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Training Shooting Sports is especially written for young people. It is easy to understand and offers a lot of fun while practicing and playing. You have already learned the basics of shooting sports and now you want to continue to improve? Then this book is the perfect training companion for you! In this book you will find important training tips for both rifle and pistol. In addition to explanations of proper technique you learn how to recognize and correct mistakes and how to do additional exercises at home. Here you will learn why flexibility, strength and speed are so important, how you can improve your fitness level and how to document your performance development. And surely you are interested in finding out how to cope with competitive pressure through conscious breathing techniques and relaxation exercises. And there is also lots of interesting information about shooting sports, tips for good nutrition, training and preparing for competition.

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TrainingShooting Sports

Katrin Barth & Beate Dreilich

Sports Science Consultant:Dr. Berndt Barth

Meyer & Meyer Sport

Original title: Ich trainiere Sportschießen

© Meyer & Meyer Verlag, 2010

Translated by Petra Haynes

AAA Translation, St. Louis, Missouri, USA

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Training Shooting Sports

Katrin Barth & Beate Dreilich

Maidenhead: Meyer & Meyer Sport (UK) Ltd., 2011

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1 Dear Shooting Sport Athlete

Tips from the authors, sports and art

2 Interesting Facts About Shooting Sports

Shooting sports disciplines, competitions, American and international organizations

3 Hi There, Petra!

A conversation with Petra Horneber, the successful German shooting athlete, fan pages

4 Training – the Road to Success

Training, training correctly, goals, motivation, physical workload, what it takes to be a successful shooting athlete, training diary

5 Physical Fitness and Coordination

Physical fitness in general, physical fitness in shooting sports, endurance, strength, speed, flexibility, fitness training, reaction speed drills, flexibility exercises, coordination, coordination exercises

6 It’s All in the Mind

The brain – our computer, perception, reflexes, attitude, coping with nervousness, fear and anger, overcoming difficulty, alertness, concentration, pressure, relaxation, self-confidence, competitive strength, exercises, test

7 Technique

General technique, technique in shooting sports, technique training, increased performance, training tips, monitoring, evaluation, muscle sense, sensitization program

8 Rifle Shooting

Standing firing position, prone firing position, kneeling firing position, taking aim, firing, follow-through, breathing

9 Pistol Shooting

Precision shooting, motion sequence and technical elements, breathing, taking aim, firing, rapid-fire shooting

10 Safety First!

Rules, firearm safety, shooting sport regulations, making a case against firearm misuse and for the sport

11 Fit and Healthy

Performance capacity, eating and drinking right, energy sources, prevention and regeneration, doping

12 Solutions

Solutions and answers to brain teasers

13 Let’s Talk!

Dear Parents, Dear Trainer, some suggestions from the authors regarding the use of this book

Photo & Illustration Credits

Please note:

The exercises and practical suggestions in this book have been carefully chosen and reviewed by the authors. However, the authors are not liable for accidents or damages of any kind incurred in connection with the content of this book.

For the purpose of better readability we have decided to use only the male (neutral) form of address throughout the book, which of course also includes the female gender.

Helpful symbols in this book

The thumb means we have a great tip for you. Advice or mistakes are pointed out to you.

Here you will find brainteasers or questions.

The answers and solutions are at the back of the book.

Here you will find something to record, fill in or check off.

1 Dear Shooting SportAthlete

You started out with the fundamentals of shooting sports and now you have already learned the basics. Maybe you even practiced with our beginning book “Learning Shooting Sports”. Now you regularly train at a club, have learned a lot, and have competed in your first competitions. If you are now interested in this training book and are reading it, we can assume that you are still very enthusiastic about this great sport. You want to continue on and train properly and with purpose.

You want to be more focused, have more endurance and be more accurate. Familiar techniques are built upon and new ones are added. You want to gain personal experience and make individual adjustments to the techniques.

Although not everyone around you always appreciates your sport of choice, you recognize the personal athletic challenge. You don’t have to be overly strong, tall, thin or attractive. Your performance can be physically measured and you are therefore not dependent on the sympathy of referees. It is an indoor and outdoor sport; you do not have to hurt anyone and don’t have to push yourself to your absolute physical limit. Valuable qualities such as the ability to concentrate, determination, sagacity and resolve are cultivated. The special sports equipment causes you to be very responsible and cautious.

But first a little story:

A strapping boy was visiting the mountains and wanted to climb a high peak. Cheerfully he packed food and drink, and started to hike with a bounce in his step.

Since he wasn’t familiar with the route he made slow progress. He climbed up and when he realized that he couldn’t get any further, he had to turn back and start over. These detours cost him lots of strength. Sometimes he got lucky and found a trail that brought him a little closer to the top. After many such attempts he finally reached the summit, only to realize that others were already there. They told him about a good hiking trail. He could have taken that without all those detours.

Why didn’t he use a map or ask someone who had already taken this hike?

Training in shooting sports is similar to our story about the “conqueror of the peaks”. Many shooting athletes have trained before you and some have become very successful. So you don’t have to reinvent shooting sports and shooting training, but rather learn from the experiences of shooting athletes before you. That will make it much easier for you.

The training book “Training Shooting Sports” will provide you with a kind of “trail map” and a little tutorial on how you can climb the “shooting athlete’s peak” without making a lot of detours. And of course there’s your trainer who can show you the right way.

It sometimes happens that experienced shooting athletes, trainers and book writers have slightly different views and terminology. That is normal. Ask if you are not clear on something and find out the reasons behind different opinions. But if we are mistaken about something or the development has simply progressed, make notations directly in your book.

But before you go to bed at night with the book under your pillow, thinking that’s how you will win tomorrow, we just want to tell you this on your way to “the top”:

We want to counsel you and explain how you can train properly. But you must train on your own. Whether or not you reach your goal and make it to the peak is mainly up to you.

In this book we primarily offer tips, suggestions and information about training. The section on rifle and pistol shooting describes the basics, but due to limited space it is certainly not complete. Get advice from trainers or other shooting athletes if you need additional information. We hope you have lots of fun with this book. It will certainly provide you with much interesting information to accompany you on a hopefully quick and safe trip to “the summit”. We wish you lots of success!

Stork Sammy and the authors

Sports and Art

Sports and athletes are popular themes for many artists. Many paintings, drawings, caricatures, sculptures, and photographs have been and are created inspired by the elegance of the movement, the beauty of the body, the strength, the fun, and the hi-tech sports equipment. Look for them whenever you are leafing through a magazine or are visiting a public building or a museum.

Logos and mascots

Graphic artists design logos or little mascots for athletic associations, sports clubs or sporting events. These images are then displayed on posters, tickets, trophies, t-shirts, etc., – and of course as plush toys.

Try your hand at graphic design

Pretend your club needs a new logo, or you have to design a medal or the logo for the next World Championships. What do your ideas look like?

2 Interesting FactsAbout Shooting Sports

Adolescents engage in sports to get in shape, to do something constructive with their free time, to get together with friends and to learn something new and different. Of course you also want to test your limits, push yourself, and be successful in competitions!

Shooting is your hobby and you put a lot of time into it. Naturally most young shooting athletes want to know everything about their favorite sport in addition to the regular training sessions and supplementary exercises.

That includes learning about the history of shooting sports and national and international shooting sports organizations. You want to know about the various disciplines, the best and most successful athletes and the world records.

That’s interesting to you but also to those around you. Some will ask you whether rifle or pistol shooting is actually a sport and what it is you love about it. The more you know about your sport, the more comprehensive and competent your answers will be!

We want to peak your interest within the next few pages. You can get even more information from sport-specific literature, television programs or on the Internet.

Additional shooting sport disciplines


Shooting a crossbow probably makes most people think of William Tell rather than a modern sport. But since the legendary shot that split the apple, the crossbow has evolved into a piece of hi-tech sports equipment. Most often the transverse arch is mounted on an air rifle stock. Taking aim is similar to rifle shooting, looking through diopter and aperture. Once the bow is cocked, the arrow shaft is placed on a track. When the trigger is pulled, the tension is released and the arrow (or bolt) travels towards the target. We differentiate between sports crossbow and outdoor crossbow.


The special thing about shotgun shooting (as opposed to the other shooting disciplines) is that you shoot at a flying target. You either score a “hit” or “no hit”, which the spectators are able to see. Shooting is done with double barrel shotguns, shotgun-pellets are used for ammunition, and the target is a clay disk. We differentiate between three disciplines: trap, double trap and skeet shooting.

Muzzleloaders 25m, 50m and 100m

Permitted are original firearms as long as they meet regulations, and replicas of approved originals. Ammunition is limited to factory-made black powder.

Competitions:percussion rifle, flintlock rifle, flintlock musket, percussion revolver, percussion pistol, flintlock pistolEvent:15 shots within 40 minutes; beforehand an unlimited number of practice shots within 10 minutes.

Moving Target 10m

The moving target is fired on at 10 meters standing with an air rifle. The shooter must hold the rifle in the ready position until the moment the target is shown. Only when the target is visible does the shooter move the rifle into firing position and starts to track the target through his sights.

Events:Regular program: low speed (5 sec.) and high speed (2.5 sec.) and a mixed program.

Summer Biathlon

Summer biathlon is a combination of running and shooting, which is what makes this sport so interesting and lends it to audience appeal. Unlike the more well known winter biathlon, the summer biathlete does not carry the rifle while running. During the individual shooting rounds, the shooter must hit five targets with just one shot each. As soon as the target is struck, a flap comes down so everyone can see whether or not the shot was a hit. If the shooter misses a flap, he must run a penalty lap or he has time added to his overall time. From a standing firing position shots are taken on 35mm targets, and from a prone firing position shots are taken on 15mm targets. The equipment consists of a pair of sturdy running shoes, comfortable athletic clothing, as well as a special biathlon air rifle or a small bore target rifle with a five-shot magazine, or regular single-shot rifles.

Events:Relay, Individual, Sprint and Pursuit races.

Current list of the world’s top shooting athletes

It is interesting to keep track of which shooting athletes are the best. Here is a list of important international and national competitions, and you can fill in the blank areas with the names of the current leaders in your favorite disciplines. Use a pencil to record the names and dates so you can always keep your list current.

This is how shooting sports are organized

Organizations for shooting athletes in the United States

USA Shooting (USAS) was chartered by the United States Olympic Committee as the national governing body for the sport of shooting in April 1995. It is headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado, at the U.S. Olympic Training Center, and has approximately 5000 members.

Youth shooting athletes

The National 4-H Shooting Sports Foundation works with the International Hunter Education Association (IHEA) and USA Shooting. The focus of this program is the development of youth as individuals by helping them learn to shoot, the safe and responsible use of firearms, and the principles of hunting and archery.

Organisations for shooting athletes in the United Kingdom

The National Small-bore Rifle Association was founded in 1901 and is the National Governing Body for smallbore shooting. It is based at Bisley, Surrey and has a membership of about 6,000 individuals and over 1,000 clubs and associations.

NSRA Olympic disciplines


Other disciplines

Sporter air rifle

Young Shooters

The NSRA’s Youth Proficiency Scheme provides a framework through which young people have the opportunity to take up target shooting. The scheme can be run within a shooting club, but is also used by many youth organisations such as the Scout Association, the Cadet Forces and schools.

To find more information or a club go to

The international association

The international association of shooting athletes is called the International Shooting SportFederation (ISSF).

The international association of shooting athletes was founded in 1907, as the Union Internationale des Féderations et Associations Nationales de Tir. In 1921, the official name was Union Internationale de Tir (UIT) and since 1998, the official name is International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF). The ISSF has 158 member associations from 146 countries and is headquartered in Munich, Germany.

If you want to know more, check out the Internet at or

3 Hi There, Petra!



Petra Horneber

April 21, 1965, Floß, Germany


1996 – Olympic silver medal, rifle

1991 and 1993 – World Champion, crossbow 10m
1994 – World Champion small bore-prone
2002 – World Champion small bore-3 x 20
5-time team World Champion, 14 German individual titles


Olympic record rifle

German national record rifle
German national record 3 x 20
German national record small bore-prone
397 rings
399 rings
590 rings
598 rings

What is so special about your sport?