The Wicked Librarian: Taboo Erotica - Monica Barber - ebook

Warning: This is a vintage hard-boiled full length (100+ Pages), post-censorship erotic novel. This is bad stuff. Both bad meaning bad and bad meaning *good*. The story is so crazy, we can't even give a proper description. Check out the free sample if you can.********Alex was willing to do just that. He stuffed his tongue eagerly up the slick tunnel of her asshole. He rimmed and reamed the wanton librarian until she was a shuddering mass of lust-driven flesh. She got so she just couldn't contain the nearly continuous moans and gasps coming from deep in her throat. The aching need in her body was the only thing she could focus on. Like fine sandpaper, the coarse texture of his tongue created a friction that nearly drove her crazy. Yet it was a sensation she couldn't seem to get enough of."Keep reaming me out, baby," she whimpered. "Oh, I'm so close... so close to coming."Alex attacked her asshole ferociously, cramming his tongue to the limit up her ultra-sensitive ass. Then he doubled his erotic assault by plunging his hand between her legs, his fingers working her swollen clit furiously. "Aaaaiiiiieeeeeee." Sandy squealed, tossed over the brink of pleasure by the added stimulation.She nearly fell from the ladder as wave after wave of orgasmic relief flooded through her body. Her pussy twitched and surged, milking his pumping fingers while the tender mouth of her pussy fluttered its own signals of pleasure.

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The Wicked Librarian

Monica Barber

Copyright © 2017

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Chapter 10

Chapter 11

Chapter 12

Chapter 1

Needing even more stimulation to bring her trembling to the brink of pleasure, Sandy slipped another slim finger into the wet tightness of her aching fuckhole. Impatiently, she rimmed the tight, fleshy hole with her fingers, soon coating them with the abundance of her cunt cream. She bit her lips, trying to stifle the anguished moans that threatened to give away her presence.

She could imagine the uproar that would follow the discovery of the two teenagers' weekly fucking match-as well as her own lewd vigil. Sandy sighed, aching with the need of a man-and the continuing lust she felt as she approached her twenty-first birthday.

A shy, awkward teen, Sandy had lived her world first through the romantic novels she devoured and then through her work at the library. Now, at nearly twenty-one, she still waited for her white knight to find her and fuck her every which way but loose. He would be a virile, handsome man who would see past her drab clothes, thick glasses and spinsterish hairdo and see the gorgeous wanton woman beneath. But lately, Sandy had found herself wondering if she shouldn't stop waiting for her carnal adventure to begin and perhaps do something to make it happen.

Such had been her thoughts that afternoon as she had sneaked back to the library storeroom. Right on schedule, the two homy teenagers had wandered back for their weekly rendezvous in the musty dimness of the seldom-used room.

She craned her neck, trying to get a better view of the frenzied fucking going on in the storeroom. The young man's long tongue came into view as he circled the stubby pink tip of the girl's tit and Sandy's own tits ached and quivered in response to the sight.

She used her free hand to push aside the thin fabric of her blouse. Her bra suddenly seemed too tight. As she scooped her throbbing tits from the lacy confines of her bra, Sandy breathed an almost audible sigh of relief.

Her nipples were hard, hot and aroused. Her fingers closed around one taut, throbbing tit-tip and rolled and rubbed it in the same way the young man was tongue-fondling the girl's tits. Her fingers continued their homy assault on the damp tunnel of her cunt and her heart pounded faster and faster. Her breath came in short, fast pants that would soon be heard by the rucking pair if she weren't careful.

She remembered the first time she'd caught the young couple fucking in the storeroom. They hadn't known she was there and her hungry eyes had devoured the raw force of their lusty fucking. Since then she had waited for them, sneaking back to enjoy the sight of them fucking each other so wildly.

Never having actually had a man, Sandy could only imagine the thrilling sensation of a hard, hot cock pumping deeply into her pussy. She found her slim fingers a poor substitute, but they were all she had to keep her from going crazy with unsatisfied desire. The wet, slurping sounds they made were enough to cause the sticky juice to gush from her swollen pussy.

From her position just outside the cracked door to the storeroom, Sandy was able to get a good view of the young couple. She marveled at the length of the young man's cock just before it disappeared from view into the willing mouth of the girl.

Sandy's own mouth watered as she tried to imagine just how wonderful and exciting cocksucking must be.

"Ooooohhhh," she whimpered, ever so softly. "I can't go on like this much longer."

At that point, she wasn't sure if she meant being without a man, or holding off her own orgasm.

She gulped and trembled violently as she watched the girl straddle the young man's hips and start to lower herself onto his aroused cock.

The squishy sound of their joining made Sandy moan hungrily. Her fingers worked desperately to bring pleasure to her poor, ignored body. She squeezed her tits fiercely, thrilling to the darting flickers of excitement it caused. "Mmmmm, I need it so bad," she whispered softly, her glazed eyes on the fucking couple.

The young girl pistoned her pussy onto the young man's angry-red prick. She moaned, over and over, then bounced even faster on his engorged cock, sending his meaty cock shaft plunging to the limit up her tight, young pussy. Sandy wanted so much to rush in the room and scream for him to fuck her as well. She wanted him to show her exactly what it was like to be gloriously fucked by a man instead of her own puny little fingers. Sandy timed the strokes of her finger-fucking to the raging tempo of the two young people fucking on the dusty floor of the storeroom. Her passion flamed as she listened to their moans and sighs of pleasure. Her thumb rubbed her homy clit as she pumped into her pussy. The extra pressure of her tight, aroused clit stub produced a sensation so wonderful, her knees almost buckled.

As the two young people noisily and wetly reached the crest of their passion, Sandy felt her own orgasmic tremors race throughout her trembling body. She bit her lips to keep from crying out as her pussy twitched and convulsed around her slick fingers.

After a few moments, the couple rolled apart and started to dress. Sandy quickly straightened her own clothing, pulling down her hiked-up skirt. Then she moved away to hide in a dark niche so they could pass on their way out of the back rooms of the library.

She stiffened and held her breath when she heard their voices coming close.

"Do you suppose she was here again?" the girl murmured, a smile sounding in her voice.

"Sure, she wants to get off as much as we do," the boy chuckled lewdly.

Sandy gasped, realizing she hadn't been nearly as discreet as she'd thought. Obviously the couple had known of her presence long before now. "It's too bad the only fun she can have is watching someone else fuck," the girl sighed.

"What can you expect?" the boy sneered as they passed the alcove where Sandy hid. "Boy, talk about a bow-wow." Their laughter floated back to where Sandy cringed in the tucked-away corner, her cheeks flushed bright red.

After making certain they were gone, Sandy rushed to the bathroom and stood, staring at her reflection in the wide mirror. With a sigh, she had to agree with the young man's appraisal. "A dog," she murmured glumly, in complete agreement with his assessment of her looks.

Her long, thick brown hair was pulled back tight from her face, and bunched up in a thick bun at the nape of her neck. She seldom stopped to use any make-up and it showed too clearly in the glaring light. Her glasses edged down, and she nudged them back with her finger, noting how the big, thick frames dwarfed her face and made her look like a big-eyed bug.

Her choice of clothing was just as bad. She saved every penny she could and made do with bargain-rack fashions.

Suddenly, Sandy felt an urge of spirit she hadn't even known she had. "I'll show him," she declared. "I'll show them all!"

Chapter 2

Although Sandy had learned to tamp down the fires of her lust with her own talented fingers, technically she was still a virgin. She hated that fact and ridding herself of her despised virginity was of first importance. She decided that Jeff Palmer, the owner of the local exercise club, could handle that little matter admirably.

Her heart was pounding as she waited in his office for her "consultation." True, she might actually go on with an exercise program to tone up-but the kind of exercise she really wanted needed no special equipment but his hot, hard cock! "Miss Lewis? I'm Jeff Palmer."

Her eyes gleamed as she took in his firm, muscled body. She'd heard about his instinct for sniffing out hot pussy and hoped it would help him to see the wanton woman beneath her drab exterior. She was relieved to see the way his eyes moved over her body, quickly, but thoroughly assessing. Sandy knew he was now seeing her as a woman instead of simply a potential customer.

He sat beside her on the sleek sofa and smiled. "Now, what can I do for you?"

"You can fuck me," she stated simply and clearly.

She smiled at the startled look on his face. Apparently he wasn't used to a woman being the aggressor. But Sandy had a lot of fucking to make up for and wanted nothing more than for her carnal instruction to begin right away. Jeff leaned back and surveyed her with a smoldering, heavy-lidded gaze. "You're interested in a more personal, mmm, exercise program, I take it."

"I'm a virgin," Sandy said boldly. "And I don't like it. I want you... want you to teach me all there is to really being a woman."

"I'm a very good teacher," Jeff murmured, as he reached out for her. "I hope you prove to be a good student."

"Oh, I plan to be," Sandy smiled, eager for the rapture to begin.

Layer by layer, Sandy's true beauty was revealed. Once the thick glasses were removed and the heavy bun of her hair loosened, she looked totally different-and totally feminine.

The drab, shapeless clothes soon revealed the lush curves of her ass and the uplifted fullness of her tits.

Jeff gave a low whistle as he slowly, sensually stripped her. Her figure was even better than he'd guessed.

"Baby, if you'd just change the packaging a little," he grinned, "you'll never have to worry about doing without again."

"Oh, I plan to," she smiled. "But I need some expert instruction in fucking first."

"You're getting it," he mumbled, nuzzling her neck.

Sandy hurriedly pulled at his shirt and gasped as she worked his jogging shorts down over his hips. His huge hot cock popped out, hard and ready to fuck. "God, I can't believe it's finally happening," Sandy gasped.

"Feel how hard I am for you, baby," he invited. Sandy closed her hand around his bulging prick. "Oh, God, you're so big," she gulped.

"The best to break that virgin pussy of yours," he grinned lewdly. "Yes, that's the way," Jeff groaned as Sandy slowly pumped his pulsing prick.

"Just follow your instincts, baby. Oh, you're a natural."

Pleased and excited by his approval, Sandy continued her fascinating groping. She happily explored every inch of Jeffs well-hung cock and the swelling fullness of his hairy balls. His surging prick felt hard and hot, pulsing with urgency. She could feel the same lusty longing building in her own body.

Jeff nibbled his way down her shoulders to the thrusting slopes of her big tits. His mouth was warm and wet against her sensitive skin and Sandy tingled all over. Her heavy, swollen tits ached and her nipples lengthened and grew hard with his touch. A piercing jolt of pleasure raced through her as Jeff stimulated the tight, hard tit peaks. She was being consumed by the heat of her passion and could hardly believe she was at last getting the thrills she'd wanted for so long. "Give me more... more," she begged softly.

Her hand closed around his surging cock shaft as Jeff nibbled in the pert, pink lips of her tits. She could feel the erotic sensations clear down to her pussy and it was an intoxicating feeling:-one she never wanted to do without again. He sucked her tits, drawing the warm titflesh deep into his mouth. Sandy moaned hoarsely. When he gasped, "Suck cock, baby," Sandy's mouth watered.

Jeff pulled her to the floor, pushing her head down toward his hard, jutting prick. "Come on, Sandy. Suck me off."

She gazed at his huge cock with awe. Lovingly, she ran her fingers through the tangle of crinkly hair surrounding his cock. Grasping the hard shaft of cock meat, she thrilled to the satisfying way it filled her hand. She knew it would fill her throat in a very exciting way, too.

"Ooooooh, so good... so big and hard and good." she whispered as she leaned over to lick at the swollen cock crown. Enjoying the musty male taste of his cock, she opened her lips wide and filled her mouth with his king-sized prick. "Uuuuuummmmmppppphhhhh," she moaned happily, as inch after inch of thick cock disappeared into her mouth. Sandy gobbled his cock greedily, using her tongue to tease and tantalize.

Jeff groaned at the intense sensations her tongue and lips produced. She might be a beginner at the game, but she was proving to be a damned quick learner.

Sandy pressed downward, relentlessly straining to take the fullness of his cock into her throat as far as possible. She continued until her face was mashed against his tangled mat of hair. It tickled and she wriggled her nose.

Slowly Sandy moved up and down on his thick prick. She moved back until her soft, pink lips circled the fleshy head of his prick. With short, sucking movements, she teased the swollen crown of his cock, flicking her tongue out to lick at the tiny slit in the center. Wet slurping noises came from deep in her throat as the moisture from her mouth coated Jeffs burgeoning dick. "You're doin' great, honey," Jeff mumbled.

Sandy felt an answering tingle in her cunt each time she impaled her mouth with his meaty cock. She started to piston her head rapidly, stopping now and then to grip his horny prick with her sharp little teeth.

Sandy could feel her steadily creaming pussy twitching and she dry-humped her hips in time with her cocksucking. She felt on fire, ready to explode from the pleasure. Sucking cock was even better than she'd imagined it would be. She loved the way she had to stretch her mouth to the limit to take in the meaty shaft of his prick.

She gurgled happily, her hips churning convulsively as she devoured his thick prick. Her cocksucking talents grew each time she took his hot cock into her throat. Jeff found it impossible to contain his flooding lust. He grabbed her head and held her firmly against his groin as he fucked into her mouth. "Lesson number two," he gasped, feeling the eruption of his passion. "Take it, honey, swallow my cum."

Sandy jerked, shocked as hot, wet spurts of thick cum spewed from Jeffs pulsing prick. The milky globs of cum splashed deep into her throat and Sandy hurried to gulp the steamy flow. It was a distinctive heady flavor and one that she loved immediately. Sandy sucked and swallowed fast and hard, anxiously trying to gulp down every wet morsel of his foamy seed. The hot, thick juice continued to splash into her throat in rhythmic eruptions, until at last the tide eased. Sandy let his softening cock go and looked at him with cum-slickened lips. "I'm ready for lesson three," she giggled. He grinned at her unashamed eagerness. "First, we ought to do something about that pure pussy of yours," he chuckled.

With that he moved in between her quivering thighs, sliding his half-hard prick along the creamy-wetness of her pussy. The heated contact with her humid cunt made his cock surge with revived \igor. Sandy squirmed excitedly. Just feeling how his prick grew long and hard as it pressed against her pussy made her so homy she thought she would scream. "If it feels this great just touching my pussy," she groaned, "fucking me is going to be fantastic."

"Oh, it surely will be," he agreed lustily.

The aroused muscleman stroked his pulsing prick up and down the full length of the girl's moist cunt. Without realizing it, she humped and arched her hips, unconsciously trying to angle her pussy so his prick could penetrate her. Jeff grinned at her unknowing demand for ball-deep fucking. This lusty librarian made him fully realize the truth of the saying: "You can't judge a book by its cover."

"Jeff, you've got me so hot." she panted. "Please, please... I can't take it. Give it to me now. Make me a woman!"

He drew her legs up against his chest, her thighs resting along his middle. With a single, savage stroke, Jeff thrust his huge, fully-hard cock into her slick cunt passage. "Aaaaiiiieeeee!" Sandy shrieked, as the thick prick invaded her virgin pussy, burying itself to the root. She felt stuffed, stretched wide from the sheer size of the man's big prick. Relaxed and eager, she had been totally unprepared for such a forceful assault on her virgin pussy. With that one fast, ferocious lunge, Jeff had effectively destroyed the last of her purity. "You're no cherry now," he grunted, with satisfaction. "Relax, baby. Hie pain will only last a minute. Just give yourself up to the pleasure your body is so very capable of creating." Sandy moaned, but crammed full of the muscleman's huge cock, she did feel the sharp, sudden pain beginning to diminish.

In its place a churning warmth was seeping in, pulsing and flowing hotly. The minor discomfort of losing her virginity was unimportant as the new heat of passion blazed in her body. Tense muscles relaxed, and she gave in to the flush of lust. Jeff started inching his bulging cock in and out of the depths of her pussy with agonizingly slow movements. He paused with only the plump head of his prick clasped in the tight walls of her cunt, then rammed home again with a quick, harsh thrust. Tiny droplets of her cunt cream splashed out around his driving cock with each ramming thrust. Sandy's eyes rolled and glazed as the full impact of her arousal washed over her. The sensation of his cock filling and fucking her was incredible. Now she realized just how much she'd missed out on. "But no more," she mumbled indistinctly. "No more. Now I'm going for it all."

Every single nerve ending seemed alive and pulsing with passion, especially in her filled, fiery cunt. The juice-slickened walls of her pussy grasped his plunging prick greedily, sucking and milking it instinctively.