These Women Love Doggies: : Box Set Volumes 1-3 (Bestiality Erotica) - Max Edelman - ebook

This taboo erotic novel is so sexy that we can't tell you about all the things in store for you in this blurb. Check out the "Free Excerpt" below for all the sexy details!****Excerpt***Mrs. Wilma G., twenty-seven years of age, came to my psychosexual clinic for help with her canine problem."It's not fair that I should be victimized with this," she said to me as she sat upon my interviewing couch. She then reclined fully and became comfortable."Not fair?" I asked."It's going to destroy me," she said. "And it was never my idea to start with.""What wasn't your idea?" I asked her."The dogs," she said. "It was never my idea to fuck with dogs. Never ever did I consider it. Not up until it happened to me did I ever know it was possible."*************************Warning: This ebook contains explicit and forbidden descriptions of taboo sexual activity. It may include themes or elements of taboo, forbidden, and adult topics. It is intended for open minded mature readers who will not be offended by graphic depictions of sex acts between consenting adults.XXX Adults Only 18+ Graphic Content

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These Women Love Doggies

Max Edelman

Copyright © 2017

Darque Taboo Press


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Disclaimer: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic, adult language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable which might include: multiple sexual practices, heavy and strong BDSM themes and elements, erotic elements and fetish play. This e-book is for sale to adults ONLY. All characters depicted at least eighteen years of age or older.

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Mrs. Wilma G., twenty-seven years of age, came to my psychosexual clinic for help with her canine problem.

"It's not fair that I should be victimized with this," she said to me as she sat upon my interviewing couch. She then reclined fully and became comfortable.

"Not fair?" I asked.

"It's going to destroy me," she said. "And it was never my idea to start with."

"What wasn't your idea?" I asked her.

"The dogs," she said. "It was never my idea to fuck with dogs. Never ever did I consider it. Not up until it happened to me did I ever know it was possible."

"Where did you get the idea from?" I asked.

"From a man," she said. "A real degenerate of a man. He made me do it."

"He forced you?" I asked.

"That's right," she said. "He had a dog, a German shepherd, in fact, who was trained to fuck women. I had known his man for a long time. I had known the dog, too. How was I to know that the dog was trained to do something like this."

"You knew the man?" I asked, referring right back to what she had just said. I wondered why she hadn't filed legal charges against the man if she knew his identity.

"I used to work for him," she said.

"In what capacity?" I asked.

"I'm a schoolteacher," said Mrs. G. "I teach the first grade class of a private day school in the suburbs. It's a very good job at a good school. And I wouldn't want to be involved in a scandal that could cost me my job."

"But if this man forced you to perform some sort of involuntarily sex act," I pressed, "couldn't you go to the headmaster or principal of the school and tell him that this particular man had-" "That's just the problem, doctor," said Mrs. G. "That's who the man was. Or is. He's the principal of the school. If I complain I lose my job."

"I see," I said, noting the ticklish nature of Mrs. G.'s predicament.

"And the worst part of it is that he's done it with other women who teach at the school, too," she said. "There are three other young female teachers at that school. They're all my age or even younger. And the principal, this Mr. Snark, has had his German shepherd fuck all of us by now. There's not much we can do without losing our jobs."

"I see," I said as I made a few notes, on the note pad I kept in front of me. I adjusted the sound control on the tape recorder that recorded Mrs. G.'s words and I looked over the pre-interview questionnaire that she (and all other patients filled out before entering my offices.

"Now let me tell you the worst part of it all," she said to me. "My husband doesn't know about this. And the bestial incident with" Mr. Snark's dog has upset my entire sexual drive. It's changed it dramatically."

"In what way?" I asked.

"It's made me hornier," she said.

"Your husband shouldn't complain about that," I said.

"Oh, yes he might," she said. "You see, I've got a horniness that can't be handled by a man any more. I've got a deep yearning for canines now. I've had it every day since that original incident in the principal's office."

"An unfortunate problem," I noted. "But there may be a way to help you solve the problem."

"Really, doctor?" she asked hopefully. "You've got to tell me how. You've got to help me find an answer before my husband catches me fucking dogs. He'd never understand. He's very conservative and wouldn't understand bestial sex behavior."

"The solution to your problem will depend on the precise way that you acquired your problem," I informed Mrs. G. "And I can't tell anything about that until you tell me many more of the original details."

"I'll tell you everything I can remember," the woman promised. "I'll do anything to break this canine craving."

"The first thing I must stress," I said to her, "is that you are certainly not the first woman in the world to encounter this problem. I've treated many women fitting this type of syndrome and have helped the vast majority of them to eventually return to normal sex lives."

"Thank God," she said.

"So please remain calm," I added, "and tell me about the incident that started off this whole problem."

"You mean the time when Mr. Snark first ordered his dog to fuck me?" she asked.

"That's right," I said. "Please begin."

Mrs. G., an attractive red haired woman with freckles, a girlish figure and a very refined manner, crossed her legs on the interviewing couch as she began to speak. She held her hands on her lap as she spoke and I noticed through her sweater and slacks that she was a very trim and well cared-for woman. She then began this odd account of what happened in the principal's office after school one day . . .

. . . Doctor, I should have known there was trouble on the way when a pair of my panties disappeared from my locker at the school. All of the women on the faculty had lockers at school to keep extra changes of clothes in.

A woman never knew, for example, when she might accidentally let her monthly leave red stains on the panties which she wore in to school. Thus it was a good idea to keep an extra pair around.

Well, there was never any problem with stealing at this particular school. Most of the kids came from good families and wouldn't have taken anything that didn't belong to them. That's why I was so surprised when a pair of nice pink silk panties disappeared from my locker.

I was sure that I'd left them in there. But when I opened the locker to take them home one day they were gone. And I was very certain that I'd seen them in there just that same morning during recess.

Well, I was confused over the loss of those panties and at the time that I noticed them missing, I couldn't be one hundred per cent certain that I didn't misplace them myself. So I didn't do anything. I just remained curious.

I guess I should have even been more suspicious a few days later. I was alone in the ladies room and, if you don't mind my blunt language, doctor, I was just getting set to get on one of those Johns to take a piss.

Then all of a sudden I heard the door to the ladies room open. It was one of those swinging doors, doctor, the kind that can be swung open from the outside.

I looked into the mirror I was standing in front of to see who was coming in. No one had come in. Or at least I didn't see who it was until I turned around myself and took a good look.

It was Rex. Rex was the German shepherd that belonged to Mr. Snark, the principal of the school.

A lot of women would have become suspicious right there, doctor. I mean, what the fuck is a male German shepherd doing in the ladies room of a fine upstanding private school? But this dog was sort of a favorite around the school, a favorite among the kids and among the faculty. He was a favorite, that is, until he started to fuck people.

Since the dog was a favorite around the school, he was allowed a free reign around the school buildings. That dog would wander everywhere completely unmolested. And since he was a strong dog he was able to push his way through all of those swinging doors around the school. I had never seen him in the ladies room before, but the fact that he had wandered in there, too, didn't make me suspicious.

"Hello, Rex," I said to that big German shepherd as he stood at the door and looked at me. His ears were erect and his tail was still. But when he heard me use his name the tail started to wag. I had always suspected that Rex was fond of me. But how much so I didn't know for a couple more days.

I decided to ignore the dog instead of going to the trouble of pushing him out of the bathroom. I wasn't even sure that I'd be able to push an unwilling dog out of a bathroom. German shepherds are rather strong beasts, doctor, as I'm sure you know. So I merely went to one of those bathroom stalls and seated myself on a good pot. I was all set to take a piss when the door to the stall, which I hadn't bothered to hook shut, swung open.

The door to the stall came open and the dog was staring right in at me. Instinctively I covered up the muff between my legs. The dog was peering right at my bush. Frankly, he was making me very nervous and very self-conscious.

"Rex, please!" I said to that dog as he tried to press his nose between my legs as I sat on that John. "You've got your nerve! A woman demands her privacy!"

The dog didn't stop. He kept trying to push his nose in toward my bush. And I finally had to clamp my knees shut just to get his nose out of there.

"You're being a real little bitch of a dog," I told that ridiculously fresh canine. But he still persisted in pushing his nose toward my muff. I finally had no other choice but to stand up and quickly pull my panties and skirt up over my muff.

Even when I did that the dog was a little too fresh and a little too quick for me. He managed to push his bare nose right between the lips of my pussy for a full second before I could turn away from him. Then he nosed me at the anus as I turned away from him. He kept trying to nuzzle me down there until I managed to get my skirt and panties directly over my muff.

"This is absurd," I muttered angrily to myself. "I can't even take a piss in peace as long as this dog is around."

So I tried to outsmart him. I stepped out of the stall and pretended that I was leaving the stall. He followed me and got a few steps in front of me. Then I turned and went back to the stall as quickly as I could and slammed the stall door behind me.

"Victory!" I chortled to myself. The dog whined at the door and I could see his paws and legs outside the booth. I sat down on the John again and tried to relieve myself. But then I saw him crouching down lower than the door. With a quick motion he was trying to slither under the door. Trying? Shit, doctor, he was crawling right underneath there. In a matter of seconds he had crawled under the door to the stall and was coming straight toward my muff again.

I managed to cover up again and pull my clothes up over my pussy. This time he only managed to poke his nose over the top of my bush. But I was beginning to get the idea that Rex had an unnatural attraction for my genital area. I didn't know why, of course. And I certainly never suspected that Mr. Snark had put the dog up to this trick. Nor did it ever occur to me at all that Rex's behavior was associated with the disappearance of my panties from my locker.

A few days later I was teaching my last class of the day. I received a note in my classroom that the principal wanted to see me in his office after classes were over for the day. I had no idea why he wanted to see me. But I sure found out fast enough when I reported to his office.

"All the other teachers are gone for the day?" Mr. Snark finally said to me as he sat at his big wooden desk. All I could see of him was his body from the waist up. The desk cut off my view of the rest of him.

"That's right, sir," I said. "All the rest have gone for the day."

I sat down at a chair a few feet in front of the desk. I noticed that Rex was lying on the floor beside the desk. As soon as Rex recognized me I saw his ears prick up and his tail begin to wag in a lusty way, Then I couldn't believe what I saw as that dog was lying on his side. Down between his legs, as the canine looked up at me, was his penis.

Well, there was nothing unusual about his penis being there. But there sure was something odd about the state that penis was in. It was rock hard suddenly, doctor. And it had just erected since I had come into the room and sat down in front of him.

"I wonder, Mrs. G-," the principal said to me with a suspiciously lustful voice, "how much you know about learning?"

"Learning?" I asked him.

He nodded. "Learning," he repeated."

"I'm a teacher," I said in return. "I must know something."

"You know about teaching reading and writing to children," he said to me. "But do you know about teaching dogs how to do things?"

"What sort of things?" I asked.

"Tricks," he replied. "Sexual tricks."

I looked at him oddly and then I looked back down at Rex. Rex was still wagging his tail at me with his prick erect. I was beginning to get a strong suspicion that this visit to the principal's office might be different than all the previous visits I'd made to the same office. For one thing, I'd never seen the dog's prick erect like that before. I just couldn't believe the size of that big prong.

"Just what sort of sexual tricks did you have in mind?" I asked that fat, bald little school principal. Snark smiled and replied.

"Would you believe me if I told you that Rex here knows how to fuck human women?" he asked me.

"I'd believe just about anything right now," I said to him. Rex was beginning to climb to his four feet. He was looking up at me but I could see that prick of his still hanging long and pink down underneath him.

"I should point out, Mrs. G-," he said to me, "that Rex does not fuck women who want to be fucked by a dog. Rex fucks the ones who are unwilling." Snark paused and gave me a big fat silly grin. "Rex likes it when a woman puts up a struggle. It makes Rex feel a bit more virile at the moment of triumph when he jams his prick in."

I swallowed hard, emitting a loud gulp with my throat.

"What about yourself?" Snark then asked me. "Would you willingly submit to him or would you put up a fight?" Snark grinned with continued satisfaction as he asked me that de- meaning question.

"I'd fight that mutt tooth and claw," I said to him bitterly. I eyed the door and tried to figure out if I could make it out of the room without being caught.

"I'll bet you'd like to know just how I trained Rex," said Snark as he opened the top drawer to his desk. "You see, Rex is trained by scents. Strong scents. Like the scent that comes from a pair of your used panties!"

Snark put his hand into the drawer that he'd pulled open and he pulled out a pair of panties. It was a pair of pink silk panties looking suspiciously like the pair that had disappeared from my locker. They looked so much like the pair that had come from my locker that it was actually obvious that they were the same pair.

"Rex is trained to fuck," said Snark, almost drooling in anticipation of what he knew was about to happen. "And he's trained to trace down the scent of the panties I give him. Then he's trained to fuck the precise spot that has manufactured that scent. Now do you understand?"

I understood enough to make my break toward the door. I leaped up from the big armchair I was sitting in and I darted toward the door to that office. I heard a bark close behind me and then suddenly I was halted in my tracks.

Rex, that German shepherd who had had his prick up waiting for this moment, had sprung to attention behind me as I began to run. With just one great bounding leap, the dog had caught up to me. He sank his teeth right into my skirt and he yanked me backwards, pulling me back to him before I could even get my hands on the doorknob.

"No! Please!" I howled. "I don't want to be fucked by a dog!"

"Perfect!" roared old Mr. Snark in approval. "That's just the type of woman that Rex likes to take. You're really sunk if you struggle!"

Doctor, I didn't believe the dexterity of that dog. I fought him fiercely and although he didn't bite me and he actually scratched me very little, he managed to tear my little miniskirt right off me, leaving me with nothing covering my body below the waist except for my panties.

I held onto the panties for dear life, hoping that if I could keep those panties on I'd be spared the ignominy of being fucked by a dog.

"Please, Rex," I squealed. "I beg you! Don't fuck me! Fuck one of the school girls instead."

Snark cackled with amusement at that line, almost as if he'd been thinking of seeing how Rex would do with some of the more developed school girls, too.

I resisted Rex and I could see that rigid big prong beneath him, erect for the moment when my panties would be pulled away. I moved my hands to the waistband of the panties and I held them as tightly as I possibly could. I also kept my legs together and tried to curl my legs forward for protection.

But the dog knew that trick and he knew what counter-offensive to launch. He poked his firm jaw right to my ass and he took the seat of my panties in his teeth. Then he began to pull with that strong muscular jaw and neck of his.

It didn't take more than a few seconds for the panties to shred and pull away into his teeth. The dog gave a hard pull and yanked the whole seat out of those panties. The tear in the soft silk shredded the panties in every area except the waistband. So in a few seconds I was still successfully clutching my waistband. But the panties were completely gone. My slot and my rectum were completely unprotected.

"No, Rex! Please, Rex, no!" I squealed. But there was no stopping him now. As Snark sat at the desk and watched his dog go to town on me, Snark kept his hands in his lap as if he were briskly handling something down there. But I didn't have time to study old man Snark. Instead, I had to try vainly to defend myself.

The dog's face pressed between my legs. Before I could protect those vital areas of mine, I felt the dog's hot nose and tongue as he pressed the front of his jaws to my pussy area. He was pressing in from the rear and I was trying to hold my hands back there to ward him away.

But that big long tongue of his was slipping into the vital area. I began to feel that hot tongue slurping and driving against my vaginal crack. I have to admit it, doctor, even though I didn't want to get fucked by a dog, I liked the feel of what he was doing back there.

"Rex, puh-lease!" I moaned with emphasis, complaining for perhaps the final time. My resistance ability was getting low. Not only did I like the feeling of what he was doing back there, but my energy was wearing down. It was getting to a point where I would no longer be able to physically resist that huge dog.

For a split second I looked up at Snark. Snark had stood up from his desk. What a pervert! He had been sitting at that desk without any pants on. Ever since I'd come in he had been nude from the waist down. The fact had been obscured from me by that big mahogany desk, of course, but he'd been sitting there with his dick hanging out. What a perfect pervert that fat old deviate was. It was hardly the conduct that one expects from the headmaster of an exclusive private school.

Needless to say, Snark's penis was standing up like a compass needle. And to carry the analogy a little farther, the compass needle was pointing right at the spot where Rex was licking my bush. I guess that made my pussy the north pole if you consider the way Snark's prick was pointing at it.

With my energy and willpower almost completely gone, I could feel the wonderful sensations that were building in my vagina as a result of the thorough licking I was getting from that dog's tongue.

"Oh, shit," I thought as I started to drift into an odd fantasy. "I wish all the little boys and girls in the class I teach could see their teacher now."

And with that thought I stopped clamping my legs together. I rolled over onto my ass and I slowly allowed my legs to spread apart.

"Does it feel good ?"Snark asked as his dog's tongue continued to lap my pussy.

"Uh-huh," I said nodding passively as that German shepherd's brown and black and gold face slurped its long pink tongue repeatedly across my vaginal lips.

"Does it feel real good?" asked Snark as he continued to stroke his bare erect phallus. "Or is it just good? Just plain average good feelings?"

"It's real good," I indicated to Snark, thinking about it as I could feel it happening to me down there. That long tongue was pressing into the insides of my vaginal lips now, pressing into spots where only my present husband and one or two other men have ever touched with their tongues.

"If it feels so good?" asked sneaky old Mr. Snark in that calm coy mild voice of his, "why do you keep your legs together? Why don't you open up and let the dog do it to you the way you'd really like it to be done?"

I knew there had to be a reason why I didn't really want to open my legs completely. But I couldn't think of the reason. And Snark, still stroking his rod, worked on me with the old soft sell.

"Just give it a try, Wilma, dear," he oozed to me. "Please open your legs and find out what a full and unrestricted canine tongue feels like. You can always close your legs again if you don't like the way it feels."

Well, that last part wasn't true at all. Once the legs are opened to an animal as powerful as a German shepherd, there's no way in the world that the legs will ever get closed again. But the way Snark was working on me I did I what he said, even though I was doing it very much against my instinctive better judgment. So I opened my legs.

I opened them wide and gave the dog a gaping hole to lick at. As soon as I did that the big flat blade of his tongue rubbed sweetly across the up and down length of my vagina, running almost from my clitoris to my asshole.

"Oh, Rex," I moaned as I felt that hot tongue slurping so wonderfully up and down on the length of my crack. "Please, Rex," I begged. "Do it again!"

He would have done it again even if I hadn't asked him to. That long canine tongue repeatedly moved its way up and down the length of my vagina. The flat blade of the tongue continually moved against the head of my clitoris. And when an animal gets his tongue against a girl's clitoris, doctor, it's all over. She just isn't physically capable of resisting any longer.

"Rex," I then begged as the big animal continued to lick the bush of my big half naked body. "Rex, please fuck me," I moaned. I meant what I said, doctor. I figured that rape was inevitable. I figured that I'd do far better to lie back and enjoy things as they came.

"That's the boy, Rex," Snark said next. "Finish her off."

The dog continued to tool that big long tongue of his across my pussy lips. I held my fleshy thighs as widely apart as I possibly could hold them. And the dog licked me until he decided he wanted to put something longer and harder into me.

The dog's phallus was about the size of a five pound salami, doctor. It was an immense thing by now. But all I could think about was how much I needed something inside me. And Snark was too interested in tooling his own prick to let me use his prick for my satisfaction.

The dog crawled on top of me. Rex's penis slipped between the lips of my vagina and then he plunged it all the way down into me.

"Oh, Rex," I moaned to that big dog. "Oh, Rex, you're huge!" I humped my pussy upwards onto his dick as he began to drive it downward into me.

"Oh, Rex," I continued. "Is this what you wanted when you followed me into the ladies room?"

I had the feeling that this indeed was what the dog had wanted back then. After all, it was my pussy that he kept going for. It was that scent from my panties that he was trying to zero in on. And he was doing an excellent job of zeroing in on it in fact. His dick was right in the slot where that scent came from.

As Snark continued to stroke his prick the dog continued to sooth my pussy with deep probing strokes. I wrapped my legs around that dog's furry frame. I felt his body moving on top of mine. And I felt that long satisfying dick as it probed way down into me. When I felt his furry nuts press against me my pussy started to erupt in orgasms.

"Oh, Rex," I moaned to the dog. "Yes, Rex, yes! You're making me come!"

I sure was coming! My pussy blasted off with orgasm after orgasm. The long hard prong that the dog was tooling me with was driving my poor captive pussy to the far side of ecstasy. I continued to hump wildly against his penis. My body went up and down. And I orgasmed so much that I thought my pussy was going to burst.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Snark. His face was contorted with joy as he tooled his meat. I suddenly saw his prick erupt with big gushing drops of come. The first ones shot way out of his nozzle and almost sailed across the room. But the next ones he caught in his palm as he stroked his tool with that same palm. He used his come for lubrication as he tooled his equipment to its conclusion.