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Trading Hot Wives: Taboo Relcutant Erotica ebook

Meredith Cole  


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Opis ebooka Trading Hot Wives: Taboo Relcutant Erotica - Meredith Cole

Excerpt:She tried to cry out as the pain hit her like a bolt of lightning, but all that escaped her lips was a dry rattle. Beads of sweat popped out on her forehead and every muscle in her body flexed near the breaking point, as Jimmy pulled his cock almost out of her brutalized cunt, only to slam it in again to the hilt.He intensified his movements, thrusting and stabbing his dick into and out of her pussy, like a jack hammer, until Sandra thought she would lose consciousness from the pain.Then she felt Jimmy lift her legs up, her knees touching her tits, and then a new pain hit her as his cock sank deeper into her cunt. He fucked her in and out furiously, quickening his movements, his cock growing harder and larger as globs of cum began to swell in the base of his dick.And then it happened. When Sandra thought she could take no more of Jimmy's pounding cock, her cunt was bathed in a warm pool of slippery, creamy cum. As spurt after hot spurt of his jism slicked up her pussy, the feelings of pain were immediately replaced with those of pleasure.Unable to control her speech or her actions, Sandra wailed out, "Oh fuck me, Jimmy! Fuck me! Rape me!"

Opinie o ebooku Trading Hot Wives: Taboo Relcutant Erotica - Meredith Cole

Fragment ebooka Trading Hot Wives: Taboo Relcutant Erotica - Meredith Cole

Trading Hot Wives

Meredith Cole

Copyright © 2017

Table of Contents
















"Oh, hurry, Jimmy, and fuck me!" she moaned to her husband, who was standing at the foot of the bed.

"Take it easy, baby," Jimmy said. "We've got all night." He slowly removed his clothes, his eyes taking in the frenzied ecstasy of his young wife.

Sandra lowered her right hand to her boiling cunt and slipped her middle finger into the frothy darkness. She wailed softly, feeling the soft touch of her finger gently massaging and caressing her throbbing clit.

"Please!" Sandra moaned urgently. "Fuck me now!"

Jimmy finished taking off the last of his clothes, revealing a muscular, hairy body. His cock was as . iron as it pulsated against his stomach. He slowly lowered his hands to his groin and fondled his huge balls, cupping them upward.

"Is this what you want, Sandra?" he asked, letting his hands slide up and down the shaft of his prick.

"Yes, yes, yes!" Sandra gasped.

"Then you're gonna get it all, baby," Jimmy said, as he knelt down on the bed, his legs between those of his wife.

Sandra spread her legs wide, and with a begging, hungry look in her blue eyes, groaned with anticipation of what was to come.

Jimmy placed his hands on Sandra's shoulders and without a moment's delay, rammed his cock into her tight pussy, not pausing for a second until the head of his dick was buried deep in her cunt.

"Oh my God!" Sandra groaned loudly, her body flinching with a delicious mixture of pleasure and pain. She felt her small cunt being stretched to the limit to encompass Jimmy's hard, throbbing meat, as he began to throttle her like a bull.

"This what you want, baby?" Jimmy asked with a low, husky voice. And as he asked the question, he intensified his fucking, pulling his bloated cock almost out of Sandra's pussy, and then plunging it in again, until his cum-filled balls slammed against her ass cheeks.

"Oh yes, yes!" Sandra answered, her eyes closed, her mouth open and sucking against the firm muscles of Jimmy's neck.

Jimmy lowered his mouth to hers and locked his lips around her mouth and forced his tongue into her throat. He matched the banging rhythm of his cock, slipping his tongue in and out of her mouth, as his dick slammed in and out.

"Oh fuck me harder!" Sandra moaned into Jimmy's mouth. "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!"

"All right, you bitch," Jimmy said as he sucked and pulled on her tongue with his lips. "I'll take you for a fucking you'll never forget!"

Jimmy lowered his hands to Sandra's hips and half pulled her out of bed. His huge hands nearly encircling her firm ass, he pressed her onto his cock, until their crotch hairs ground together.

Sandra felt her body jolt with excitement as Jimmy's hands practically picked her up out of bed and shoved her aching cunt down on his meaty shaft. And then as Jimmy's hot, wet mouth latched onto her tits, sucking and licking like a hungry animal, Sandra could stand it no longer.

"My God!" she screamed. "Harder! Fuck me harder!"

Jimmy slammed his cock into Sandra's guts, feeling her cunt walls begin to tighten, sucking on his cock like a million lips.

Sandra bolted with pleasure as she felt the first tingling pleasures of orgasm. Like a crescendo of a full symphony orchestra, the pleasure intensified until her body shook, every muscle tightened to the limit, and she cried out, her voice uneven and raspy.

"Ooooh!" she wailed as she wrapped her legs tightly around Jimmy's waist. "Fuck me!"

Jimmy felt his own pleasure about to explode in a cum bath, as the first few squirts of jism shot out of his cock and into Sandra's demanding pussy. He thrust his body forward, the base of his dick grinding hard into Sandra's cunt lips.

He emptied his load of creamy cum into her slicked up pussy, filling her cunt with huge wads of sticky jism, until small rivulets slid out and trickled down into Sandra's asshole. As he slammed his cock harder and harder against the glistening -warmth of Sandra's hot cunt, their bodies smacked loudly, as flesh slapped against flesh.

Sandra grunted with renewed pleasure, feeling her cunt fill up with Jimmy's hot, milky cum. She lowered her left hand and gently massaged Jimmy's balls, milking them dry. The feel of his pulsating, hot balls in her hands caused another jolt of electric pleasure to fill her body. This time, the pleasure-hit her quickly and without warning.

She gasped and moaned loudly as she felt the base of Jimmy's cock slide in and out of her pussy. She grasped his balls and the huge, rock-hard base of his dick and rhythmically pumped with Jimmy's thrusts, trying to force his balls into her cunt.

Although Jimmy had pumped all his cum into Sandra's sucking cunt, he continued to plow away into her pussy with renewed energy, feeling the pleasure he was giving his wife. He hammered away relentlessly, feeling Sandra's cunt walls relax for a few moments and then tighten up like a vise, as orgasm after orgasm flooded her yearning body.

Sandra's cunt was raw from fucking, but she continued to want more, forcing Jimmy's ass back and forth, to help him slam his slowly withering cock in and out of her pussy. At last she relaxed and fell back on the bed, slinging her arms wide. She moaned softly, her eyes closed, her mouth half opened.

Jimmy continued to fuck her slowly, his limp cock, slightly bending as he forced it into Sandra's meat. He sucked on her tits, while his tongue swirled around her taut nipples.

Sandra could have named each and every muscle of her body by their separate and distinct feelings of pleasure and pain, as she lay totally exhausted, her breathing quick and shallow.

"That was great!" she moaned at last, into the furry warmth of Jimmy's armpit.

Had he wanted to, Jimmy couldn't have responded to her comment. His last bit of energy was being used sucking and licking her tits, running his tongue back and forth between her two sweet. firm mounds. He felt her hard nipples gently stroke his cheeks, as he switched his interests one from the other.

After a few moments of peaceful. delicious relaxation, murmuring soft expressions of affec-tion, they slept.

The following morning, Sandra awakened. She felt her cunt ache with a delicious pain. as she turned her head to watch Jimmy sleep. Her eyes took in the full male beauty of her husband, as she gently stroked and massaged his hairy chest. She slowly lowered her hand to the hairs of his crotch and felt his hard cock nuzzle against her fingertips.

"Mmmmm," she moaned softly. She grasped Jimmy's cock and squeezed it with even, firm pressure.

As Jimmy felt Sandra's hot mouth kiss and lick the head of his cock, he awakened.

"What are you doing?" he asked sleepily.

Sandra took her mouth off of Jimmy's cock and licked the underside of his hard shaft before she answered.

"Having breakfast in bed," she said finally. "Well, eat all you want," Jimmy commented lustily.

"I will, I will," Sandra said, enveloping her mouth around the glistening, purplish head of Jimmy's warm cock.

He placed his hands behind his head, and spread his legs, as Sandra nestled between them. He watched with delicious interest as Sandra quickly slicked up his cock with her spit, and then slowly lowered her mouth to his balls, licking and sucking them.

"Ah, that feels fine!" Jimmy said. "Suck me good!"

Sandra groaned with delight as she felt Jimmy's cock harden and begin to pulsate with a life of its own. She playfully lingered her sucking job, tantalizing both herself and Jimmy. She licked his balls, pulling one at a time into her mouth, moaning softly, then releasing it, only to capture the other and suck on it. As she held his cock with both hands, standing it up at a right angle to his stomach, she licked the underside, beginning with the base and running her tongue up to the huge, oval head.

Jimmy raised his hips upward, anticipating the blowjob Sandra was about to give him. From past experience, he knew it would be great. His cock was hard and ready to start the day with Sandra's specialty.

"Suck me dry!" Jimmy moaned. "Suck it good, suck out my cum!"

His body tensed up as he felt the warmth of her mouth take in the head of his swollen cock, while her tongue swirled around and under his foreskin.

"That's it, baby!" he gasped, feeling Sandra's eager mouth begin to lower onto the shaft of his dick.

Sandra placed her hands under Jimmy's ass and squeezed the well-muscled cheeks, pulling his body into her face. She began to moan softly as she felt Jimmy's cock grow larger and harder, as the tightly pulsating cockhead slid across the roof of her mouth and down into her throat.

She bobbed her head up and down, her lips pursed against her husband's prick, sucking and moaning, feeling the rock-hard thickness slide deeper and deeper into the dark moistness of her mouth.

She then lay on her side and pulled Jimmy over on her, encircling his hairy legs around her neck. She shoved his ass into her face, forcing his entire cock to disappear down her throat.

Jimmy locked his legs around his wife's neck and pressed them together savagely, almost choking her. He pumped his body back and forth, while his hands pressed against the back of her head, thrusting his cock in and out of her sucking mouth.

As Sandra buried her face into Jimmy's crotch, she breathed in the sweet, musky smell of his crotch hairs as they tickled her nose.

"Suck it, Sandra!" Jimmy wailed, cramming her head against his groin, as he felt the beginning of a load of cum shoot out of his balls and up the shaft of his cock.

Sandra pumped up and down on his cock, almost taking it out of her mouth, only to lunge her lips down even farther, circling the base of his throbbing cock. As she took in the entire meat, his balls slapped against her chin. She placed them in her hands and squeezed them gently, pumping and stroking at the same time while she quickened the motions of her mouth.

"Oh my God!" Jimmy uttered breathlessly as the first wad of cum shot out of his cock and into Sandra's throat. "Suck it, you fucking cocksucker, suck it!"

Sandra almost gagged as globs of jism began to fill her mouth to overflowing. She felt the already enormous head of Jimmy's dick balloon even more as thunderous streams of cum shot down her sucking throat. She sucked and swallowed as fast as she could, not to miss one single, creamy drop. But his load was too much, for tiny streams of hot cum, oozed out the sides of her mouth and down her neck.

During his climax, Jimmy turned over on top of Sandra, his knees in her armpits. He slammed his pelvis into her face, while at the same time pressing against the back of her head harder with his hands, ramming his cock as deeply as it would go, -down her throat. He felt her nose grind into his crotch hairs as he forced his cock to the hilt, and his balls slicked up with cum rolling against her sucking cheeks.

Sandra flailed around on the bed, from the pleasure of sucking Jimmy's rich.' thick cum, and from a lack of air. She didn't know if she wanted to suck or breathe more, and decided for a few seconds, at least, to suck. Although it was a delicious battle to keep from choking, Sandra pressed Jimmy's ass harder against her mouth, feeling her cunt ache with excitement. She lowered her right hand to her pussy, and touched her rubbery clit. The mere touch sent her into a whirlwind of pleasure as jolts of orgasm hit her again and again.

Jimmy felt his wife's body flinch as she jutted her body upward, finger-fucking herself. Tears of pleasure welled in her eyes, as her orgasm slowly began to build to even higher realms. She latched onto Jimmy's cock, sucking it entirely into the back of her throat, while torrents of pleasure ripped through her body. After a few moments, Sandra's body relaxed, but she continued the even, firm pressure against Jimmy's ass, to pull his softening cock into her mouth. She pursed her lips around the base of his dick and pulled upward with a firm pressure, pulling out the last steamy wad of cum. She swirled the sticky glob around in her mouth and reluctantly swallowed it.

She pulled herself from under Jimmy's weight, her face touching the cool sheets. A few drops of cum lingered on her lips and chin, but she licked her mouth to take in every delicious drop.

"Oh, Jimmy," she whispered. "Let it be like this always!"

"Don't worry, Sandra," Jimmy said, pulling his wife into his arms. "Nothing will ever change."

Sandra closed her eyes, enjoying the firmness of Jimmy's hairy body engulf her with strength and tenderness. She squeezed and kneaded his chest, gently pulling on the lush hair and moaned softly.

A few moments later, Sandra's dreamy thoughts were interrupted by Jimmy's voice.

"Now I'm going to have breakfast in bed!" he said, lowering his head to her pussy.


Months passed, and with them, Sandra's gnawing fear of change was realized. There was nothing either Sandra or Jimmy could put a finger on, but things had changed. Ironically, their love had increased, but their lovemaking had taken a drastic turn for the worse. Sex had become unimaginative and done by routine, gripping Sandra with the feeling that she was to blame. Little did she realize that Jimmy felt the same way, and in trying to improve the situation, had only fed the flames of their insecurity.

After two whiskey sours, Sandra managed to confide in her best friend, Joyce.

"I don't know how to even explain it," she said.

"Jimmy's the best thing that could happen to me." She paused, and lightly circled the rim of her glass with her forefinger. "Lately I've been bitchy and tired... " her voice trailed off.

Joyce took in a deep breath' and smiled. She placed her hand on Sandra's reassuringly, and then stood up ..

"It happens to everyone, Sandra," she said.

"Now, I know that doesn't help right now, but it will get better' as time goes along." She quickly raised her hand to quell an interruption from Sandra, then continued. "Now hear me out," she said. "If I can say this without forever ruining our friendship, what I suggest is a change."

"A change?" Sandra asked with real surprise.

"We've been doing everything in the book," she said, and then blushed. "I mean, that is... "

"Perhaps you haven't done everything in the book, sweetheart," Joyce said.

"What do you mean?" Sandra asked, real puzzlement evident on her lovely, young face.

"What I mean is, Jimmy's a nice piece of meat, but he's not the only man in the world."

Sandra didn't know whether to be horrified or angry, or both. She sat speechless, the silence in the kitchen disturbed only by a soft lull of the stereo in the living room, where Joyce's husband, Kevin, and Jimmy were having a similar conversa-tion.

At last, Sandra spoke. "Are you suggesting that I get another man?" And before Joyce had a chance to answer, she added, "And what do. you mean that Jimmy is a nice piece of meat?"

"Well, to question number one," Joyce said maddeningly, "Not exactly. And to number two, well he is. Or haven't you noticed?"

Sandra felt embarrassed. "It was the way you put it," she said meekly. "But you still haven't explained yourself."

"Well, you yourself have often commented on how you would like to pattern your marriage after mine and Kevin's, right?" Before Sandra had a chance to answer a quite truthful question, Joyce continued, "Kevin and I have been where you are right now. It's nothing to be ashamed or afraid of, believe me." She paused for a few seconds and then sat down, taking both Sandra's hands into hers.

"Well. what did you do?" Sandra asked.

'"We got a little help from our friends," Joyce said.

"You mean swapping?" Sandra said with disbelief in her voice.

"Sometimes," Joyce said. "But mostly, we all do it together."

Sandra sat in stunned silence, her mind unable to comprehend what had been said.

Joyce stood up and laughed softly. then patted Sandra on the back.

"Well, it's not the end or the world, or even the solution you may be looking for, Sandra," she said. "It was just an idea. It works for Kevin and me, and besides it's loads of fun. It might work for you. You'll never know unless you try it."

There was an edge in Joyce's voice that Sandra almost came close to comprehending, but she was afraid to say anything.

"Maybe we'd better get back into the living room," she said, rising from her chair.

"Well, whatever happens," Joyce said, pulling her friend into her arms and kissing her on the forehead, "think about it, at least."

As they walked into the living room, Sandra was too embarrassed to look into the faces of the handsome men sitting on the couch.

"Come sit by me, you lovely wench," Kevin said to Sandra. "I want your lithe young body next to mine."