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Transgender Erotica More Than Meets the eye. beautiful young lady long secret

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Transgender Erotica more than meets the eye

tisha red

Copyright © 2018 by sher

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We had met, of all places, at a coffee shop. I had been surreptitiously admiring the plump, shapely ass of the sexy redhead in front of me when I heard her voice and was hooked. I decided right then and there that I'd do quite a lot to get a chance to talk more to this lady. I hadn't even seen her face! But when I heard that sexy contralto voice it was all over. I was happy to see that since the place was so busy, there was nowhere to sit by myself with the paperback I'd brought with me. It just so happened that the only empty seat was right across from the beauty with auburn hair and the hourglass figure. I walked over to the table that she'd just sat down at, nervous as hell. Here goes...I thought. "I'm sorry to bother you," I said, "but would you mind if I sat here? Every other seat's taken." Instead of a sigh, or even an outright denial, to my surprise, her pretty face broke into a gorgeous smile. "Sure." "Thanks," I said, smiling, a little nervously. "I've never seen this place this busy." "You must never come here on Saturday mornings, then, do you?" she asked. "Can't say that I do. I've never run out of coffee on a weekend before." She laughed, a musical sound. "It's happened to me, too. What're you reading?" she inquired, leaning over to look at my book. "The Hunt for Red October," I answered. "Again. And I mean this is, like, the 21st time I've read it." "Is it that good?" Another smile that made my heart melt. It hit me at that moment how breathtaking this woman was. Bad lighting must have been why I had seen red hair; it was actually a striking strawberry blond, long, wavy and styled well. She had a perfect oval-shaped face that held enormous brown eyes, almond-shaped pools of liquid seduction positioned over a petite little nose. Her cheekbones were high and above full, sensuous lips that framed a wide mouth filled with perfect teeth. Her face looked like a sexed-up cross between Angelina Jolie and Faith Hill. She was heart-stopping. Below this angel's visage was a graceful neck, small, feminine shoulders, an enormous pair of breasts--at least a DD cup, maybe even bigger!--that seemed to hold their shape very well for being that big, a small waist framing a mostly flat stomach, below which flared wide, sexy hips, firm, strong thighs, shapely calves, and--this was guesswork--slender ankles and relatively small feet for her height of five foot six. I figured. "Have you read it?" I asked. This was my favorite book, after all. "Or at least seen the movie?" "I didn't like the movie that much," was her answer.Figures, I thought. Most women didn't seem to get Clancy, from my experience. She spoke again after a beat or two. "It didn't do the book justice." A coy smile. "Wow," I said. "What? Never met a girl who could read?" "Huh? No! It's just rare to meet one who appreciates Tom Clancy. He's one of my favorite authors," I explained. I realized midway through that she was grinning. I'd fallen for her trap. "Real cute," I said with a grin. "Think I need to run out of coffee more often." "Or we could just get coffee together," she said. My heart skipped a beat. Had she just asked me out? What the hell? I'd just gotten out of bed twenty minutes ago; I was wearing a stupid t-shirt and shorts and sneakers, and my beloved Red Sox hat. I didn't think I looked like that much of a catch, but this was not an opportunity to be passed up. Outrageously (to myself), I just smiled and answered, "Or dinner, maybe?" I was astounded: "Sure. When?" Unable to believe that I was capable of coming off so cool, feeling myself to be a bullshitter of the highest order, but hearing it come out of my mouth anyway, I said, "How about tonight?" "Hmmm...let me think, I'm kinda all to do..." and the rest was drowned out in a giggle that both warmed my heart and made my cock hard at the same time. I just sat watching, a grin of my own, the oft-described "shit-eating grin," plastered on my face, and asked her, "You done?" She regained her composure and beamed an angel's smile. "Yeah. It's a date. Here's my number." She scribbled her number on a napkin, slid it across the table to me, and got up as she drained the last of her coffee. "My name's Raquel, by the way," she said. "Call me." "I'm Mike. And amazed," I told her. To that, her only reply was that heartbreaking smile as she turned and left the shop. I nearly burned my throat downing the rest of my coffee to hurry out. I couldn't keep it in much longer...and then I was out. I giggled like a demented psychopath, just completely ecstatic. I was just picked up by a beautiful redhead in a coffee shop! Holy shit! I was walking on air. The rest of the day flew by. I called her and arranged to pick her up, and when she came out wearing just a red sweater that showed just a little of her ample cleavage, fairly tight jeans, and brown low-heeled shoes, her hair still perfect, I was taken. We had a great time, great conversation over a simple but good dinner and then a movie that we both enjoyed a lot and a drink afterward. I drove her home, opened her door to let her out of my car, and walked her to her door. My reward for this gallantry was that smile again, a softly spoken, "I had a great time tonight. I'd love to do it again, so I hope you call me tomorrow," and a heavenly kiss. We went on another couple of dates, both of which somehow managed to go better than the previous one. They ended the same way as the first had. On the third, she asked if I wanted to come in for a drink. I accepted--of course--and we had the drink, talking more, and ended up kissing quite a bit. I drank in her scent as our tongues twirled around each other, and she ended up kissing her way down my neck, over my shirt, and down to my belly button while she undid my belt. She had an impish look in her sexy brown eyes as Raquel simply reached into my boxers and grabbed my throbbing erection. "Do you want me to suck your cock?" she asked simply. The smile was gone, a look of desire on her face instead. "Of course I do," I breathed. She had been sitting on her couch to my right and so was now laying across my lap, her long legs stretched out to my right. There was no reply. As soon as I had told her yes, my cock was wrapped in her mouth. I sighed, closing my eyes and leaned my head back. She was good, too, swirling her tongue around the head and shaft while she bobbed her head up and down and gently stroked the base with her hand. "That's so damn good..." I sighed, running my fingers through her hair, stroking her side with my other hand. I told her that she didn't have to keep going if she didn't want to, but Raquel kept ministering to me, and so I assumed that she was enjoying herself almost as much as I was. As she continued, I massaged and kneaded her enormous tits, managing to work them out of her sweater so that I could play with them more easily. I playfully tweaked one of her stiff nipples and got a lusty moan that surprised me so much--this girl was turning into a freak!--that I didn't do it again. "You know what happens to me when this goes on long enough?" I murmured. All I heard was a soft, "Mmm-hmm," and that was all. Okay. I'd given her an out twice, and she still wanted to keep giving me a blowjob. Fine with me! A few minutes of bliss later, I could feel it. "I'm going to come soon," I told her. Instead of stopping, or even slowing down, she actually seemed to get more into it, as if doing this was really turning her on, which of course only brought me that much closer. After another 30 seconds, I was really close. "I'm gonna come, baby," I said huskily. "Mmm-hhhmmmmm!" she groaned, her mouth as stuffed as full of me as she could get it. Within seconds, my legs were twitching, and then I was groaning as I shot a full load of sperm in her mouth. I heard her moan softly as I climaxed. As soon as I was finished, I had to stop her, since she wanted to keep going. Reluctantly, she let my still-hard cock out of her mouth. She wiped her mouth a little, in a very sexy way and smiled. After swallowing. "I love that." "I can tell!" I exclaimed. "That was amazing!" She just sat up and kissed me strongly, with such passion that I thought she'd want me to perform again right then and there. I was surprised, actually, when she released me and sat back. "I'm kind of tired," she said. "Will you call me tomorrow?" A little confused but not about to look a gift horse in the mouth, as the saying went; I answered, "Of course," and kissed her. "Thank you, that was unbelievable." "I can't wait to do it again," she said softly. And I could tell that she meant it. Wow! I went home and was thinking about how she had eased me out so quickly after giving me the most heavenly blowjob I could imagine, wondering what that meant. I was still wondering a few weeks later on another date. Each of our three dates since had ended about the same: we'd go out and have an incredible time together, then go back to her place, have a drink or two, kiss a lot, I'd worship her gargantuan boobs for a few minutes, and then she'd blow me until I came in her mouth. She'd worn a skirt that night, and try as I might, while she was going down on me, I was just trying to be polite and return the favor; I tried to get my hand up under her skirt. But every time I tried, she'd sort of nod her head no (not easy to do while performing fellatio) and shift a little so that it was harder for me. I was getting a little frustrated at this point, thinking at this point that maybe she was trying to build some crazy kind of case to throw back at me later and impulsively pinched one of her nipples pretty hard. She squealed, but at the same time seemed to get far more aroused than I'd ever seen her before. Encouraged, my frustration forgotten, I took one of her nipples in each of my hands and started to roll them roughly between my thumbs and forefingers. She groaned and tried to get me off even harder. And it worked. Knowing that I was doing something for her and hearing her getting truly aroused because of something that I was doing sent me over the edge to another blissful release in her mouth. By this time, she'd learned to stop, even if she didn't want to, and I watched her send every drop of my sperm down her throat, her very small Adam's apple bobbing as she did. Once I'd caught my breath, I said, "I have to ask you something." "What?" "Why won't you let me return the favor?" "What, you want to go down on me?" "Yeah! I do!" "I know. Um...I really like you, but I need for you to give me a little time, okay? I promise that I'll tell you, but it's...just...something that's hard for me to explain. Does that make any sense?" My frustration was back, but I was determined not to let it show. I sighed on the inside and said, "Okay. I understand--I think--but I really do want to know what's going on. I really like you, too. Maybe more. And if things keep going this way, I'm going to be feeling selfish, y'know?" "No! I don't think you are! This is my issue to figure out. I suck your cock because I love to. I know I offered, okay? I truly love the way you sound when I go down on you, and to know that I can make you come is so sexy! It really turns me on," she explained. "Then let me do that for you! I feel the same way," I implored her. "I will. Soon. I promise." "Say it again." "I promise." "One more time." "I promise," she repeated, and she had started sounding like an obedient schoolgirl as I demanded that she say it again. I noticed this but didn't say anything. "Okay. You promised three times. That's serious." I was still looking stern. "I'll tell you, I swear." "I know. Haven't you ever seen Fight Club?" I asked with a smile. "Yes, I have," she answered with a smile. "I knew what you were doing." I left a few minutes later, the curiosity nearly driving me crazy for the rest of the night. Somehow I managed to fall asleep. It felt like I'd been asleep for about 30 seconds when my phone shattered my slumber. "Hello?" I mumbled, not thinking to look at the caller ID. It was Raquel. "Will you come over?" "Huh? Sure, tomorrow..." "No, I mean right now." "You want me to come over right now?" I glanced at the clock. "It's 3:41 in the morning! This can't wait?" "It can, but...I'd really feel better if you came over now. Please?" I already had a weak spot for her voice. Especially in that sexy, pleading tone. Yum. I sighed deeply. "Yeah. Gimme half an hour." "'Kay," she said, sounding happy. "See ya." "Bye." I closed the phone and got up and dressed, grumbling about women, cursing at the night's interrupted sleep, and was generally grumpy. On the drive over, my annoyance faded and I got curious and concerned. What could this be about? I knocked and heard her call, "Come in, it's open." I opened the door and was greeted by a vision. Raquel stood before me in the doorway to her hall. She was lit dimly by the three candles burning between us, and there was nothing but candlelight in her living room. My mood, already better, improved immediately and hugely. Then I saw, fully, what she was wearing. Not much, but so much! It was a satiny red bustier, silky-looking panties of the same color, with a matching garter belt, stockings, and five-inch stiletto pumps, also red. She was actually eye-to-eye with me with those heels. I tried to say something several times, fucked it all up, and finally managed, "Holy shit. That's what heaven looks like." She smiled and handed me a glass of wine. Red wine, of course. "You like it?" "No, I hate it," I told her with a smile, accepting the vino and a kiss. "You're a vision." "Still sleepy?" "Hell, no! Who's sleepy? Why would I be?" "I should be," she replied. "I'm a little drunk." "Maybe I should--" "Don't. Please stay. I said I'm a little drunk, not trashed. I know the difference. I, to..." "To what? Did you get some liquid courage to answer my question?" "Yeah. I'm sorry. After you left, I got thinking, and you were right. It's a little unfair for me to be the only one giving any pleasure, but...I've had some bad experiences." I sighed. "Oh, shit, honey, I'm sorry," I whispered, trying to take her into my arms. She moved away. "No, that's my issue, not yours. You deserve to know what you're getting yourself into," she told me, seeing how surprised I was that she had not accepted my hug. "Okay, what the hell does that mean?" "Come sit, have some wine, and I'll tell you," she said, tossing off her two-thirds full glass and heading off to the kitchen for, I assumed, a refill. I wasn't so tired that I couldn't admire how she looked walking away with her heels clicking on the hardwood, her delectable ass in nothing but a thong. She came back with the bottle and set it on the coffee table, filled her glass, took a long pull and sighed as she turned to face me. "How long have we been dating?" "'Bout six weeks." "Right. Have you noticed anything...different about me?" "No," I said, "Why?" I was wondering why she looked apprehensive. "Because I am different." "I know. The fact that you love to give head is proof enough of that," I quipped. A mock dirty look, then: "Have you ever seen those daytime talk shows on TV?" "I try not to, but yeah, I have." "Seen those ones where they have regular girls and guys who became girls on and everyone tries to figure out which one's which?" "Yeah..." I was wondering where the hell this was going. If it was where I hoped it was going, this might have just gotten a whole lot better... "What do you think of those people?" "Who? Transsexuals?" "Yeah, them. What do you think?" Closer to where I'd like to be...but I'd still have to be careful. "I admire them. They've got the courage to risk being disowned by their families, fired from their jobs, everything, because they want to live their lives their way. That's cool," I answered. Raquel looked at me strangely for a few moments, not saying anything, as if she was trying to decide if I was bullshitting her or not. Then her expression softened as she leaned forward and kissed me ever so softly. "I thought you were the type when I met you," she murmured, almost to herself and not me. "Close your eyes." Definitely meant for me. I did and heard a rustle, the click of her heels once each, and heard or felt something being thrown behind me to my right. I heard her take a deep breath after another slug of wine and say, "You can open your eyes." I did, and she was still standing there, looking sexy as hell, but now without the thong. A split second later I noticed what was odd about what I was seeing: between Raquel's legs was a semi-erect circumcised penis and a pair of testicles, both shaved clean. I stared for several long seconds and then looked up. Tears shimmered in her eyes and her voice almost broke as she asked, "So do you hate me now? I know I lied and I'm sorry! Just don't hit me, please! I really hate that..." A single sob followed. I got up and hugged her. I began kissing her tears, gently just whispering, "Shhh...I don't hate you. I think I'm falling in love with you." "Don't say that!" she exclaimed, trying to pull away. I held on. "Don't mess with me!" "I'm not, I promise." "Say it again." "I promise." "Again." "I promise." She held my eyes for a few moments and finally seemed to be getting it. I really wasn't disgusted. "You mean that?" I answered by kissing her, gently at first but building in passion and ferocity. I held her even tighter and guided her to the couch, almost knocking her over, since an upset, tipsy woman in five-inch heels isn't good at dealing with sudden changes in velocity. Once I had almost thrown her down so that she was sitting, I kissed her again, but this time I took her cock in my hand and stroked it gently. I just softly told her, "You are a living fantasy of mine," and then bent down, taking it into my mouth and doing my damnedest to imitate the way that she blew me. I swirled my tongue around her head and stroked the base of the shaft, which quickly got very hard. She moaned, "Oh, God, Mike...that's really good..." While she usually was working on me for fifteen or twenty minutes, it felt like three before she was moaning, "I'm gonna come!" Not fifteen seconds after that, she grabbed my head as her whole body went stiff and her erection pulsed in my mouth. As I got my first taste of sperm, I was happy to learn that at least hers was salty and tangy but not unpleasant at all. I liked it quite a bit, in fact! I swallowed and got up, the same way that she had done when I had finished. I kissed her again and noticed that she was crying again, but this time there was a smile under the tears. "Yeah, I meant it," I murmured and held her as she cried for about ten minutes. Raquel's tears subsided and I held her, simply trying to help her feel better. She looked up at me. "You OK?" I asked. "I couldn't be better. Thank you," she whispered, and kissed me softly. I gently stroked and massaged her enormous breasts, feeling the nipples harden under my touch, and as we kissed more and more passionately, began to pinch them and roll them between my fingertips. She moaned into my mouth. My hand wandered farther down, and I found that she was getting hard again. I, on the other hand, was already as hard as granite. Her hand was rubbing my throbbing erection as our tongues explored each others' mouths. She quickly opened my zipper and freed my shaft, stroking it agonizingly slowly. I moaned a little back at her as she manipulated me, her manicured fingers spreading the pre-seminal fluid that I was leaking around my head.

She broke from our kiss and took me into her mouth for the second time, and seemed eager to demonstrate her skill at fellatio. It felt like my cock was wrapped in liquid silk that was being pulled by a vacuum cleaner. I sighed and alternated between running my hand through her hair and toying with her big, hard nipples. After several minutes of ecstasy, she pulled her head up off my member and kissed me, hard. Then she looked me in the eyes, hers full of lust, and whispered, "I want you to make love to me." "I want to, too," I replied. She kissed me again, and then rose, taking my hand and leading me in to her bedroom. There were candles lit in there, too. I got my clothes off in record time, and she had already gotten out a small bottle of lube and several condoms by the time I was finished. Raquel laid her magnificent body on the bed and was very slowly rubbing her own cock, which had grown to be about the same size as mine, at six and a half inches. "Come here," she implored. I got on to the bed next to her and resumed kissing her, playing with her mammoth breasts and her erection as we did. She leaned down and took me in to her mouth again, but only for a few moments. She pulled off and moaned, "I want you inside me! Please, fuck me!" I got a condom on my raging erection and drizzled some lube on it. Raquel drew her legs up and exposed her perfectly pink, clean hole to me. "Put some on me, too." I was only too happy to oblige, getting a little more slippery stuff on my fingertips and working it around. She moaned, grinding her hips into my hand just enough so that my fingertip slid inside her. She groaned and ground into me even harder. I worked another finger into her, feeling its heat and tightness and getting even harder as I did so--I didn't think that was possible! She'd begun stroking again as I fingered her. "God, that's good!" she cried. "But I need you inside me!" I knelt between her stocking-clad legs and positioned the head of my cock at her hole. She moaned again and did that thing with her hips, and suddenly, I was in her. She groaned as I leaned forward, lying down on top of her and kissing her once again, and found myself buried in her to the hilt. My balls were resting against the crack of her ass. I slowly withdrew and sank back in to her tightness. She was wild, a woman possessed as I began to increase the speed with which I drew back and sank into her, kissing my neck, scratching my back, and crying out in ecstasy. I held her tight and made love to her passionately. I knew that I wasn't going to last all that long, especially since we were holding each other so tightly and I could feel her rock-hard cock pressed between us. She would squeeze me gently as I pushed in, and relax as I withdrew, and it was driving me crazy. I wouldn't be able to hold on much longer. Especially since every time that she clenched her sphincter, I could feel her dick twitch against my belly. I broke the kiss that had been continuous since I had entered her, and asked, "I want you to come with me, do you want me to stroke you?" "No, I'm gonna come just like this! Just don't stop!" she groaned, and kissed me again even harder. It only took me another minute or two of thrusting into her before I could feel my whole member get more sensitive as the tingle in my feet grew, and I cried, "I'm gonna come!" "I'm gonna come, too! God this feels good!" she panted. A few seconds later I buried myself inside her to the hilt and felt my cock pulse as stream after stream of cum spurted into her. I groaned and held her tighter as I felt her muscles start to contract sporadically. She held me even tighter than she had been and screamed, and I felt hers pulse, too, and then felt the sticky wetness between our bodies as she came, very hard. Panting, she gasped, "That was the best sex I've ever had! Nobody's ever been able to make me come that way!" I kissed her, and answered, "That was amazing. If I wasn't spent already, I'd want to do it again." We cuddled and kissed and began talking about how she had become the beautiful woman that she was, and some of the experiences that had caused her to be so cautious about revealing her true self to me. Born as a male but never feeling right, she'd been the child of a very supportive mother who had not only not minded that her son wanted to dress like a girl, she had been cool enough to help by buying clothes and teaching her gender-confused child how to dress, walk, talk, and act like a girl while she was still in junior high. Her mother had even gone so far as moving to another school district so that Raquel could enroll as a girl and begin living full-time as a female. Hormone therapy had begun as soon as she was old enough, and by the time she graduated, Raquel had grown to be a beautiful young woman—even sprouting a pair of breasts big enough that most of the other girls in her class were jealous. And they'd appeared on their own; DD cup breasts on a person who'd been born male due only to hormones was unheard of; her doctor had shaken his head and chuckled, telling her that she was just lucky. Raquel had agreed. Throughout high school she'd remained a virgin, though she hadn't been lonely for male companionship, and had learned how to give an excellent blowjob before she went off to college. There, she'd actually taken the risk of showing someone her magnificent body, and he'd nearly destroyed her emotionally. He'd even told all of his friends. The ridicule was so bad that Raquel ended up transferring to another school and not really making any friends until she graduated. Once more, she'd tried to trust someone and been burned again once she'd started working. This asshole had actually punched her after he'd reached down during a blow job to try and feel her pussy. He'd been so shocked—and stupid—that he had actually punched her and spit on her, storming out. Another guy was nearly as bad but had slapped her instead. The result was just as bad: Raquel had never been penetrated by a person, only with one of her toys. "And I have quite a few," she giggled as she told me that. She had talked to a few guys who were actively searching for a girl like her that she'd found online, but was creeped out by each one; they only seemed to see her genitalia, not the person attached, and that made her feel just as much like a freak as getting hit or spit on and insulted. She confided that I was the only person that she'd told everything to that had treated her like a human being. I admitted that I had been trying to "hook up" with a transsexual girl for my entire adult life, but I couldn't just treat her like a sex object—it was an added bonus that my new girlfriend had a cock just as big as mine. She had never tried being on the giving end, had never really thought about it, but said she'd be willing to try. At this point, we were both nearly asleep, and as I drifted off to a peaceful slumber, I heard the birds outside chirping and could see the sky beginning to get light. I awoke to bright sunlight in my face. I was hot. I threw off the covers and realized that I was the only one in the bed. As I got up to head for the bathroom, I heard activity in the kitchen. I smiled, took care of business, and, after putting my boxers back on, headed to see her. Raquel's smile was radiant as she saw me when I walked in. "Morning, sexy," she murmured as she kissed me softly. "Morning," I answered. "You look fantastic." "You can't be serious. I just got up," she insisted, but she looked great in just a pair of cotton shorts and a tight white t-shirt. Through which I could see her nipples. Her hair was pulled back in a ponytail, and she wasn't wearing any makeup. And she put Helen of Troy to shame, made her look like an old hag. "I think you look good enough to eat," I answered with a lecherous grin. She smiled, and offered coffee instead. I accepted and just gazed at her, drinking in her beauty as I sipped my coffee. "So what do we do now?" I asked. "What do you mean?" "Well, where do we go from here? That was the best I've ever had, too, and I want more," I explained. She giggled. "Maybe after breakfast. How do eggs, bacon, and toast sound?" "Just what the doctor ordered. My favorite." "Good," she said, setting her coffee down and getting up. "I'll get it started." "What do you want me to do?" "Just keep talking like you are and that's all I need," she told me with another dazzling smile. We chatted, getting to know each other better outside of sex while she cooked. We were silent as we ate, saying everything with looks and smiles. Once we had finished, she cleared the table. "I think I'm going to take a shower. You're welcome to join me if you want," she told me over her shoulder as her beautiful ass wiggled toward the bathroom. I followed eagerly. I kissed her again as she stripped, turning on and adjusting the water. I shucked my boxers and stepped in with her, marveling at how good she looked with her long auburn hair wet, and the droplets of water as they cascaded over her luscious curves. We traded places so that I could wet myself down. As I closed my eyes and let the water run through my hair, I felt her hand around my already semi-hard cock; she began to stroke slowly. I finished wetting my hair and kissed her, reciprocating her action. She moaned as we began kissing more passionately. Within seconds I had dropped to my knees and had her in mouth, my hands on her buttocks as I hungrily sucked on her hardness. She sighed, leaning into the water as I pleasured her and running her fingers through my hair. As I sucked on her, I reached up and tweaked her nipples, eliciting a moan. My hands made their way back down to her ass, and soon I had spread her cheeks and was probing her with my fingers again. "That feels so good..." she whimpered as another finger, the third, entered her. At this point, she was rubbing her tits and pinching her own nipples while I went down on her. "You've got to stop...I'm gonna come if you don't..." I merely made my own approval known with a hum around her cock, which shortly began to swell a little. She cried out and filled my mouth with her tasty seed. "Don't swallow it," she gasped, pulling me to my feet. I had kept all that she'd emptied into my mouth and shared it as we kissed again. Raquel began to stroke my hard cock as we kissed. "Hurry up and get clean," she urged. "I want you inside me again." We washed our bodies quickly, helping scrub each other, which was very erotic in and of itself, and got out as soon as we were done. Pausing only to towel off, I beat her to the bedroom and lay down on my back. "Wanna ride?" I asked. "More than anything else," she told me with lust in her voice. She had another condom on me and was spreading lube on her entrance in seconds. My transsexual girlfriend then straddled my hips and guided me into her very tight ass, moaning loudly as she impaled herself. I sighed and reached up to fondle her enormous tits as she began to rock up and down on me, moaning continuously. She leaned down to kiss me after a few minutes as I continued to work her nipples over. "I love it when you do that," she moaned. "It hurts but it turns me on so much!" On a lark, I released one of them and gave her a playful smack on her ass. She moaned and started to ride me harder. I took that to mean that she liked that, too, so I spanked her again, but quite a bit harder. She cried out, "Yeah! God, that's so fucking good!" I kept spanking her as she rode me until she was in a torrent of lust, and was stroking herself furiously as she rode me and milked my cock with her ass. "I'm gonna come," I groaned. "Come in me, please!" she nearly shouted as she upped the pace of her stroking again. I only had to spank her one more time, and then we both soared over the edge. I grabbed her hips and forced her down on me even harder as my hips bucked, and then I was filling her, nearly shouting myself as she screamed and ropes of her cum landed on my chest. She dismounted and licked my chest clean as we caught our breaths. "You like pain some, don't you?" I asked a few minutes later. "It turns me on so much," Raquel agreed. "How much?" "So much that I've even...umm...fantasized about that some." "What do you mean?" "I mean that...I've thought about being tied up. It always gets me off harder when I think of that," she explained. I was silent for a few seconds, thunderstruck. This girl was perfect! I had quite the dominant streak and adored seeing a beautiful woman trussed up. She looked at me, concern on her face. "Did I freak you out or anything?" "Not at all!" I replied. "That kind of thing turns me on, too. That's why I like pinching your nipples so much." Raquel grinned. "This keeps looking better and better." I smiled back in agreement. We spent the rest of the weekend together. We watched several movies, ordered take-out, and got to know each other much better. We even covered the topic of bondage in more detail, and it turned out that she had a few accessories for practicing that. I hadn't been able to keep my hands off of her all weekend and was almost completely exhausted, but when she mentioned that, I couldn't help myself. I reached over, caressed her left breast through her t-shirt, and then clamped down on the nipple, hard. She gasped, closed her eyes, and threw her head back. I could see her "clit" twitch and begin to stiffen through the thong she was wearing—the only other garment that she was wearing. "You like that?" I murmured. She sighed deeply and whispered, "Oh, my god...I fucking love that." I alternated to the other nipple and could see the satiny fabric of her thong beginning to stretch quite a bit. She was almost fully hard already. I released her nipple and stood. "Let's head into the bedroom," I suggested, offering her my hand. She took it and we just about ran into the bedroom. I stripped her t-shirt off as well as mine, and ditched my boxers. "Where do you keep your toys and stuff?" "In the drawer over there," she told me, indicating her nightstand. I opened the drawer and found nipple clamps with thumbscrews, allowing you to set how hard they pinched, handcuffs, a blindfold, and a pair of silk scarves. "Lay down," I told her. She did so, smiling. I got the scarves and used them to tie her wrists to the bedposts. She closed her eyes and sighed. A look between her legs showed just how aroused she was; her clit was entirely engorged. I kissed her deeply while I ran my hand up and down her body, paying special attention to her enormous breasts, pinching her nipples harder than I had yet. She moaned, a sound full of lust. I was just as turned on as she was, my cock rigid. I broke free of our lip lock and returned to the drawer. I held the nipple clamps up before and she sighed. "I want you to fuck me. Please." "If you're good," I replied with a small smile. I dragged the steel chain over her belly, making her draw in a sharp breath. "Cold, isn't it?" "Yeah..." she sighed. I adjusted the thumbscrews so that when I put them on her nearly perfect nipples they wouldn't pinch her too hard and put it on her right nipple. She breathed in deeply again, closing her eyes, and I noticed that her erection twitched. I put the other on her left nipple and she moaned. "Oh, god...please fuck me..." I kissed her again, moving my way down her neck, liberally attending to her magnificent breasts, and then kissed my way down her perfect tummy. I kissed around her crotch as she spread her legs wide, moaning softly. I kissed everywhere but her stiff member deliberately which made her moan even more. After a minute or two of teasing her, I suddenly took as much of her erection into my mouth as I could. She gasped. I slowly bobbed my head up and down while I ran my tongue around the base of her head, working the bottom of the shaft with my hand. She groaned and begged, "Please let me suck your cock, baby. That feels so fucking good!" I replied with a noise to indicate that I wasn't going to let her (at least not yet) and continued ministering to her. After a minute or two of just pleasing her, I straddled her head so that Raquel could do as she had requested. She moaned deeply and began doing an expert job. I found myself groaning around her shaft while she moaned softly, both of us trying to tell the other how close to ecstasy we were. After a minute or two I could feel myself getting close so I pulled myself out of her mouth and released her from mine. I quickly slipped a condom on and knelt between her legs, holding them up and spreading them wide. She groaned, "Oh, yeah. Please fuck me! I'm gonna come just from having you inside me!" I toyed with her, just pushing the head of my cock into her hole, eliciting more sounds of pleasure, and then would pull it back out and run it in circles just outside. After less than a minute of that she was begging for me to put it inside her; I could see how turned on that she was. Not only was her clit hard as rock but there was a tiny runnel of preseminal fluid dripping from the tip to her lower belly. After a few more seconds of teasing her, I plunged myself into her as deep as I could. My transsexual girlfriend almost screamed and thrust her hips toward me. I pushed her legs far back enough so that her knees where in her armpits and kissed her fiercely, starting to pound into her ferociously. I usually have a hard time climaxing with a condom on, but I knew that I wasn't going to last long. She was writhing and groaning as I fucked her. I bent my head down and picked the chain between her nipple clamps up with my teeth, drawing back to put some tension on them. She groaned, "Please make them tighter!" I was too happy to oblige. I backed the thumbscrews all of the way out so that the full force of the springs was bearing down on her nipples and she moaned again. "I'm gonna come so hard," she groaned. "Just from having you inside me!" I redoubled my efforts since I was very close myself. Within another minute I could feel the orgasm beginning in my toes. "I'm gonna come, too," I grunted, releasing the chain from my mouth and putting it in hers. "Hold it there," I ordered. She moaned again, closing her eyes as she created even more tension than I had put on her nipple clamps. My orgasm started and I began to pound her even more forcefully. She did scream around the chain as she climaxed and her ass clamped down on me like a vise. I came that much harder inside her as she shot spurt after spurt of her jizz all over her chest. It was on her tits, her belly, and she'd even shot some onto her neck. Still inside her, I released her legs and kissed it all off of her. She let the chain fall out of her mouth, panting. "I don't think I have ever come that hard!" "Yeah," I agreed. "I don't normally come that hard, either. It looks like we're even more right for each other." At that she just smiled. "Want me to take these off?" I inquired, indicating her nipple clamps. "Yeah." As I did she gasped in pain. Her nipples were very stiff and red, so I kissed each of them gently as I removed the clamps. Her still stiff cock twitched every time my tongue flicked over them. Next, I untied her wrists and lay down next to her to catch my breath. "That was fucking amazing!" she said. I agreed. She told me that she'd never expected to find someone as understanding and sweet who she felt that she could trust to tie her up. "How do you do that?" I asked. "Do what?" "Come without having to," I elaborated, slightly embarrassed. "Oh." She giggled a little. "The first time that I tried getting something inside of myself it was one of the best feelings I've ever had and it turned me on a lot. When I was old enough to get myself a toy, I did. It still felt amazing, but when I found my prostate I realized that whenever something bumped in to it, I felt it all of the way down to my toes. The first time I came without touching myself, just using a toy, I was fantasizing about being tied up and wanted to know how long I could take it if I couldn't. So I kept doing it to myself and before I knew it, I came harder than I ever had before. a fair amount of practice before now, and so I almost never use my hands."

"That's very cool," I said. "I've tried doing the same thing once or twice and while I can get close, I can't do that. Maybe I'm just not patient enough." "You like to receive?" she asked, a little surprised. "Sometimes." "Sometimes I feel like I'd rather be doing instead of getting done myself," she told me with a twinkle in her eye. "Maybe we can switch places," she said as she kissed sweetly. After a few moments of silence, Raquel confided, "I've got another fantasy." "What's that?" She looked down and was silent for a moment. Then she said in almost a whisper, "I'd like to be a slave. You don't think that's too kinky, do you?" "Actually, I've always wanted to have a girl like you as a sex slave, too," I confided. "You're too good to be true." We ended up going to bed after talking about a few other related topics. The next day was Sunday, and I had to go home. The next month or so was a blur. Working and spending every spare moment with her, and thinking about her when I wasn't with her. I had fallen in love.


She eventually gave me a key to her place. I let myself in one Friday afternoon after work. It was getting dark outside, since it was the end of autumn. The whole place was lit by candlelight. This was a surprise. "Honey?" I called out. No response. I checked the living room, the kitchen, and found nothing. Strange, but only that I hadn't heard a response when I called out for her. "Raquel? Are you here?" I thought that I heard something from the direction of the bedroom, but I couldn't be sure, so I went in to investigate. The room was filled with candle light. But what stopped me in my tracks was Raquel. She was on her knees at the foot of the bed, apparently wearing black thigh-high stockings with black stiletto pumps. It was everything else that really surprised me, but shouldn't have in retrospect. It looked like she had tied her ankles together and used the same rope to bind her knees. She was wearing a collar that looked like it had a strap on the back that led down her back and had her wrists bound; either way, they were behind her back. There was more rope around her voluminous breasts, binding them tightly so that they stood out and looked as though they were getting a little purple. On her nipples were big clamps with lead weights on the end. She had pulled her hair back in a ponytail and done her makeup very thoroughly, which only highlighted the blindfold and ball gag that she was also wearing. I could see that she'd left her clit where it would naturally want to be instead of tucking it back behind her legs, and it was especially hard. On top of all of this, there was a note on one of the weights on her nipples. It read: "Love, I know that we talked a little bit about me being more submissive on a more regular basis but I really, truly want to try it. The woman you see before you is your present, sir. I am yours totally for the weekend. My gag is padlocked on, and my hands are locked in the cuffs behind my back. I am in pain but that just heightens how good you make me feel. Please use me and abuse me as you see fit. Your slave, Raquel P.S.: I also bought a butt plug—a big one!—and it's inside me right now."