the dildo until it was slick enough to start working it down her throat. She didn't notice taking a deep breath and consciously but not making an effort to relax her throat muscles and suppressing her gag reflex to allow the thick phallus to enter her esophagus. Melissa also didn't realize that she was rhythmically clenching her ass to in effect "ride" the butt plug inside of her so that its widest part kept rubbing her prostate gland. Her limp cock, impressive in its flaccid length and girth, dripped precum onto the floor between her trembling thighs. The dildo was liberally coated with her drool when the key dropped in front of her, making her glassy eyes focus again. Her mascara had run down her face from the involuntary tears resulting from how long she'd been forcing the toy down her throat and practicing how to please it. Her lipstick was smeared, too. She reluctantly withdrew the huge sex toy from her throat and mouth, then wiggled forward and got the key, unlocking her cuffs. She stood on unsteady legs and headed to the bathroom, not realizing that she was giving herself another even more thorough enema. At least she didn't have to not remember that she pulled her panties down, since the latex ones she was wearing left everything wide open, she almost realized. Melissa shook her head as if a fly had just buzzed in her ear, finished up, and headed back into the bedroom after a quick stop in the kitchen for another cube of ice. She got another padlock ready, then, pulled the plug out again with a grunt that she didn't hear, readying another similar but even bigger dildo. Her eyes went out of focus again when she felt the padlock snap shut between her wrist cuffs. She had already thoroughly lubed her ass and the toy ahead of time. Both her mouth and the end of her cock began to drool as she felt the enormous toy enter her ass, completely in a deep trance now as she slowly slid up and down on its length, keening and moaning softly, a part of her mind relishing how full and stretched out her ass felt and how good it felt to obey. The rest of her conscious mind believed that she was practicing saying, "Wilkommen." Melissa's dick bounced as she rode the dildo and moaned, drops of precum falling on the floor between her legs, on her thighs, occasionally flying up to land on her smooth tummy. It took the key dropping in front of her to remove the vacant look from her eyes. She didn't sense how reluctant she was to pull herself off the enormous dildo to retrieve the key and unlock her cuffs. She thought that she was putting her stuff away as she cleaned the gigantic toy, her plug, her face, and her ass after the session she had just had. She also didn't notice that she was taking off and cleaning all of the latex accoutrement she had been wearing, showering and donning another set of stockings, panties, and a babydoll nightie. Tonight's color was pink. She slipped into her heels after putting her sex toys, bondage gear, and latex fetishwear away, and headed into her living room to relax. She thought that she turned the TV on to watch some show about fashion, but instead was watching a custom DVD that Jessica had given her. It was nothing but busty girls with big cocks worshipping even bigger latex cocks, or being tied up. Melissa had no idea that when she wasn't taking as sip of wine (that she had used the vibrator in her ass to coax another unsatisfying—and in fact, totally unnoticed—orgasm that resulted in more jizz in the glass) that she was absently stroking her lifeless cock with one hand and pinching and rolling one of her nipples in the other. She didn't realize that she tucked her dick, wilted but slick with precum, back into her pink satin panties, and ejected the DVD. She did notice that she turned off the TV and tossed back the rest of her cum-enhanced wine, stretched and yawned, and tottered off to bed. She didn't remove her heels until she climbed into bed. Ready for a good night's sleep, Melissa automatically put her headphones on and pressed play on the media player on the nightstand. All that her conscious mind heard was the white noise of waves crashing on the beach but her deeper mind heard instructions, inductions, and more conditioning. The word "slave" almost bubbled up into her awake self once but her training caught it. She fell asleep/into trance and "slept" peacefully.


Jessica was excited. She and Melissa had become friends over the past few weeks as Melissa became acclimated to situation. Jessica had been in a similar one the year before. She was a lot further along to her destination, and so as she got her coffee ready, she was aware that while she couldn't possibly stop herself from doing so, she had slid her panties down to her knees, removed her butt plug, and was gently stroking her limp penis over her hot coffee cup while massaging her prostate with a vibrator. As such, she was able to feel the sensations and sighed as she felt the release coming. However, her ejaculation didn't feel anywhere near as good as an orgasm would have, despite the grunt that escaped her throat. She sat down after replacing her butt plug, that action returning control of her actions to her own mind. Jessica realized that the reason that her coffee tasted so good was because she had just dumped a load of her cum in it, but what she actually tasted was really good coffee with sugar and half and half, just like she had enjoyed coffee most before...that's where things got fuzzy. Her brow furrowed in confusion. What had been before? She crossed her legs, aware of the slight shiver that the feeling of the white stockings she wore constantly gave her. Suddenly, what had come before wasn't that important. What mattered was that she had permission to let Melissa understand more of what was going on, and she was excited. She was going to go over to Melissa's apartment after they both got out of work. Her excitement didn't override the fact that despite mentally being aroused by the thought, her body wasn't able to respond accordingly. Jessica's dick was about the same size as Melissa's. When allowed to get an erection, her uncut shaft was two and a half inches thick and just under eight inches from its shaved base. Jess finished her coffee and glided on her own heels, very similar to what Melissa wore, into her bathroom to get ready. She became a passenger in her own body as her programming took over, compelling her to remove and clean her three-inch-thick butt plug, then give herself an enema until the only thing exiting her body was clear warm water. Finished cleaning herself, Jessica once again had control of her own body. She took a shower, briefly losing control again, watching her hand guide her razor over her armpits, her long, muscular legs, and finally denuding around her rear entrance, her crotch, her balls, and her above-average cock. The control returned and she shut off the water, stepping out to dry her smooth body off. She dried her wavy auburn hair, and glanced at herself in the mirror. She was proud of her body, and most people who were attracted to women would agree. She was taller than Melissa at five foot seven. Her fair skin was without blemishes. Jessica's tummy wasn't quite flat but didn't have any flab; it was evident from that and her general muscle tone that she took care of herself, working out six days a week. She had smaller breasts than Melissa did, perky D cups, so they were nothing to be ashamed of. Her slender neck led to a rounder face than Melissa's more oval-shaped face, with a smaller more button-like nose. Her eyes were tied with her figure in features that she was proud of. They were a striking shade of hazel that was closer to green than brown, a little larger than most women's and had an alluring almond shape. The permanent makeup eyeliner helped to enhance their look. Jess got dressed, shivering as she slid the silk stockings up her smooth legs and attaching the lace tops to her matching nude garter belt. She had already tucked her limp cock into her panties, tucked back so that it didn't create a bulge that could draw unwanted attention. That was one thing she was grateful for, that her programming took control of that organ away from her. She didn't get an erection without permission. She slid the thong out of the crack of her ass and grunted as her butt plug slid back inside her rectum, and immediately felt much more complete. More of her programming, she was aware. That taken care of, she finished putting on her lavender skirt, white blouse, and matching jacket after she did her hair and makeup, then headed off to work. She was able to concentrate well enough during her work day that nobody noticed, but Jess was aware of how much more she was flexing her sphincter around her plug as she thought about how that night would go, and she noticed but didn't act on the drops of fluid that slowly leaked out of the head of her useless cock. The day felt like it took forever to be done and she wasted no time in clearing out of the office, eager to head home. She wasn't worried about dinner, since she was heading to Melissa's place to eat with her friend. She stopped and picked up a good bottle of merlot on her way to Melissa's, having everything that she might need in her purse. There were butterflies in Jessica's stomach as she walked up to the door of Melissa's apartment. She knocked, her mouth suddenly dry, even though she was very sure of how the evening would play out. She had her instructions. The door opened and the shorter blonde's face lit up. "Jess! I've got dinner going, please come in," Melissa said, standing back to allow her friend in. "Thanks," Jessica replied, stepping across the threshold. Once inside, Melissa closed the door and gave her a kiss on the lips that wasn't passionate but was a lot more familiar than just two friends would share. Jessica looked her friend over and liked what she saw. Melissa was wearing similar attire: businesslike, indicating that she should be taken seriously, but carefully chosen to highlight and bring out femininity in every way possible. Neither of them took their shoes off, even though they were both wearing similar pumps with four- or five-inch heels. It never crossed either of their minds. Breathing in deeply through her nose, Jessica remarked, "That smells fantastic." Melissa beamed. "Thanks. Follow me," she continued and headed into the kitchen. Jessica was happy to, idly watching the way that her blonde friend's ass swayed as she walked, the skirt being just tight enough to highlight her firm rear and the swell of her hips. And unlike Melissa, Jess noticed the plug in her ass filling her and shifting with every step. Now that she was out of work and out of the public eye, she was starting to realize just how horny she was. How long had it been since she had come, other than when she was preparing food? she wondered idly, then realized that it wasn't important. Her guidance of Melissa tonight would almost ensure that that would happen sooner rather than later. She shivered as she and Melissa talked. She got the bottle of wine open and poured two glasses. Melissa took no notice as Jess hiked her skirt up, pulled her panties down to reveal her flaccid member, removed her butt plug, and started using the vibrator she had taken out of her purse on her prostate, absently stroking herself. Melissa seemed completely oblivious to her friend masturbating right in front of her, her preseminal fluid seeping out of her dick and dripping into the wine glasses. She carried on her conversation as if nothing was happening, unable to hear it when Jessica grunted, getting roughly equal quantities of her sperm in each wine glass.