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Things can't go on like this. After losing her boyfriend, her job, and her confidence all at once, Kate needs to escape from her lonely apartment. In a rustic retreat she finds a welcoming group of hot people, and they involve her in hot, unprotected sex with men and women that pushes her boundaries.~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~Kate found her suitcase lying on the bed. She opened it, thinking that maybe unpacking would help her get relaxed. The small closet and dresser provided plenty of space for the little she had brought. The bathroom was tiny, and she sighed when she saw there was no tub. So much for the idea of spending relaxing hours in the tub with a good book. A lot of good it did that she had remembered to bring bubble bath and a number of good books with her; the dream had to adapt to the place.She noted a sign on the wall titled Guest Services. A quick look told her that someone named Betty drove to town on Wednesday mornings. For a small fee, she would pick up groceries or things needed from the store, and take in and pick up laundry. That was helpful. She wouldn't need to go into town unless she wanted to.Besides her clothing, she had brought a few other necessities. She found her box sitting on the counter of the tiny kitchen. She opened it and took out a coffee press, kettle, ground coffee, three bottles of wine, corkscrew and some cheese and crackers. Enough, she thought, to avoid the necessity of going out to eat the first night. With luck, she'd find a deli in town and be able to stock up on some other food and hunker down in her little mansion on Helen's Hill.She opened a bottle of red wine and poured a big glass. "The first course of my nutritious meal," she laughed and took a close look at the place that would be home for month. The front porch occupied a corner of the house, with the bedroom taking the rest of the space in the front. The bedroom had two windows. One looked out to where her dusty car sat in the afternoon sun; the other opened onto the passage between houses. A shuttered window faced it on the other side. Kate smiled.The front door opened from the porch into tiny living room and the bathroom and kitchenette were opposite it. The living room had one window. Like the one in the bedroom, it faced a shuttered window on the shack across. If the shacks were similar in layout, she decided that her bedroom window would face a living room window on Helen's shack, and her living room would have a view of the neighbor's bedroom window. She thought of Helen's comment about the view. It didn't seem like much.The back of the living room had two back doors. "Curious," she muttered. Sipping her wine, she opened the one on her left. This was the one she and Helen had used coming in from the public space. At the bottom of the stairs were some of the lounge chairs she had seen earlier. Across the way, a dark-haired young woman with short hair sat reading a book. She wore a skimpy bikini had her chair situated in a sunny spot.Kate went back inside and tried the other door. "What's behind door number two?" she murmured, and found that it led inside a darkened room.

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The Viewfrom a Darkened Room


Copyright © 2012 Blair Erotica

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This is a work of fiction intended for adults; the people are not actual people but they act like them and a reader would be forgiven for thinking that they were real people. The places are fictional but the author has been in places quite similar. Finally, the story contains graphic depictions of sexual acts and is not suitable for children or those who find sex offensive.

~~ All characters in this book are 18 or older. ~~


AS THE DIRT ROAD wound through the hills, Kate got her first view of Helen's Hideaway and her heart sank. It seemed to be nothing more than a cluster of small wooden shacks sitting on a hill, nestled among some lovely trees. The road ended there, so she had to be at the right place. Too late, Kate realized that she probably should have read the information on the place more carefully before she booked a cabin for an entire month, but once she had made up her mind to get out of the city it had seemed important to do it quickly.

Still, whatever awaited her at the end of this road had to be better than hiding in her apartment, sitting in the dark with the shades drawn, waiting to feel better. Helen's Hideaway might not be a fancy retreat, but it offered a change and she needed a change.

When she pulled up, she saw an attractive woman in halter-top and shorts watching her. She looked for a place to park and the woman waved to her, indicating a spot in front of the smallest of the shacks. The web site called them as bungalows, but Kate knew shacks when she saw them.

"You must be Kate Williams," the woman said. "I am Helen." Kate noted that the woman was fair but tanned. She seemed to be the outdoor type.

"Wilhelm," Kate corrected her. "Kate Wilhelm."

"Oh, my apologies," she said.

Kate laughed. "It isn't your fault. On the telephone, it always comes across as Williams. Everyone gets it wrong."

Helen smiled cheerfully. "And I try so hard not to be like everyone else! Doesn't that show you? It keeps a person humble." She turned and gave a shrill whistle. "Sorry. Just needed to summon Greg," she said apologetically. "It's the only thing that works. He pretends to be a bit deaf when there is work to do. "

A very fit man in his thirties came walking from between two of the houses. He wore shorts and tee shirt. Like Helen, he was barefoot. Kate guessed he was a little older than Helen was, and with the rugged good looks of another outdoor type.

"This is Kate," Helen said. "She will be staying a month in bungalow one. Kate this is my partner Greg."

Greg nodded and smiled at her. "Welcome, Kate," he said. She was certain his eyes lingered on her a little longer than necessary to put a face to the name. The way he stared, she figured he would remember her bra size, but it was a flattering look. "Can I grab your bags?" he asked. "I'll put them inside while Helen shows you the lay of the land."

Helen handed him the keys to her car. "That would be lovely. There is just one suitcase and small box of things for the kitchenette."

"No problem," he said.

"We normally don't have many guests this time of year," Helen told her. "But life is full of surprises. As it is, you got the last available bungalow. It is the smallest. Actually, it was the first one my father built, so it is a bit special to me, even though it isn't necessarily the nicest one. I think it has the nicest view as well, but that is for you to decide," she said with an odd smile. She led the way down the narrow corridor between her shack and the next one and into a large public area. "There is gas barbecue grill if you want to use it," Helen said. There were some tables with umbrellas and chairs in the center, and lounge chairs around the edges. "People gather a bit to socialize here in the evenings. Sometimes we organize a barbecue, but every evening there seems to be some kind of low-key get together. It usually starts and ends rather early, so the noise doesn't keep you up. It is never anything organized, as we aren't keen on that sort of thing. We leave you to introduce yourself if you like."

She pointed at a young man with olive skin and dark hair walking across the patio. "That is your neighbor, Carl," she said. "He seems to be a nice man."

She shook her head at the hint. "I am not here to socialize," she said. "Not right now, at least."