Third Year After - M.R. Leenysman - ebook

As the Barnes and Kilson families merge into one polyamorous and incestuous marriage, Drew's status as baby Kyra's father pushes them into partially revealing their relationships to their extended families and coworkers. While the sextet's love for each other deepens, it is their relationships outside of the marriage that produce most of the drama, in this third year since Drew's father died.

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Third Year After

Our Love, After Dad Died, Part III

By M.R. Leenysman

Copyright 2017, M.R. Leenysman

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Chapter 1


December 20, 2014

Still rocking our babies, the sun rose, brightening the nursery. The babies had fallen asleep in our arms, all at the same time, and it looked like my wives were about to follow them into slumberland. I stood slowly, and put Kyra into her crib, then took KJ from Amber, giving her a light kiss on the lips as I did, and put him into his own crib. Then I did the same for Patti and Sharon, putting Sharon in Gavin’s crib. I whispered, “Go lay down, you two, get as much sleep as you can.” I lent a hand to Amber to help her up, as I knew she was still feeling tender three days after birthing the twins.

Patti and Amber took each other’s hands, and went to Amber’s bedroom, to lay down together. Sandy was still asleep.

I peeked in on Mom, and she and Henry were sleeping, with Gavin between them, so I closed the door softly, and moved into the kitchen, and used Henry’s Keurig brewer to make myself a quick cup of tea, and grabbed the tablet I’d gotten for my birthday off the counter, where it had been charging. I had a text message from Toni, “Went back to East for some sleep before work. Hope the babies let you get some.”

I messaged her back, “Quiet now, for as long as it will last. Don’t let the Christmas shoppers get to you. I love you.”

I surfed the web for a little while, before I heard a baby cry. It turned out to be Gavin, and Mom gave me a tired smile when I opened the bedroom door, watching her give him boob again, quieting him. I slid into the bed behind Mom, and she teasingly whispered, “You did this to me.”

“I wasn’t the one who forgot her pills at home,” I teased back.

“You’re not going to let me live that down, are you?”

“Nope,” I responded. “I can’t wait until we have to tell Gavin the whole story.”

She was silent for a little while, then said, “Drew, do you think he’s going to hate us, when we do tell him? That you’re his Dad?”

“No, I don’t,” I answered. “Do you know why? Because the most important truth of all is the one Gavin’s going to know his whole life, that he’s loved, by all six of us, regardless of what the biological connections are or aren’t. All of the kids are going to have six parents helping to raise them, and that’s more important than everything else. Henry’s going to be as much their Dad as I am, and I’m okay with that.”

I had thought Henry was still asleep, but he whispered back, “Thank you, Drew. For your trust, for helping all of us build this family together. I know I haven’t been the easiest guy to share lovers with, and now you’re sharing your children, too? I can’t put into words how much that means to me.”

“Dad, if we start debating who is the most grateful here, we’ll never get any sleep. And I think we’re going to need every minute we can get.” I snuggled into Mom’s back, and soon drifted off.


Later that afternoon, I went over to East House, and retrieved the last of the tri-color necklaces that I had bought, so I could give it to Amber as her marriage symbol.

At the dinner table, I knelt by her side, and told her, “Amber, when I asked Patti and Mom to marry me, I knew Mom couldn’t wear a wedding ring from me, so I gave her the three heart necklace she wears, to symbolize the three of us. Over the following summer, events led me to believe that we might add other people into our group, and I went back to the jeweler and bought two more. Toni’s wearing the second one. Would you please accept the third, as a symbol of this group marriage we’re in? Henry and Mom’s wedding rings follow the same theme as mine and Patti’s, and you’re now the only one who doesn’t have either a ring or necklace.”

I saw Mom and Toni both stroking their necklaces.

“Who was this originally meant for?” she asked.

“At the time I bought the two extras, I was thinking of Toni and Jean, hoping they would change their minds about being in our group marriage. As you know, Toni changed her mind, but I know Jean won’t. Even when that became clear, something in my heart told me not to return this. When you came into my life, and back into Patti’s, I knew it was meant for you, if you joined us.”

She put her hand to my cheek before gently saying, “It’s beautiful, but I have to say ‘no’, Drew. Not just because this was meant for another woman, but because it’s going to look conspicuous that three of us are now wearing essentially the same necklace. Giving a nearly identical necklace to Tina and Toni as your mom and aunt, you can explain, but not me as either your step-sister or the mother of one of your daughters. Either return this necklace, or give it to someone who isn’t part of this group, to deflect attention. One of your other aunts or grandmothers. I want whatever I do wear to be something bought just for me, and to come from all of you. Does this jeweler have a website?”

I got up and pulled the site up on my tablet, and handed it to her, returning to my chair.

She browsed a while, then said, “Oooh, I like these,” and handed me the tablet back. What she had chosen was a hoop earring, with three hearts inside the hoop, each one of the gold colors that had become our ‘mind, heart, spirit’ theme. “It’s a total of six hearts, it’s just perfect.”

We passed the tablet around the table, and everyone agreed that this would fit the need for a symbol perfectly, without being too similar to our other jewelry. I put in the order immediately, for store pickup the next day.

Patti and I took Sharon back to our house, where we were joined by Toni. We cuddled, but didn’t have the energy for more than that. Without the other three babies to wake her, Sharon slept better, too.


December 21, 2014

Aunt Toni woke me up with a blow job, her tongue slurping around my glans over and over, while her hand worked her spit up and down my shaft. She smiled when she saw I was awake, and crawled up my body to give me a wet kiss. Her labia were pressed on top of my cock, and she was rocking her hips to slide along it. Hot, wet and slippery, it almost felt like I was in her already.

“Where’s Patti?” I asked, realizing she was not in bed with us.

“Nursing Sharon,” Toni answered. “She woke me when Sharon started crying, and told me to give you enough loving for both of us.”

I rotated my hips, and felt my cockhead slip down into her entrance. I thrust up into her, and was halfway in. Bracing her arms alongside mine, her hands grabbing my shoulders, Toni rocked back, and finished getting me as deep as I could go. Still kissing, we thrust our hips against each other, her clit getting a lot of contact, her breasts sliding across my chest, the tips of her hair tickling my face, and she was soon moaning into our kisses. “Damn, you feel good in me, Drew,” she said, breaking contact to push herself up into cowgirl position, and began bouncing on me, as I reached my hands up to take her tits in each palm, her nipples slipping between my fingers.

I couldn’t help grunting on each of her downstrokes, as I felt my orgasm approaching swiftly, tingling through me. Suddenly, I felt a tongue at my balls, and spotted Patti behind Toni, climbing the rest of the way onto the bed as I spread my legs to give her more room. When she sucked a testicle into her mouth, I lost it, shooting my juice into Toni, who came from the sensation, crying out, “Fuck… fuck… cumming!”

When Toni fell to my right side, Patti followed her, licking up my spend for several minutes, giving Toni another orgasm, before crawling up to give us both spermy kisses, then cuddling between us. “Gawd, I needed that,” Patti said.

I asked her, “I thought you weren’t supposed to make love for six weeks.”

Patti chuckled, “The doctors mean vaginal intercourse, silly. It’s my pussy that’s out of commission, between pain in my pelvic floor and the nasty discharge from my uterus. Plus, my tits haven’t gotten used to feeding Sharon, so they’re pretty tender, but the rest of me works just fine. I can’t guarantee that I’ll have the level of energy needed for a lot of lovemaking, or the same level of sex drive, but I’m not going to be completely celibate for six whole weeks. We can’t leave Toni all the wifely duties, can we?”

“Awwww, I was kind of looking forward to seeing whether Henry and Drew could keep up with me,” Toni said. “But if you keep giving me orgasms like that, I won’t complain about sharing.”


December 23, 2014

I was just putting the last of the Christmas gifts, including Amber’s new earrings, under the tree at Center House, while Patti was napping upstairs with Sharon, when the doorbell rang. Going to the door, it was Duke and Jean. “Merry Christmas, guys! What brings you by?” I asked, as they came in.

“Kenny stopped by,” Duke answered, his face blank. “He told us everything that happened on Friday. At first, I couldn’t believe it, but after he left, Jean confessed that she not only knew about you and your Mom, but participated, in addition to the threesome with you and Patti that I already knew about. I thought I better give you the opportunity to explain first hand.”

No getting around it. I explained how Mom, Patti and I had gotten involved, Toni’s discovery and her role in Jean finding out, and how Henry and Amber fit into everything. I left Sandy out of it.

Duke shook his head, a little overwhelmed. “Whoa, that’s even more than Kenny knows about, isn’t it?”

I nodded. “Yeah, he didn’t exactly give us any opportunity to explain, just blew up at Amber over Kyra, then at me when I revealed I am her dad and accidentally revealed that Gavin’s my son, as well as my brother.”

Duke thought for a few seconds, before saying, “So, Kenny was right about Henry and Amber? They’re lovers, too?”

“Yes,” called Patti, as she came down the stairs. “But you can’t tell him that. He has enough ammunition against us already.”

“Merry Christmas, Patti!” Jean called out.

“Merry Christmas to you both,” she responded, coming over to give them both hugs, and Jean a quick kiss on the lips, which made her smile. “I wish I could just tell you that Amber and Henry are none of your business, Duke, but even that would be an admission, wouldn’t it? You talked to Kenny, I take it. Did he indicate what his intentions are?”

Duke said, “That’s another part of why we’re here. You can all relax, Kenny’s not going to tell the police on you, or anything like that. He’s more upset about being lied to than he’s weirded out by the incest, but he hasn’t forgotten that Drew has been his friend for a long time, so figures he owes Drew his silence. He got offered a transfer to his company’s LA office about a month ago, but turned it down at the time, because of Amber. Now that he knows that Amber’s not in love with him, he changed his mind, and he’ll start work there right after the first of the year. He’s going to sublet his apartment to a cousin of his, then the cousin will take over the lease when Kenny’s lease runs out.”

“So, he’s just going to run away from KJ?” I asked.

“He doesn’t see it that way, of course,” Duke replied. “He justifies it as giving everyone the space to cool down, even though he’s apparently the only one who really needs to,” Duke answered. “And it truly is a good job opportunity for him. Even after paying California income taxes, he’ll be making significantly more money. He is setting aside that pay bump towards child support for KJ, if that’s any consolation for Amber. He just doesn’t see a way to co-parent with her at the moment, while he’s still angry. He’s probably right to keep his distance, for now.”

“Any chance he’ll fight her for custody?” Patti asked.

Jean said, “I asked him that. If both babies had been his, he might have. But he really believes that KJ and Kyra should grow up together, that splitting them up isn’t in their best interest. Plus, it would be hard for him to take on being a single dad in LA, without any support system, locally. At least here, Amber has the support of all of you. He can see that much, even if he’s not aware that you all consider yourselves married now. You may have another problem with him on that, since you left him with the impression that being with Amber was something you only did a few times before the wedding.”

“There were only a few more times after graduation and nothing after he proposed,” I said. “It’s been six months since I’ve had sex with her, because she was trying to make things work with Kenny. I know Henry was honoring her choice, too.” Whether she was still being intimate with her Dad behind Kenny’s back was really none of Duke’s business.

Patti said, “More importantly, I asked her to marry us first, before our wedding, and repeated that proposal after she revealed her pregnancy, so when things did fall apart with Kenny, it was actually her saying yes to the proposal that was already there, not us asking her a third time. This wasn’t some affair going on behind Kenny’s back. In the end it came down to two bad decisions Amber made. First, her belief that she had to hide her relationship with Drew and me in order to hide her relationship with her Dad, particularly because Kenny had revealed opposition to polyamory, and she expected his opinion of incest would be no better. Second, she coupled that with a belief that she needed to be publicly married for her kids’ sake, to lead her to think that a loveless marriage with Kenny was preferable to being publicly either unmarried, or in a polyamorous relationship with Drew and I. But even the engagement wasn’t working, well before the fight about Kyra. It just made the eventual breakup more explosive.”

Duke hesitated before he asked, “So, can I ask why you didn’t trust me enough to know about all of this, as it happened?”

I looked him straight in the eyes, before saying, “Duke, we were uncertain that we could trust anyone enough. The best way to keep a secret is to actually keep it secret, right? How do you know how someone’s going to react to incest, without signaling to them why you’re asking, even if you would trust them with any other secret? It’s not something that comes up in everyday conversation, even with your best friends. We wound up swapping secrets with Amber and her Dad, which got us to where we are today, but otherwise have only intentionally told one other person, and even that resulted in someone else finding out. Everyone else who knows found out through one slip or another. The way Kenny initially reacted scared the hell out of me, and I would have trusted him just as much as I do you. At least until Friday.”

“So, when I first met Jean, if I had decided that I wanted to expand her threesome with you into a foursome, what then?” Duke asked.

Patti answered, “We would have had to think about it, but we probably would have told you, because it would have been hard to avoid, if that foursome turned into something long-term between us. I’m sure Jean not wanting to be part of the marriage would have been a factor, too.”

“Hang on,” Duke reacted, looking at Jean, who also looked surprised. “You asked her to marry you?”

I responded, “No, we didn’t, relax. While I’ll admit the possibility crossed my mind once Jean found out about my Mom and me, she said she wasn’t interested in being another wife well before we would have even been ready to ask. The only reason the subject even came up was because Toni said she wasn’t interested first, and she eventually changed her mind.”

“Honey,” Jean said to Duke. “I got involved with Drew and Patti expecting just a summer fling, without looking to get my heart involved. And I didn’t, until I met you. You’re the one my heart belongs to, and my body goes with it. Are you asking about this because you’re now interested in a foursome with them? You seemed opposed when Amber brought up the idea this summer.”

Duke hugged her, saying, “No, I’m still preferring monogamy with you, Sweetie. I want to be their friend, not their lover or spouse. It’s mainly a question of knowing how strong our friendship really is, and feeling like I wasn’t being trusted.” He turned to me, and said, “You do know I’d jump on a grenade for you, don’t you, Drew?”

“You play too much Call of Duty, man, but I love you.” I hugged him. “Thank you for being my friend.”


That night over dinner, I told the family that Duke now knew the secret, too.

Henry sighed. “How many are in on the secret now?”

I thought for a moment, and answered, “Not counting us, there are six other people who know some or most of the secrets. My aunt Maria and our ex-roommates Matt and Sophia know about Mom and me, but nothing about you and your daughters. Kenny suspects you and Amber, and Duke and Jean know for sure, but nobody knows Sandy’s involvement, that I know of.”

Sandy said, “Well, It won’t take much for someone to guess that I know about all of this, and then question whether I am involved. Even if they haven’t asked you directly.”

“I know. We’ve been lucky so far, and hopefully the secret won’t spread further.”

Mom looked guilty, and softly said, “Maria knows about Henry and his girls, too. I told her back in the spring, after I realized I was pregnant and Henry proposed.”

Henry said, “We’ve got to do a better job than this. We’re letting too many people know.”

Toni reached her hand to him, and said, “Henry, honey, remember that if both families were perfect in keeping this secret, we wouldn’t all be together today. It’s risky, but some revelations were meant to happen, and some people deserve to be trusted.”


Christmas Eve, 2014

Rather than travel with the babies, we invited our families to come visit us, and meet the babies. Mom’s and Patti’s families came by for dinner and gifts on Christmas Eve, and we had all four babies in the two cribs we had set up in the Center House living room.

As we were showing off the babies, I said, “Everyone, we have some news to share. I’m Kyra’s father, not Kenny.”

Grandma Anna and Grandpa Scott looked slightly stunned, but were quiet. Aunt Maria told me she was beautiful, but whispered, “Wow, you don’t do things the easy way, do you?”

I could only shrug.

Patti’s parents were furious at the implications. “How dare you cheat on my daughter, Drew?” Jack asked, his hands balled into fists.

“Daddy, he didn’t cheat on me,” Patti said, stepping in front of him. “I invited Amber into our bed, because… because I love her, too.”

“You’re gay!?” Carrie accused.

Patti frowned at the tone. “The correct term is bisexual, Mom, but yes, I have sex with both of them and obviously they’ve had sex with each other. I was Amber’s lover back in high school, and we reunited when her family moved in next door. If it were legal, I’d marry her, too.”

Jody, who was still holding KJ, looked bewildered, not sure what to think. I could see tears in Amber’s eyes, as she took Henry’s hand.

“Baby, this isn’t right,” Carrie said.

“Why?” Patti asked. “Because it doesn’t fit in with what ‘polite society’ wants from us? When what society wants is for me to give up one of the people I love in order to fit in, then I choose not to fit in. Amber and I love each other and we both love Drew and he loves us, and we’ve decided to live our lives together. You always treated Amber like another daughter before. Treating her at least like a daughter-in-law shouldn’t be a big deal.”

“This isn’t how we raised you,” Jack said, only slightly calmer than when he thought this was just about infidelity, except now his anger was directed at Patti, which was beginning to make me mad, too.

“Isn’t it?” Patti asked, taking another step towards him. “You always told me to think for myself. That’s just what I’ve done, and now you don’t like the conclusions I’ve reached about how to live my life? Or was that always bullshit from the beginning, just your way to keep me from giving in to peer pressure and do what you wanted, instead? I’m not living my life to make you happy, Dad, I’m living it to make ME happy, and surrounding myself with people who make me happy, too. You can choose to be one of them, or not, but I’m not changing this.”

“You’re going to stand by and let this happen, Tina?” Jack asked.

Mom said, “I stand with the three of them, Jack. They’re happy, prepared to support each other in raising my granddaughters and step-grandson together, that’s what matters to me. I think the sooner you accept that and come to love Amber, too, the better it will be for everyone. This will probably come as a surprise, but I’m in the same kind of relationship with Henry and Toni. If the three of us could be married, we would.”

Mom revealing that was surprising at first, but I quickly realized it was smart, keeping the incest hidden by dividing us into two triads along generational lines, rather than as two monogamous marriages with Amber and Toni dangling to the side.

“You’re what?” cried Grandma Anna, looking suspiciously less surprised than she sounded.

Mom turned to her, and said, “We’re both bisexual too, Mom. We’ve kept it quiet because we weren’t sure how the families would react, but I love Toni, too. Now seems as good a time as any to say that publicly, if Drew has to be public about loving Amber.”

“I don’t believe this,” Jack said. “I’m sorry, but I can’t accept this as normal. Sorry to spoil Christmas Eve, but we’re leaving.” As if it was his leaving that was spoiling the occasion, not his behavior before leaving.

Amber took KJ back from a tearful Jody, and Jack, Carrie and Jody left without another word, without their gifts. Patti turned to me and cried on my shoulder.

No sooner was the door closed than Grandpa Scott turned to Mom and asked, “This isn’t actually two separate threesomes, is it? This is all six of you, as one group marriage, with everything that implies in terms of incest?”

Every jaw in the room dropped. I heard a muttered, “Shit, not again,” from Henry.

Mom asked, “How did you know?”

Grandpa smiled. “Your mother and I have eyes and know how to use them, little girl. We’ve seen the ways you all look at each other when you don’t think people are watching, particularly at the two weddings. But the real evidence is Gavin. He would certainly be expected to resemble Drew because they’re brothers, but it’s a very strong resemblance, while he doesn’t resemble Henry much at all. You’re going to get that comment a lot, but I know a few of those traits they share don’t actually come from our side of the family, they come from Tom’s. Those eyes are totally Barnes. That’s only possible if Drew is his father.”

“Why didn’t you say something?” Mom asked.

Grandma Anna said, “We’re saying it now, honey. Before, we weren’t completely sure of what we were seeing, until seeing Gavin and how you all just reacted to Jack and Carrie’s attacks against you, when it was supposedly only about Drew, Patti and Amber. I knew you were in some kind of relationship with Toni for some time, so my little reaction when you announced that was to give you an opening to explain why, without revealing what else we knew to the Taylors. Your dad and I have discussed that incest between you and Drew was a possibility since the summer after Tom died, and came to the realization that we didn’t really need to know, so long as you were all happy and keeping yourself safe. Then the relationship between Henry and his daughters was easier to see when we met them.”

“It really doesn’t bother you, Grandma?” I asked.

“Drew, did you forget that you first read ‘Time Enough For Love’, which includes incest in it, at our house, and we got you a copy of your own for your birthday because you liked it so much? We wouldn’t have had that book in the house if we didn’t agree with the viewpoints about incest and polyamory it contains, both of which you’re living now. We would have gotten rid of it before finishing it. Would we have preferred that you not get your mother pregnant? Yes. But we’re not mad at either of you for it, and it’s not going to change how much we love any of you.”

Mom hugged her parents, and I heard her say, “I wanted to tell you so many times.”

We sat down for dinner, finally, and related for the second time in as many days how our marriage had formed over the preceding two years, except this time all of us were there to provide our perspectives. Sandy admitted to her own parts in everything, but indicated she was holding herself out of the marriage, at least to see whether she met anyone in college.

Our gift exchange done, Grandma and Grandpa left, but Aunt Maria remained, talking with Mom. She turned to Patti and asked, “Do you mind if I borrow Drew for the night?”

Patti answered, “That’s up to him. I think we made clear that he doesn’t need my permission.”

“Ummm, yeah, Aunt Maria, I’d love that.” I said.

To which Maria responded, “He might not need your permission, but I still want it.”

“In that case, pay the toll,” which Patti indicated by tapping her lips with a fingertip.

Maria kissed her. Really kissed her, for two minutes. I was hard just from watching, never mind the anticipation of being with Maria.

I kissed each of my wives and told them I loved them, before escorting Maria to the guest room of East House.

As we walked over, I asked, “Not to sound ungrateful, but why did you ask for this, Aunt Maria?”

She actually blushed and squeezed my hand, before answering, “Three reasons, Drew. First, hearing my parents support the six of you got rid of my last excuse to avoid incest with you. The second reason, and you cannot under any circumstances share this with your Mom, is that you’re the closest I’ll ever get to having Tom in my arms again.”

“My Dad? Mom told me the story of how you pushed the two of them together while you were dating him.” I opened the side entrance, and guided her through the door,

She sighed. “Your Mom doesn’t know the whole story. She thinks I just passed along a boyfriend. The truth is I loved your Dad deeply, Drew. I was waiting for him to propose. I loved him more than I’ve loved any other man since him, to be honest. But I could feel him being pulled towards your Mom, so I gave him permission to go to her. I was hoping he’d get her out of his system and come back to me. But he didn’t, and you’re here because of that. You’re so much like him in some ways. I can close my eyes when you’re talking, and it’s him I think I’m hearing.”

I asked, “Did you date my Uncle Dave thinking to recapture some of Dad’s essence?”

My aunt responded, “Not really. I’ve always known that your Dad and Dave were pretty much opposites. I dated Dave as much because of that difference as anything else. Anything… anything to get being with you out of my head.”

“Am I putting out some kind of taboo-busting pheromones, or something?” I asked.

She chuckled. “If you’re putting out any kind of pheromones, it’s the same as your Dad put out, that Tina and I both respond to.”

We had gotten up to the guest room, and I took her into my arms, saying, “I’m not Dad. As much as I remind you of him, I want you to be making love to me, not your memories of him. You said there was a third reason?”

She hugged me tight, before saying, “I know you’re not Tom, Drew, but the things that attracted me to him attract me to you, too. The third reason is this is the fulfillment of a promise your Mom made when I let her have Tom all those years ago. After he proposed to her, she promised me any favor I could think of, but I could never think of one that was as great as what I had done for her. Until now. You heard me ask Patti for her permission, but what you didn’t hear was me asking Tina for her permission, to let me have you for one night, as the favor I had never collected on.”

“What was her response?”

She timidly said, “That I could have you any time I wanted you, maybe even think about joining your group.”

“Mom proposed to you?” I asked.

“Not outright, more of a hint that you wouldn’t be the only one who would welcome me into the group bed, and we could see how things developed from there.”

“How do you feel about that?”

Maria paused before answering. “It’s tempting, but at the same time, I think my sister and I would tear each other’s hair out if we tried being married to each other. It’s enough that she let me take you to bed without worrying that I am trying to steal you away.”

“Are you?”

“No, Drew, I’m not,” she said. “I thought a lot over the years of asking your Mom for one more night with your Dad, as my request to finish off the promise, but I didn’t because I would have been tempted to try and steal him back. That’s not what being with you is about.”

“So, what is it about? You’ve given three reasons, but they don’t really add up.”

She took a step back from me, so she could look me directly in the eyes and say, “You bring your Mom and I full circle, Drew. To be blunt, I fucked your Dad before she did, now I get to fuck you after her, making us the only women to ever have you both.”

“I’ll point out that if you do wind up in bed with Henry, he’d be the third man you’ve both had. I’m sorry for doubting your motives, Auntie.”

“Gawd, Drew, let’s not emphasize the incest, okay? For tonight, call me Maria.”

“Well, Maria, there is something I need you to do for me.” I walked over to the closet where I’d put back the necklace that Amber had rejected. I brought it out to her, and said, “I want you to accept this from me.”

Her eyes went wide. “Drew, this is the same necklace you gave to your Mom and Toni to symbolize your marriage, isn’t it? Are you proposing?”

“No, I’m not proposing. You just got through saying you didn’t want to marry us,” I said. “But if you do accept this, as my aunt rather than another bride, it helps with the cover story that Mom and Toni’s necklaces were just family birthday gifts, and this one is a Christmas present. Let it be a symbol of tonight, if this is going to be the only time we’re together.”

“I’d be honored, Drew,” she said. “Thank you, it’s lovely.”

“Not as lovely as you,” I responded.

“You do realize you don’t need to butter me up, right?”

“I didn’t say it to seduce you, Maria, but because it’s true. Also, I hoped we might get together someday, ever since you told me you knew about Mom and I at the wedding.” I reached over, and began unbuttoning her flowered-print silk blouse, kissing bared skin for each button I opened. Soon, I was down on my knees, releasing the clasp of her gray skirt, lowering the zipper and wiggling the skirt down her legs.

She had a light blue garter belt, that matched her bra and panties, holding up thigh high stockings. I looked up, and asked, “You dressed for this, even before Grandpa revealed he knew about our incest, didn’t you?”

She nodded silently, and reached behind her to unclasp her bra, as I slipped my thumbs into the waistband of her panties, and began sliding them down her legs, being careful to avoid snagging on her garters. As she stepped out of them, I looked forward, my gaze falling upon a shaved pubis that reminded me of Mom’s. I thought better of pointing out the similarity, and simply began kissing Maria there, gradually adding my tongue, as she ran her hands through my hair.

When I slid my tongue through her lips and over her clit, she shuddered, and pulled me up, saying, “Let’s get you undressed, before I get pussy juice all over your clothes.”

It only took a minute, and we were laying on the bed, arranged into a 69, but on our sides, not one atop the other. Maria’s pussy might have looked like Mom’s on the outside, but her flavor was distinctly her own, perhaps silkier on the tongue than any of my other lovers, and inside she felt unique.

Her fellatio skills were different, too, her tongue and hands more active, without trying to deep throat me at all. She kept me on the edge of an orgasm for 20 minutes or more, cumming three times from my combination of tongue and fingers, before she stopped and got to her knees. “Tina says you love rear entry,” she said. “Fuck me hard, Drew.”

“I’ve never had the nerve to ask Tina whether my Dad liked it that way, too,” I said, avoiding calling her Mom.

“Not when I was with him,” Maria said, softly. “He was a missionary guy all the way, and didn’t discover that he liked oral until after he was with Tina and she pushed him for it. I’m intentionally doing things with you that I didn’t get to do with him, Drew, to avoid comparing you. Now, are you going to fuck me, or not?”

That answer bothered me in a way I couldn’t identify, so I answered her by getting behind her, and thrusting several inches into her hot, tight pussy, then kept pressing steadily against her resistance until I was all the way in, grunted as I felt myself touch her cervix, then pulled back out slowly. She was the first woman since Jean who I’d touched that deeply, and it surprised me, since she was several inches taller than Jean.

I thrust in again slowly, trying hard not to cum in the first minute. Maria moaned, “Haaarrrdddeerrrrr.”

“I’ll cum if I do,” I whimpered.

“So will I! This is just round one, Drew. Fill me the fuck up! Harder!”

I complied, slamming in and out of Maria half a dozen times, her moans turning into sharp cries of passion, and she reached her hand back to rub her clit and the moment she made contact, she began cumming, crying out, “Drrreeeewwwwww! Fuck me! Oh, gawd, I love you. FuuuuuuccccccckkkkKKKKK!” I lasted no longer than two more strokes into her spasming sheath, before I started to ejaculate, causing her to wail again and again with each shot into her.