This is the artificial intelligence of the local tour guide in Yangon. The book features the commentaries of the local tour guide for the common attractions in Yangon and how Yangon culure is. The knowledge and expertise of the local tour guide are written in the book. The book includes the main tourist attractions which one shoud not miss when one visits Yangon, Myanmar and the knowledge one should know while travelling in Myanmar.The book represented the AI works as a local tour guide and it gives the necessary information to you as the human tour guide does. You will enjoy reading the book even though you do not visit Yangon, Myanmar.

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Htay Win

The Yangon guide and culture

The local tour guide

I dedicated the book for my late father and mother.BookRix GmbH & Co. KG80331 Munich

Guide to Contents



1 The running commentary from the airport to the downtown

2 The downtown area

3 Botahtaung pagoda

4 Scott market,Padoma restaurant, Inya lake and U Thant house

5 Chaukhtetkyi Buddha image

6 Kyauktawgyi Buddha image and white elephants

7 The tooth relic temple

8 Yangon culture

9 Kabar Aye pagoda

10 Shwedagon pagoda







I would like to express my special thanks to the following:My late father and mother, my teachers and Amazon technology company for fulfilling the necessary qualities and giving a chance to implement this project.




In the fourth industrial revolution, everything is easy and everyone is a chance to become an entrepreneur. And, the new technologies will completely change the people’s lives and the ways of thinking in terms of the robotic technology and artificial intelligence. We hope for the better products and services with less cost and the efficient ways. The new technologies will fulfill the expectation of the Millennial. You can do everything with one electronic device.


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Whey you travel, you want to know the local cultures and histories. And you have interests to listen to the explanation of the local guide in every tour site. To hire the local expert guide, you have to pay more. This audio book will work for you as a local expert guide while you are visiting Yangon and Myanmar. This is the artificial intelligence of the local expert guide. With the innovative writing styles, I invented the audio book as the artificial intelligence for the holiday makers in Yangon and Myanmar.


With the population of 53 millions, Myanmar is a beautiful country in the Southeast Asia. It is located between India and China which were the historically and culturally civilized countries in Asia in the ancient time. You can explore how those Indian and Chinese cultures influenced on Myanmar culture and how Myanmar people adapted those cultures to fit Myanmar societies. Besides, Myanmar is included in ASEAN community. So, it is a cultural hub of Asia. Historically, Myanmar had the cultural relations with China, India and Southeast Asia nations. And, as the British colony country previously, you can experience the western culture when you visit Myanmar.


Geographically, Myanmar has different resources in terms of different landscapes. Actually, it is a country with multi-biodiversity, multi-ethnic groups and multi-cultures. So, Myanmar is one of the countries which have the rich historical and cultural sources in the Southeast Asia. The most interesting thing in Myanmar is that the people are beautiful due to the geographical location and multi-ethnic groups. So, I hope you will enjoy visiting Myanmar as a beautiful country in Asia.


1 The running commentary from the airport to the downtown