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Hank Larmspitz has a plan.Well, sort of.He's going to be the first man on the moon, dagnabbit, and he's going to do it without the aid of a space suit or even a space ship.Exactly what does he have in mind?Dan Dinkerleaf, a local correspondent for KAAS-LD Eureeka, wants to find out. And when he discovers Hank's true intentions, his patience becomes paper thin. "Seriously?" he blurts out. "Don't you think your theory is a bit…oh, I don't know...implausible?""Watch close and you might learn something." Hank cracked his knuckles and pulled out a helping of his favorite brand.Intended for mature (and not so mature) audiences. Approximately 2,100 words.

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The Would Be Asstronaut

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The Would Be Asstronaut

“So let me get this straight...” Dan Dinkerleaf furrowed his brow and eyed the old man suspiciously. “You’re going to launch yourself into space...”

“Uh huh...” Hank Larmspitz inserted a pinch of mint-flavored chew between his lower lip and gums.

“And you’re going to land on the moon...” the reporter continued.