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Excerpt:For this subject she does have leisure and diversion, but the essentials of boredom and what may grow into despair are the same. She has not entirely abandoned the hope that she may find some meaning in her marriage, and she undoubtedly feels some guilt at her own failure to become a complete person, even though she may not be able to verbalize about her guilt. At the same time she resents her husband and her sister both, and the resentment results in her feeling of irritation. She is on the point of open rebellion, and her nude swim in the pool is a symbolic expression of that abandonment and joy which she longs for.The seduction of the subject by the notorious and willing telephone repairman has been planned in advance by the subject's sister, who is perhaps in a position to recognize the subject's needs better than the subject is herself. Although this subject attributes her sister's act to hostility, it seems possible that the sister Margaret may have had some human, kindly feelings in her scheme. In any case, the subject's odd mixture of feelings during the seduction and al-most-rape reflect her inner turmoil. She is both pleased and outraged, offended and flattered. She cooperates and repels at the same time, and in the end submits in spite of her overt denials.It is only upon reflection that the real significance of the incident begins to occur to the subject. In spite of her brief humiliation at the realization that Margaret had planned the whole thing and manipulated her into it, she is able finally to recognize that she enjoyed the experience, obtained some real gratification from it, and ardently desires a continuance of the relationship that has begun.Because of the fact that she herself does not become involved in feelings of guilt or self-recrimination, it is-likely that the incident will not have any serious traumatic effect in terms of her marriage. Alfred C. Kinsey and associates in Sexual Behavior in the Human Female discuss the fact that it is a subject's interpretation of a sexual encounter that determines that encounter's psychological significance:The psychologic significance of any type of sexual activity very largely depends upon what the individual and his social group choose to make of it. The disturbances which may sometimes follow coitus rarely depend on the nature of the activity itself, or upon its physical outcome.... But if the behavior leads to some open conflict with the social organization of which the individual is a part, then the consequences may be serious and sometimes disastrous. The so-called traumatic effects of sexual experience often depend on the individual's inability or refusal to recognize the satisfaction that he or she actually found in the experience....

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They Called Him The Handyman

Noemi Bascom

Copyright © 2017

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To Lori Kettering, the summer seemed endless: a meaningless series of empty and lonely days in upper-class suburbia. No, the big house with the swimming pool, the successful husband, and bridge twice a week with the girls were not enough. She sat slouched at the breakfast table this Thursday morning, staring through the window at the huge kidney-shaped swimming pool and the lush green landscape beyond. If she had not just turned 28, she might have guessed she was beginning her menopause.

God help me! she thought. Deliver me from another luxurious, leisurely day in sun-drenched southern California!

Sighing, she parted her robe and slid both hands, the palms pressed together as though in prayer, between her knees, then moved her hands slowly upward to her crotch and squeezed her legs together hard. Quickly, she stood up and began clearing the dishes from the table. No, she thought, I mustn't dwell on the way it used to be with Brandt and me. The honeymoon was over a long time ago, and now it's normal to live with the "missionary position" during sex in bed and a sphinx-like husband who silently reads his morning paper and then runs off hastily to the office.

Still staring out at the backyard, she began washing the dishes and thinking about young Benno Dietrich, their pool service man who came every Thursday morning at 10:00. She wanted to be stretched out beside the pool in her bikini when the lad arrived. Perhaps this time she could tempt him to make some overt move instead of just eyeing her shyly from afar and restricting his conversation to "Yes, ma'am" and "No, ma'am."

Yes, she thought, a former college beauty-contest winner ought to be able to motivate a 23-year-old male into action.

When she had finished rinsing the dishes, Lori went back to her dressing room, removed her robe and negligee, and stood appraising herself before the mirror. Her breasts were high and firm, the nipples large, and her hips flared just as invitingly as ever, she knew. Why then did Brandt no longer feast upon her body as he had when their marriage began? Now they merely serviced each other unimaginatively.

She ran her tongue slowly over her full lips, puckering them slightly, and wondered, too, why Brandt no longer required the "special" kinds of lovemaking they had once indulged in.

God, how could Brandt have forgotten that he had been the first male in her life to introduce her to the fact that the mouth was not just something for talking? True, at first she had been shy when he had pulled her head onto his naked lap and asked her to linger and love him there. But then, after that first night of indoctrination, she had become ravenous and actually reveled in his groans of ecstasy as she mouthed his organ to shivering completion.

How could he have changed so? How could he now forbid her to perform upon him that which he had addicted her to? Had he grown fearful of the passion she displayed when loving him orally? Now it was almost as though he considered the act of oral lovemaking perverse instead of beautiful. Perhaps she should not have lingered so long when he had finished. Yes, perhaps she should have played some timid game and run gagging to the bathroom and quickly rinsed out her mouth. But no, she had given herself completely to performing the act-totally-and, ironically, it seemed to be her thoroughness that had turned him off!

And so now their bedroom couplings were like those of beasts in the field-basic, dull, lacking spice. But there was just one problem. She had drunk the milk of paradise and now there was no turning back. She had discovered a dormant desire deep within her being and she would never be the same again. She would not have wished it so, but it was true nevertheless.

Still staring at herself in the mirror, Lori palmed her breasts, admired her shiny blonde tresses, and spoke aloud: "You're making too much of this, girl. It isn't so much the specific act you crave. The fact is, his no longer letting you mouth him is merely symptomatic of his recent neglect and general lack of finesse. Yes, you're making too much of this. You're letting it become an obsession."

But as she thought now of Benno Dietrich's young body and the bulge beneath his belt (the bulge was always on the right trouser leg) she knew that the problem wasn't letting it become an obsession. No, it was too late for that. It had indeed become an obsession-a desperate craving. She loved the helpless, passive feelings that coursed through her body as she knelt before a male and mouthed him. Paradoxically, too, she loved the tremendous power a female wielded over a male at such a time. No captain of industry or authoritative executive or omnipotent male could indulge in cockiness at such a time. No, at such times they all became mere boys, and belonged totally to the woman who mouthed them. She laughed at her own pun. "Cockiness ... hah!"

Lori ceased admiring herself in the mirror now, slipped on her bikini, and went out and lay down on one of the inflated mats. Young Benno would arrive in ten minutes or so. She spread her legs slightly, closed her eyes and blinked involuntarily at the morning sun.

As usual, Benno's arrival was signalled by the barking of the Ketterings' German shepherd.

When the dog saw that it was Benno Dietrich, he lay down in the cool of the patio again.

"Morning, ma'am," Benno said.

Lori sat up, making sure that her knees were wide apart, offering him a good view of her crotch. "Morning, Benno," she sing-songed. "You're early."

"Yes, just a little," he said, moving efficiently as he carried the long aluminum "skimmer" and the big, plastic containers of disinfectant to the near edge of the pool and set them down. "Beautiful day, isn't it?"

"Yes, it is," she agreed, admiring his body for the hundredth time perhaps.

He was shirtless, tan, and built like an Olympic swimmer. His shoulders were broad and he had the beautiful horizontal ripples of muscle across his stomach. He wore faded blue sneakers and Levi's, and she stared openly at the bulge on his right trouser leg that seemed to be about the same size as the cylindrical aluminum handle of the "skimmer."

Lori wet her lips and swallowed. As Benno began skimming insects from the blue surface and dumping them from the screen of the skimmer into the flower beds, she managed to engage him in small talk. When he had finished the skimming and had dumped the necessary chemicals into the pool, she stood up and walked with an exaggerated swing of her hips to him.

"Come on in for a minute and have a cold drink or something," she said. "I want to talk to you."

She was aware that his big brown eyes fastened on her breasts, then ran hungrily over her rounded stomach to her crotch. He frowned, unaware of her own hungry gaze that focused briefly below his belt. Before he could think of an excuse to decline her invitation (he had refused once before), she said, "Please, Benno? This is business. It's important."

"All right," he said shyly. "I guess I have time for a cold glass of water."

Inside, Lori made him sit on the big sofa. Then she fetched the bill from the desk in the hall for the past month's pool service. She sat beside him then, frowning at the invoice as he sipped his water.

"I don't quite understand how you arrive at these charges," she said. She let her hands drop onto his knee as she studied the bill.

"Well, it's always the same amount," Benno said. "I come once a week and skim and put in the disinfectant. I mean, it's always the same amount." He bent his neck, leaning forward and checked the total on the bill. "Yeah, that's right," he said. "We're real reasonable. Other pool services charge more."

Lori noticed the quiver in his voice. "Yes, I guess you're right, Benno," she said. "Maybe I just imagined you overcharged us this time." She let her fingernails ripple against his knee. "Or maybe I just wanted to get to know the handsome guy who takes such good care of our pool, but never says very much."

Benno was having a difficult time keeping his eyes uncommitted. "I-I guess I am pretty business-like," he apologized.

Lori's breath came faster as she detected a rise at the lad's crotch. "So am I," she said directly. "Uh-Benno, I'm going to ask you to do me a favor."

"A favor?"

"Yes, and I'm going to give you an excellent reason for doing what I ask." Lori was amazed at her own directness. The words seemed to flow automatically. Her fingertips moved a little on Benno's leg.

"What would your boss do if a lady customer complained that you-well, you'd made improper advances to her?"

"I know exactly what he'd do, Mrs. Kettering. He's lectured us on that already. He once had that happen. He'd fire me. But you don't have to worry about that, Mrs. Kettering. No ma'am. Heck, I shouldn't even be inside your house. No, I-"

"You don't seem to understand, Benno. First, let me ask you if you find me attractive. Do you?"

"Oh, yes," he said, gulping. "You're a most attractive lady."

"Good, then at least this won't be an unpleasant task for you." She removed her top and let her breasts hang free. The lad's eyes looked as though they would pop out of his head. Also, his organ stiffened and looked as though it would pop through his fly.

"Mrs. Kettering," Benno said. "I have to leave ... I have to leave right now. Please...."

"Don't you like what you see?" Lori asked. She ran her hands farther down his pant legs and stared openly at Benno's hard on. She opened her mouth and wet her full lips. Her heart was thudding crazily against her rib cage but she managed to muster up the necessary courage to continue. She felt her throat constricting with desire, an insane hunger that drove her to behave more boldly than she had ever behaved before.

"Yes, but we shouldn't do this. P-please put the t-top back on?".

"I'm not going to put the top back on," Lori said evenly. "In fact, you're going to take your pants off."

Benno tried to rise, but Lori held him firmly by the knees. "Mrs. Kettering, this is crazy. I have to go now. I have to-"

His protests died feebly as her hand lighted directly on the wet bulge of his fly. "Oh, Jesus," he gasped. "Jesus, ohhhh ... Mrs. Kettering, I've stared at you all these months ... I've dreamed about you ... I've undressed you mentally a thousand times, but we can't-"

"We can and we will," Lori said. "I'm glad you've admired me, dear, because that will make what I'm going to do that much easier. All you have to do is relax, dear, and let me take you to heaven. Do you understand?" Her hands deftly undid the buttons at his crotch and his huge cock flopped free. "If you try to stop me from making love to you, and if you ever tell a soul what happened, I'll cry rape so loud they'll never let you even peek at another swimming pool again. Okay?"

He could barely speak, and Lori loved the way his eyes went blank and his mouth hung open as she fondled his hot organ. "O-okay," he gasped.

Lori took the immense organ in both hands and slowly began jacking the flesh sheath back and forth. Every fourth stroke or so, she would remove one hand from the gristly rod itself and grope the lad's scrotum. "I've been thinking about doing this to you for a long time, Benno," she said. "You have a beautiful prick, Benno," she said, "and I adore your big balls. My husband used to let me play with him and-and do all sorts of yummy things to him, but now he doesn't let me anymore, so I have to have some kind of outlet, Benno. I-I hope you don't find me too-well, forward?"

"No, it's all right," Benno said. "Oh, Jesus, I-I promise I'll never t-tell a s-soul. Honest. Oh, Jesus!"

"Feels good, huh?"

Timidly, he reached out and began playing with both of her breasts. All he could say was "Ohhhh...."

"I've never liked them really big," Lori said. "Cocks, I mean. But I love yours. It has a nice bend to it, too. You certainly do lubricate a lot, dear. That's nice. I'm going to suck it off in a minute ... nice and slow and all the way. Had your cock sucked lately?"

"Nnnnnot l-lately," he said.

"That's good," Lori said, staring in fascination at the purplish-brown head, pulsing, dribbling. "Then you'll enjoy it all the more. I really love to do it, you know. I mean, I won't be doing it just as a service to you, darling. I really need to do it. In fact, I can hardly wait. Lie back a little now and just relax. God, what a beauty you have, Benno-big and hard, everything a girl could want to stick into her mouth. My husband always liked me to talk this way. Do you like to hear me talk this way? About how much I love to suck it?"

"Y-yes, I g-guess I do," he said. "Are you r-really going to s-suck it now?"

"MMmm-hmmm, I really am. Just lie there that way and hold it out so I can look at it a second before I go down on you, hon. Ummmm ... perfect ... good boy...."

For some inexplicable reason, Lori did not wish to lose her composure. Her desire was to give expression to her desperate need to mouth the stout flesh shaft before her in as matter-of-fact a manner as possible. But already she knew this would be impossible, for her stomach was spasming involuntarily and her hands were trembling visibly. The stark male beauty of the prick standing before her, plus Benno's admission of eagerness for her to mouth him, had her on the verge of hysteria.

Almost masochistically, she let her fingers run smoothly up and down the length of the hot, pulsing meat, savoring the luscious texture and rigidity of the thing, but denying herself, for the moment, the taste of it. She was panting openly now, she knew, but still she restrained herself from diving at the big cock and gobbling it furiously. This is your fault, Brandt, she thought, accusing her husband. You taught me to love doing this to a man, and then you denied me what you had addicted me to ... it's your fault, Brandt ... your fault ... I have to suck this boy's beautiful prick and it's all your fault ... See what you've done to me, you selfish, business-minded, bastard? See what you've reduced me to?

Benno's eager panting filled her ears now. Lori groped the big testicles, grasped the flesh spear hard by the stalk, and descended until at last her lips made contact with the velvet-like, dribbling head. Her own pitiful moan frightened her a little as she began nibbling, swallowing, twirling her tongue in a steady circular motion and moving lower, lower. She held the entire head of the prick inside her mouth now, pressed up against the roof of her mouth, and she nursed adoringly, emitting little whimpers and squeezing with her hand to get more of the boy's lubricant.

Benno began thrusting slightly and groaning louder. Gently, Lori took his hands and placed them on her cheeks. She loved his urgency, his helplessness, as he gradually gripped her face harder and pumped in an effort to get more of his organ into the wet and munching heat of her mouth. Lori stabbed with her tongue tip at the lower part of his foreskin, then bathed the entire flesh gathering with steady suck-gulps. She varied the pressure with her lips, clenching and unclenching them rhythmically, and finally setting up a steady love tempo. With each upstroke, she lifted his flesh gathering as far up to the head as possible, and with each downstroke she found she was able to take the thick penis quite deep into her throat, almost swallowing it.

She continued this technique for perhaps five minutes, all the while gently rotating her hand over the lad's flesh sack and massaging his balls until she knew he was about to ejaculate. Her immediate urge was to increase the speed of her nursing and coax Benno's sperm to fly wildly into her mouth at once, but Benno suddenly began manipulating her breasts with one hand and fingering her clit with the other.

"I-I want to kiss you between the legs, t-too," he muttered. "Mrs. Kettering, can't I please suck your p-pussy while I-I come?"

She understood his need, and his hand on her gushing cunt very nearly persuaded her to grant his request, but she felt that her own pent-up need was the greater of the two. She lifted her mouth from his rod for just a moment.

"No," she gasped. "You can suck me after if you want ... we can do anything later ... right now I want you to finish this way. Come in my mouth, Benno ... come in my mouth ... come ... come now, darling!"

She took his prick in her mouth again quickly, moving on the shaft now with both her mouth and her right hand. She jacked him furiously with her hand, and at the same time gulped greedily. Yes, she could feel the jolting of his balls ... he was nearly there ... at any instant she knew the beautiful moment would occur ... the beautiful instant she had yearned for, but had been denied for so long. Boldly now, she let her hand drop lower and part the crease of the lad's buttocks. She pressed then with her finger and permitted the engorged penis to stab still further into her throat.

And then the blessed moment at last arrived. Bucking crazily, his hands digging into her hair and neck, young Benno actually screamed as his love flow came crashing out. Lori gripped the shaft hard and milked it. Benno's voice was like music to her ears, and the taste of him was like rich nectar. Grunting herself, Lori. milked him harder with her hand and lips and drank greedily of the thick tanginess, gulping noisily and loving the sound of her own mouth.

When finally young Benno's movement stopped, he lay spent and twitching, his arms heavy and limp over her shoulders. Lori knew he wanted no further stimulation, but she could not restrain herself. After she had drained his organ dry, she continued to nurse on his testicles, taking them one at a time completely into the heat of her oral cavern.

After what seemed a long time, Lori took one final lap at the big head of it, swallowed, slid her body up beside him again, and lay with her head on his shoulder. Drying her chin with the back of her hand, she gazed down at the hard on she had just nursed to completion. It had dwindled slightly.

"That was beautiful, Benno. You probably don't believe me, but I loved doing that to you, darling. And I'm going to do it to you againwhenever you come here. Understand?"

Benno's eyes were closed, his jaw slack. He nodded. "All right," he said. "Whatever you say, Mrs. Kettering."

Lori let him rest a minute more, and then she fixed him a cup of coffee. The coffee seemed to perk him up, for his organ stood stiff and ready once again just ten minutes later. Again she mouthed him, this time letting him lick between her legs at the same time. To her surprise, Benno was very good at administering oral love. She even managed to climax just a fraction of a second after his second orgasm....

"We're going to be sharing some marvelous sexual experiences together, Benno," Lori said as the lad devoured the tuna sandwich she had fixed him. They were in the kitchen now. "But you mustn't call me Mrs. Kettering. Call me Lori."

"Okay, Lori," Benno said. "Can I come back tomorrow."


"Yeah, I can probably come by almost everyday, but not for very long. I can arrange my schedule. Okay?"

Lori had to laugh at the sexual monster she had created. She felt delighted that she had made an addict of this beautiful and handsome young man. "You like having your cock sucked, don't you?"

"Whew ... God ... you'll never know!" he said, rolling his eyes expressively at the ceiling. "And I like to do it to you. I never had anything like this morning before. I better go now," he said, standing.

Lori reached out and groped his fly. "I'll see you between ten and eleven then. Bye bye, love. I'm delighted to learn that you're the way a male should be. Yes, your heart is in the lowlands...."

Lori's clandestine love sessions with young Benno Dietrich continued steadily for the next four weeks without a hitch. As he had promised, he was able to come to the Kettering house between 10:00 and 11:00 a.m. two or three times a week.

Lori found life worth living again. She found herself humming happily about the house throughout the day; she worked in her garden with renewed enthusiasm; even her walk took on a bouncy gait as she shopped in the neighborhood stores. Even her girl friends commented on her lovely complexion, her bright eyes, her optimistic and cheerful manner. Perhaps it was her imagination, but it seemed to Lori that her hair had regained its old luster and that her fingernails had stopped breaking so often.

But the most obvious change in Mrs. Lorraine

Kettering was reflected in her relationship with her husband. No longer did she nag, question him about his activity at the advertising agency each day, or plead with him to give her greater consideration in bed. And not once in the past four weeks had she even hinted to him that she was the slightest bit interested in making oral love.

But despite his preoccupation with his job and his general neglect of his wife, Mr. Brandt Kettering was a highly sensitive and intelligent man. One night after he had made love to his wife conventionally and rather quickly, he lit a cigarette and lay on his back in bed and stared up at the ceiling.

"You've seemed very 'up' these past few weeks," he said casually. "Almost everybody has commented on your exuberance, your vitality."

Dutifully, Lori ran her fingers through her husband's hair. "Yes, I suppose I have appeared happy," she said. "But why shouldn't I, dear? I have much to be grateful for, don't I? I have a lovely home, a successful husband, everything. I couldn't wish for anything more than I have, could I?"

"No, I suppose not," Brandt said. "But you didn't always feel so grateful. I'm pleased that you've resigned yourself to certain inevitabilities-that marriages never remain the same, that they-uh-evolve so to speak."

"Yes, I understand all that now, Brandt. I really do."


He was silent for a long time, and then casually-almost too casually it seemed to Lori-he said: "The swimming pool is looking really splendid this year, isn't it? How often does the man service it? Once a week, isn't it?"

"Yes," Lori said. "That's right." And then, changing the subject, she said quickly, "And the garden is looking lovelier than usual, too. The gardener comes once a week also, but I've been working with the plants more often than last year."

"Good girl," he said, patting her head. "I'm glad to see you taking such an active interest in everything. It takes your mind off that other little problem we were having."

"Oh, yes," Lori said. "That's all passed now, Brandt, I assure you."

Before drifting off to sleep, Lori told herself that she would have to exercise extreme caution henceforth with Benno. Brandt was a most perceptive man, and there had been something suspicious, she feared, in his tone of voice.

The following morning, however, when young Benno arrived, her eagerness and delight at having such a needy and willing suitor on a regular basis drove all thought of caution from her mind. She waited patiently while Benno serviced the pool, then served him coffee and do-nuts in the breakfast nook. This had become their ritual. They chatted suggestively while he ate, and then she fondled him seductively at the table until he could bear it no longer. Finally, she would then lead him either to the living room or bedroom and have her way with him. Twice last week she had gotten most daring and carried away and had knelt right there on the kitchen floor and made love to him. But that was a bit risky, and, besides, she preferred spreading him out on the big king-size bed.

"Come Benno," she said, offering her hands. He had just finished his third donut. "It's my turn to dine now, love."

She noticed the huge, tent-like bulge in his Levi's as they went to the rear of the house. It delighted her. Conditioned response, she thought, smiling.

Naked on the big bed, Lori let the lad excite her with his hands and mouth her a while before she spent her usual ten to eighteen minutes fellating him. As usual, the lad was a shivering wreck when Lori had finished having her way with him, and the bedclothes looked as though a cyclone had struck. She let him rest for a while before she tried him again. Sometimes he liked it twice.