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Transgender Erotica first taste:chance encounter gives him experience his first of many transgender girl

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Transgender Erotica first taste Book 2 Mindy

Karen Styles

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"Now that was a beautiful wedding!" Mindy surmised drinking her morning (well very late morning) coffee.  "I agree, it was the best place, and they timed it just right with the sunset. I wonder if they saw my friends out there on water skis making that big heart out in the water," Jonathan added, he too sipping away at his first cup of coffee even though it was already eleven forty five.  "I sure hope they did, that was so cool, I've never seen anything like that. It was another thing that just went absolutely perfect! The water was so calm and flat, and when they started out I thought they were just some clowns trying to disrupt the wedding, but then when I figured out what they were doing, my heart just melted as they created theirs in the water."  "They've been practicing that for some time now. It's really something. The spotter in the boat has a stop watch, and some colored squares. They've timed the whole thing to a millisecond and it really works out well. As he sees the learned times, he signals them with the colored papers and the skiers know when it is time to swing out to make the semi-circle, when to swing back in to start the top of the heart, and when to drop the ropes so they can complete the 'v' in the middle. And it was great seeing them hug as they joined at the middle and began to sink.  Kory got the whole thing on video and pictures. I can't wait till he gets up so we can start downloading and working on all the graphics. I would like to show David and Mia at least some before they take off for the island."  "Well let's start getting that guy up and get to work," Mindy said in her 'get things going' voice. She grabbed a cup out of the cabinet, poured the cup three quarters full of the wonderful coffee they learned how to make from David, and then filled the last quarter of the cup with some sweet and creamy liqueur, made especially for coffee. "It won't be the hair of the dog, but it will take the edges off."  Mindy and Jonathan took the special brew up to the guest room, knocked on the door (loudly) to no response. Jonathan opened the door and shouted a rousing "UP AND AT'EM", and still not even a stir.  Mindy got down on the floor by Kory's face and held the cup of coffee right under his nose. He stirred, opened his eyes, and tried to reach for the cup.  "That smells wonderful" he croaked.  He managed to sit himself up and start taking a few sips of the spiked coffee and soon he was actually with them.  "Now that was some kind of party after the wedding! Those girls from the Foundation are hot!"  Mindy wondered if Kory knew what the Foundation was and that it had been started to help get troubled transgendered girls off the streets, and into a home where they could find themselves, flourish, and get the medical help, education, counselling and many other services they might need to get them out there doing what they dreamed of doing, as who they dreamed of being.  She was just about ready to ask, when Jonathan said, "You know they are transgendered girls, right?"  "What is a transgendered girl?" Kory asked.  Above Mindy's deep sigh, Jonathan began the explanation, ending with the fact that Mia was actually transgendered and had the SRS (Sexual Reconstructive Surgery) and now was a woman in all aspects other than the ability to have children.  Mindy giggled when Jonathan put his hand over Kory's wide open mouth, and said "better close that or you might fill up with flies or something."  Kory staggered a bit, and then actually said something, "Man! I know I lead a sheltered life, designing and playing the games and all, but I have to start either looking at the news on tv or reading a paper or something, I feel like I have been in exile and know little or nothing about the real world that is actually happening all around me. Me, stuck in my codes and display screens. Sheesh.  Mindy laughed, "Kory, I am transgendered."  Once again Kory's mouth dropped open. "What does it mean? How does it happen?"  "Well, it means, we are females born into a male body. Somehow during that genetic roll of the dice in the micro instant when sperm enters egg, the wires seem to get a bit crossed. Now I can't speak for all transgendered, I don't think anyone can, it is a personal thing for us all. I just know that from the very moment I remember being aware, I thought, felt, and knew I was a girl. The hard part was I happened to have been born inside a boy's body."  "Geeze, that sounds horrible, sounds like one of the cruelest video games I couldn't even imagine writing code for. It must have been so hard for you." Kory was definitely trying to recover from both his hangover and his lack of knowledge about an entire segment of the population.  "Next I suppose you're gonna tell me that hottie Vivian is transgendered," Kory said jokingly.  "Eh, do you want this one?" Mindy shook her head slowly as she looked over at Jonathan.  "You might want to sit back down Kory. Even better, let's go down to the kitchen table, Mindy can fix you another wonderful cup of that special coffee for you."  They all made it back to the little table in between the kitchen and the actual formal dining room. Mindy and Jonathan liked being closer together as they shared their meals so they bought this extra little table and four chairs, as it made for so much more intimate meals.  Kory sat down, still with a dumbfounded expression of disbelief on his face, and really, looking a bit shaken.  As Mindy served him his second liqueur spiked cup of coffee, Jonathan sat down across from Kory and put on his best understanding face.  Kory set his coffee cup down after his second sip and looked up to Jonathan.  "So?"  "Ok Kory, yes, Vivian too is transgendered. All the girls from the Foundation are. Mia started the Foundation to help get these girls off the streets, where they were basically treated like sex slaves and had to sell themselves to 'men', and I use that term loosely for some of them, to use sexually. The problem being, so many of them had issues about not only the transgendered girls themselves, but what drove them to want the "trannies" as they so demeaningly call them.  Being transgendered can and usually does, create so many hardships for the girls. A lot, if not most, loose at least their friends, but family as well. They either leave to get away from the hatred and abuse, or get kicked out. The result is the same. They are out on the street, no money, no place to stay. An easy target for a practiced pimp to promise to help with a place to stay, food, and clothing.  Of course it doesn't take long for the girls to find out their mistake, but by that time, they were basically stuck and had to sell their sexual services to try to make some money to get out. The pimps always raised their cut once they saw a girl rising in stature, to make sure there was no way she could make enough to get out. A vicious, vicious circle leading to a slow road to hell. It is so hard for the transgendered that there is an astoundingly horrible forty percent suicide attempt rate for them."  Kory had finished his second cup of coffee and raised it midway through Jonathan's explanation. This time Mindy filled it full, with straight, black coffee. Kory was so into the story Jonathan was telling he didn't even notice. Once again he didn't notice his mouth hanging wide open, and his eyes were now fully open and almost popping out of their sockets.  "So, Vivian is transgendered. Man, I had no idea. She is so hot! After I was through with the pictures, I got to hang with her. We had a few drinks, danced, and OH MAN! WE KISSED!" Kory was beside himself in utter disarray.  "Does that mean I'm gay? Man, I kissed a guy!"  "Shit Kory!" Jonathan screamed, slamming his hand down on the table, which not only made Kory jump, but had Mindy jump a bit too, even though her back was to them as she tried to do the dishes from the last couple days.  "Did you not hear a word I said? That's the same type of bullshit attitude that causes these girls so much pain and trouble. Did you not hear, or understand that most of these girls are girls inside from the moment they were aware, and probably before? They just happened to have been born inside a boy's body. It works the same way in the opposite. There are many boys, who have known they were boys all their life, who were born into a girl's body. I'm sure it's just as difficult a process for them."  "Ok, ok, don't get all ballistic on me. Look I'm stupid about a lot of things. I have spent most of my life in my own head, pretty much unaware of the outside world around me. It was mostly my choice, but some of it was because I was running away a bit from being made fun of. It is just going to take me a while to understand all this. I held Vivian in my arms, I felt her breasts against me. And for the first time in my life a pretty girl actually wanted to be with me, and even kiss me. And then, the next morning in the middle of a huge hangover, you tell me this girl that I started falling for, who got me so hard and excited was born a guy! It's just going to take me a while."  Mindy had walked over from the sink and put her arm around the completely confused man, "It's ok Kory, I know your heart will be in the right place, and you can take as long as you want, but if I were you I would make my mind up pretty quickly, as Vivian is coming over this afternoon."  ₪> * * <₪  "Good morning Vivian! I'm kinda surprised to see you! The way you and that photographer friend of Jonathan's were going at it last night I thought for sure you'd be with him."  "Good morning Alexis, I sure would love to still be with Kory. He is so cool, and so hot, and you know, he doesn't even know it. I don't think he has ever been with a girl before, God he was soooo cute!"  "Never been with a girl, or a special girl like you?"  "Neither, the way he was so clumsy and shy, but at the same time so open and carefree with me, I have to tell you, it was very refreshing, and I find myself a bit smitten."  "Wow, the all and mighty Vivian, smitten by a virgin nerd, let me call the newspaper!"  "Shut up Alex, or 'the all and mighty' Vivian will give you double chores today!"  The girls laughed together and Alexis got herself a cup of the coffee Vivian had made and sat with her at the end of the large kitchen table. "So why didn't you go home with him last night?"  "Couple of reasons really, I saw the way Christine and Dirk were dancing and looking at each other, so I was prepared when she pulled me aside to tell me I would be in charge this morning as she was going to stay with Dirk."  "Way cool!" Alexis giggled.  "Yeah, I have to agree with you, it made my heart just melt seeing the two of them, being in love, dancing and looking into each other's eyes like there were no other people around. Christine deserves to be in love. She has spent so much of her life taking care of Mia, and then other girls like us. I bet she hasn't been with a man for years."  "So what was your other reason for not going home with Kory?"  "I never told him about me, being transgendered. We were having such a good time, and he was getting, well we both were getting a bit drunk and I don't like to have 'that discussion' in that state. And I certainly don't go to bed with a guy without having 'that discussion' first anymore. I learned the hard way never to do that again."  "Know what you mean Viv, I had fallen head over heels for this guy, and I thought he felt the same way, and in the heat of passion we went to bed, and once he touched my hard penis he absolutely freaked. I thought he was going to beat me to death! I don't even remember what happened, but I was lucky we were in an old apartment building with paper thin walls. Someone must have called the cops and the ambulance, cause the next thing I remembered was waking up in the hospital with all sorts of bandages on my head and face, my arm in a sling, and my ribs all wrapped up and so sore it was hard to breathe."  "Sorry Alexis," Vivian got up and put her arm around the now crying Alexis. "It's ok honey, it's happened to so many of us. It's like we should wear a little sign or something, but who wants to do that? You just never think someone you've fallen in love with, and who supposedly has fallen in love with you can't understand and still want to be with you."  Alexis sniffled, "The world could sure use more guys like David and Jonathan."  And hopefully Kory, Vivian thought to herself.  ₪> * * <₪  "Good morning beautiful!"  Dirk was lying next to a completely nude and uncovered Christine, holding a steaming cup of coffee which he offered to her.  Christine slowly opened her eyes, tried to focus, realized she didn't have any clothes or covers on and quickly pulled the covers up just under her chin.  "Mmmmm, after last night, your modesty seems a bit out of place. You were the sexiest wild woman I have ever had the pleasure to dream about, let alone be with." Dirk's smile melted Christine, but she still had to fight through her embarrassment.  "It was quite a night wasn't it? But the wildness was not just from me, my goodness Dirk, you were a man possessed!"  "Possessed with love for you Christine, from the very moment I met you, I knew I wanted to be with you. At first, I was just taken by your beauty, you are so gorgeous. But as I got to know more of you I saw your looks were merely an extension that paled in comparison to the beauty that shines from within you. And then, mixing all that with being the most intelligent woman I have ever met, well, I didn't stand a chance." Dirk smiled as he rubbed her cheek.  "Wow! Too much praise to take this early," giggled Christine, "but really Dirk, I have found myself thinking the same things about you. I was attracted to your rugged strength and handsome face the first time we met too. But it is the kind and gentle Dirk that you've shown me when you don't have to be the 'Detective Dirk' that has put you so deeply into my heart. And then, wow! Last night?!?!? Who was that?"  Dirk laughed heartily along with Christine. "You don't think it's just because we're a couple of horny old farts that haven't had sex for so long we just went nuts for a night and will go back to our old ways again tomorrow?"  "You better not!" Christine punched his arm in play. "And who in the hell are you calling an old fart anyway, Mr. all night love making machine?"  Now it was Dirk's turn to turn a bit red. "Well it has been years, I don't even remember how many since I've been with a woman, and I've never, never been with a woman even close to how beautiful and exciting as you are. You just got all my pent up sexual frustration dumped on you."  "Dump away then sir, I will gladly help you calm that frustration any time. You have helped calm a building frustration in me too. I guess I am like you, and can't remember the last time.  I have to tell you, seeing how Mia's father changed so dramatically before my very eyes, I lost a lot of faith in my ability to choose men, and basically to save myself, stayed away from them. Of course it is difficult enough to be a single mother and be in the dating world, but then throw in the fact that I was a single mother of a transitioning transgendered girl and that changed the playing field immensely. I think I only tried a couple times, and decided to tell them about Mia early on. Never heard back from either of them, and that cemented my decision to give myself completely to Mia, her education, transition, and welfare."  "Well I hope you take some credit, for your devotion to Mia has paid off completely. My God, seeing her in her gown last night, so happy, so beautiful, it must be every mother's dream to see that look on their daughter's face."  Christine teared up (again) and Dirk brought the tissue box over for her. "I can't tell you how proud and happy I was/am. I am going to have to drink gallons of water to replace all I have lost in tears over these last few days."  Dirk reached over to take her coffee cup, so he could hold her. Christine was so happy just to be held. But she wanted more. She undid his robe's belt and was pleased to see that was all he had on. She pulled his naked body to hers, just to feel that wonderful warmth again. There just wasn't anything really close to a body to body hug.  Not too long into the hug, she could feel Dirk's penis getting hard. "Again? My Gawd are you some sort of sexual superstar or what?"  "Tis all in the muse my dear one, you are the author and I cannot help but to react."  With that, Christine grabbed his hardness, and once again guided it into her now very moistened vagina. He slipped right in and in no time, they were hearing their bodies slapping together as thrust after thrust threw them into their lustful oblivion.  ₪> * * <₪  "Now that has to be the best omelet I have ever had, you cooked that to perfection my friend! I love how you layered the hash browns on the bottom, and the egg, cheese, and tomatoes on the top. And man, throw in these addicting cinnamon rolls as well and you have a very satisfied Kory!'  "You look like you have most of your color back now, are you ready to start working on downloading and preparing the photos and videos from the wedding?"  "Sure, I really feel pretty good, a lot better than when I first got up. Do I have time for a shower before we get to work?'