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Transgender Erotica My Sexy TS neighbor: Fun time with my super hot and sexy TS neighbor

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Transgender Erotica My Sexy TS neighbor

Karen Styles

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I noticed the moving truck as I came around the bend & pulled into my driveway. My neighbors were an elderly couple & had been planning to move to Florida to be near their grandchildren for some time, I guess they finally pulled the trigger. "Heading south???" I asked as I got out of my car & headed into the garage. "Yes, we're finally going for it." Jim replied. Well, good luck to you guys. Enjoy your retirement." I said & waved as I walked into the house. Most of the people in this neighborhood were older, that was part of the reason I decided to move in. It was an affluent, quiet neighborhood where no one would bother me while I worked. I'm a software engineer so I spend a lot of time on my computer at home. It helped that there weren't many distractions here & I could get my work done. Hopefully whoever moves in next won't be too loud, I thought, guess we'll see. A few weeks later I saw another moving truck in the drive. I had noticed the For Sale sign had been down for about a week so I just assumed this was my new neighbor. As I pulled into my driveway, I noticed a petite, young blonde carrying a box out of the back of the truck. She was cute for sure, better be neighborly & at least go offer to help, I thought to myself. "Hi," I said, "My name is Trevor & I live next door. Can I help you with the boxes??" "Last one," she said, "Could have used you an hour ago," she chuckled jokingly. "My name is Trisha, it's a pleasure to meet you." The pleasure was certainly all mine. Trisha wasn't just cute, she was gorgeous. She had shoulder length, curly blonde hair that framed her face & deep, blue eyes. She was probably about 5'6", & obviously kept herself in good shape judging by the sports bra & yoga pants she was sporting. Her breasts were nice, probably a small C, & her firm toned abs showed under the midriff of her top. She had a pair of gym shorts on over the yoga pants so I didn't get a great look at her ass; however, from what I could see, it looked very toned & shapely. "Well, sorry I was late, I would have been happy to give you a hand," I said, "Maybe I can interest you in a cup of coffee once you get all settled in." I almost shocked myself at my forwardness but I figured, what the hell?? "That sounds wonderful," Trisha said, "Maybe one day later this week." As I walked into my house, I couldn't help but turn & take another look at Trisha. She had a smoking body & I thought I even noticed a little tramp stamp tattoo on her back as she disappeared into her garage with her last box. "Pretty hot!!" I mumbled to myself. A few days later I was in my backyard cutting the grass when I heard Trisha yell at me over the sound of the mower. "Hey!!" she was yelling. I killed the mower & saw her standing at my back gate. She had on a pink bikini top with a matching sarong wrap around her waist. She was holding a glass of lemonade, "Thought maybe you could use something cool," she said. "Great, thank you," I replied & walked over towards her. "That sounds wonderful." I couldn't help but drink her in as I walked over. The bikini top she had on was pretty skimpy & her breasts were almost spilling out of it. I tried to sneak in a few glances as we talked. "How are you liking the neighborhood??" I asked, making small talk. "I'm really enjoying it & everyone seems so nice." She said. "I was just about to go lounge by the pool for a little while & I wondered if you had time to join me??" Fuck yeah I do, I thought!! "Sure, I could use a break to cool down for a minute," I said. "Lead the way." As she turned & walked through the gate & into her backyard, I couldn't help but stare at her ass. I wished she didn't have that cover on so I could get a better look, but it looked pretty hot as it was. "Have a seat", she said, pointing towards the lounge chairs alongside the pool. We sat & chatted for an hour or so, mainly small talk, where she was from, where I was from, what she did for a living, that kind of stuff, when I noticed it was starting to get dark. "Oh shoot," I said, "I've been enjoying our conversation so much I almost forgot I need to finish up the yard before it gets too dark." "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to keep you," Trisha said. "Absolutely not, I loved chatting with you," I said, "Hopefully we can do it again & thank you for the lemonade." "Of course," she said, "What are neighbors for." I waved & headed back to my yard to finish mowing. It was almost dark now but I only had another 15 minutes or so to finish up so I cranked the mower back up & got back to work. As I was walking by the fence between Trisha's yard & mine, I noticed that she had gotten up & was now in the pool. I noticed her sarong over the back of one of the chairs & I thought maybe I'll get to catch a glimpse of her ass. I kept mowing, back & forth, watching for her to get out of the pool; unfortunately, by the time I was finished, she was still swimming laps. Oh well, I thought, maybe next time. I killed the mower & rolled it back into the garage. I took a bottle of water out of the fridge & drank it to cool down. I grabbed my blower & walked back around to the backyard to clean off the porch & I glanced through the fence. I could see the back of Trisha's hair leaning on one of the lounge chairs. Since she had her back to me, so I didn't get to see her; however, I thought I could hear her moaning softly. I hadn't turned on the blower yet so obviously she didn't know I was in the back yard. I crept over to the fence & listened, being sure not to make a sound as I did. Sure enough, she was moaning. Oh my God, I thought, Trisha is masturbating in her backyard. "Oh Trevor," she moaned lightly. What??? She was masturbating thinking about me. Holy shit, this is hot!! I thought. I was totally frozen & didn't know what I should do. Should I go over there & potentially embarrass myself & her in the process?? Her moaning became a little more ragged & I assumed that meant she was about to make herself cum. My cock was aching but I didn't want to make a sound & disturb what was happening right on the other side of the fence. "Yes, yes," I heard her moan as she threw her head back obviously reaching her climax. After she came down, she reached up behind her & grabbed her sarong, wrapping it back around her, before getting up & going in the house. I took that as my opportunity to get up & go inside. I had barely made it inside the door before I had peeled off my clothes & was furiously beating my cock, crying out Trisha's name as I came all over the floor of the laundry room. The next evening, I was sitting in the backyard smoking a cigar when I heard Trisha's back door open. It was dusk, so there was still a small bit of light allowing me to see her silhouette walking towards the pool. I heard the splash of the water from Trisha jumping in & took that as my opportunity to try to sneak over to the fence without her noticing me. I crouched down in the corner hoping the shadows would hide me a little better. She was swimming back & forth, leisurely doing some laps. She swam to the end of the pool, on the opposite side of the yard, & started to climb out of the pool. That was when I noticed that Trisha was nude, she had been skinny dipping!! I watched her climb out of the pool & I finally got to see that perfect ass of hers. It was tight & firm, well rounded & muscular. Her legs were tanned & toned, obviously she kept herself in great shape. Her towel was sitting on the edge of the pool & she picked it up & wrapped it around herself as she exited the pool, prematurely ending the show I was so thoroughly enjoying. She walked over to the lounge chair & sat down, only this time, unlike last night, she was facing the fence between our yards.