Less did the Maxwells' know that a simple weekend would turn so disastrous for them, and would end up giving the narrator an idea for his next unfunny story. Sounds strange? It surely is, just as the story proceeds. Go through a short history of how Maxwells' climbed the leadersof success. then how a song changed their life. Last, but not the least, how they encountered, what we call, a 'ghost' and how a song acted like a 'holy cross' for them. All this, with a tinge of unfunny humour, which gives the title of this book. So, sit back and enjoy the ride as we go through a journey filled with cringe, humour, and somewhat horror.

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Roshan Sarkar

The Untold and Unfunny Horror Story

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The Untold and Unfunny Horror Story





















This one is dedicated to my family, my friends, my teachers, who have always been supportive.

Also, I would like to mention my friend, Josh Cooper for his contribution in making the front cover, because I’ve got zero knowledge about Photoshop.





















Unlike Other Horror Stories

I caught cold, thanks to excessive consumption of spearmint flavored chewing gums. I am not really sure, but I guess I was like, a moment away from brain freeze, because I tried to act edgier in front of my friends by drinking a glass of cold water, with the chewing in my mouth.

It’s a common belief that the first impression of a person is usually his last impression. If that’s actually the case, then I am pretty sure I didn’t start with a bang, because with that incident above, I don’t think people would like me. Just kidding, people like me a lot (*laughs nervously*). Well, come on, it’s just a common cold! Now how I caught this crap? Who cares about that part? I was planning to write a long speech with the title being, “Don’t care about what people think about you.” Or, “91 ways to tackle criticism (101’s a bit too mainstream).” For now, let’s just keep those topics on halt, I might cover those topics in any of my book in future, assuming I run out of ideas (that day is certainly not that far).

Okay, enough of random-blabbering, let’s get straight into the story.

It is based on a true story…

(*coughs* yeah, right. Totally true! *coughs*)

This story accounts to an incident that took place with Curtis Maxwell and his wife Sierra Maxwell, back in their weekend cottage, around 3 weeks ago. Like every other couple existing on this planet, Curtis and Sierra have been living a happy married life, and every weekend, they spend their time in the weekend cottage (which is the reason why it’s named “weekend cottage”).

So, what is a weekend cottage? It’s a small cottage, with a bedroom or two, located in the outskirts of a city, where a family spends their time, enjoying the gifts of nature by fishing, trekking, etc.

But, when it comes to Maxwell’s describing their “weekend cottage”, this is how it goes.

*In a voice filled with pride and capability of giving a small loan of a million dollars to any random person he wants.*

“It’s a very small, two storeyed cottage (totally small), with four walls