Tidbits on Travel and Jobs, Volume 6 - Hanley Looge - ebook

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Hanley Looge

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Table of contents

Tidbits on Travel and Jobs, Part 6

Travel – Duluth, Minnesota – The 80/20 Solution

Interviewing – The 80/20 Solution

The 80/20 Solution provides practical tips on practical themes. It’s named after the 80/20 rule which generally states 80% of the results are from 20% of the effort. That’s the point of The 80/20 Solution – to give you most of what you need without much work. The 80/20 Solution targets audiences looking for general to intermediate information. The 80/20 Solution provides useful tips on a specific theme – you’ll be informed and ready to immediately apply what you learned.


If you’re in the job market, you need to be good at interviewing to get the job you want (to get started with the job hunting process, make sure to read The 80/20 Solution for resume writing!). This 80/20 Solution is for you because you’re going to learn how to dazzle the company with your impressive interviewing skills!

This 80/20 Solution is also for you if you’re asking the following questions…

How do I improve my interviewing skills?

A lot of people get stressed out over interviewing because they don’t know what questions are going to be asked or how to properly interact with the interviewer. If I can give you one piece of information, it’s to make the interview a conversation – you’re interviewing the company just as much as the company is interviewing you. That, however, makes it a little too simple, so I have a number of tips and tricks for you to use. This 80/20 Solution is going to focus on the standard interview questions and knowing how to prepare for and answer those questions. This 80/20 Solution is also going to give you advice on the questions you should ask and how to market yourself.