Too Young To Love - Malory Chambers - ebook

Eighteen-year-old Annie knows she is destined to be with famous human art photographer Tony Richards, but he insists she is too young, too inexperience, and too innocent.What better way to prove him wrong than make him watch as she takes on four men during his photo shoot?What could possibly go wrong?~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~"Put your hands here," I murmured, face turning red with embarrassment as I adjusted Hank's hand to rest between my legs, just a little above my throbbing core. "Don't you think that's better, Tony?" I turned to him and smiled brightly.He was sweating a little, but grunted in agreement. It did seem better for the shoot if the men didn't look like they were strangers to me. They were, in fact, merely acquaintances.I was in another room doing a photo shoot with Tony and instead of wearing the long, elegant dress that he had chosen for me, I kept my own tight but revealing dress on. It provided a good contrast to the half naked men around me.The male models, Joseph, Hank, and Gavin, were deliciously shirtless, muscles rippling as they flexed their bodies to Tony's instructions.As he clicked away on his fancy new camera, I gave him a sultry look and slid the strap of my dress down a little more, exposing more skin to the men surrounding me.I smiled at the instant look of protectiveness he had and slid my strap down a little more down my chest. My breasts were visible now. Just a few more inches and they would be able to see my pink nipples.I crossed my legs and stared at Tony. He cleared his throat, clearly flustered.It was now or never."Perhaps it would be better if I wasn't wearing so much clothing?" I stood up and took off my dress. It fell onto the floor soundlessly and I sat back down.Instantly, all eyes were on me and the air grew heavy with lust.I wasn't wearing any underwear.

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Too Young To Love

(Exhibitionism Romance Short Read)

By Malory Chambers

Copyright 2015 Malory Chambers

This is a work of fiction. Similarities to real people, places, or events are entirely coincidental. All characters depicted in sexual acts in this work of fiction are 18 years of age or older.

Too Young, Too Old

I was in the middle of studying for an exam when the email arrived and half an hour later, I was still staring at it.

My father had finally remarried. It had been five years since my mother was diagnosed with cancer, five years since she passed away. The cancerous cells spread mercilessly quickly. In a way, we were glad because she didn't suffer for too long before blessed oblivion took her. The selfish parts of us lamented the fact that we barely had time to say our goodbyes before she was torn from our lives forever.

Aunt Lily had moved in shortly after to pick up the pieces of our shattered hearts. She took care of us and made sure we didn't starve ourselves to death in mother's absence. My mother's sister was a god-send. It was because of her that I did well in my exams and grew up well-rounded and relatively normal. It was because of her that my father did not lose his job and turn into a raging alcoholic. But she wasn't the one my father married.

My father had married someone called Veronica James. From the picture he had attached on the email, she seemed to be only a little older than me. Bleached blonde hair and perfect red lips were the most prominent features of her youthful face. She looked like a much younger version of my late mother, the antithesis of Aunty Lily, who had long black hair and thin lips.

"Veronica has been wonderful to me. I know you love your mother very much and wished that I would never replace her, but it is time for me to fill the hole in my heart," he had written.

He sounded so much unlike himself I had no doubt in my mind that Veronica had dictated the entire email. "We got married in a small wedding ceremony in Vegas and have been on a honeymoon cruise since then."

"I didn't ask you to the wedding because I felt it would be an embarrassment for you, seeing as she is only five years your senior, but once you meet Veronica, I'm sure you'll love her as much as I do."

The entire email was probably a few thousand words long, but I couldn't stomach anymore of it. This was only my first semester in college, which mean that he had gotten to know her after I left. A few short months and this woman had managed to weasel her way into my father's heart.

How horrible Aunt Lily must be feeling right now... I resisted the urge to pen a nasty reply and wondered what I should say to Aunt Lily. Perhaps nothing at all? I had always assumed that father would marry Aunt Lily once he has finished grieving my mother, but perhaps that was just the romantic in me. Aunt Lily had not voiced her attraction to my father before, after all.

"You've been staring at your computer screen without moving for half an hour now, Annie," Sarah stated a matter-of-factly. I looked up and considered lying about what I was thinking about. I decided against it.

"My father married a twenty-three-year-old," I said.

She pulled a face, "What?! That's just gross! Eww!" She must've saw the look of embarrassment on my face as she quickly backtracked. "I mean, good for him I guess?"

I sighed exaggeratedly. "He's usually so level headed. I can't imagine what got into him."

"Probably the mind-blowing sex," she responded without missing a beat.

My cheeks flamed but I ignored her response. She was probably right, though I hoped that my father had better senses than to marry for pleasure alone. My father can still be considered young in his early forties. He was handsome, sophisticated, and fairly wealthy. She probably thought she got quite a catch. And she would be right.

"You can't be one to talk," she joked suddenly. "Haven't you been lusting after that sexy photographer of yours, Tony whatever," she giggled.

"Tony Richards!" I corrected with a dreamy sigh. She was right. I should be the last person in the world to judge their age difference. I had been crushing on my photographer for a little over a year now.

"Isn't he, like, fifty?" she joked.

"Thirty nine!" I exclaimed defensively. "You've never met him! I bet you'd love him too if you saw what he looked like."

"Yeah, I've seen plenty of his pictures! If he looks half as good as his male models, I'll hand him my pussy in a gift box."

"Sarah!" I gasped. She has such an obscene way of talking I find myself blushing half of our conversation.

"So when's your next photo shoot?" she asked.

"This evening," I confessed, blushing slightly at the thought of posing in front of Tony again. I often wondered if he always managed to capture the best side of me because it was the side that I wanted him to see or it was the side that he saw as well.

"Then you should go get ready, shouldn't you?"

I giggled ignored her as she made kissy noises in the background.

My mind was a million miles away. I had approached Tony after our last photo shoot and confessed that I was interested in seeing him romantically.

The only thing he said in return was, "I'm sorry, but you're too young for me."

It broke my heart into more pieces than I had ever thought possible, but I didn't want to let it ruin the working relationship that we had. The salary he paid me to model for his shoots was paying for my tuition fees.

I was mature enough to try and be in his shoes. It was probably hard for him to wrap his head around the fact that I was of dating age. After all, I was almost exactly half his age at eighteen-years-old. Or maybe he just didn't want to date his models. It was bound to create complications.

Tony was a breath a fresh air among the brash young men that I had met in high school and college. He was older, sure, but with age came the sophistication and experience that nobody else my age had.

His point-blank rejection gnawed at my self confidence, but I knew he was right. I wished he was nicer about it though. Our age gap would always be there. I will always been twenty years his junior.

Who was I to judge my father when I, myself am lusting after a man twice my age. Instead of getting ready for the shoot, as I normally did, I laid back down on the bed and continued reading the email. It wasn't as bad as I had thought earlier.

Veronica clearly gave some thought to penning the email to make sure that she didn't come across as a bad person and my father must be really smitten to her to allow such a quick marriage. The thought that he had somehow gotten her pregnant - hence the shotgun marriage - worried me, but that was a problem for another day.

I got up from bed and decided to change into something more presentable for the photo shoot.

Tony lived in a beautiful stone house that had been passed down to him by his grandfather, who got it from his grandfather. I couldn't help but be awed by how beautifully kept the building was as I mounted the short flight of steps to the entrance and entered the cool, flower-filled hall.

Bright purple silk drapes decorated the vast windows and fresh flowers enchanted the interior of the normally stuffy hall.

Instead of being greeted by Tony, as usual, a young woman came forward to greet me. Her pale skin was a stark contrast to the delicacy of the room, though her bright green eyes and wavy red hair blended in perfectly. She was so beautiful that I was instantly captivated. And instantly worried. Was she Tony's lover?

I had been working with him for this project for almost a year, yet I had never seen her before. In fact, I had never seen a female presence in his home. I was instantly tensed.

"You must be Annie! I've heard so much about you," she said, taking in my hesitant hand. Her full-lipped red mouth curved upwards into a beautiful smile that made my insides twist. She exuded an air of maturity and grace. I could never compete with her.

"I umm-"