The Wife Gets Taken: Taboo NC Erotica - Lazarus Orlando - ebook

Warning: This is a vintage hard-boiled full length (100+ Pages), post-censorship erotic novel. This is bad stuff. Both bad meaning bad and bad meaning *good*. The story is so crazy, we can't even give a proper description. Check out the free sample if you can.*****"She can identify us," Jake said. He grinned at his buddy."I won't. I swear it.""You're right, Jake," Len said. "We gotta be sure." He brought his hand back to Janet's tit. "If there were some way we could be sure.""Anything," she gasped. "Just don't rape me.""How about a blow job?" Jake laughed."Sounds great," Len said. "What do you think, Janet?" He licked his lips. "A blow job shouldn't be too bad. You probably had a lot of practice on your honeymoon."Janet, her hopes crushed, began sobbing hysterically again. "You're," she gasped between racking sobs.

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The Wife Gets Taken

Lazarus Orlando

Copyright © 2017

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As if floating on a cloud, she wandered out of the bedroom and into the living room of their new luxury apartment. She was drawn to the French doors and the view beyond.

"Ooooh, Frank," she sighed, thinking about how sexy and erotic it would be to fuck out on the balcony.

Turning on her heel, Janet went inside. Today was the day to shop for sexy clothes to surprise Frank. The honeymoon might have ended three days ago, but the marriage was going to be even sexier and hotter.

She took one last breathless look at her new living room furniture, then stepped out into the hall, locking the door behind her.

Janet started down the carpeted hall, then stopped. Her face filled with shock. Two men were coming out of the Anderson apartment.

"Stop!" she shouted. "You two don't belong in there."

The two men stopped in their tracks. They set the four suitcases down and looked at each other.

"I'm going to call the police," Janet said. She turned, heading quickly back to her apartment.

"Grab her," one of the men growled.

The other man took off after her. He grabbed Janet as she reached her door. He twisted her arm, slapped his hand over her mouth, then dragged her back to his buddy. "What do we do with the little bitch?"

His buddy grinned. "Shit, man. Let's take her inside. The Andersons won't be back for hours." He licked his lips, drooling over Janet as she struggled. "We can have some fun with her." He reached out, spanning one of Janet's large tits with his hand, and squeezed.

Her screams were muffled against the man's rough hand. Janet's face filled with fear. She struggled, but he was too strong.

"Here you go, bitch," the man panted. He had dragged her inside, tossing her on the couch. "She is sexy." He stared at her long legs, her thighs bare and silky.

Janet cringed and pulled her dress down, hiding most of her lush thighs. "You better let me go," she warned.

"You gonna make us?" the one who had closed the door said. "You ain't gonna do shit."

"She's going to do something, all right," his buddy said. He rubbed his crotch. "She's going to do something with my cock."

Janet gasped in terror. She looked from one snarling face to the other. "Please," she pleaded, her voice cracking.

"My name's Jake," the tall one with the black hair said. "This is my business partner, Len."

Janet realized for the first time, the horror of the situation she had gotten herself into. "Len...Jake let me go. I won't say a word." She tried smiling. Her bottom lip quivered, made it look silly. "The Andersons have insurance. Nobody gets hurt. Okay?"

Jake grinned. His eyes narrowed into slits. "Can't trust you, sexy," Jake said. "We leave, you'll go screaming for the cops."

", Jake," she said, using his name. "Tie me up, put a gag in my mouth. You'll be long gone before someone finds me."

"I like our original idea," Len said. "We can have a blast with her." He plopped beside her, pawed her thigh and pushed up her dress. "If she wants something in her mouth, she can have my cock."

Janet pulled away, trembling in fear. "Please." She looked up at Jake, her soft brown eyes begging for help.

"I think Len's idea sounds a lot better than yours."

"No," Janet whined. She leaped from the couch, but Len's hand found her wrist.

"Don't be so shy." Len dragged her back against him. "Be friendly with us, and you won't get hurt."

"I don't want to be friendly," she said, twisting away. "Let me go."

Jake joined his buddy on the couch, sandwiching Janet between them. Grabbing her thigh, he massaged it roughly. "You got great legs, baby."

"My name's Janet," she spat. "Not baby."

"Okay, Janet baby." Jake snickered. Grabbing her wrist, he rubbed her hand over his crotch. "How would you like to have a little fun with us before we leave?"

Janet yanked her hand away. She was terrified. "Please," she begged. "Tie me up and leave. Please. I just got married. Please don't do anything to me."

Len leaned close, his hand rubbing the back of her neck. "How about that, Jake. We got ourselves a new bride."

"Yeah," Jake moaned. "Were you a virgin when your husband fucked you on the wedding night?" His blood was boiling in his veins.

"Yes," she sobbed. "Please, don't touch me." She was struggling. Len's hand was pawing her tit. She couldn't move her hands. Each man held one, rubbing her clenched fists over their bulging crotches.

"Shit, man," Len said. "We got ourselves practically a virgin." He brought his mouth to her neck, slobbered up to her ear. "How did you like getting fucked?" His voice was hoarse, raspy against her ear.

Janet closed her eyes and tried to shut out what they were doing. Tears streamed down her cheeks. Len's hand pawing her tit was making her nauseous. She began to cry, with loud racking sobs that shook her body.

Len winked at his buddy. "Maybe we should let her go. Huh, Jake?"

Desperately, Janet looked at Len. "Yes, thank you." She stared at a grinning Jake. "Listen to your friend, please. I won't cause any trouble. Tie me up and leave."

"I don't know," Jake said, toying with the hysterical housewife. "How do we know we can trust you?"

"Oh, please," she sighed. "You can trust me."

"She can identify us," Jake said. He grinned at his buddy.

"I won't. I swear it."

"You're right, Jake," Len said. "We gotta be sure." He brought his hand back to Janet's tit. "If there were some way we could be sure."

"Anything," she gasped. "Just don't rape me."

"How about a blow job?" Jake laughed.

"Sounds great," Len said. "What do you think, Janet?" He licked his lips. "A blow job shouldn't be too bad. You probably had a lot of practice on your honeymoon."

Janet, her hopes crushed, began sobbing hysterically again. "You're," she gasped between racking sobs.

"Not really," Jake said, pulling her into his arms. He mauled her thigh and inched under her dress. "You wearing panties?" He laughed.

Crying, Janet kept her thighs clamped together. "You're hurting me," she cried. "Stop it. Stop it!" Jake's hand was squeezing the soft flesh of her thighs, his blunt fingertips gouging her sensitive skin.

Jake growled angrily. "Spread, baby." He grabbed her thick brown hair with his other hand, and he yanked her head back. "You heard me...spread."

"Ayyieee," she squealed. Her eyes popped, and her mouth gaped open. It felt as if he were going to tear out her hair. Babbling with fear, spit trapped in her throat, she obeyed, parting her thighs for his demanding hand.

"Good girl," Jake said. With his fingers still twisted through her hair, he roamed the soft inner flesh of her silky thighs. "Nice. Warm, too."

"She wearing panties?" Len asked, his hand still spanning one large tit. He squeezed, the pulpy pliant flesh under her dress.

Janet was sick with fear. She stared up at the ceiling. She was going to be raped, and there was nothing she could do about it. The pain from Jake's twisting fingers was making her dizzy, almost faint. Len's hand on her tit and Jake's mauling hand under her dress added to her pain and anguish.

Jake's hand reached her panty crotch. "She's wearing panties." He jabbed blunt fingers into her crotch, gouging her panties into the entrance of her dry pussy. "She's dry too."

"Shit," Len said, fumbling with her dress. "I think our new bride wants to be coaxed a little." He twisted her tit in his hand. "Am I right, Janet?"

"No," she screamed, the pain becoming unbearable. "Noooo!" She tried to fight, but it was useless. Jake had one of her arms pinned behind him, and Len was still gripping her wrist and rubbing her hand into his hard, bulging crotch. She twisted, but her actions only seemed to urge them on.

"Shit," Len growled. He leered. "I like a hot, sexy bitch who plays hard to get." He squeezed her tits through her dress, working his fingers into them both, one at a time.

Jake's fingers eagerly gouged under her panties. He pulled, and she heard them rip.

"Oh, no!" Janet cried, realizing what Jake was about to do. She twisted her hips. "No...don't!"

"Shut up," Jake snarled. He yanked again and again. Each rip made his blood boil a little bit more. "Got 'em!" Pulling her panties out from under her dress, he held them up. "Look at these, Len."

Len turned his head to look at Janet's ripped panties. "I'll bet she's wet now." He turned and stared down into her flushed, terrified face. "Ain'tcha, bitch?" He laughed, twisted her tit and watched her scream.

"I'll find out," Jake said. He jerked her head. "Spread 'em wide, baby."

"Noooo," she cried, but the pain and fear were too much for her to bear. She obeyed.

"Good," Jake grumbled. He moved his hand roughly up between Janet's thighs. His fingers reached Janet's pussy. He jabbed into her cunt, twisting his fingers. "She's dry as a bone...the bitch is frigid."

"Balls," Len said. "She's not frigid. She just needs the ight touch." He grabbed her dress at the neck, then pulled. The dress ripped, coming away in his hands.

Janet shrieked, shaking with horror. With Jake pulling her hair and holding her head back, all she could do was stare at the ceiling.

"Damn, look at these tits," Len groaned. "They're gorgeous."

"The bra is in the way," Jake laughed. "Rip it off."

Len sneered, grabbed her bra and tore it away from her tits. "Whewwwww, will you look at this gorgeous flesh!"

"Now you're talking." Jake drooled hotly at Janet's fully exposed tits. "Best-looking pair of tits I've seen in a long time."

Janet was sick with despair. She wanted to die. They were defiling her, ruining her. She cried.

"Maybe we should let her go," Len said. "Maybe I was wrong. She doesn't look like she's enjoying herself."

Janet heard the words, but she didn't believe. They were teasing her.

"I think you're right, buddy," Jake said. He leaned back and stared into her face. "How about one small favor before we let you go?"

"I won't touch you...either of you," she declared through her tears.

"Oh, nothing like that," Jake said. As he eased his grip, he saw the hope in her eyes. Sneering, he yanked. Janet howled. "It would be a lot easier to do one small favor. There would be no more pain and after, we'll tie you up and leave."

"Tell me! Tell me what it is!" She was desperate. The pain was excruciating.

Jake reminded her again of the pain he could cause. He jabbed three fingers into her cunt and gouged at the tight, dry walls. He freed her hair, kept his fingers inside her pussy.

Panting, her face red, tear-stained and etched with agony, Janet brought her head up.

Her neck ached. The pain in her pussy seared through her entire body. She looked down at what they had done to her dress.

"Please...tell me what I have to do." She squirmed back. Len's pawing hand and Jake's jabbing fingers kept her in a dizzy anguish.

"A little strip show," Jake said. "A nice sexy strip show, and we'll go."

Len's face widened into a sadistic smile. "Great idea, buddy. Great."

Janet shuddered. Her face screwed up in revulsion. "No," she sobbed. "I...I couldn't."

Len pinched her nipple hard, making her scream. Jake plowed his fingers into her pussy, jabbing the blunt tips into the tight, dry walls of her fuck hole. She screamed louder.

"A little strip would be a lot better than all this pain," Jake reminded her.

"We just might rape you, if you don't do us this little favor," Len added as he squeezed her melon-shaped tit to a bright red.