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Tracy's Mom is hot. I know, Tracy is my girlfriend, and I should pretend I don't notice these things, but that's just not how it goes. Besides, if there was a rumor going around school that your girlfriend's mom had made a porno back in the 90's, you wouldn't be able to keep your eyes off her either.So, what was I supposed to do when Ms. Sullivan asked me to come over and help out one weekend when Tracy was out of town? I mean, come on. I'm a nice guy, it would have been rude not to lend a hand.Besides, I absolutely had to know what went on in that movie she made.As you can probably guess, this is a dirty story intended for grownups. Reader discretion is advised. And probably a candle, some personal lubrication and a little peace and quiet.

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Guy New York


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Tracy’s Mom

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TRACY’S MOM IS HOT. THERE’S no other way to describe her, and while I’ve been going out with Tracey for over a year, my crush isn’t a big secret.

Her parents split up a while back, and her Dad just took off. Some people think he kidnapped his secretary and took her down to Costa Rica to be his sex slave. Some think he ran off with a dude to New York. I think he’s probably drunk in some cheap ass hotel on the highway wondering why he walked out on the hottest chick in town. I guess we all have good imaginations.

Ever since her dad left, I’ve been helping out. I mow their lawn, clean the pool, fix things when they break, and to say I practically live there is an understatement. I’m there all the time, and while everything is great between Tracy and me, it’s been getting harder every day.

Her mom has been smiling at me, and she brings me cold drinks when I’m working outside. She washes my clothes, cooks me meals, and once she even rubbed my shoulders after I spent a whole day pulling weeds and cleaning out brush.

Now, I like fantasies. I mean come on. I’ve probably jerked off to every girl in school, and that doesn’t even scratch the surface. I have daydreams about my math tutor, my piano teacher, and my cousin’s wife. I get hard walking through the mall, and the Victoria’s Secret Christmas show is the one porn I can’t miss.

But I know the difference. If I slept with my teacher she’d lose her job, I’d lose my college acceptance, and it would probably be awkward as all hell. And let’s not even start to imagine what I’d do if Adriana Lima actually knocked on my door naked. I’m pretty sure it would end with me breathing into a paper bag rather than fucking her brains out in the jacuzzi.

So the whole fantasy versus reality thing is something I’ve got down. I know the difference between what I sometimes want and what’s good for me.

But let me tell you something about Ms. Tracy’s Fucking Mom (that’s not her real name). She’s thirty-six years old, goes to the gym four times a week, and she’s a massage therapist. If that’s not bad enough, the rumor is she made a movie back in the 90′s that every kid in school has been trying to get his hands on since someone let it slip. And yeah. It was that kind of movie. They say she gets it on with two dudes at once and every year someone swears that they’ve seen it. They’re all lying because Tracy would have flipped if it was true, but it doesn’t matter. The fact that it might exist keeps me up all night anyway.