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Scrapbooking is the number one fastest growing hobby inhouseholds today. Young and old are creating beautifulalbums to preserve their memories forever.There are many different techniques and styles to use withyour photos.Although this hobby can be quite expensive there are manyresources to help you save time and money. Scrapbookingis for everyone, even if you have a full time job and a familyto look after. Scrapbooking can be a great way to ease yourstress while giving you the pride of creating a masterpiece

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Table of Contents

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Chapter 1



The Ultimate Scrapbooking Guide

“Discover How to Quickly and

Easily Create Beautiful Scrapbooks

with Little Effort.”





Scrapbooking is the number one fastest growing hobby in

households today. Young and old are creating beautiful

albums to preserve their memories forever.

There are many different techniques and styles to use with

your photos.

Although this hobby can be quite expensive there are many

resources to help you save time and money. Scrapbooking

is for everyone, even if you have a full time job and a family

to look after. Scrapbooking can be a great way to ease your

stress while giving you the pride of creating a masterpiece.




What you will find here:

In this ebook you learn about several ideas and tips to start

your first scrapbook. This doesn’t have to be an

overwhelming experience. There are many ways to save

time and money while enjoying your new found hobby.

You will learn the different types of albums to choose from,

and decide which would best suit your needs.

Also learn the quickest and easiest way to sort through your

photos and keep them in an organized fashion.

This ebook will also give you many scrapbooking ideas while

saving your budget.

Feel free to add your own creative touches to any of your

scrapbooking pages. This is what gives each scrapbook an

individual look.

A scrapbook definition is available for those first time




Scrapbook Definitions:


Acid-free: Means the product has a pH of 7 or higher. Acid

is a chemical used to make paper. This makes the paper

break down easily. The higher the pH in the paper, the

more durable the paper is. If the paper you are using

contains acid, it can discolor, damage, and deteriorate your



Adhesive: Glues or tapes that hold items together.

Adhesives come in different forms, including, tabs, glue

sticks, double stick tape, and glue dots. Some adhesives

are removable to allow you to reposition them.


Archival quality: This term is used to describe the quality

of the paper or material. This insures the product you are

using will not discolor or disintegrate over time.


Buffering: This process is used in adding calcium

carbonate to neutralize acids. Paper that has been buffered

contains alkaline filler. This will protect the paper from

absorbing acids in the future.


Cropping: To crop a photo, means to cut out the elements

you do not wish to display. This will take away any

distractions from your subject. There are several ways to

crop your photos. The most common way is to use a

straight edge. This can be achieved with a paper cutter or



Die Cuts: Die cuts are paper cut outs used to enhance your

scrapbook pages. They come in a variety of shapes, colors,

and sizes. You can purchase die cuts in a craft store or

other retail stores. You can customize your own die cuts

using a die cut machine.


Emboss: A technique used to create a raised image on

paper. Heat and powder embossing are the two most

popular ways to emboss.


Journaling: This can be used to document your feelings,

memories, or tell a story about the photo you are displaying.

It can be as simple as writing the names and dates of the

event in your scrapbook.


Inking: This is a technique to use to create a different type

of image on your scrapbook pages. Inking can also give an

antique or weathered look to your page.


Lignin-free: Paper that is lignin-free will not disintegrate or

become brittle over time. You should use paper that is acidfree

and lignin-free in your scrapbook.


Mat: To frame a photo with paper so there is a layer

between the photo and the background. Cardstock is used

in this process. You can use printed or plain background

paper. Use a color that stands out in your photo.


Mylar: Mylar is a protective covering to use for your

scrapbook photos.


Page Protector: A page protector is a plastic cover to

insert your pages into. This can be removed to design your

scrapbook page and replaced once it is done.


pH: pH is the amount of acid your paper contains. The pH

in scrapbook paper should be at least 7. The higher the

number is the lower the acid amount.


Photo safe: This label is used on products that are safe for

scrapbooks. This term is used to indicate acid-free and

lignin-free products.


PVC free: PVC stands for Polyvinyl chloride, a plastic used

in sheet protectors. Scrapbooking products should be PVC



Templates: Templates come in acrylic or plastic sheets

with cut out shapes. They can be used to crop photos or too

cut your cardstock into the shape you desire.



Table Of Contents

Chapter 1: How to Prepare For Your Scrapbook. …Page 8

Chapter 2: Organizing Your Photos. …………………………… 16

Chapter 3: Cropping Your Photos. ……………………………… 19

Chapter 4: Getting Started on Your Scrapbook. ……….. 22

Chapter 5: Creating Your First Page. …………………………. 24

Chapter 6: Adding Your Embellishments. ………………….. 31

Chapter 7: Scrapbooking and Timesaving Tips. ………… 40

Chapter 8: Layout Ideas. ……………………………………………. 50

Chapter 9: Host a Scrapbooking Party. ……………………… 56

Chapter 10: Scrapbooking and Beyond. ……………………. 58

Conclusion ……………………………………………………………………… 60



Chapter 1: How to Prepare For Your Scrapbook.

Creating your first scrapbook can seem very overwhelming;

however, with these helpful tips it can become a very

rewarding experience. When you decide to start on your

scrapbook you will have to ask yourself a few questions. What is the purpose of this album? For who or what am I creating this for?

How will I choose the size and style of the album that is the easiest for me to create my scrapbook?

What are the basic supplies I will need to complete my album?

How many photos will I need to fill my album? Do I have copies available of the photos I am going to use?

What is the easiest and least expensive way to design a theme for my album?

How much time will I have to spend on my scrapbook? What shortcuts can I take to save time and money?

Deciding on the album that is right for you is the first step towards preserving your memories. Albums come in many sizes, themes, and styles. The most common size albums are 12x12 and 9x9. If you feel the larger albums would be time consuming you can chose an 8x10 scrapbook. This would be a good selection if you feel you will not have enough photos to display in a 12x12 album. Many people prefer the 12x12 album, due to the fact that many stores

carry ready to make pages is this size. There is also a 6x6

album that is perfect for a brag book. This size is convenient to take with you to display outside of the home. Once the album size is decided, you can choose the type of album that will best suit your individual needs. There are many styles to choose from. Popular albums for many first time scrapbookers are themed albums. They come in several different options. The albums could be portrait themed, baby books, ABC albums, or wedding albums. You can choose an album for any theme you are creating a

scrapbook for.

You will also need to decide on the style of album you would

like to work with. There are three main types.

The easiest and most popular is the three-ring album.

This style is easy to add refill pages and allows you to

add or take away pages you do not need. Since the pages are removable you won’t feel pressured to fill the whole scrapbook.

Post bound albums accommodate top loading refill pages. This is convenient for rearranging pages without having to take the album apart.

Another popular scrapbook is the strap-hinged album. This is a very durable high quality scrapbook that comes in many sizes and colors. This album is perfect if you plan on using a lot of bulky embellishments.

These albums tend to be a little more expensive than the other ones. They are very durable and worth the money if your budget allows for this. If your heart is set on purchasing one I would wait for a sale or look for coupons in your local newspaper. If you have a

birthday or special holiday in the near future consider asking for an album.

If you are undecided on which album is right for you don’t be afraid to ask for someone’s opinion. You can always take a look in a craft magazine to look at different album types.