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We all know that there are Angels and Devils.The Angels’ aim is to get as many Serene Hours as possible for their protégés as, in fact, the aim of every respectable Storm is to set a new SH record.The Devils’ aim, instead, is to get TOP (Tears Of Pain) which, after having been suitably collected, are transformed by their diabolic machinery into very precious diamonds that go to swell the already immense wealth of the General Devil.We know what this means because also on Earth we have examples of vast riches built on someone else’s tears.Here we only tell a small part of this conflict, which takes place every day and that will probably never end. But the 5th G.A.S. (Guardian Angels Storm) will not certainly be the first one to give up! Exciting adventures, humour... and some SH (Serene Hours) for everyone.

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Manuela Marinato – Giorgio Pezzin


(The threat of Zulphur)

Translation C & V Taylor Bonera  and Beatrice Pacecca

© Manuela Marinato – Giorgio PezzinAll rights reserved

Cover byGiorgio Pezzin

ISBN : 9788867555475 Narcissus Self Publishing

Ed. 16.01.2013 1°Rev. 04.02.2013 2°Rev. 15.03.2013

DRM Free (Watermark)

In memory of Lucia,
our guardian angel.


Chapter 1 On how the 5th Guardian Angels Storm is organized and what its duties are.

Chapter 2Where a typical feat of the mythical SOS Junior Section is narrated.

Chapter 3In which we take a closer look at our Guardian Angels’ adversaries, especially at the most dangerous ones.

Chapter 4In which our heroes, during a routine operation, have to face the most serious threat ever encountered.

Chapter 5 In which our friends of the SOS division arrive and immediately go into action.

Chapter 6In which the time is running out and it’s absolutely necessary to invent something.

The Authors

We all know that there are Angels and Devils.

The Angels’ aim is to provide as many SH (Serene Hours) as possible to their protégés as, in fact, the goal of every respectable Storm is to set a new SH record.

The Devils’ aim, instead, is to get TOP (Tears Of Pain) which, after having been suitably collected, are transformed by their diabolic machinery into very precious diamonds that go to swell the already immense wealth of the General Devil.

We know what this means because also on Earth we have examples of vast riches built on someone else’s tears.


Chapter 1

On how the 5th Guardian Angels Storm is organized and what its duties are.

Amidst the clouds, at the 5th G.A.S. (Guardian Angels Storm) headquarter, there was great commotion as everybody was hurriedly trying to line up to listen to the speech of the Archangel Commander who, from his clouds stage, was impatiently waiting for the moment when everybody was silent and had their attention on him.

«I remind you that our storm has for many years been at the top of the rankings and I absolutely want this supremacy to last, at least until I’m in command. Fifty-three mega millions of SH in the first six months of the year are a fine result, but woe betide you if you are thinking to rest on your laurels! Our protégés are becoming increasingly restless and imprudent; modern life on earth is becoming more and more complicated and dangerous and only our unrelenting and super professional protection can stop the Serene Hours that we provide every day from turning into sorrow and tears that would be immediately collected by our rivals, the devils.

You are never to drop your guard, never be sidetracked and never forget the absolute value of our mission. And now you can go and get to work!»

The Angels split up and everyone ran to his assignment: who had to immediately descend to Earth because his protégé had woken up and needed to be assisted during his daily activities; who had to report to his superior officer… «the child you are taking care of grazed his knees three times last week! What went wrong?...»; who had to instead attend refresher courses. In fact, some children had joined swimming classes and a swimming pool could be full of dangers. It’s obvious that those children’s guardian angels needed to take a lifesaving course and get to know each type of wave, current and eddy. Only in this way they would have been able to make the best of their job and keep the storm’s prestige and fame high.

Enrolled in the 5th G.A.S., there were at that moment a million Guardian Angels of all ages, split up throughout the various clouds bases of each Earth sector.

It is well known, in fact, that every man, woman or child on earth, has a guardian angel of more or less the same age who provides a highly personalized service with guidance, suggestions and considerations whispered in the ear every time the need arises.

This personalized service is the angels’ pride and also the secret of their success. Not certainly like the devils who haphazardly swarm around bumping into anyone they meet.

Sometime, it can also happen that three or four devils at the time pick on the same person, and this places a great burden on his guardian angel who has to counteract them; even if in such cases it is possible to call for backup since the SOS Division is there specifically for this purpose. However, the devils aren’t the only ones who can cause harm as there are also other life events that must be taken into account, like crossing the street, riding a bike at breakneck speed, trying out the new roller skates… in short there are thousands of chances of getting hurt and lose Serene Hours, and, consequently, the one-on-one personalized service – one angel for each human – is the only one allowing to maximize the benefits.

The guardian angel (or protector) grows up with his protégé and he usually flies just a little bit behind him, by his right side, while whispering advice in his ear. The apprentice angels must exercise quite hard to master flying in this position, which must be neither too far to avoid being unheard, nor too near to avoid becoming annoying (it has already happened that a boy who waved his arm to get rid of a nuisance he felt in his ear, fell from his new bike with serious consequences. The boy cried for nearly two hours and the tears were immediately collected, up to the last drop, by the devil on duty).

Obviously the protégé can’t see him and neither speak to him. In actual fact he doesn’t generally know that he is being constantly protected by his guardian angel and the advice that he receives seems to come directly from his own head.

«Don’t run so fast in this road full of stones… be careful with those scissors, you could cut yourself… don’t eat too much or you’ll get a tummy ache…» the guardian angel’s advices sound like the recommendations you could hear coming from any mum, but obviously they are far more timely and above all always at hand.

Adults’ guardian angels obviously have less physical work to do, but the problems they face are often far more challenging: marriages in crisis, problems with children (in that case the respective guardian angels do sometimes organize special work groups to try to solve the problem), conflicts with their office boss, etc.

Angels can’t obviously do everything. In the end are always their protégés who decide, thanks to their free will, whether to follow the advice from the angel or from the devil, which too often interferes. The Devil’s advice is often more convenient and less demanding. Carrying on eating those sweet and delicious snacks is much easier than making a healthy ham sandwich. Unfortunately, though, the dentist will later make us pay for it with tears of pain. It’s just what the devil has always been looking for, while for the poor angel there is nothing he can do other than try to cheer up the unfortunate fellow and hope that things will go better next time.

In the evening, when the protégés are asleep and the angels can rest a little, many of them return to their base entirely exhausted.

«…Just think, my protégé has joined a tennis club despite being nearly forty pounds overweight. You can’t imagine how vigilant I have to be in trying to stop him from eating too much, or from playing without having first properly warmed-up, or from getting angry when he loses…he doesn’t always listen to me and when he wants to do things his own way, I should really tell him to go to hell. The devil will take care of sorting him out for good!»

But angels have to make a weekly report of their activities and Cherubs Inspectors are very strict in their evaluation. Oh, if only those imprudent children realized how many problems they can cause their guardian angels! An imprudent child does, in fact, put his guardian angel under a lot of strain and often causes him to have nervous breakdowns. And yet it would take so little!

However, if the angel does his job well, he can be promoted to a higher rank and, above all, his protégé can count on many Serene Hours, which are added on the storm’s A.S.C. (Annual Serenity Counter). It’s precisely this counter that establishes the absolute supremacy of the 5th G.A.S. This storm’s protégés are in fact the ones who live longer and cry less than anyone else and, ultimately, they live better than anybody else on earth. It’s not a small thing.