Trans Trade in a Flash - Gavin Rockhard - ebook

Lindsey loves hot alpha men, precisely like the yakuza who comes to protect her. He's so turned on by her that it hurts, so Lindsey is going to get her most outrageous in Trans Trade so far!

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Trans Trade in a Flash: The Bodyguard Bottoms

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Trans Trade in a Flash: The Bodyguard Bottoms

Gavin Rockhard

Copyright 2018

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Tamomati had gotten drunk and dishonored himself. He could have easily been executed by his clan -- he worked for the yakuza, Clan Kyuu, who regularly executed failures -- but they decided only to make him work for a girl. That was shame enough for him, working for a young woman, not even a well-respected one, but a flighty girl of no particular importance so far as he knew. She was somehow related to a distant non-Japanese functionary associated with the clan, and she was an adult, but sheltered and vulnerable too.

The most surprising part was that she was white, Tamomati thought. She was not Japanese at all. Non-Japanese people were rarely associated with the yakuza in such a way.