The true story of Johnny McAllister - Michael Sommersby - ebook

Johnny was a normal boy...But then was never the same again...After a traumatic event, Johnny gains a superpower. He will then discover many hidden truths about his family...

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Michael Sommersby

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Table of contents

Chapter 1 - Johnny

Chapter 2 - Sara

Chapter 3 - Moore and Foster

Chapter 4 - At the hospital

Chapter 5 - Benny McAllister

Chapter 6 - Doctor Chamberlain

Chapter 7 - Sara at the hospital

Chapter 8 - In confinement

Chapter 9 - Inspector Papadopulos

Chapter 10 - In the base

Chapter 11 - Tony Romano

Chapter 12 - Prof. Pettigrew

Chapter 13 - The handshake

Chapter 14 - Looking for Johnny

Chapter 15 - Dr. Cameron

Chapter 16 - A friend

Chapter 17 - Inspector Samuelson

Chapter 18 - The right thing

Chapter 19 - Johnny’s doubts

Chapter 20 - Benny and Sara

Chapter 21 - The decision

Chapter 22 - Ted

Chapter 23 - Sergeant McAllister

Chapter 24 - The room

Chapter 25 - Colonel Moore

Chapter 26 - The training

Chapter 27 - Pettigrew and Moore

Chapter 28 - Johnny’s progress

Chapter 29 - Meanwhile

Chapter 30 - The investigation

Chapter 31 - Johnny and Foster

Chapter 32 - The truth

Chapter 33 - The arrival of the police

Chapter 34 - Epilogue

The true story of Johnny McAllister

Johnny was a normal boy...

But then was never the same again...

After a traumatic event, Johnny gains a superpower.

He will then discover many hidden truths about his family...

Chapter 1 - Johnny

Midnight had not long passed.

Johnny left his house to go to the pub to work, had put on the usual black trousers with a white shirt.

He didn’t like to work at the pub, but he needed to in order to be able to stay at university.

Three years ago, he had earned a substantial scholarship.

However, two years later, the administrators of the foundation that funded the scholarship took off with all funds.

Johnny had therefore started to work to pay for his studies. He didn’t always work at night, and the pay was good, so good that he had been able to buy a small car, obviously second hand.

Johnny entered the small lane where his car was parked.

Three boys around the age of twenty were trying to steal it.

One was standing next to the car, another was sitting on the passenger’s seat and was playing with a knife, whereas the third was sitting on the driver’s seat and was fondling around below the dashboard.

Johnny approached them and said “Ok guys, I have to go to work, how about you get out of my car?”

The one armed with the knife stepped out of the car.

“Hey asshole, go fuck yourself”

Johnny didn’t flinch, took a few more steps and replied: “Don’t you think you will hurt yourself with that knife?”

The boy called the one standing outside the car: “Tom, come here, this cunt thinks he can scare us”.

Tom left the side of the car, approached Johnny and hissed: “Take a hike”.

“Or else?” Johnny replied.

“Or else we cut off your head and play football with it,” said the other one laughing.

Johnny stepped forward. The other one tried to punch him in the face.

Johnny was not caught off guard, took a step to his left and delivered a round-kick to his chest, hitting him directly, making him collapse on the ground and kicking away the knife to the end of the lane. Johnny finished the punching match with a hit directly to the nose.

Meanwhile the third thief that was working on Johnny’s car had witnessed everything through the car’s rearview mirror. As soon as the second one hit the ground, he got out of the car and ran away.

Johnny did not follow him, as he was late for work and he hated being late.

He got into the car and left.

Chapter 2 - Sara

The phone rang.

Sara got up from bed “Who the hell calls at 7 in the morning on a Sunday?”.

Sara picked up the phone. A female voice, with a hesitating tone, said: “Hello, who am I talking with?”.

Sara, annoyed, replied: “It is who you called me, who are you looking for?”.

“I’m not sure. I’m Edna Cusack of St. James’ Hospital. Tonight they brought in a young man that was in a car accident, without any documents, that only had a cell phone with him, only with your number on it.”

<< My God! >> Thought Sara <<It’s Johnny>>.

“I think I know who it is” said Sara, trying to hide her fear “can you describe him to me?”.

“Sure” replied Edna “He’s white, approximate age of 21–22, 184 cm tall, weighing around 75 kg. When he was brought in he was wearing black pants and a white shirt”.

At that point Sara had no doubts “His Name is Johnny McAllister, he is 23 years old and is a student at Fulton University” said Sara.

“Are you a relative?”

“Not really, but I can notify the father”.

Sara hung up the phone, put on a Tracksuit and rushed to the car, driving towards St. James’ Hospital.

Chapter 3 - Moore and Foster

The young lieutenant had been in the waiting room for a few minutes. A young soldier entered the room and said “Sir, please follow me”.

The young lieutenant jumped up and followed the soldier. They went without talking in a long corridor, with doors to the left and right, all looking the same without signs.

The young lieutenant shuddered.

“Here is the office of Colonel Moore. Please sit down. He will arrive in a few minutes”. The soldier smiled and left.

The young lieutenant did not sit down, and started looking at the pictures on the wall.

They portrayed Colonel Moore in various situations.

Parties at the officer’s club, pictures with various governors, but especially pictures from war. Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kosovo, Serbia. The colonel had a long experience.

The door was opened, the young lieutenant stood at attention.

“At ease soldier, we don’t care about certain formalities here”.

“Thank you Sir”.

Colonel Moore sat down at his desk, took out a document and started to read “So, Lieutenant Foster, do you know what we do here?”.

“Not really Sir” Foster answered.

“Great, now I’ll explain it to you. This department is secret. Officially we conduct research on the possibility of planting photovoltaic stations in the desert to produce energy”.

“And in reality?”.

“In reality we conduct research on human beings”.

“What type of research Sir?”.

“Certain people, sometimes, develop some certain abilities: telekinesis, tele-transportation, reading minds, foresight. Our job is to help them use these abilities”.

“I think I have understood Sir”.

“Maybe, but the important thing is that we help these people first, and then they need to help us.”

“Are they consenting Sir?”.

“More or less. When do you want to start?” asked Colonel Moore.