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One mistake can change everything.In this complete Toxic Love bundle, Mia finds her entire life transformed when she is caught stealing from the infamous billionaire, Damon Davis. She is captured and taught a lesson she will never forget.What started as a simple job turns into so much more when she suddenly caught between two alpha males eager to dominate her.~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~When I woke up, the door opened and I lunged at it, only to realize that my hands and feet were bound with coarse rope. I felt a stab of fear in my chest as I fell dejected into the bed. The thought that someone had gotten in and tied me up without me noticing filled me with fear.The taste of metal was still heavy in my throat and my head ached. I was bound to get some sort of chloroform poisoning if they kept knocking me out that way. I knelt on the bed and bowed my head, willing myself to come up with a plan.I wasn't even wearing a shirt to cover my naked breasts. I felt humiliated and ashamed. Hot tears leaked out the corner of my eyes as the harsh ropes cut into my skin and I raised my head to glare at the intruder who woke me up.The man who entered was unfamiliar. He was wearing the same tell-tale outfit all the workers in Damon's mansion wore. The black man was expressionless as he walked towards me. He was as calm and taciturn as Damon, his face revealing nothing."I'm sorry for your discomfort," he spoke with a thick African accent."Let me go," I begged."Master will see you soon.""Master?""Master Damon," he said, putting down the meal that was probably meant for me on the floor by the bed.My stomach growled at the sight of the well cooked steak and mashed potatoes with vegetables on the side. There was even a glass of red wine."I can't eat without my hands," I said, sitting up to look at him. My cheeks flamed red from embarrassment, all too aware of my own state of undress.He gave me a long look, then walked behind me and began methodically working at the knots on my wrists. I considered fighting with him, but he was easily twice my size. He could hold me down without breaking a sweat."Enjoy the meal," he said, deadpanned, then exited the room before I could think of a workable escape plan.

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Toxic Love 1 - 3


Daisy Rose

Copyright 2017 Daisy Rose

This is a work of fiction. Similarities to real people, places, or events are entirely coincidental. All characters depicted in sexual acts in this work of fiction are 18 years of age or older. No part in this book may be reproduced, transmitted, stored, or distributed without permission of the author or publisher.

This complete toxic love trilogy features two dominating alpha males who take control of a young virgin who yields to both men utterly and completely.

It also contains scenes with exhibitionism & voyeurism, spanking, domination, gangbang, bondage, and submission.

Chapters with 18+ scenes are indicated with an asterisk (*).

Toxic Love 1


Daisy Rose

Brazen and beautiful private detective, Mia Faye has never been caught doing anything illegal. That is, until she takes a new job and agrees to steal something deeply personal from an infamous billionaire, Damon Davis. After breaking into his mansion, she finds herself witnessing perverted acts involving a young woman and a group of strangers.

She steals what she needs and escapes, only to fall into the clutches of the mysterious man soon after. And what begins as a simple job turns into so much more...

This is the first book of a trilogy that features a dominating alpha male who takes control of a young virgin who yields to him utterly and completely.

It also contains scenes including exhibitionism & voyeurism, spanking, domination, gangbang, bondage, and submission.

Chapters with 18+ scenes are indicated with an asterisk (*).

Chapter 1: Breaking In

I glanced around one last time before deciding it was safe to climb over the tall brick wall, carefully bringing the rope with me. The end of the rope was knotted firmly around the tree. It was my way out. Someone made the mistake of planting trees by the barrier, one of which allowed me to reach the top of the wall. My fingertips found a firm grip on the edge and I hoisted myself up, then pulled my leg over the barrier awkwardly.

A branch snapped as I kicked my right leg up over the wall. I cursed the noise it made as it fell down to solid ground beneath. Thankfully, the noise wasn't loud enough to alert the guards. The fact that the mansion was nestled in the midst of a small forest meant that occasional noises from scurrying animals were unavoidable. Still, I waited with batted breath for someone to check out the noise.

I made a mental note to exercise more. James can scale walls twice as high in half the time and without breaking a sweat. That man is made out of pure muscle and spends his free time training whereas I spent mine with my nose buried in fiction novels.

I should take up on his offer to join him one of these days. I was already breathing heavily. It was pure luck that there were tall trees in place to help me up or things would be more complicated.

After making sure that nobody had seen or heard me, I dropped from the wall and my feet met the pavement. Brushing strands of hair out of my eyes, I glanced at my watch for the umpteenth time that night. Twelve fifteen. That should give me a good half hour before the next shift change and I could sneak back out. For a mere businessman, he had a suspiciously strict security detail.

James would be furious if he found out that I had gone alone. I didn't want to get him in trouble, especially since he had been against taking up the job in the first place. The money was too good. I should've been wary when we were offered so much money for what seemed like an easy job.

It only took a few days to find out that it wasn't going to be easy at all.

The mansion loomed in front of me ominously, moonlight illuminating all of its magnificent architecture designs. The windows were large glass panes that were beautiful to behold and impossible to penetrate without making my presence known. It would be stupid to break into the place. Even stupider to just stand by the wall and do nothing.

I squatted down behind a large potted plant and held my breath as one of the security guards took his nightly rounds to make sure there weren't intruders. He was hidden in the shadows as well, his neat tuxedo almost luminescent in the dark. I glanced down at my own outfit. I was wearing a tight black cotton shirt and a comfortable pair of black tights that allowed me to move around without getting caught on anything. I tried working in slacks once. Once.

The moment he was out of sight, I started moving quickly and quietly towards my target. I looked back at the wall just to make sure the rope wasn't obvious before telling myself to get on with it. I didn't have time for second thoughts.

Carefully hiding within the shadows, I made my way to the part of the mansion where the security cameras wouldn't see me. It took a little searching in the dark, but I managed to find my entrance. I brushed aside the creepers that had grown over the window and shimmied it open with ease. The security guard wasn't going to come this way for another fifteen minutes at least. The window wasn't even locked. There was an abandoned room in this part of the house. One that nobody went to.

I slipped inside, not even bothering to close the window after. I would leave the same way. I dug my torchlight from my backpack. The small beam of light allowed me just enough vision to look around.

It was a risk to come in at all, but I was too far gone to turn back now. The room I entered was large and empty but for shelves of documents lining the walls, several stacks of books and a large framed photograph propped against a stack of books at the center of the room.

I knelt and aimed the torchlight at the picture, finding it empty. Confusion filled me until I realized I was looking at the back of the picture.

"Idiot," I whispered to myself, trying to calm my beating heart. I brushed cobwebs from the frame and turned it around. I almost fell back in surprise when I was suddenly looking into the eyes of a young woman. It was just a picture.

The portrait of happiness on the canvas was painstakingly drawn with pencil, individual lines clear even in the dark.

"Hello there," I whispered softly to the painting in an attempt to calm my quickening heartbeat. The young woman was beautifully done, her smile genuine and her eyes kind. She looked uncannily like me, hair long and pulled into a ponytail and her cheekbones high. She even had the same smile, two front teeth almost a little too large to be fully beautiful. I shivered and resisted the urge to turn the picture back around. I put torchlight in my mouth, the light aimed at the portrait, and took a picture with my phone.

I needed to figure out who she was later. There was nothing in the room worth my time. Old documents and accounts of his company, outdated books and encyclopedias... nothing that I was here for.

I was here for just a single item.

I unlocked the door and carefully made my way outside.

The hallway was unlit, which was just how I liked it. If my research was accurate, they would all be in the dungeon.

And that was where I was heading towards...

I've met the owner of the house only once, in an opening of one of his bars. Damon was handsome, especially when he smiled, but the smile was quick to disappear and he didn't stay long enough to answer any question the media had for him. I was just there because one of our clients liked having me as arm candy.

His hands were tucked neatly into the pockets of his leather jacket the entire time he was there. He towered over most of the women and men in the room. He wasn't bulky, but what mass he had were pure muscle. I knew because I had to tail him for the past month before finally getting enough information of his routine to break into his house.

Contrary to what you may be thinking, I wasn't there to steal anything. No, I was here to procure something. A single piece of evidence that may be enough to crush his entire umpire. A picture.

Just one simple picture and we'll have fifty grand in our pockets. My pocket. But James probably deserved something around twenty percent of that.

I didn't want to work as a private detective. I was neither born nor raised in it like a lot of men in the profession, nor was I trained for it. Not many women became private detectives. It was the sort of work that just didn't appeal to little girls.

Somewhere along the line, I made all the right choices, or rather, all the wrong choices to bring me down that career path. Maybe I should have made a different choice way back then. Or maybe I should just choose another career. I was young enough to go to college and get a degree. But times were tough and the work paid well. James said I had the knack for the work. I had the patience, the stealth, and the guts. I also had the luck.

The thing about living a life of a private detective was that eventually, looking over your shoulder just became second nature. Even though I have only been on the job for three years, I had already made more enemies than I could count. I had to be cautious, always, but it wasn't some constant sense of foreboding. Life wasn't that bad. Most of the work I had taken on were low key. I kept my distance from everyone so when I do get caught no one would be able to identify me.

I focused my attention back to the task at hand as I walked out of the shadows. This part of the house was brightly lit, but I should be alright as long as I didn't run into anybody. I wasn't dressed anywhere near fancily enough to be a houseguest.

Just as I suspected, there was nobody else roaming the mansion.

Damon wanted to keep whatever it was that they were doing in the dungeon entirely private. And that was what I was here for. The risk was high, but the reward meant we would have enough to finally get that vacation I was promised when I first started the partnership with James. We were a two-man army. Well, a one man, one woman army, but close enough.

We weren't told how risky the job was when we first took it. That came later. The initial job description was vague:

Find something we can use against Damon Hunt.

I smiled when I was first told that. It was easy to find something against a virile young man. Or so I thought. James said it was reckless to take a job just because it 'looked easy'. I should've listened to him.

Damon Hunt was a full fifteen years older than me at thirty-five years old. He was born and bred in California and attended MIT when he was only fifteen years old. Graduated at eighteen and went ahead to start one of the more successful businesses in the country.

He worked twelve hours a day, seven days a week and only returned to his oversized mansion to sleep. He didn't have close friends and didn't sleep around. He attended parties, sure, but never danced with anyone or mingled with any groups to gossip. He talked to his peers, but just enough to be polite. In short, he was the most boring human being I had to tail in all my years as a PI.

There was no family, no secret baby, no high school sweetheart, no lover, and no skeletons in his closer. His tombstone was going to read: "Here lies Damon. He earn a lot of money and died alone."

I couldn't find anything suspicious about him, except for the fact that his mansion had the security detail of a mafia boss and there was a meeting that he does in the dungeon of his mansion. Something that nobody talked about.

People came in and went out without a word to each other. I had taken pictures of some of the men and women who entered and left the mansion, but there was nothing to tie them together. There were teachers, lawyers, doctors, politicians, businessmen, and even students, all strangers in life, as far as I could find out. The only thing they had in common was Damon Hunt and his secret meetings.

I found the entrance within five minutes, getting lost only once and stumbling into a guestroom. I had memorized the floor plan of the entire mansion, but it was still vast enough that a wrong turn would take me somewhere completely different. I half expected to walk down winding stairways to reach the lowest floor of the building, but there was just a door and a straight way down to another door.

My heart thumped in my chest. The fear of getting caught never went away, no matter how many jobs I took and how many houses I had to sneak into. Adrenaline pumped through my blood and gave me a strength to go one. Some people relished in the thrill of the job, but I enjoyed the quiet research more.

I could feel my blood humming in my veins, a soft ringing in my ears. My eyes focused on the door ahead of me and I continued moving. I couldn't turn back now. Not when I was so close.

All sorts of scenarios filled my mind. Nobody knew what happened beyond the closed doors. James and I speculated that the secret meeting was something occult-related. That would explain the secrecy and most importantly, that would ensure our paycheck.

There was no light leading my way. My shoes moved soundlessly over the brick floor as I approached the door at the end of the steps. I didn't close the door behind me and that let the light it. It also made sure I had a way out if I needed to move quickly.

The deeper down the stairs I walked the faster my heart pounded. Swallowing my fear, I took the last step before reaching the door. The answer lied on the other side of the wooden door. I froze. All I needed to do was open it, take a picture, and run as quick as I can in the opposite direction.

Drawing in a deep breath, I opened the door, fully prepared to bolt at the first sign of trouble.

Instead, I was basked in darkness.

Chapter 2*: Dungeons & Orgies

It took a moment for my eyes to adjust to the darkness but when it did, I still couldn't quite believe what I was seeing. The walls were lined with sex toys of all shapes and sizes, as was the ceiling and the shelves beyond that. That was not what took my breath away. The was the scene unfolding right before my eyes that did that. I could only glimpse what was happening through gaps in the shelves that contained more sex toys than I had seen in my entire life, but even glimpses were enough.

I closed the door hastily before anyone noticed that they had an intruder in their midst. Then, I crept behind one of the shelves and hid there. I felt a tingle in my core as I watched, wide-eyed, the events that were unfolding right before my eyes.

It was surreal. The dim lights made everything feel like I was in a sort of dream and I had to pinch my arm to make sure I hadn't knocked my head somewhere along the way and lost my mind.

Everyone had gathered in the middle of the room and while I couldn't see exactly where Damon was, I could see what they were doing. Or rather, who they were doing.

There were a dozen people surrounding a single young woman who was naked and fearful, gasping as she tried to escaped the circle, only to be tossed back again the moment she met a human barrier. The sounds she made echoed in the room and I had to clamp my hand to my mouth to stop from making a sound. I resisted the urge to tell them to stop whatever it was they were doing. I was here to take pictures, not be the voice of reason to whatever insanity they were up to.

The woman cried out again when she ran into a large black man. He laughed, then twisted her around, spanking her buttocks to get her to run the opposite direction. She yelped and stumbled forward, the blindfold covering her eyes to prevent her from seeing anything.

She had her arms in front of her, desperately looking for something to hold on to, but whenever she reached a person, she was groped tossed back into circle.

Goosebumps rose on the back of my arms and I wondered what to do under the circumstances. Do I leave her in distress, or do I try and stop it? She didn't look like she was there willingly, but she also wasn't doing anything to pull her blindfold off. It didn't look to be wrapped so tightly over her eyes that it couldn't be removed with one swift yank.

Her eyes were blindfolded with a single black cloth and her wrists were tied behind her back, forcing her to arch her chest forward. There were metal clamps on her nipples, pinching her areola tightly. A dark leather hung from the end of the clamps to link them together so that the people around her could pull at the strap, making her gasp and squeal in response to the sudden pain.

Even from behind the shelves, I could see that she was shaved between her legs, the area above her pussy lips clear from hair.

"Please..." she moaned as she turned and twisted, trying the find a way out of the circle. She bumped into a large man who grabbed the leather connecting her clamps and pulled, causing her to cry out loudly. She fell into his arms as shudders of pleasure overtook her and he laughed. He let her hang limply against his arm, then twisted her around so that her buttocks were pointed lewdly away from him.

"One moment," a voice called out and I recognized it immediately to be Damon's.

He appeared from the shadows, wearing the same tux I had seen him wear seven days a week. His tailor must be sick of that design by now.

"Lilith," he said and the naked woman turned to him.

"Yes, sir?" she whispered, her voice slightly raw from screaming.

"You remember your safe word?"

She nodded.

"Do you want to use it?" he asked.

"No, sir," she said earnestly, shaking her head to emphasize her refusal to stop.

"Good girl," he said. She beamed at the compliment, though she couldn't see the icy look in his eyes. He waved at the man, gesturing for him to continue, then stepped back into the shadows. I could see now that he had been in the room all along, sitting in the corner by the circle, where a small gap was present to let him see everything that was going on.

His seat was majestic, almost like a throne, and he looked comfortable there. I wondered if he was going to join them and stared at him for only a moment before turning my attention back to Lilith. The name sounded familiar but in my lust-filled mind, I couldn't place her.

Lilith looked to be in her early twenties and was remarkably beautiful. I felt like I was intruding on something private, but I couldn't look away. She shrieked when the same man grabbed her nipples, pinching down harder on the clamps, then pulled her blindfold free.

Even the dim light was enough to blind her momentarily. When her eyesight finally focused, she quickly pulled back in a quick jolt.

"Ahh!!" she cried out loudly when the clamps snapped right off her nipples, which looked red and painful from where I stood, engorged and elongated from the abuse it had taken. She wrapped her arms around her breasts and massaged the pain from her nipples. Her cheeks flamed red, suddenly embarrassed.

She turned to Damon but whatever it was she was going to say turned into cries of mercy as men and women grasped her hands and pulled them away from her body, exposing her in all her naked glory. The creamy flesh around her nipples were red and inflamed, looking painful.

"Beautiful," one man said, grabbing her breasts.

Things were developing so rapidly that I couldn't quite wrap my head around it. I fought against the molten desire creeping up my spine and took out my camera, making sure both the camera's flash and sound were off before focusing the lenses on the scene. The woman was being groped by the people around her. With a jolt, I realized these were the very same people I had taken photographs of in the past weeks. Teachers, lawyers, students, politicians....

They weren't involved with the occult. They were just having kinky sex. An orgy in the dungeon.

That was Damon's secret?

I wasn't sure if I should be feeling disappointed or excited by the revelation. On one hand, this was good blackmail material. On the other hand, I was expecting something nefarious. I understand why but it felt wrong to take pictures of what they were doing and surrender the pictures to my clients thereafter.

Even as the thoughts filled my mind, I couldn't look away from the sight in front of me.

She made feeble attempts to run away, ducking and twisting to try and get out of their grasps, but the men and women surrounding her were too many and she was alone.

Every time she managed to twist out of a person's grasp, she quickly fell into another's arms. It wasn't long before she was trapped completely with nowhere to run.

Her legs were spread wide and fingers from different men penetrated her holes. A strangled scream escaped from her throat for just a second before it was cut short by a man's hand closing over her lips.

Adrenaline continued to pump through my veins and I took out my phone to take a video of everything happening. There was a flurry of movements in the mere second that I turned away and when I looked away from my phone, she was on her knees. The men were around her, their throbbing cocks inches from her face.

I started in wordless amazement when her lips parted and she took the cocks into her mouth, one at a time, sucking and licking a cock for a long moment before moving her attention onto another.

The smell of sex permeated the air, making it harder for me to breath. I wiped my sweat-stained palms on my pants as I fought to keep my own composure. I could feel my own warm breaths against my hand and my fevered skin burned with a yearning that I couldn't satiate on my own. My eyes wandered from the naked young woman to Damon. He was the only man in the group who didn't have his cock out.

He looked like a leisurely king, enjoying the sight in front of him. I couldn't help but focus my gaze between his legs and wasn't at all surprised to see that it was tented.

Lilith threw her head back and moaned and my attention went back to her immediately. There was a man behind her and his hand was lost between her legs, cupping her sex.

I imagined myself in her position, alone and naked amidst strong men of all colors, holding her hostage. The wetness between my legs seeped through my panties and my brain refused to focus. I told myself that I needed to leave, but my legs were rooted to the spot.

She offered little resistance when she was pulled upright.

I felt like a perverted voyeur, watching as more and more of her naked body was violated by the strangers. I reached into my memory and tried to place her.

I had studied all these people before. While a few were completely unfamiliar, most of them had their own folders in my office.

Lilith, I whispered quietly.

With a jolt of realization, I managed to place the young woman. She was a kindergarten teacher. She came here a few weeks ago and I remembered wondering why she was limping when she left. I had my answer now.