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Opis ebooka The Vice President The War Directive - Carolinadeivid .

Advanced technology meant new and easily concealed never seen before Weapons of Mass Destruction distributed to billions globally to unsuspecting masses. Torture and genocide at unprecedented levels. The inadequacies of the current global justice system and it's collapse after the realization that these institutions were created and are funded by the very people who are secretly committing genocide and breaking the Jus Cogens laws. The need for a real Super Global Power. The rise of: Tomorrow's World Order. Will they succeed to destroy evil? The only time the world came together putting their differences aside to deliver justice and protect humanity from evil forever. The world will never be the same again. A new world order.

Opinie o ebooku The Vice President The War Directive - Carolinadeivid .

Fragment ebooka The Vice President The War Directive - Carolinadeivid .





War Directive

When War Is the Only Option


Copyright © 2018 Carolinadeivid

All rights reserved.

A David Gomadza Production.

Carolinadeivid have asserted their rights under Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 to be identified as the authors of this work.


“We have achieved great over the centuries. People have fought and died for us to have what we have today. The dreams of all those who died were to take humanity to the next level of advancement as nature intended. Unfortunately, some have forsaken all that and are taking us back to the time we had nothing. The time we were ravaged with all kinds of problems. We cannot let that happen! We have rights and obligations to preserve and advance humanity. Unfortunately, some have chosen the evil road, but I stand here today and declare war to them. We shall attack like a wildfire from all corners of the earth until there is not even a smoldering stump left.”


This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.


A big thanks to the Touchladybirdlucky Studios and best wish to the Carolinadeivid Brand.


Hostis Humani Generis:

“The torturer has become – like the pirate and the slave trader before him...  Hostis Humani Generis an enemy of all mankind”, wrote the court.  Filártiga v. Peña-Irala[Wikipedia]

Jus Cogen: A peremptory norm...is a fundamental principle of the international law that is accepted by the international community of states as a norm from which no derogation is permitted.” [Wikipedia.]

Universal Jurisdiction.

“...certain crimes pose so serious a threat to the international community as a whole that states have a logical and moral duty to prosecute an individual or state responsible; therefore, no place should be a safe haven for those who have committed genocide,crimes against humanity, extrajudicial executions, war crimes, torture…..” [Wikipedia].

The only time the world got together [Collective justice] putting their differences aside to deliver justice and protect humanity from evil forever.

The Rise of Tomorrow's World Order: with a military wing and powers to execute justice swiftly and instantly stripping away individual and state immunity in a flash. No one is immune.

A house has a head

A school has a Headteacher

A university has a Chancellor

A military has a Commander-In-Chief

A country has a President/Prime Minister

For the first time in the history of mankind the Globe has a Global Leader: The rise of Tomorrow's World Order. [TWO] The current institutions are not fit for purpose and incapable of addressing global issues for most they are just extensions of the people who created them people also involved in secret-rights-abuse. TWO shall address all the shortfalls of these institutions: lack of a military wing, lack of power to strip away state immunity among others.

The rise of the Inbuilt-Gun.

The world should move away from defensive economies to proactive superior economies that foster human development and its advancement as the way nature intended.


“I think you are overreacting. None of the things you mentioned warranty such a global response.”

Gabriel shook with rage unable to contain his anger. He got up and staggered toward the window in the office. He flipped the curtain sideways.

“Hostis Humani Generis if you ask me?”

Henry spat the wine out of his mouth.


“You heard me!”

“No. Gabriel, anger can cloud your judgment. Why don’t you take a break from all this? I will assign someone else.”

“Why are you defending them? We all know that they have become worse than the pirates and the slave traders before them. In fact, they are still doing what was abolished years ago. I don’t care whether it’s done secretly or not that won’t change the fact that they have become the enemies of mankind.”

“Can you prove it?”

“You are missing the point. Are you familiar with the term; Jus Cogens?”


“There is a universal agreement that torture, crimes against humanity, genocide, etc. are unacceptable. It’s compelling law. These are values from which no exemption is permitted. Violations of these laws automatically makes one a Hostis Humani Generis. An enemy of mankind and as such thus any nation can capture and put him or her on trial.”

“Saying it, is one thing and proving it is another.”

“Henry, listen to me. Torture and other crimes like genocide are violations that are of global concerns. These are laws that were put in place to create a torture-free-world yet despite all these they are still derogating from these.”

Henry walked to the window and looked outside.

“Let me tell you perhaps the oldest story you will doubtlessly hear.”

Gabriel interrupted.

“There is no justification for evil doings whatsoever. These are peremptory values from which no derogation is permitted.”

“Don’t be too quick to judge. I am just saying put yourself in their shoes.”

Gabriel glared at Henry with evil eyes.

“You are not getting what I am saying. I am saying there is no justification whatsoever to commit these crimes. None! These are near universal agreements that torture is unacceptable. Comprehend?”

Henry smiled.

“Hear me out first. The story goes like this. This bible Pharaoh accepted people from other countries but then realized that his way of life was inconsistent to what these people expected. He didn't want to change his ways, but he was not bothered by their presence only if they didn't interfere. The people grew cleverer and realized that universal norms and rights were being violated. They raised the issues, but this Pharaoh realized that he had to do something before things got out of hand. He ordered all midwives to unlawfully tag all kids born to foreigners. He ordered the midwives to kill all male babies in order to preserve his people. Killing according to him, would guarantee purity of his people's gene-pool. There can never be dilution of his people even if it means killing all these foreigners so be it. He suggested.”

Gabriel paced in the office fuming with rage.

“Nevertheless, that is not a justification for derogating from peremptory values.”

“Let me finish. See, he was in a predicament. He had a goal to preserve his culture. A duty to preserve his people by avoiding dilution of his people's genes. A duty to preserve and ensure the existence of his people. A duty to limit the foreigner’s population so as not to grow to cause problems in the future. What can he do?”

Gabriel instantly stopped and gazed at Henry.

“Let me get this straight. You are suggesting that he has to kill members of the group?”

Henry looked at him and nodded.

“Further, he has to cause serious bodily and or mental harm to the group?”

“Precisely, so that no one can context his leadership in the future. Who will if they are all lunatics? See my point.”

“Hang on, are you implying that this was a plan to preserve the gene-pool of his people thereby sustaining their existence?”

Henry smiled and sipped his wine.

“Don’t tell me that you are suggesting that they are consciously creating conditions that will make it impossible to miscegenate? Does that mean that the use of these watermarks is true?”

“Listen Gabriel like I suggested he is doing everything to protect his way of life. His God given right. So how can you suggest the Hostis Humani Generis?”

“They are creating conditions to curb births of the group through use of man-made-viral agents and secretive threats.”

Henry looked at him and smiled.

“Do you know how many foreign parents are declared unfit to look after their own kids? Do you know how many kids are in foster homes?”

Gabriel stopped and glanced at Henry.

“Wait, a minute.”

Henry stared at him and smiled.


“Damn it! All the elements you have mentioned are the exact points needed to successively argue a genocide case as defined in Article 2 of the Convention and Prevention of Genocide Act of 1948.”

“The oldest trick in the bible.”

“If it’s so in the open why has no one contended that way.”

Henry flashed his winning smile.

“It takes a great mind and great courage you know.”

He paused.

“My friend the bible is the answer to all your problems but not the way everyone understands it today. You must go deeper. Nevertheless, the fact remains that one man’s freedom fighter can be another man’s terrorist.”

“Article 1 of the 1984 Torture Convention refers to torture as a certain fundamental dominant principle of international law that can never be broken.”

“Gabriel the main question here is that can you prove it to warrant a global solution?”

“Proving it or not a Hostis Humani Generis is mankind’s enemy and torture has universal jurisdiction and as such the world should be called upon to take action and deliver justice.”

Henry beamed.

“Do you think that all these people don’t know that? This is a plan implemented with the full knowledge and intent to cause all the points argued above like I said in order to preserve their way of life.”

“Precisely the requirements for a genocide case to succeed.”

“If you open the Bible, Exodus 1:15, it reads:

Then the king of Egypt told the Hebrew midwives, whose names were Shiphrah and Puah, 16“When you help the Hebrew women in childbirth, look at the child when you deliver it. If it’s a boy, kill it, but if it’s a girl, let it live.”

“Likewise, today’s midwives have adopted the same roles especially with this technological advancement that has seen boys getting killed easily.”

“What do you mean?” inferred Gabriel.

Henry smiled and walked to his comfortable sofa.

“There is a lot you don’t know.”

He put his hand in his pocket and took out a coin and flipped it in the air before tossing and twisting it. The coin spinned several times before it flattened on top of the table. He picked it up and showed it to Gabriel.

“In life there are two sides of everything would you agree?”

Gabriel looked at the coin and sat down.


“Just like a coin. Tossing it can give you two outcomes; a tail or a head, good or evil and a gift or a curse.”

“So, what are you saying?”

“You know why no one believe people like you? It’s not because you don’t know what you are talking about. No. Neither is it that you are lying. No.”

Henry supped up his wine.

“So, what is it?”

“It’s simply because they are very clever, deceitful and very devious. They have created a technological tool that is claimed to help everyone. Most swear by it because to them this has been a life changing tool with goodness after goodness. But little do they know that even though the same tool is like a coin with two sides. To them every time they have tossed the coin, they have always got one outcome that is the tail and never the head side, but there are two sides of the coin. What do we know about the probability of tossing a coin?”

Gabriel sat up straight.

“Since the coin is fair, each flip has an equal chance.”

“Precisely, but this is the trick. Their coin is jammed so that they can only have one-outcome. In other words, this is a controlled outcome. A programmed sequence. A pre-defined outcome. Whereas in situations you are talking about the outcome is left to chance. Any outcome good or evil has an equal chance. Having that in mind. All the people you have approached just for argument’s sake have their coin stuck on one probability; the good side. They also know that you and they have the same tool so to them it’s obvious the outcome for both you and them will always be good. This is because this is the only outcome they know. Mentioning otherwise is something that is remote and very impossible. You both are on the same footing so to them you might simply be talking another language.”

“In one person the same tool is a blessing in that it helps a couple conceive as it is used in fertility treatment yet to the unlucky ones the same tool can be a curse that it actually prohibits conception. Therefore, acts like a fertility hindrance.”

Gabriel got up.

“Genocide! Article 2d. Imposing measures to limit and control population growth through controlling births.”

Henry smiled.

“The same tool can be used to impact and or alter eggs, embryos and sperms etc. through continuous shaking and inducing reactions through electric stimulation and that can be easily done remotely.”

“You mean causing baby deformities and miscarriages?”

“Absolutely, remember the Pharaoh’s plan of trying to control the population by limiting the number of births and killing those already born.

Exodus 1.22:

Then Pharaoh commanded all his people to throw into the Nile every Hebrewboy that was born, but to let every girl live.

“This not only destroys the young boy babies but also controls population by deterring the people from having kids or wanting to have kids if rates of deformities and disabilities are high.”

“Is that humanly? Genocide I would suggest?”

“Precisely, all points mentioned so far; genocidal attributes.”

Henry smiled further.

“It does not end there.”

Henry smiled and sipped his wine.

“Tell me about it. The tool itself cause unwanted outcomes to scare people and prohibit births. The problem is the ability to convince those you reported to that the same tool they have is the same tool that is causing all these defects in kids. The same tool that is increasing disability rates. Mind you to them this tool is a blessing. Like I have pointed out above. There are two sides to everything. On one hand the same tool helping a couple to conceive on the other the same tool causing infertility in another couple.”

“Wait, a minute. The discriminatory aspect of genocide?”

“You got that right.”

“Another fundamental requirement in order to successfully argue the genocide and crimes against humanity cases?”

“Precisely. The Pharaoh was afraid that his people were going to be diluted by these foreigners, so he devised this plan with full intend and knowing exactly what he was doing. Implemented these acts that in turn amounted to genocide as there was a discriminatory element toward the outsider.”

“Like I suggested, saying it is one thing and proving it is another thing.”

Gabriel gnashed.

“Now that you clarified some issues for me, I think I will be able to prove that all their actions amounts to genocide even though they have their own reasons.”

“Just Cogens!”

“Exactly. No matter what their justifications might be. to preserve their gene pool, their way of life, avoid dilution of their people etc. still in international law they are derogating and breaking these compelling law norms from which, no derogation is permitted with suffering the consequences.”

Henry nodded his head.

“It boils down to how can you prove it otherwise it’s an open-and-closed case. Guilty as fuck.”

A brief knock at the door interrupted the two men. Henry's secretary opened the door and stood there.

“Can I bring in your coffee Sir?”

Henry raised his hand and instantly the woman left before the door was shut behind her.

Gabriel got up and walked to the cabinet.

“What about these epidemics which conspirators have attributed to man-made agents? Can we establish the nexus?”

Henry smiled and looked at Gabriel.

“The bible my friend has all the answers. What do you know about the plagues of Egypt?”

“God punished Pharaoh for disobeying him by not letting the Israelites go?”

“Okay for argument’s sake let’s just say there is no God.”

“What? I grew up in a Christian family and I strongly believe in God. Behold. I am Gabriel; the archangel. The messenger of God.”

They both laughed.

“My friend what people don’t know is that the bible is a colonizing tool or a manual.”

“Henry is it the wine? Maybe you should have your tea.”

Henry smiled.

“Wine calms me down but I am as sober as a war horse.”

There was a moment of silence.

“The bible is like a coin as I have suggested at the beginning. It has two meanings. One to you and another to the others. The bible was written as a manual for colonizing and conquering the world.”

Gabriel grinned.

“You think I am joking. That is what the people don’t realize. The bible was written as a secret, concealed conquering manual with exact methods of how to conquer and remain in power.”

Gabriel cursed.

“Henry stop drinking the wine my friend. Colonizing manual? I don’t think so. The bible is a good book showing mankind how-to live-in peace.”

“You seem to contradict yourself. A minute ago, you said that the tool was a bad thing being used to cause genocide.”

“The same as the bible. To you, you only see one outcome, or you have the tail side of a coin no matter how many times you toss the coin. Why? They let you see only that side, and to you, I can’t blame you because this is the only side you swear by? The only side you know.”

Gabriel looked down and listened attentively.

“The plagues are ways of controlling the population assuming there is no God, and the bible is written by man as a manual of how to colonize and stay in power. First let me explain this. To reiterate I said the Pharaoh wanted to preserve his people by avoiding dilution through miscegenation and limiting the foreign population, right?”


“To Pharaoh to preserve his population he must also find a way of preserving that population. Have you ever heard about watermarks?”

“Off course! Used to deter use of something or allows other to know the rightful owner of something,”

“The plagues are watermarks that can be used to preserve such a people and punish the others. All at God’s disposal to use to punish Pharaoh. Today’s man-made viral agents are used to preserve and limit births. Look at the convention, I quote:

“Article 2 of the Convention and Prevention of Genocide part: ‘deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part.’  Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;

Henry stood up and sat on the corner of the table.

“First like I argued above the Pharaoh to preserve his people he had to come up with ideas that will only affect the foreigners and not his people. In this case the development of viral-like watermarks to preserve his people comes to mind and the manufacturer of antidotes so that they won’t be affected. That means also no antidote to the foreigners. Having said that let’s look at the plagues to get a better understanding; Plague 1. This was used to control population by way of changing or imposing conditions that would cause death and destruction of a population or group. Turning water into blood. Water can mean life and if life is turned into, blood could mean death,”

“Article 2-part c; ‘deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part”

Henry paused and looked at Gabriel.

“Yes, the idea being that killing fish in the river will starve the people of food, destroying the water, making it stink thereby discouraging its consumption by the others,”

“Are you saying a genocide tool to limit and control birth?”

“You can say that. It boils down to the same idea. Do anything it takes to preserve the people's gene pool and way of life at any expense. Even if it means using man-made viral agents so be it.”

“Plague 2. Creating nuisance deliberately by choosing people who will cause disturbances of peace. Send thieves to break in and steal and cause all kinds of issues to make their stay uncomfortable. This can mean toy-soldiers or kid soldiers.”

He paused.

“Plague 3. Making and the use of man-made viral agents that can be used to cause all kinds of issues discouraging births and in turn limiting population growth. You can say a genocide tool also nevertheless a crime. I can go on talking about all the plagues but if you look deep, you will notice that these are tools used even today to control population and preserve a people. Even if these can't be categorized successful as acts of genocide.”

Gabriel looked at Henry before a knock at the door interrupted the two.

“Sir are you sure you don’t want a cup of tea?”

“Okay bring it we might as well have some.”

“So, this is a clear-cut case of guilty?”

“As I see it yes. Easy to establish the nexus. The link between the acts and the accused. Look at Pharaoh he did not carry out the attack or killings himself but ordered the midwives to act upon his call. The question applies to the case of the midwives who agreed and carried out the act therefore guilty and since it’s a direct command from top the Pharaoh was guilty as well. If the midwives had refused, then that would be a different story altogether but obeying the order established the nexus’ requirement.”

“They can argue that they did not possess the means to carry out the attack?”

“My friend the world has developed, and technological advancement has meant being tortured remotely with someone you don’t know. The guilt burden is on the whole institution and the Pharaoh who gave the command. Look at the drones, they are operated remotely same as the torture devices proof that torture is happening secretly and concealed. What if the device can emit a high-voltage-current that is used to torture the person? Even though it is operated at grassroots level. Nevertheless, this only points to the devolution of power to local councils and therefore these guilty as fuck as their leader.”

“This is how you proceed. You need to automatically establish a widespread and systematic attack on a group here foreigners that is based on a plan and a policy devised by the Pharaoh or whoever if in power to curb population and avoid the dilution of his people's gene pool through miscegenation by the Israelites, etc. Therefore, you need to meet all the conditions to establish a genocide case.”

“That brings me to another point. So far, I have a single detailed case that is beyond doubt an abuse and a violation of the peremptory norms. How do I prove that even though I can prove this case nevertheless the attack was systematic and widespread?”

Henry looked at Gabriel before lifting a cup of tea.

“The idea in extermination, where there are mass killings is to prove that even though the tool this time killed one, when the plan was to kill many still it can amount to an extermination. You only need to prove that the same tool at same or similar given situation has killed many even though in your case it killed one maybe because there was a signal jammer nearby that affected its operations thereby limiting the number of causalities.”

“Having said that I think you are right to raise the notion of Hostis Humani Generis.”

“That’s what I am saying that it does not matter in the global eyes what are your reasons or your justifications for carrying out torture. You can’t torture someone in order to preserve your way of life. The fact remains that in the eyes of the international law you are an enemy of mankind therefore there is a universal jurisdiction. They have become like a pirate an evil of mankind hence the idea of global punishment.”

“Remember also I raised the notion of one man’s freedom fighter being another man’s terrorist?”

“I know but still in law there are notions referred to as the Jus Cogens. They have a near universal agreement or consensus that they are referred to as compelling laws and norms which there is no derogation that is accepted. In other words, there is nothing sovereign above these acts. Torture, oppression, genocide and crimes of aggression are above Pharaoh or anyone.”

“Are you suggesting that any agreement that first violates these is void?”

“Precisely. Any arguments to protect oneself that first violates these e.g. the non-use of torture is therefore automatically void because the treaty interferes with the Peremptory norms.”

“This brings home my point that therefore violating these peremptory laws is considered as Hostis Humani Generis. An act that violates human rights globally and therefore any punishment is a global collective one.”

There was a moment of silence.

“By collective action are you suggesting that each, and every country should punish them?”

“Exactly. We all have a collective duty to punish them as they have broken global rules. In other words, they have abused the whole global justice system, and the punishment is collectively decided.”

“They cannot plead ignorant or unaware of global peremptory laws. Everyone knows oppression was abolished. Everyone knows no torture is permitted no matter what. Whether secretly concealed or not. Everyone knows extermination is classed as a genocide act. Everyone knows genocide is a crime. It does not matter what are your reasons. It could be to preserve your people still this interferes with compelling laws. Still a crime and as far as I am concerned there is no one above the law.”

“Are you suggesting ganging up on them?”

“I know it sound harsh, but they have tortured and are still doing it no matter how it’s disguised. Look at the epidemics in recent years even though we can’t prove it now I think it will be easy to establish the nexus relationship. It can be said that they have a vested interest and as such we can easily establish the nexus criteria. They are still milking these places therefore they have every reason to control and monitor whatever happens there, and that gives us all the reasons to bring the case against them.”

Henry threw a quick glance at Gabriel.

“Can you prove that they have implanted the [IMD] tool in all that died? Can you prove the tool is the one used to cause these epidemics? Can you link the victims and them? Can you prove there is a plan or policy being followed? Can you establish that there is a discriminatory aspect to all this? They can simply acknowledge that yes this happened but in the past and they can’t be held responsible for their father’s mistakes?”

“My point is that this can be proved. I argue that they are guilty because they are still perpetuating the evil done even if this was in the past instead of amending their father's mistakes. Looking at the past epidemics there is strong evidence to suggest whatever killed all those people was a man-made threat. Is it also not irony that the people affected had asked for more funding?”

“You mean; why not have poison instead?”

“Precisely even though this is just a logical thinking.”

“This does not end there. The tool is a secret Weapon of Mass Destruction. [WMD] to be exact a remotely operated evil weapon of mass destruction [ROEWMD].”

Henry breathed heavily.

“I just can’t believe that you even suggested that everyone has this tool. Are you implying that everyone has a weapon of mass destruction?”

“You said that a coin has two sides and for some they will never see the other side or outcome. Same applies here.”

Henry touched his lips.

“I see. In that case can you explain further.”

Gabriel sat up straight and gazed at Henry.

“The device is a lethal-high-voltage emitting tool devised to literally fry someone. It can explode. Theoretically, anything that has a voltage has the capabilities of exploding if too much is introduced. Do you agree?”


“If the tool is cheap and can easily be implanted into the body, it can be a weapon. This can be done on a massive scale. If the tool is used to control body functions e.g., body temperature operated remotely like a drone, then it can be used to kill too. Logic thinking. If the device can be used to induce the good functions surely, it’s open to anyone to suggest that thus as such the device equally can be used to produce evil. Having said that, I read in the papers of someone who was fried to death. Although in the paper the causes were attributed to the effects of the sun, this person was fried so badly that his eyes looked like those of a fried fish and trust me no sun can do that.”

“Don’t tell me that you are suggesting that the tool caused this?”

“Might have malfunctioned or has been hacked by the enemies.”

“Gabriel still that cannot explain epidemics.”

“I am getting down to that. The tool is like a cassette or CD player. It relies on a cassette tape or a CD to function properly.”

Gabriel paused and looked at Henry.

“Yes, go on.”

“The tool is like a computer, that requires software to be loaded into from an external source....”

“Wait, a minute. You said the tool is like a cassette, a CD player now a computer Make up your mind.”

“Yes, it is like all those and more. First it relies on an external source to function properly. Picture a human being needing food to exist. The tool relies on externally induced software that commands it to carry out functions remotely? The device is used to artificially produce electric impulses that are generated and sent to various parts and organs of the body giving commands to expand or contract or to secret body fluids, etc. In other words, the device takes over your normal neurological activities and nerve functions. This is the same as in Hijacking.”

“I don’t believe you.”

“Take a pacemaker for example it sends electric commands in the form of impulses to make the heart contract thereby producing a heartbeat. It relies on external control and inbuilt commands to control body functions of the heart. Correct?”


“If the tool can be used to carry out the good bodily functions what stops it to carry out the evil functions? Instead of sending the electric impulses it can be used to stop or block the electric impulses. Two sides of the coin remember.”

Henry instantly got up and walked toward the window.

“Imagine the power one will have if they can control the whole world that way? Talking about greedy people who would want to enslave the whole world just imagine how the tool would appeal to them.”

“Immensely huge gains. I agree. But it’s just hard to believe that a man-made device is the one killing all these people?”

“Systematic and widespread killings, with intent and full knowledge of the acts. A plan and policy to control population and the resources’ usage. Enormous vested interests.”

“Crimes against humanity and genocide.”

“They have relationships or connections and unconditional interests in all the affected areas. They are still milking these areas and therefore it can be argued that they have a plan or policy regarding these affected areas. Therefore guilty.”

“The tool is used in the blackmailing of the people. Also, in the secretly intimidating and threatening of the people.”

“But you also mentioned carrying out oppression? How can you explain that?”

Gabriel sat comfortably in his sofa.