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How the witches entered the world of imagery, through the realms of imagination or through images that in fact were already there in the eye of the civilization? How about the Amazons? Were they legends, really? Or did they exist, and perhaps they still do? May you find the answers to some of the most mysterious puzzles of ancient times in this book based upon facts.This is the first book from the trilogy Memoirs of An Amazon:The Witches of Avignon (The Past) The Pierrot's Love (The Present)Out Of The Blue (The Future)

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The Witches of Avignon

Ana Claudia Antunes


Translated by Ana Bowlova 

“The Witches of Avignon”

Written By Ana Claudia Antunes

Copyright © 2014 Ana Claudia Antunes

All rights reserved

Distributed by Babelcube, Inc.

Translated by Ana Bowlova

Cover Design © 2014 Ana Claudia Antunes

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The Witches Of Avignon

The Witches of Avignon: Enigmas and tricks used since Ancient Times through the medieval Europe to the present day to quell the true supernatural power is the first book from the trilogy | Memoirs of An Amazon: | The Witches of Avignon (The Past) | The Pierrot's Love (The Present) | Out Of The Blue (The Future)

Books written and translated by Ana Claudia Antunes

The Witches of Avignon: Enigmas and tricks used since Ancient Times through the medieval Europe to the present day to quell the true supernatural power is the first book from the trilogy

Memoirs of An Amazon:

The Witches of Avignon (The Past)

The Pierrot's Love (The Present)

Out Of The Blue (The Future)

This book is part of the spiritual trilogy

Memoirs of An Amazon by Ana Claudia Antunes:

The Witches of Avignon (The Past)

First book of the trilogy talks about the Amazons from Ancient Times to our modern days, the Witches during the medieval Era and an introduction to the subject Reincarnation.

The Pierrot's Love (The Present)

The second book of the trilogy is about two ghosts from the nineteenth century who haunt a teenage girl until her mother takes the matter to her hands and write their story. The problem is they have two versions of the same story. Then who is telling the truth?

Out Of The Blue or Out of Thin Air (The Future)

Thus this book begins the circuit of the trilogy.

Happy reading!

"The insatiable thirst for all that is beyond, and that reveals life is the most vivid proof of our immortality."

Charles Baudelaire

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More than a fable, or a love story, or a tale of adventures and misadventures, more than an action movie, "The Witches of Avignon" is a lesson in History with a capital H, climbing through chasms of time and braving the bowels of being. And, more than that, are first-person accounts by such weight that it slips into the essence of a life lived between battles, shared in unforgettable and somewhat surreal, extremely realistic scenes, revealing and unraveling mysteries never before explored, among chronicles from past lives at crucial moments in the history of mankind. In a simple and at the same time precise look in the face of disruptions of its own human existence, this book addresses real documents about life in a clear and distinct vision, although they wade into a concept in folklore and mythology, revealing fundamental issues at the historical recognition of women's role in society.

"The Witches of Avignon" reveals actual facts about the indigenous women of the Amazon and its myths and folklores, disputes over land against the invading Spaniards and Dutch men, men and women in the middle Ages and their secular beliefs, including scientific and medical knowledge. Some of them were considered pure witchcraft by ecclesiastical, and the "witches" and other members of society were considered heretics and just played and burned alive at the stake, or deprived of all his property, and excluded from the medieval society. Such as women who stood out were banned and that happened not only at other times but still until the present day they have been suffocated and suffering imprisonment, rape and stoning. In this book you will know the other side of the story that was told to us, tearing the masks of villainy, in an entertaining and at the same time, very chilling tale showing how what we know as folklore is just scattered and half-truth designed to obscure the truth itself. I assure you that after reading this book your worldview will change or it will change the misconceptions of life as we have seen and experienced so far.

Author's Note: This is a work of fiction, based on facts; any similarity, can NOT be a coincidence because it is based mostly on data from past lives, so it would be impossible to set aside an entire historical plot that this content proclaims and this work requires. Actually, I started this book based on a dream I had and that helped me understand the process by which I was passing, as painful as the loss of a loved one.

This possibility of reviewing the facts of my past life brought some relief and a forceful explanation for what happened in my life at that moment. Since this regression (which I consider to be spontaneous; after all there was no outside intervention, much less a self-hypnosis) I now consider more reason and consistency of my dreams and even started to build so many stories to tell of either by regression or rather by chance this was given to be to get to a point.

I am very grateful if anyone who reads this book can benefit from the reading or it can at least give a few moments of reflection on life: Past, Present and Future.

A curiosity: When I wrote this book there was not yet a television series called "Xena, Warrior Princess", for those who will wonder if I relied on the Australian TV series. To my surprise (and joy) to finally feel once again that what we think is fictional can be just as, if not more, real than what we really imagine, I watched an episode where Xena goes to a therapist and make a regression in her past life as a rider through hypnosis. Imagine that I had dreamed about that two years before this series went off the air and I looked exactly the same character portrayed in the show, with the only detail that by having to struggle so hard to survive I was more athletic and much thinner than the actress Lucy Lawless.

So if you ask me if I really believe I have been an Amazon, I can simply reply: "Please read this book and get yourself to your own conclusion."


I do not remember for sure where it all began. Just know that I still remember and I have flashes of memories of a past somewhat remote. So far it has recovered by taking the beginnings of time, where all was nothing, and nothing, the whole. These memories transcend the Discovery of the Americas, it stretches well before the middle Ages, bordering the Crusades and the Inquisition, and there slips through Ancient Greece, and even before the world was created. My memories go where they need to write my whole life, and still be just the time it would have to report all the facts leading up to my arrival in this world, and also everything that had happened since then.

Therefore, I limit myself to some of my memories, specific of my life here on this planet, leaving my deepest and remote memories for another time, and concentrating on the experiences through which I passed, as a human being here on earth at the moment a little light came down to the planet, and decided to give life to everything around, something that was essential to the evolution of the Times. As from that spark of light is that everything stemmed the cosmos emerging from chaos, the light appearing from the darkness, nature shining on the horizon.

Every manifestation of life arose through the verb, so powerful is the force of the word. The divine breath gave life to the universe that was expanding and creating new forms of life, forming suns, stars, galaxies and, with them, the black holes. The Milky Way and the planets were created. And in our galaxy the planets Venus and Mars have emerged. And then her younger sister, Earth.

And there came light. And, through it, forms were created through all other beings. A fantastic explosion of color and light appeared in the middle of the infinite universe, like a volcano with her flaming sparks, breaking the Earth's sky. Thus, a glorious day of sunshine and endless sky of a translucent beauty appeared over the horizon bright lights, the twinkling stars.

"... and when the soul has not performed his mission on earth, it will be uprooted and transplanted again on the earth."

Jean de Pauly

CHAPTER I: The Memoirs of an Amazon

I remember like it was yesterday. We rode, all naked, and always together, happy and joyful. We were always together, and if one got sick we would all be patient, dropped all to come rescue her, and gave our lives for each one of us.

We were distinct and special. Horses lulled us with extra care, as the lap of a protective mother. They followed us wherever we sighted them, and our communication was by telepathy more than any other visual or verbal means. Although the voice was considered an instrument of a particular importance to these extraordinary beings, they kept it as a secret, or they would get the penalty of being too loud with their affairs. And we, the Amazons, had a unique vocal tone, which pleased all animals and, uniquely, were the horses who else loved us.

We were called Amazon, in Greek, means Amazon. We were Warrior women, manly character that faced men as equals, that in any dictionary we may find. But that we're a legend you can draw to your own conclusions at the end of my reports. We were considered wild and animalistic, but the truth is that no one knew that behind the steel armor, there was a heart of gold, and we were always ready to help the weak and needy.

I was always a feminist leader. Despite that, today, the definition of being a feminist has fallen in the mouths of women who sought self-promotion, while making known of a natural way, playing feminism word in their vocabulary, and lowering this term to a level somewhat pejorative. At that time, being a feminist was, above all, being feminine, and very feminine, with the strength of intuition, coupled with physical force, i.e. having the male and female within ourselves very well balanced inside.

Fierce and warlike, I could not live without having to fight battles or wars to win. It was all or nothing. And I had to win, always. Or, it was better to die fighting for a just cause, than to be languishing, sick and aged, without even having lived a decent life, or vibrated at least once. Because, intuitively, I knew that death was not the end of everything. And there was more worth dying bravely and valiantly defending my honor, and having my merits, to languish, poor and dying in a useless and worthless death.

I was long accustomed to the struggles, the hard work, and the setbacks of life there. Finally, I never gave up so easily. And to complete the scene I always stood up again for another battle. I was naturally born a leader, and all that made ​​me become more valuable, energetic and fearless my work, I recognized it as a relentless mission.

I was tough in battle, but pure of heart. Saw no evil in anything, unless there was any kind of injustice or power that subjugates the weaker. Here then my anger was recognized as a devastating and uncontrollable mandatory and I was implacably punitive; I turned into a beast, and there was nobody who could stop me, when was dominated by the sense of protecting one who had been wronged. And one that contradicted the truth and justice was pursued until it corrected the mistake, or recognized that with sincerity. And I turned myself inside. I would get a superhuman strength, coming from who knows where, growing inside the chest and exploding like a volcano that seemed asleep, but that was erupting from one moment to another.


The Amazons were considered legends and that has been a long, long time. It's time to uncover the truth of this myth that I am testimony of, having lived among them and, above all, for being one of them, their leader, that this is not a myth or a legend but rather a fact. They were female warriors from Ancient times, who settled in various parts of various regions of the globe, including Asia Minor that everyone knows. But what remains to be proved is that they exist. I am tangible evidence of this reality. Or can be considered a living legend!

Amazon Women in Ancient Greece

We lived in tribes, between the Aegean islands, and scattered along the coast of Asia Minor. More specifically, my tribe, in particular, inhabited the region of Pontus, on the banks of Thermodon in Asia Minor River around the year 1580 BC. We were happy to be in Crete and thus we could handle any type of weapon, the only ones we used. Our mindset was geared exclusively for our culture; totally individualistic than we were, we could not even want anything beyond what was already among us.

We had some religious conception, but did not want to worship any idols, had not the habit of worship to anything or to anybody, and there was not any kind of ritual between us. Some heroes were seen with our most admired eyes, others tipped myths, and neither knew for sure where these heroes emerged. But as we sufficed to ourselves, we idolized our own heroines.

Basically, in our circle, that could not be called society, but something like a congregation, we gave special focus to women; she was the center of everything, and men and children respected them with idolatry. We had some men who were servants, and some were courtesans, who helped us in the garments, the groceries, and the accessories of war.

We covered our right breast with ropes, so that we could more easily shoot with the bow. The Amazons had to protect the breast, and slightly decrease its size, with a band, to be able to lean on it with the elbow bent and thus shoot arrows.

A minority bandaged their left breasts; those were left-handed. Therefore, nowadays, many women have one breast a little slightest smaller than the other, hardly something noticeable to others, usually within the right breast. Those are surely the descendants of Greek amazons.  In their ancestry the Amazon warriors already did this for so long that the following generations were adapting to having one breast smaller than the other breast. This heritage bequeathed by many "grannies" generations of Amazons.

Diana, the Roman goddess, has its equivalent in Greece, Artemis, who also bandaged her right breast, as she also was an Amazonian queen. It was pretty much like most of the Amazons. As she was so famous for her beauty, many men came up from distant lands to see her, and maybe even marry her. She was aloof, in fact, as all legitimate riders, and would not desire to hear of any man running for his mishap.

At that time, it was the father who chose the suitor. But Artemis, who had gained all the respect and admiration of her father, had obtained this permission never to marry; and he then gave her arrows, and a procession of nymphs, making a real horsewoman out of her, entitled to the crown and all the pomp and making her subsequently as the queen of the woods.

She hunted with bow and arrow protecting all animals and nature. And she was in fact quite ecological. Later part of her tribe, succeeded in some unusual way, from the Americas and settled mainly in the lines of Ecuador, more precisely in the north of South America, now called Amazon, and means well because this region is named upon the Amazon women, that IS a fact.

The descendants of tribes of Diana, coming directly from Rome, or Artemis, who arrived by the Mediterranean and Asia Mino came to settle in the forests of South America. So they settled in the Amazon rainforest, where they were best adapted, since they were accustomed to living in forests. Those are the same women who were trying to protect the Amazon rainforest devastation of the constant attacks, and also the invasions of the Spaniards and the Dutch mean men. But that story is for another time. Yet there is much to tell about the Amazonian tribes in ancient Greece.


The tribes were formed by women warriors and their nymphs, hence the word nymphets, they were girls in their early teens who insisted on accompanying the Amazons and serve them, to learn the most they can from their craft, and who knows one day form their own tribe. But some men, the most docile, were also part of the tribe, mainly as an aid in household chores or work requiring physical strength.

The men helped lassoing horses and prepare them for battle, or for a single ride. Some also participated in the harvest and cook food, all summer. In the winter, we had stocked groceries because the cold threatened to destroy almost any crop, even for a mild Mediterranean climate.

It was a quiet life, to them, but quite hectic for us women warriors. For we were always on guard in case of a new invasion, we were always in a frenetic situation which at that time was so common. So we treated us to train against each other, and to be prepared for any eventuality. Men also helped us in sparring, holding shields or attacking us with swords.

We lived like nomads; we were always looking for new places to keep us there for a while, as soon as we got out on the run, to ascertain that no unjust man failed to get his punishment. There was always some problem or annoyance to keep us for a time in certain places.

Some tribes, weakened by wars penances, lacked reinforcements, and there we were going to help our mates. Sometimes there were individual cases and small problems within their own tribes could emerge. Or disruptions outside our tribes, but that could be affecting us, even indirectly.

Such was the case with Dyrlan, the tyrannical son of a murderer warrior who tried to subdue a poor sick man lying half dead beneath his bloody sword. I approached confidently up the boy, and his guards tried to entrap me with their whips. So jumping from horse snorted and lunged against others, tired of being whipped, I disengaged myself with great skill against the guardians and advanced toward the dying man violently, in an unexpected act, brandish my sword with bravery, and narrowly missed to behead the young bastard.

He looked terrified with a face like a Viper, ready to inject his poisonous venom over me with its withering eyes. For his part, he chipped a strained groan.

"HUMMM! Out of my way or I will kill them both at once!"

"What do you think being weak feverish, to threaten a poor man?" I spoke in a loud and clear voice, and the voice controlled to which he inquired nervously:

"He stole the food that we gave the pigs... And he deserves to be punished, this thief of pigs!"

"Well, you said very well!" I replied, continuing with my argument: "He took the food of pigs. Because you and your father, you both would have more dignity than a pork filling his belly." The boy looked at him stunned. I kept staring at his eyes filled with dread. "Uprooted here, or I'll make sausage of your stupid arrogance. Let the poor, who subject himself to eat leftovers of what you feed pigs with his lot for he already suffered in peace. Go thee hence, and do no harm nor to even a bee that stings you, your dog ominous man."

The tyrant bowed his head, grunting; unblinking, he dropped his sword and, without giving a single glance at the Amazon that stretched full length in front of his red eyes, retreated with his henchmen.

It was normal not to have the courage to face an Amazon in the eye. The only ones who dared to do so, or were fearless warriors who ended up dead, or were brave heroes who feared nothing; however, the latter were admired by the Amazons themselves.

Idealists who we were, looking for the perfect place, the perfect society, without flinching, without respite or rest, because we were always dissatisfied and were bold, but it seemed extremely difficult to recognize what it was, when the most common finding was ideal for the Wars which we fought, to save victims, trips and adventures to undertake, and lands to conquer. As all warlike tribe we needed to expand our boundaries.

As the coastal regions of the Mediterranean were quite wealthy, we were always in a run but we had a moment to distract us in competitions played between the best of the tribe. We assessed who was the most skilled, the fastest among the Amazons. Usually, it was I who won the most competitions.

I was the fastest of all in any situation, the more powerful, more fighting, so even the most feared, or at least the most respected; I felt better thinking that way. Apparently, it was not the most modest. But I was proud of my accomplishments and my strength. And I had nothing to be ashamed of. So I became leader of the clan. I had great confidence and have faith in my own powers. And I never did anything to lose confidence in all of them.

Never there was treason among us (at least that was what I thought until then). We were unbeatable and reliable.  As a leader, loyal to my tribe, however, I felt the full weight of my responsibilities, which increased every day, the greater the power, thus taking more risks to run, and I was less likely to live. I became an easy target because I was always ahead in a line fighting. I had accomplished much and I was like a red flag, flashing with praise and evidence in any war that we fought.

As was the case for one of our queens, Hippolyta, who was defeated by Hercules, the heroic myth, or another, more recent, who led the fight that was still going on against the Persians, the heroine who would rescue the Trojans, the queen Penthesilea who died on the battlefield, crumbling in the hands of the merciless Achilles. At that time, we had no knowledge of his weakness: his heel. So she did not get on his feet, or rather in his tendon.

I did not get to be the queen of the Amazons, but a leader of one of the strongest and most powerful clans of the Amazon race. And that was already important enough. I wish I was the queen! How much responsibility! Much later, with more experience, I was consecrated queen of a tribe of the Amazonian Indians. But that was in another life.

Among the most difficult wars, the hardest being locked out Persia war in which we tried to defend our Greek territory, the region known as Ionia, which is now called Turkey. We were attacked sideways, on a night when we camped, serene and quiet after a party celebrating the victories that we had previously obtained.

Already long ago we suffered the threat of Persian imperialism, which it considered a natural extension of our domain across the Asia Minor coast exactly where we had camped for continuing our struggle against the evils of power that subjugates the weak.

Some Amazons died in their sleep, the speed with which the Persians attacked us. Others aggrieved and harmed already lost their heads (in a bad sense, they were beheaded). As I never slept at night, because that meant I was watching, lurking in the pitch black of night camps, any move by less than a hair-width from me, it would be even the rustle of the leaves of a tree, I noticed the simultaneous attack, strategically coming from all sides, surrounding us in a trap. I barely had time to move, let alone warn my fellows of the fatal attack.