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In just one hour, you will discover “the seven actions” in order to think like a geniusAny problem can be solved by changing the mentality which created it.This can be achieved by transforming internal dialogue — that is to say, the way in which we “talk to ourselves” —, which ends up reflecting in our experience of a new reality.Since experiences adapt to thought, this eBook will help you identify the law of attraction, and to visualize and eliminate “automatic negative thoughts” so as to deactivate them. All this will be achieved by means of three simple questions.In this eBook, you will find: how to be more creative and have better ideas, even for business; how to apply the law of attraction to your problems (the secret); learning how to use visualization to generate innovative ideas; a personal, self-coaching method to apply the keys described in the book about the secret.This eBook contains 39 pages to awaken the dormant genius and creativity in you, so as to generate good ideas either in business or any other field.Contents“The seven actions:”Invent your tomorrow with your thoughts from todayCreate room in your mind for a new realityChange your perception to change your experienceRenew your internal dialogueRaise the vibration of your affirmations and beliefsSow seed thoughts and light up your personal successImagine the kind of life you wish for you now“The seven actions:” the secret to creating new realities.If some of your experiences are repeated, or if you feel blocked in some aspects of your life, this book will help you identify those mental patterns which are limiting you, and it will help you correct them so as to achieve peace and the desired internal satisfaction.

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Think Like a Genius: Seven Steps Towards Finding Brilliant Solutions to Common Problems

Raimon Samsó


Translated by Victoria Wagner 

“Think Like a Genius: Seven Steps Towards Finding Brilliant Solutions to Common Problems”

Written By Raimon Samsó

Copyright © 2014 Raimon Samsó

All rights reserved

Distributed by Babelcube, Inc.

Translated by Victoria Wagner

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Table of contents


First action:

Invent your tomorrow with your thoughts from today

Second action:

Make room in your mind for a new reality

Third action:

Change your perception to change your experience4

Fourth action:

Renew your internal dialogue

Fifth action:

Raise the vibration of your affirmations and beliefs

Sixth action:

Sow seed thoughts and light up your personal success

Seventh action:

Imagine the kind of life you want for yourself now0

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Welcome to the personal improvement program: “Think like a Genius,” by Raimon Samsó.

In the following pages, you will learn the secret to creating new realities in your life.

As you may have noticed, the structure of this eBook is organized into seven actions. The word “actions” is very important, and I hope you have discovered that, in life, what matters is not what you know but what you do. Power lies in action, that is to say, in what you do with what you know.

Only 5% of the people who read a book take advantage of reading it, since only 5% of them put what they have learned into practice. In fact, information which is not applied straight away, within three weeks, is forgotten, since that is the period in which the mind erases what it is not asked to put into practice.

Read this eBook many times, and you will realize that, each time, you find something new you had overlooked before. I suggest reading it at least three times so as to take full advantage of it.

First action: Invent your tomorrow with your thoughts from today

To change what you get from life, first you need to change the way in which you think and act. Trying to get different results but continuing to do the same is an authentic fantasy. There is no point in insisting on the same and hoping to achieve something different.

I am referring to the law of cause and effect, which states that behind every consequence you can observe in your life, there is a cause which created it, whether you are aware of it or not. You can be sure that your life improves when you do, but not sooner than that.

Even though this is evident, you would be surprised at how many people completely ignore the causes which create their results. They repeat their behavior over and over again, and they end up asking themselves why nothing gets better, without stopping to consider that everything that happens has a cause.  

Today is the result of all your previous thoughts, beliefs, behaviors and decisions. You have become what you have thought. Can you see the relationship between causes and effects? The sum of all those things has led you to the place you are today, and what you think today and do right now will determine where you will be tomorrow.

The first action in order to think like a genius consists in literally “inventing” what kind of tomorrow you want, and then finding out which beliefs and behaviors will inevitably lead to create that vision. What I am trying to tell you is that the best way to guess your future is not to ask others, or to read the horoscope, but to invent it yourself. If you invent your future, who or what may contradict you?

This first action previously requires you to wonder whether you are willing to make the necessary changes in yourself.

First of all, I suggest internal changes: in your thoughts, in your beliefs and, finally, in your habits. I do not suggest breaking away from your surroundings, since unless there are some changes in yourself, anything you do on a superficial level will not last.

Someone once said that there are more people trying to change the world than people trying to change themselves, and that is true, for a reason: waiting for others to change is easier and more comfortable than changing oneself. Other times, people do not change because they are not aware of the fact that change will be good for them. We would all like to wake up in the morning to find that the world — and people — are exactly the way we want them to be, but that is not going to happen.

In fact, it is rather fortunate that this does not happen, since it would prevent us from evolving and transforming. Progress would never take place if we only did things the way we have always done them.

I must tell you, just wishing is not enough: at some point, moving on to action is necessary. And I must ask you not to simply agree with what you read in this eBook; knowledge is not enough until you turn it into experience. If you are going to move on to action, do it as soon as possible. Fulfill your intention immediately with an action; otherwise a wish is nothing but a vague hope.

I know from my own experience that when we try something new, we experience a certain fear of the unknown. This is completely normal, considering you are leaving your comfort zone.

When an acrobat lets go of a trapeze to hold on to another, he or she goes through a moment of vulnerability in which he or she is, literally, not holding on to anything. However, I can assure you that the only risk we run in life is that of things remaining the way they are now. Not improving is the only risk. Regardless of whether or not you are feeling well right now, not changing means not evolving. The material you will find later on in this eBook will take you out of your comfort zone, which does not guarantee an easier life but certainly guarantees a more interesting one.

When you activate the first action in order to think like a genius, something else will certainly occur: some of the people around you will leave, whereas new others will come. This is perfectly normal; it is called “tuning,” and it means that, when you change, the world joins you in that change and adapts to it. It seems magical, and it really is. Magic should be usual in our lives and, if it is not, it constitutes a sign that something is wrong.

Once you apply the first action, magic will become something natural in your life and, simultaneously, your good luck threshold will rise. Significant coincidences will increase, as well as the number of good opportunities. You will meet the right people at the right time, and everything will seem to flow more easily. Is it a reward from heaven? It is most definitely not: it is just the external effect of an internal cause.