Tortured Virgin: Taboo Erotica - Abe Layzer - ebook

Excerpt:"We may need all three as hostages," Hank said, dragging Steve towards a large tree by his ankles. Sarah groaned at the fresh blood oozing from a large cut on his pale forehead. Quickly Hank tied Steve's hands behind his back and rolled him over so his back rested against the spreading base of the tree. His head bobbed from side to side as Hank cinched it erect with a small length of rope around his neck and the tree."You watch they don't get near the guns, Pete," Hank warned as he walked up to Sarah, shrugging off his shirt. He tossed it to one side and set his .45mm on top before turning on Sarah."C'mere," he growled, jerking her forward by the arm. "Time for talk's over." She struggled against his bare chest as he snaked his muscular arms around her body, his mouth kissing her neck as she turned her face away."No, please!" she cried, whimpering as his hands roamed up and down her clammy back. "Please!""Stop crying!" he commanded, falling heavily to the ground with her body beneath."It can't be like this," Sarah though. "When I'm married, with a man who loves me. Not by rape!" She could feel the iron-hard length of his massive cock as he ground into her belly, his mouth struggling to find her mouth as she struck weakly at his back, raking the skin with her nails until it tore.

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Tortured Virgin

Abe Layzer

Copyright © 2017

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"Like it?" he shouted. "That's your home for the next three days!"

Sarah smiled weakly and turned towards her companions in the back seat. "Not much, is it?" she said, nodding towards the campsite that was rapidly growing larger.

Steve looked up from his survey map and shook his head, indicating he couldn't hear her over the roar of the engine above them.

Laura, squeezed tight beside him in the tiny compartment, leaned forward and brushed away a sweat-plastered strand of black hair from her forehead.

"That's the same thing I said last time I was up here," she said. "But these forest surveys never take more than three days. Makes you appreciate the university dorms a lot more."

Sarah grinned and turned away, hoping her instant friendship with Laura would continue throughout the summer. Both her and Steve had been working with the National Park Service under a university grant for several years and had interviewed Sarah together when she applied for the summer job. Their closeness and ease with each other had almost led Sarah to assume they were married until one of her friends in the office mentioned they just lived together and often dated others. It was the same girl that let Sarah peek at Laura's school records for a moment. Like herself, she was majoring in forestry and held a B plus average. Her last two summers had been spent on the project; flying out to various sites of the preserve rarely traveled by the summer vacationers.

Now, with her mother dead, there was no longer a home to go back to during the summer break. Sarah felt sorry for her long-ailing mother, but did not feel homesick.

The sudden jar of the copter's rail striking the ground brought her back to reality. Over the dying whine of the engine, she could hear Leak's anxious whines from the wire cage attached to the outside of the fuselage. She had fallen in love with the massive black Labrador the first time she saw it, curled at Steve's feet in the department's office. Her mother had never approved of pets of any kind.

"Home Sweet Home," Frank said, taking off his aviator's glasses for the first time. Sarah looked past his piercing blue eyes nervously as he turned towards her. Frank hungrily eyed the young coed beside him, wondering why she wasn't working as a model instead of 'pine picking', as he called it. Her brief green sun halter did little to hide the fullness of her soft, white breasts. Instead, it only pressed them closer, forming a deep, inviting cleavage that glistened with tiny beads of perspiration which he longed to lick away. He let his eyes glide down her sleek, tiny waist towards the rich warmth of her young thighs. He could almost see the outline of her pubic mound on the faded denim shorts she wore and wondered if the silky hairs rimming her vaginal lips were as blonde as the ones forming her wispy hair-do.

"Damn," he thought, moving his eyes away as Steve tapped the seat behind him. "Have to look her up when they get back this Friday." He silently cursed the State Police call he received as they left, asking for his assistance in the search for several men still missing from Sunday's Correctional Camp escape. If not for them, he could have stayed at the campsite an hour or two before returning to the university airport for another survey team's flight elsewhere. "Damn! She looks like she's dying for a good fuck, too!" With a sigh of regret he popped open his Plexiglas door and hopped out into the short weeds to help Steve unload their few supplies.

They released Leak who disappeared instantly into the forest wall with a few short bounds and helped the women haul the larger of the two collapsible tents into the shade of the pines.

"Nervous?" Laura asked, watching as Sarah fumbled with the tent poles.

"Umm, yes and no," she answered. "I mean it's one thing to read about forestry work and another thing to actually do it."

"Well, just do what Steve says and don't rush. Just relax and don't be so tense. Look at you, hopping around trying to do everything at once." Laura took her arm and sat Sarah on a log out of the way while she expertly erected the tents. Sarah blushed and almost jumped up as Laura turned away and bent over to retrieve a fallen peg. The older woman's brief shorts had crept so far up her tanned thighs the startled blonde could see each dimpled cheek. She would never have guessed Laura was not wearing any panties.

"Whew!" Laura said, gulping in the parched air in large gasps that clearly outlined her jutting breasts and nipples. "I don't know what it is about those helicopter rides, but I always feel as horny as hell afterwards. She tugged at the legs of her shorts and let a little of the breeze blow across her cunt. "My pussy feels nearly scalded. How about you, Sarah?"

"No, no," she stammered, shocked at the woman's casual reference to her private parts. She never imagined a woman referring to her own body with such coarse, vulgar words. "I'm okay."

"Sure? You can go skinny-dip in the lake and give Frank a thrill on his take-off if you want."

"No, I couldn't do that," she said, trying to keep her voice as light as Laura's.

"Why not?" she continued, curious about the tension in the young girl's voice when she spoke of sex. "I saw him looking your way during the ride out. He must have stripped you naked and fucked you seven different ways with his eyes. But I guess with a figure like yours, you're used to it."

"Used to it?" Sarah said, praying Laura would change the topic.

"To men staring at you and getting hard-ons. I'll bet on campus eyes really turn when that little butt of yours wiggles by."

"Stop it!" Sarah finally shouted, unable to endure the obscene picture the woman had painted for her. "I... I don't like dirty talk like that. It's not decent."

"Well, excuse me," Laura shot back, her expression as cold as ice. "I never figured you for a Little Miss Prim."

"No, I meant... " Sarah began, trying to explain how her mother had never tolerated any foul language, especially if it dealt with sex.

"I know what you meant," Laura hissed. "You as much as said I had a foul mouth. So forget it. Here, this is your job anyway." She thrust the canvas-bagged supplies towards Sarah and stalked off towards the men and the helicopter.

Sarah chewed her lip in silence and began stowing away the supplies, wincing as light laughter floated towards her from the trio. Laura pointed in her direction with an angry shake of her long black hair. Sarah ignored the copter as Frank took off and circled them once before heading away.

It was a half hour later before Steve caught her alone and motioned towards a large, gnarled oak on the clearing's edge.

"C'mon," he said, gently leading her by the arm. "We have to have a few words before this thing gets out of hand."

"What did she tell you?" Sarah asked, twisting out of his gentle, but firm grip.

"Nothing really," Steve said. "I was hoping you could clear things up. She's got a fast temper, but cools down pretty quick. So, what's up?"

"Well, nothing really," Sarah said hesitantly, looking down towards the ground to avoid his eyes. "It's just that she started talking dirty and I kind of exploded before thinking."

"Ah, I see," Steve said. "That sounds like her. More than once I've had to tell her to watch her mouth. What did she say?"

"I can't recall it all," Sarah bed. "Just something about the way the pilot was looking at me on the trip in."

"Frank?" he laughed. "Hey, that's nothing new. Ever since his divorce last year he's been in and out of half the beds in town. Hell, he's screwed... uh, sorry... been with Laura a couple of times that I know of."

"And you don't mind?" Sarah gasped, her eyes widening with disbelief. She had read about such loose couples but never dreamed she would one day be working with them.

"Mind? No, in fact I've been with other women besides Laura at the time. We're just sort of good friends. Beats the heck out of living with a guy or in the dorms."

"I know what you mean," Sarah said. "Seems like everyone has a different radio blasting all the time. Too noisy for study."

"Yeh, well, the only voices up here are the three of us so try not to take things so personal, huh?"

"I'll try," she muttered, not understanding why she felt guilty when it was Laura who had done the cursing. "Do you think she's still mad at me?"

"No," Steve chuckled. "But you better get supper going or all of us are going to be in a foul mood the rest of the day. Okay?"

Sarah nodded and walked off towards the supply tent, feeling his stare on the rise and fall of her trim, girlish buttocks.

With their light supper of canned sausages and beans over, they relaxed for a few moments before the dying campfire, watching the night insects burst into flame over the still hot coals. Sarah hunched opposite them as they sat cradled in each other's arms, almost oblivious to her.

"I'm kinda tired. Think I'll turn in now," Sarah said.

"Well, okay, then. Laura knows what has to be done and she'll brief you in the morning. Right?" Steve questioned.

"You won't be here?" Sarah asked.

"No, I've got to get up earlier and hike out to White field Ridge to see what damage that spring mudslide did to the creek flow in the area. Should take till noon, I guess," Laura answered.

"Oh, well, good night then." Sarah turned and left them behind in the darkness as she headed for the outline of their shared tent. Inside, she was relieved to find that someone had already hung a privacy canvas that divided the tent into two halves. Her sleeping roll was tucked into the corner of the smaller side.

Wearily she slapped open the sleeping bag and stretched out on top, letting the first waves of exhaustion pass through her before she bothered to undress for bed. Blankly, she stared at the ceiling and felt confused by the thoughts that sprang up.

Can I ever be like them, so unguarded and open in their affection? Or will the first touch of a man always be so revolting, so reminiscent of that night with Ronald?

At twenty, she considered her still-kept virginity more of a burden than a virtue. The daily exhortations against sex and men that her mother had delivered still shadowed every lewd thought she ever dared. All through high school she had believed her lonely, bitter mother and refused every crude embrace of her infrequent dates. She dreamed of having a loving husband be the first man to explore her body and awaken her to the mysteries of sex. She had stopped dating when the constant chore of waiting for their first signs of lust left no room to enjoy herself with their simple companionship.

Sarah knew she was attractive to men since she had inherited the same slim-limbed, high-breasted body that had made her mother a small fortune as a fashion model before an automobile accident had left her crippled and vengeful. Miraculously, the drunken man that had been driving her mother home that night had escaped unharmed. Her mother never would reveal his name and the press was warned away from the scandal with some high-placed words. She only knew he was some political figure, wealthy enough to leave a woman pregnant and crippled for life. Since the mysterious monthly checks had ended with her mother's death, Sarah assumed she would never know who her father was.

Feeling sleep creeping up on her, Sarah quickly unbuttoned her cotton blouse and threw it to one side, adding her jeans and bra to the pile. For a moment, she lay still with her eyes closed, ignoring a ticklish bead of perspiration suspended between her flattened buttocks just above her asshole. She looked down and inspected the way her firm, globular breasts pooled slightly, their large brown nipples pointing stiffly upwards. Gently, she cupped them from the sides and squeezed her tits together, understanding how they could be the cause of more than one fight with a boy who tried to force her to bare her breasts for his burning hands and moist, hot mouth. But she had been foolish enough then to believe her mother's warnings about no one marrying loose women. At college, it might have been different, except for that night at Ron Jeffries' graduation party.

"C'mon, honey," Ron had said so convincingly, knowing that the rum-heavy punch his folks were serving at his graduation party had already worked its magic on the girl's thinking. "No one's going to miss us for a half hour or so. You have to sign my yearbook." He had guided her through the empty house towards his second floor bedroom, confident that the dozens of classmates and neighbors partying in the backyard would stay there until the free booze ran out. Feeling woozy and faint from the humid summer heat, trapped in the small, closed bedroom, Sarah didn't object when he suggested they rest awhile and talk about their future plans.

She could imagine now, almost four years later, the lewd thoughts that must have raced through his head as he lay beside her on the small bed, nervously chatting about his father's decision to send him to medical school. Suddenly, he turned and pressed her down beneath him with a long passionate kiss that left her trembling weakly as his hard muscled body flowed over her.

"Oh, Ron, noooo!" she mumbled even as her own delicate pink tongue fluttered out between their moist lips to return the demanding caresses. Numbed by the alcohol, she lay whimpering as his hands began to glide over her innocent body, stroking the curved arch of her back and continuing downward to roughly fondle her buttocks and thighs through her jeans.

"Baby, you're beautiful," he moaned as his hot lips ignited small fires along her slender white neck. "You don't know how often I've dreamed of this."

"Please, Ron, no more," she whined helplessly, a slave to her own aroused emotions as his hands skimmed across her outlined pubic mound and under her blouse to engulf one of her hard-nippled breasts through the thin bra. Her words could only bubble out incoherently as he began to massage her virginal mounds, sensing her willingness as her hips began to grind upward against his trouser-trapped erection.

"You want it as bad as I do, you little cock-teaser," he growled as she tried vainly to press him away with her hands. "Here, tell me you don't!" With one hand pinning her flat to the bed, he knelt above her and shoved down his pants and shorts, letting his hard, red-knobbed cock spring free above her wiggling body. Forcefully he grabbed one of her small, flailing hands and wrapped her fingers around his throbbing prick, groaning as she squeezed instinctively and jerked his skin forward. "That's it, baby! Play with it some more!"

It was the first time Sarah had actually seen a man's penis outside of lewd playing cards. Sarah imagined how Ron must have gloated that night as he leaned over her, watching her gasp and squeal with drunken abandon as she worked a clear drop of seminal fluid from the tiny slit adorning his cock head. It must have been the crowning glory to his graduation party as he waved his manhood before her, knowing all the time his folks were a short way off. She must have looked like a kid with a new toy, touching his swollen prick everywhere and yelping with joy as it quivered between her hands.

Sarah remembered the way his cock had engorged itself with each of her tugs, turning bright red. She had strained to force a second drop up from his quivering testicles. It had surprised her to find his black pubic hair was coarse and dank-smelling, so unlike the wispy strands of gold framing her own cunt. Her new discoveries had blotted away her fear as he began unbuttoning her blouse.

"Oh, man," Ron had crooned so seductively. "Tits like these were made to be sucked!" Sarah had tensed for a moment as he drew away her bra, fearful that something might end her night of awakening. He inhaled loudly as her large breasts jiggled bare before him, their rigid buds almost exploding as he nibbled first one, then the other.

"Jesus, yes!" Sarah moaned once again as she ground her body upwards towards an imaginary lover, letting her own hands massage her sex-hungry tits. She had almost fainted under Ron's expert sucking and licking on her tender nipples, cupping first the left, then the right breast towards his hungry mouth as she mindlessly jacked off his rock-hard prick. "Suck them harder, Ronniee!!"

"Let's get naked first, you hot little piece," he ordered, running his wet tongue in lazy circles over her breasts until she cried out and twisted to force her hard bud back between his lips.

"Yes, naked," she mumbled blindly as his tongue stabbed at her sensitive flesh. Awkwardly, he kept his face squashed against her heaving bosom as he stripped away her jeans and panties, smiling secretly when her prim cotton underwear slipped off her wide-spread legs and gave him a clear view of her cunt.

"Damn, what a fine pussy," he growled as he chewed on her tit, maneuvering himself down beside her so he could press one hand over her sweat-drenched crotch. Dimly, she recalled the way he had speared first one, then a second finger up her cunt. In disbelief, he learned she was still a virgin. Even now, her pussy tingled and grew wet as she relived the sensuous way he had churned his hand back and forth against her splayed outer lips to loosen her body further.

"Yes, fuck me, please!!" she had begged, longing to feel his long, narrow cock ripping away the needless bit of flesh that separated her from true womanhood. Her cries were answered as he pulled out of her entwining arms and knelt between her legs, wrenching her thighs out and upwards until her moon-shaped buttocks were crudely draped over his knees. Grabbing her tensed cheeks roughly he forced them further apart until her uptilted anus came into view, almost hairless in her youth and innocence. Ron eyed the tight little hole longingly as he let his cock ride along her fluid-smeared furrow, lubricating itself naturally for his breaking of the girl's cherry. He knew no one would believe him if he took the Ice Queen's asshole first. As it was, her first fuck was going to be a story in itself when he spread the word on her. One skinny-assed bitch, in his circle of friends, had even suggested the blonde's problem was liking women better than men. Hell, he'd show them all and clip some of her pubic hair for his high school yearbook as proof!

Sarah shivered as she pictured herself lying there a wanton mass of flesh, her upraised cunt slowly being widened by the steady pressure of his jutting cock as he leaned forward over her naked body. She ground her sweat-slickened buttocks back onto her sleeping bag and froze, one hand on her breasts and the other moistly resting against the secretions of her aroused cunt. It was then that Ronnie's father had walked in, framing both of their young, nude bodies in a rectangle of light from the doorway.

"Hey, son, need the yearbook for... " he had drunkenly slurred before the scene registered in his clouded mind.

"Damn!" Ronnie yelled half in fear and half in surprise as his straining cock bobbed once and sent a stream of white sperm erupting outward to splash the girl's breasts, shoulders and horror-lined face.

"Of all the stupid stunts," his father growled, staggering forward like a bear, one massive paw swiping out to catch his son across the jaw. Ron had taken the full force of the fist and sprawled backwards, his cock still spraying his youthful seed into the room as he fell heavily beside a dresser. His eyes were glazed with shock and pain as a trickle of blood seeped down his chin. A moment later he helped his son up, throwing him his trousers and shoving the dazed boy towards the washroom.

"Where's your brains, Ron?" he grated through the doorway as the boy splashed water across his face. "She's jailbait, the daughter of a whore, too! What medical school would touch you if that crippled bitch yelled rape? You want to marry that type of woman? I always figured you for something better."

"Dad... " Ron stammered, watching his father's ham-sized fist clench momentarily. He dropped his head and allowed himself to be pushed from the room.

"Now for you!" the man rasped hoarsely as he turned towards the bed. Sarah lay half-conscious as the force of her near orgasm drained slowly away to be filled with frozen fear of the huge man poised above her. She slowly drew her sticky thighs together and hunched her body into a ball, oblivious to the way her cuntal lips were even more exposed to his gaze.

"Get dressed and get out," he commanded. "If I ever see you around Ron again or hear one word of this, just a rumor even, I'll make that sorry-assed bitch you call your mother wish she was never born. Understand?" Sarah had curled even more tightly as his hand came out to swat her bared ass with a body-spinning blow that knocked her off the bed.

"I asked you a question, whore!!"

"Yes," Sarah cried. "I won't say anything!"

Crying with humiliation, she wiped away Ron's still warm sperm from her naked body, as she crawled around on the floor, finding her bra and panties.