Their Stripped Mommy: Taboo Erotica - Kimyay Dawson - ebook

Warning: This is a vintage hard-boiled full length (100+ Pages), post-censorship erotic novel. This is bad stuff. Both bad meaning bad and bad meaning *good*. The story is so crazy, we can't even give a proper description. Check out the free sample if you can.**********Her waist was slim and her hips full. Long legs melted into the swell of her hips and the black hair of her sizzling cunt. She cupped her voluptuous tits, then jiggled them. A tingling tremor skipped through her cunt and a ragged sigh rushed from her parted lips.She released her tits and turned, examining her profile in the full-length mirror. Her tits jutted out with no sag and her stomach was flat.She took a deep breath and quivered as she turned and glanced back over her shoulder at her heart-shaped ass. The cheeks were firm."Not bad for a mother of three," she said, satisfied with herself.Her hot dark eyes settled on the photographs of her two sons. Her cunt contracted. Hot thoughts of making it with her teenaged sons filled her head and her pussy began to pulse.

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Their Stripped Mommy

Kimyay Dawson

Copyright © 2017

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Her waist was slim and her hips full. Long legs melted into the swell of her hips and the black hair of her sizzling cunt. She cupped her voluptuous tits, then jiggled them. A tingling tremor skipped through her cunt and a ragged sigh rushed from her parted lips.

She released her tits and turned, examining her profile in the full-length mirror. Her tits jutted out with no sag and her stomach was flat. She took a deep breath and quivered as she turned and glanced back over her shoulder at her heart-shaped ass. The cheeks were firm.

"Not bad for a mother of three," she said, satisfied with herself.

Her hot dark eyes settled on the photographs of her two sons. Her cunt contracted. Hot thoughts of making it with her teenaged sons filled her head and her pussy began to pulse.

"I gotta stop thinking about it," she sighed, but she knew she couldn't. Sex was all she thought about and had thought above ever since Bill had left her six months ago. She was going crazy!

Still looking at her sons' photos, Valerie skimmed her hands over her tits and massaged the large, swollen nipples. Soft purring sounds came from her mouth and the hard bullet tips began aching with the passion that ran rampant through her lush, naked body.

"Shit!" she moaned.

She smoothed her hands over her rib cage and down to the swell of her hips. She squeezed the creamy flesh and whimpered. The hot thoughts about seducing her sons returned and bombarded her skull again. Images of their cocks filled her brain and made her legs tremble. She shook the erotic thoughts from her head and forced herself to look away. Her glazed eyes found her reflection again in the mirror.

"I need a prick," she said aloud. "I need a prick."

Over and over again, she repeated the same four words as she swayed and caressed her overheated body. Staggering to the bed, she dropped to her knees and caressed the hard contoured bedpost.

"I wish this was your prick, Walt," she cooed as she stroked the slick wood and drooled as her oldest son's face filled her mind.

She caressed the wood, then brought her trembling lips to it, kissing and licking as hot pockets of air rushed from her mouth.

"Jesus Christ," she moaned, pulling her drooling mouth away from the spit-soaked post. She hauled herself up and stumbled from her room.

Overwhelmed with lust, she headed for her sons' bedroom. Inside, she leered at their beds, picturing them naked, their cocks jutting up from their hard groins.

"I'm going crazy," she moaned. "Jesus Christ!"

Her eyes darted around the room, looking for something, anything that belonged to her sons that would fit inside her hot, burning body.

A drunken smile spread across her flushed face and her eyes widened. She quivered, her mouth watering and her pussy drooling. Walt's baseball bat and Ken's tennis racket were leaning against the wall in the corner.

"Perfect!" she gasped.

Legs wobbling, she walked over to the corner of the room. She dropped to her knees and leered at the bat and racket. Spasms ricocheted through her bubbling cunt as she wrapped her eager hands around the handles.

"God," she gasped.


Her palms turned sweaty and the tips of her nipples ached so badly she thought they were going to burst. Blood gorged her clit and the inside of her pussy turned to fire.

Almost falling in her eagerness to get into bed, Valerie hobbled to it, her hands clutching the racket and bat. She threw herself on Walt's bed, her glazed, dilated eyes staring wildly up at the ceiling.


Valerie, wearing tight shorts and a top that barely covered her fleshy tits, waited for one of her sons to come home. Her body shook and the inside of her cunt bubbled with the juices she hoped would soon grease one of their pricks. She kept her fingers crossed, hoping they didn't come home together. Later, after she had seduced them both, then it would be time to take them on at the same time.

The idea of fucking both her sons at the same time made her swoon. She looked impatiently at the kitchen clock and drummed her hands on the counter.

She heard the front door open. Quickly, she hurried through the house, coming up short when she spotted Walt and one of his girlfriends hugging and kissing in the foyer.

She listened. Her body quaked and her eyes widened. Walt's hand was under Nina's top and he was kneading her tit. Her own tit swelled and the nipple began to hurt as if Walt were feeling her up. She gulped, her heart pounding.

"It feels good," Nina purred as Walt fondled her tit. "But, you'd better stop. Your mother might be home."

Walt groaned and sank his fingers into Nina's pulpy tit. His cock ached in his pants and he pressed Nina against the wall, his cock throbbing.

Valerie watched and creamed. Jealousy swept over her and she cleared her throat, announcing her presence.

Walt jerked his hand out from under Nina's top. "Mom!" he gasped, stepping away from Nina.

"Hello, Mrs. Owens," Nina blushed, quickly adjusting her top. "I'd better be going."

"Y... yeah," Walt stammered, looking away from his mother as Nina left. "I didn't know you were home, Mom."

Valerie gave her son a hot sexy smile. "I could tell," she said, her voice coated with desire.

Walt was embarrassed. "It's not what you think," he said lamely.

Valerie saw the bulge in her son's jeans and the sight sent a tremor caroming through her overheated pussy. "I think I know," she said, her voice wavering and her dark eyes drifting to her son's flushed face.

Hot and horny from being with his girlfriend, Walt gawked at his mother's sexy outfit. A lump filled his throat as his wide gaze settled on the white creamy flesh of her tits spilling out from her skimpy halter.

"No, Mom," he said, tearing away his eyes. "Really."

Valerie had caught the horny glance and it made her shudder. She flicked her tongue across her lips, making them wet and inviting.

"You getting anything from her besides a few feels?"

Surprised, Walt gulped. An embarrassed grin spread across his face.

"You can tell me," Valerie said, hypnotizing him with her seductive voice. "You ever fuck her?"

Walt's eyes widened and he didn't know whether to be shocked at the way his mother was talking or be relieved because she wasn't mad.

Valerie stepped close to her son. Her hot breath caressed his face and her body quivered. She touched her son's cheek.

"You didn't answer me. Have you fucked her?"

"Yes," he said, barely above a whisper. "Once."

"I'm proud of you, Walt." She took his hands and brought them to her heaving tits. "You ever think about fucking me?" She held her breath, hoping she hadn't scared him off with her blunt question.

Walt groaned. Reflex action had his fingers sinking into the pliant meat of his mother's tits. He groaned again as his mother's whimpering voice rang in his skull.

Valerie's breath hissed out. She pressed the palm of her hand against his crotch. "You've got a hard-on. Did Nina give it to you?" She squeezed, enjoying the tortured expression on his face.

Nina had given him the hard-on, but the way it was aching now was due to his mother's squeezing hand and his own tit-filled hands.

"You're driving me crazy, Mom," he blurted.

Valerie leaned into his pawing hands and quaked. "You're driving me crazy too, Son." Her knees felt like rubber and her heart was pounding so loud she thought for sure Walt could hear it. "Take off my top."

With his head spinning, Walt yanked down his mother's skimpy halter. Her fleshy tits bounced free and he groaned.

"Oh, Christ!"

"Squeeze them Walt," Valerie whimpered. "Play with my tits."

She massaged his prick through his jeans, savoring the moment when she would expose his cock and take it in her mouth.

Walt grabbed his mother's tits and mauled them. The large, silver-dollar nipples burned into the palms of his hands like hot pokers.

"Mom," he growled, his voice rasped with lust. "Mom!"

Valerie rocked. "In the living room. The hall's no place for what we're gonna do." She took his hands from her tits and gasped.

Walt staggered into the living room with his mother. "Whatta we gonna do?" he rasped, his eyes settling on her large creamy tits and swollen nipples.

"Everything you've done with Nina--and more," Valerie said.

She swayed in the center of the living room, her tits heaving as hot pockets of air rushed from her mouth. Walt couldn't believe his ears, but the sight of his mother's voluptuous tits convinced him.

"Take off your shorts." he rasped, his passion erasing any shyness. "Lemme see you naked."

Drunk with fuck-lust, Valerie peeled off her shorts. They melted to her ankles and she stepped out of them, blatantly displaying her lush, naked body for her son's pleasure. She struck an erotic pose, hip jutted out, her hands splayed across the creamy swell.

"Do you like looking at me?" she asked.

"Christ, Mom!" Walt groaned huskily. "You're gorgeous."

His glazed eyes swept up her long legs to the patch of black curly hair that decorated her cunt. He gulped, his eyes sweeping up to the twin peaks of her heaving tits.

Valerie creamed under her son's intent gaze. She turned slowly, presenting him with a view of her heart-shaped ass. She rolled her hips, then bent over. She spread the cheeks of her ass, exposing both her red dripping pussy-slit and her puckered shitter.

"You like?"

"Jesus Christ!" Walt's gut knotted and his balls rumbled and ached. "Mom! Christ, Mom!"

Valerie sank to her knees and faced her son. "Now, it's time I got to see what's in your pants." She crawled to him, then massaged his bulging crotch as he jerked his hips and groaned.

Wild-eyed and dazed, Walt stared down at his naked mother. His gut twisted.

Valerie pulled down his zipper. She was excited and fished inside his jeans until she curled her fingers around the thick, meaty shaft of his throbbing cock. She hauled his prick out and gasped.

"It's big," Valerie moaned as she stroked his cock, shivering with bliss each time it throbbed in her shifting fist. "So big and thick."

Walt almost creamed. "Mom!" The word choked from his throat. His hips jerked and he jammed his prick through her shifting fist. "Mom!"

Valerie looked up at her son and pulled on his pants and shorts. She shoved them down, baring his balls and thickly muscled legs.

"Get on the floor."

Obediently, Walt dropped to the floor, his mind boggled as his mother whipped off his clothes and climbed between his legs. He stared, his eyes fixed on the jiggling mass of her tittie flesh.

Valerie, out of her skull, grabbed his shirt and ripped it from his body. She flung herself at her startled son, her mouth working furiously on his flesh.

"Now we're both naked!" she panted.

Walt twisted on his back. His mother's hot mouth was driving him insane! His prick jutted up from his groin and throbbed. Jizz seeped from the tip and his balls, feeling as if they were going to explode, rumbled.

"Mom," he rasped as her mouth worked over his chest and her snipping teeth caused his face to twist. "Mom!"

Valerie was in heaven. She sucked on his chest, then nipped at his taut gut. Out of the corner of her eye she could see his towering prick and the sight made her blood boil.

"Walt," she moaned, her slobbering mouth soaking his skin. "Oooo, Walt!"

She snipped and sucked on his hard lean body, then climbed between his legs. Head reeling, she enveloped his stiff prick with the fleshy meat of her tits.

"Fuck my tits with your cock," she drooled.


The heat from his mother's tits made Walt groan. He jerked up from the floor, driving his prick through his mother's tits. Grunts and gasps came from his mouth and his ass thumped against the carpet.

"Mom! Christ, Mom! My balls are killing me!"

Delirious with joy, Valerie slapped her tongue across the bloated head of his cock each time he jabbed his prick through her tits. She licked off the jizz that oozed from his pisser and savored it. Moans rushed from her mouth and spasms whipped through her hungry cunt.

"Suck it, Mom," Walt roared. "Suck it!" He lunged, banging the head of his prick against his mother's mouth as she lashed the bloated head with her tongue. "Suck it!"

Valerie released his prick and wiggled down between his legs. She lapped his balls, soaking them with her warm saliva. She burrowed her face between his legs and licked at his ass crack, then nipped at his contracting nuts with her eager lips.

Walt went crazy. "Mom!' he shouted, jerking up from the floor, then crashing back down with a thud. "My cock! Eat my cock!"

Panting, Valerie lifted her head. Her dark eyes glowed with the lust that was raging through her body. She stared hotly at her son, her mouth drooling.

"Did Nina ever suck your prick?" she asked breathlessly.

"No," Walt grunted as he lurched up from the floor, banging the bloated head of his cock against his mother's chin.

Knowing she would be the first to suck her son's gorgeous cock sent tremors racing through her pussy. She moaned softly, then latched her teeth to the fat base of his cock. She chewed, her hot frantic mouth nipping up and down the entire length of his raging hard-on. Quick bites and gentle sucks swelled his prick and she could feel it throbbing violently against her lips as she soaked the hair around his prick with her spit.

Walt was in agony. His mother's mouth had him insane. "In your mouth," he begged. "Put it in your mouth!"

Valerie nipped her way back up the length of his towering prick. She reached the spongy head and swirled her tongue around and through his pisser. Seeping jizz coated her tongue and she smeared it over his prick head, making it glisten.

Walt's back arched and he smashed his cock against her teeth. His fingers curled into fists and his face twisted.

"Mom! You're driving me crazy! Eat me! Suck my fucking cock!"

Her son's frenzied pleas were music to her ears. "Yes, my handsome son," she moaned.

She slipped her drooling lips over the fat, spongy head of his cock. With his prick head in her mouth, she sucked, getting a glob of jizz. She savored it, then let it trickle down her throat as her son's growling voice filled her head and made the inside of her cunt boil.

Walt groaned. The heat from his mother's sucking mouth reached into his nuts and churned his cum. He lunged up from the floor, his hips twisting. His back bowed and his chest heaved.

"Mom! Suck! Suck me off!"