The Transcendent Reality - Mauro Bernardini - ebook

This little essay suggests a fascinating conjecture about the mystery of existence, described and formalized through the new Theory of the Transcendental Reality(TTR). A logical and rational proposition of metaphysic-science discipline: the new model of interpretation of reality that the author hopes can be considered over the years to come. This new analytical proposal of the transcendent world uses concepts of elemental logic to draw, in a rational way and above all understandable to anyone, a transcendent explanation of our origins and of the great mystery of our existence. By subsequent using scientific analysis where possible, or simply objective and reasonable observations, and not just fiduciary, recognizes and identifies, in the only real world we know, the related effects that can be attributed to the primary causes drawn by the same transcendental model proposed.The TTR Theory can be a valid reference model that can be used by all areas of thought, be they religious, scientific or paranormal, or only of popular roots, to rationally and definitively address the mystery of our existence.

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Mauro Bernardini

The Transcendent Reality

The new metaphysic-scientific theory

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The Transcendent Reality

© 2017 Mauro Bernardini







Q: What if the concept of nothingness and something was erased from existence? 81

Q: What separates the body from the soul? 82

Q: Are the souls of dead people around us all the time? 82

Q: Can you prove to me that God is real? 83

Q: Which part of the body is the soul located at? 83

Q: What do we know for sure about our existence? 84

Q: Is there any scientific proof of life after death? 85

Q: Why does the soul only leave the body at death as in the NDEs? Why not before or after? 85

Q: What is the difference between a heart and a soul? 85

Q: If reincarnation is real, why aren't we allowed to remember our past lives? 86

Q: If a soul doesn't have personality, does it set up the personality before it incarnates? 86

Q: If humans don't reproduce, there would be no soul. Why do people say the soul is created by God? 87

Q: Can we communicate with souls in the after-life? 87

Q: Where does the soul go when we are unconcious? 87

Q: After death, does the body weigh less because the soul leaves the body? 88

Q: What really makes you, you? 88

Q: What would happen if everyone was God? 89

Q: Why does the universe exist? 89

Q: If souls are invisible, then they shouldn't be influen- ced by electromagnetism. What do you take of this? 89

Q: Is the thought creating the matter, or does the mat-ter create the thought? 90

Q: How can a soul be eternal if it didn't exist before it wound up in a body? 91

Q: Is it possible that there was a universe before our universe? 91

Q: Why does God allow suffering? 91

Q: If someone were to ask you to define life, how would you define it? 92

Q: Is there a possibility we are the only thinking species in the universe? 92

Q: When does the soul enter the body? 92

Q: If the Universe is expanding, what is it expanding into? If you blow a balloon up, it expands into space, but the Universe itself is space. Does this mean that there is space outside of the Universe? 93

Q:  If god is perfect, then so is the universe, so why isn't humanity perfect? 93

Q: How do you know which religion is true and acceptable by God? 94

Q: Can a smart person believe in an afterlife? 95

Q: What becomes of our mind after death? Is it returning to how we were before birth, non-existence? 95

Q: Can consciousness exist independent of the body? 95

Q: How could you prove free will exists? 96

Q: What are life and death? 96

Q:  Is there any justified reason for existence? Why is it not just that nothing exists? 97

Q: Is it possible that anime exists in a different dimension or a different universe? 98

Q: Will there be a difference to human nature if the soul is material and corporeal? 98

Q: When someone young dies, what happens to their property? 98

Q:  Let's assume that God is real. Why should he make an "afterlife" real? 99

Q: What is life? Is death real? 99

Q:  If animals have an afterlife, where do they go and what do they become? 99

Q: So this theory does not then allow for personal growth? 100

Q: Are we alone in this vast universe? 100

Q:  If the multiverse is real, doesn't it boggle your mind that there should be an alternate universe where each of your smallest moves should be different and where you could die at a different second of your whole lifetime and so on?……………………………101

Q: What will science never be able to explain? 102

Q:  What happens to the energy inside a human body before and after death? What form is it converted into just before dying or after dying? 102

Q: What are the limits of our mind? 103

Q: If God exists, why is He/She hiding himself/herself? 103

Q: How can we exist without questioning why? 103

Q:  If the notion of afterlife is based on the premise that we have eternal souls or spirits, then why is there so much emphasis on afterlife stories, and almost none regarding where we were before we were born? 104

Q:  Philosophically, why did God create the universe? If God is all powerful, then why did he need the universe? 104

Q:  Since there have been hundreds, if not thousands, of man-made gods in humanity's past, why do religious people think their god is "The One True God"? 104

Q:  If the number of souls are constant, then how is the population of the world increasing? 105

Q:  Is reincarnation real? Is it actually proven? 106

Q:  What is the most important part of the soul? Why (in brief)? 107

Q:  Do you believe that life cannot exist without death? 107

Q: Who really is God? 108

Q: Why do people think there is only one God? 109

Q:  If one God created our universe, how many gods did it take to make the multiverse? 110

Q: What is the mathematical proof that God exists? 110

Q: Can we metaphysically conceive of something which exists only in the real world? 111

Q: Who will guide my soul to heaven? 112

Q: What is proof that people have a soul? 112

Q: What does life mean to you? 113

Q: How important is everyone's individual conscience in this modern world? 113

Q: Do you believe that humans are the superior species on earth? 114

Q: What is the difference between reality and existence? 114

Q: When did the universe come into existence? 115

Q: When did the universe come into existence? 115

Q: Are souls actually real? 116

Q: What if the soul is made of photons? 116

Q: Why do people believe in the soul? 116

Q: If souls exist, how might one in principle go about unambiguously detecting one? 117

Q: Why do you believe your soul goes on after death? 118

Q: What's the best modern way or theory to escape the rebirth cycle forever? 118

Q: Did God populate multiple worlds? 119

Q: Where is God and is God inside us in which form? 119

Q: Where exactly does our soul reside? 120

Q: Does this universe have any meaning if we are (human) not here? 120

Q: Do we really lose 21 grams immediately after death, according to the belief that the "soul" indeed exists and must weigh, well, 21 grams? 121

Q: How does a soul know what to do at death? 121

Q: How can we find god? 121

Q: What does it mean to have a soul? 121

Q: What is the concept of death? 122

Q:  After death, what connection remains between the body and soul? 123

Q: What is the cycle of reincarnation called? 124

Q: Are we tripartite beings? If yes, what happens to our soul after we die? 124

Q: Do you believe we are all lost souls? 126

Q: How can there be multiple universes if they are each infinite? 126

Q: What are your reasons to continue living? 127

Q: Doesn't the statement, "All things happen for a reason" prove the existence of God or at least a superior power that dictates all that happens to us? 127

Q: In what ways can religions be bad? 128

Q: In Islamic teachings, who was the wisest prophet on earth before Muhammad? 128

Q: What truly happens to people after they die? 128

Q: How can people have beliefs without evidence? 128

Q: Why doesn't God provide scientific proof of his existence? 129

Q: Did humans invent Gods? 129

Q: Do we actually have souls? 130

Q: How do I find a god? 130

Q: Can you prove to me that there is a god right now? 130

Q: What caused the Big Bang to occur spontaneously? 131

Q: Does science prove the existence of souls? 133

Q: Is anyone telepathic out here? Would you please tell us more about it? 133

Q: Have I been here before reincarnation? 134

Q: How can I control my soul? 134

Q:  How do creationists assume God assembled the first organisms? By what force were the individual atoms brought together? 135

Q: What is the soul according to science? 136

Q: Why do we have one soul? 136

Q:  How do I rebuild my connection to God after my religion ruined it? 137

Q: What is your idea of what happens after death? 137

Q: Do we have a certain definition of what soul might be? 138

Q: Is the soul different from the body? How would you prove it? 138

Q:  What is time? How would you define it? What would we do if there was no time? Where did time come from? 139

Q: Was there time before our existence? 140

Q: Was man really a creation of God? 140

Q: God: Who created God? 140

Q: Do you think the world intrinsically makes sense, or do you believe order is a man-made concept? 141

Q: If God made us, why are we so insignificant in the cosmic scale? 141

Q: How does the human subconscious work? 142

Q: Are we the only conscious beings, or does the Universe have its own consciousness as well? …………………………………….142

Q:  Is the conscience the same as the soul, and can it be transfered from one body to another? 143

Q:  Is this quote from Einstein, "The more I know the science the more I believe in God", and if it is, what was the meaning of it? 143

Q: What is the meaning of "Anything"? 143

Q: How do you get in touch with your soul? 144

Q: What existed before the beginning of the time? 144

Q: Why do you believe in free will? 145

Q: In the beginning, when God said, “Let there be light,” who was God talking to? 145

Q: Does God exist? If not, why not? Why do some people deny the existence of God? 145

Q: What happened to you after you died? 146

Q: Philosophically, without religion, can you argue the existence of God? 147

Q: Do we exist? If we do exist, then why are we here? 147

Q: Without God, is everything permitted? 148

Q: it possible that all religions are incorrect and we are just accepting religion because there is nothing else that can satisfy our yearning? 148

Q: What is the difference between choice and destiny? 149

Q: Can you prove anything? 149

Q: Why are we so scared of what happens after death? 149

Q: Does the Multiverse really exist? 150

Q:  Why are we so sure that we will reincarnate into other bodies, and that we've had past lives? Who discovered the idea of reincarnation? 150

Q: Do you believe in a soul? 151

Q: What are examples of things we haven't observed directly but we know mathematically that they exist? 151

Q: How do I meet my spirit guide? 152

Q: What are your thoughts on life after death? 152

Q: Why isn't God real? 153

Q: Is the human soul important? And why? 154

Q: Does nothing actually exist? 154

Q: What gives us consciousness? 155

Q: Which is best religion for humanity? 155

Q: If God knows the future, how can we have free will? 155

Q: What is the meaning of life in 25 words or less? 156

Q: What does reality mean? 156

Q: What is the most apt description of a soul? 156

Q: Why can't we get back our consciousness after our death? 156

Q: What if god doesn’t exist? 158

Q: "Daiva manushya roopena." God is human. Are we also like god, who we worship daily? 158

Q: Why do we seek something after death? It's in all of us. 158

Q:  How many kinds of after-life existences are there? Or do we simply merge with God and have our soul/personality dissipate into one consciousness? 158

Q:  If multiple universes exist, what indications would there be and how could we determine their existence?……………………..159

Q: Does a soul already decide its mission before coming into this world or does it create its own identity after?………………….160

Q: Does consciousness just “follow” our brains? 160

Q: Life and death, or death and life? What does it mean? 160

Q: Did intelligent life exist before humans exist? 161

Q: What does it mean to die? 162

Q: Do you believe in souls? If yes, why? 162

Q: What if there was no religion? 163

Q: How does the cycle of reincarnation work? 163

Q: If God were to appear before the world, would everyone believe him? 164

Q: What is god? Who is god for us? 165

Q: What is meant by exist? 165

Q: What are the scientific and religious definitions of a soul? 165

Q: If the universe is finite, then what lies beyond the boundary? If it is infinite, what exactly does that mean? 166

Q: Is it true that you live after death? 167

Q: What irrefutable proof is there that there is a God? 169

Q: Is there any account of how we obtain the idea of God convincing? 169

Q: How do we know we started with a big bang? 171

Q: Could a dog's brain evolve to be as intelligent as a human brain given millions of years or more of evolution? 172

Q:  Can we think something that doesn’t exist, or does the simple fact of thinking it make it exist?………………………………..…173

Q: Is there life after death? 174

Q: Does the existence of human suffering limit the existence of God? 175

Q: Can anime exist in a multiverse or in the afterlife? 175

Q: Who am I? Do I really exist? 176

Q: What happens to the human soul after death? 177

Q: Is there a God beyond reality? 178

Q: What happens to the soul after it leaves the body? 178

Q: What are Matter Existence and Non-Matter Existence? 179

Q: Where is god, and where is heaven? 179

Q: Where did "I" come from (not my body, and not my labels, I mean "ME" the one who directs my consciousness)? 180

Q: If you don't believe in God, where do you go after you die? 181

Q: Atheists do not believe in a god or gods, what about ghosts and spirits? 181

Q: In one or few words, how would you describe life/universe and how little we know? 182

Q: Is there really anything after we die or is that the end? 183

Q:  Why does God love us so much that he can’t take his eyes off us? 183

Q: Is our biological constitution limiting our consciousness and understanding of the universe?……………………………………..184

Q: Assuming god exists, how would s/he be related to existing religions? 184

Q: Why would a physics professor believe in God? 184

Q: Why can't 'why was the universe created' be answered by scientists? 185

Q: Since all existence is in flux, can anything said to be a "substance" in the Aristotelian sense?…………………………………….185

Q: What is a parallel universe or a multiverse? 186

Q: How many people believe in the afterlife? 186

Q: Do you believe in life after death? 187

Q: Why do people die young? 187

Q: What caused the Big Bang? 188

Q: Does the self exist? 189

Q: Do you believe in God without physical proof? 189

Q: Is the life the matter of brain and words? 189

Q: What do you think is the right religion? 189

Q: In your opinion, what do you think happens after you die? What is death to you? 190

Q: Where is my soul really? 190

Q: Why do people believe in something when they have no actual proof of it being real? 190

Q: Mohammed was the first to claim to be a Prophet and proclaim that the older written word of God couldn't be trusted. Can he be trusted? 191

Q: What you would like to do after death, if your soul has senses? 192

Q: Why were most early Philosophers also Mathematicians , but now most people studying Philosophy dare not go close to Mathematics? 193

Q: What are other theories other than the multiverse? 193

Q: Why has religion not disappeared yet? 194

Q: Why does science deny religion? 194

Q: Has what the universe consists of always existed? 195

Q: Do humans become angels or are they reincarnated? 195

Q: Can I survive my mortal death? 196

Q: Is time virtual or does it exist physically? 196

Q: What are some unusual interpretations of what God is? 197

Q: Is the existence of an afterlife tied in with the existence of God? 197

Q: Do ghosts have consciousness? 197

Q: How was the universe formed? Does God really exist? 198

Q: Does God actually exist? 200

Q: What is the point of human existence and life? 202

Q: How can I prove god exists to my friend? 202

Q: Is intelligent life a collateral effect of the universe, or is it the main purpose of the universe?……………………………………..204

Q: Did God really make us? 204

Q: What are some real images of God? 204

Q: Why do atheists get mad at people asking, "Who is your God?" after they say “Oh My God?”……………………………………205

Q: Is religion an opiate for the masses? 205

Q: What if all religions are made up just so people would listen or obey a man's thoughts? 205

Q: What is the essence of religion? What is the essence of god? 206

Q: Does life actually exist? 206

Q: Why do you believe in God(s)? 206

Q: What's about life after death? 207

Q:  Is reincarnation true? Where do people’s souls go after they die? 208

Q: Why don't you believe that the Qur'an is the word of god? 209

Q: If we imagine nothingness, doesn't that mean that if it's black it exists? 209

Q: If we all die, would God die, too? 210

Q: How can I convince my teenager that the world is real? 210

Q: What does reality mean? 211

Q:  What is the most plausible way to visit a parallel universe and see a different version of your life? 211

Q: Does everyone lose bodily functions after death? 212

Q: What happens after death? Do I find sense of happiness? 213

Q: Have you ever seen ghosts and what's your ghost story? 213

Q: What happens to people's belongings after death? 214

Q: Does it matter whether we have free will? 215

Q: What would you be like in a parallel universe? 215

Q: If a god created the universe, how would he know instantaneously? 216

Q: What is ''the meaning of life'' for you? 217

Q: Is God a male or female? Explain your answer. 217

Q: What happens when a person dies? 217

Q: Is it possible for humanity to know what happens after death to our minds or consciousness through science? 218

Q: Is human body just a thought? 219

Q: Are we humans? 220

Q: Are we really living in a multiverse? 220

Q: Is there a possibility of life after death? 220

Q: Does our mind belong to us? 221

Q: How can human beings access the powers given by God? 221

Q: How does the veil between life and death work? 222

Q: Is telepathy scientifically proved? 222

Q: What is the meaning of life, death, and the universe? 223

Q: What existed first? 223

Q: Is there any scientific evidence to suggest that something similar to a soul exists? 224

Q: Is science close to allowing something similar to a soul? 224

Q:, Does apparent randomness in the universe disprove God? 224

Q: How can I deal with the concept of death? 225

Q: Could consciousness be transferred after death? 225

Q: What is the closest thing to supernatural that has been proven to exist? 226

Q: Are we simply observers of the universe, or do we create it with our thoughts? 226

Q: Is it possible to see God with our literal eyes? 226

Q: Can anyone tell me why Islam is not the true path to God? 227

Q: What happens when you die? If you don't have senses, you can't experience anything and thus don’t exist. 227

Q: Do you believe animals have souls? 228

Q: What do you think happens after death? Are you afraid of it? 229

Q: If humans were purely logical creatures, would religion exist? 230

Q: If the soul is immortal and it existed before this physical life, are there people who have memories of this pre-life existence? 230

Q: What is the recent hypothesis on cosmos? 231

Q: What did we really come from? 231

Q: How can educated, intelligent people believe in a god without proof of one? 231

Q: If we believe in science, why can’t we believe in God? If science is a matter of proving something, should we eliminate something we can’t prove yet? 231

Q: What is the definitive proof that there is god? 232

Q: Why do religious believers tend to think that the existence of a God grants meaning to their existence? 233

Q: Were humans once Gods? 234

Q: If humans are the center of the world, then why did God create all these planets and galaxies?…………………………………..234

Q: Can your soul cause your body to incinerate? 235

Q: Why do people use logic to prove God’s existence? 235

Q:  If there are multiple realities then shouldn't there be multiple gods? 236

Q:  If the universe is finite, what is the locus in which it exists? Is the state of existence containing the universe infinite?………..236

Q: If the new Big Bang happens, will the quarks/matter be the same (H, He, etc.)? 237

Q: Can you logically prove that God doesn't exist? 238

Q: How does your belief or disbelief in God affect your everyday life? 239

Q: Doesn't everything already exist? 239

Q: What does God mean by punishing people up to a thousand generations? 239

Q:  Is it normal to want to die just to see what will happen "after death"? 239

Q: Has anyone on web site heard the term 'old soul'? 240

Q: Will scientists run experiments on God if his existence is scientifically proven? 240

Q: Is the human mind capable of detecting, analyzing, and understanding all of the forces that underlie the existence and operation of the universe? 241

Q: How can I prove that God is real? 242

Q: Why are scientists not able to discover God? 242

Q: If we live in an infinite multiverse, one of these universes will contain higher beings capable of creating us. Does this mean God exists? 244

Q: When did life actually start for you? 244

Q: What is the one word that sums up everything that you stand for as a person? 244

Q: God: Who created God? 245

Q: What was God thinking before he created anything? 246

Q: Could a reality not accessible to human reason exist? 246

Q: What is beyond the edge of the universe? 246

Q: When was human soul created? 247

Q: Plant life was on the Earth millions of years before reptilian or mammalian organisms.  Why didn't plants evolve into intelligent life? 247

Q: How can the big bang have occurred from nothing if nothing is defined as no matter or energy? 248

Q: What does "the human spirit knows no bounds” mean to you? 249

Q: What makes time time? 249

Q: Do our souls look for physical pleasures after we die? 249

Q: If there is no God, then how was the universe created from nothing when nothing was there previously? 250

Q: Do we have spirits after our death? 250

Q: Can you believe in both god and evolution? In religion, one accepts the existence of a soul, therefore animals have souls or the soul evolved. 251

Q: Could a universe of infinite spatial size come from nothing? 252

Q: Existence must be endless, otherwise it is bounded by non- existence How can something what represent the existence can be limited by non-existence? 253

Q: Where does the soul reside inside the human body? 254

Q: Do our physical beings act as working vessels for our souls? Where do our souls go post-life?…………………………………..255

Q: In the many world theory, would there be a parallel universe with no parallel universes? 256

Q: How is an organism described in physics? 257

Q: What is it called if you don't believe in god but wish god did exist? 257

Q: What are protons made of? 257

Q: How can I come to value my existence, rationality & consciousness? 258

Q: Can the universe and life be related to each other? 258

Q: If we assume that the universe exists in physical form, how do you explain its infinite nature?……………………………..……..258

Q: If the creator is one God, why are there many religions? 259

Q: If God is omnipotent and all-knowing, why did He create the universe if He already knows everything? 259

Q: Is it theoretically possible that there are lifeforms on subatomic particles? 260

Q: Where does your soul go when you die? 260

Q: If the Torah is a firsthand revelation, why is the Quran a secondhand  revelation? 261

Q: What are rocks composed of? 261

Q: Assuming souls are real, at what point in our evolution did we develop them? 261

Q: Is it true that man is solely composed of matter? 262

Q: Why do people believe in god when there is no evidence? 263

Q: Could the Casimir effect explain for the possibility of #telekinesis? 264

Q:  I can refute any argument supporting the existence of god. Can you prove me wrong? 264

Q: Professor Muller believes in existence of soul in his book 'Now'. Should laws of physics be true with or without human beings? 265

Q: If there is a "god", is it possible that it evolved in another universe before creating this one?……………………………………..266

Q: Do animals and people have the same kind of souls? 266

Q: What is that which is immortal in the Universe? 267

Q: What beliefs of Islam are contradictory to science? 267

Q: If God is the creator of everything, why did he make evil? 268

Q: Do we really have a spirit? 268

Q: Is it even possible for higher dimensional beings to exist? 268

Q: Can we say that death is the same as infinity or a step to the infinity? 269

Q: Does existence cause itself to exist? 269

Q: If God needs no creator because we defined him that way, isn't that equivalent to saying the universe needs no creator because we defined it that way? 270

Q: Which belief is the most tangible as religion? 271

Q: Does God think? Does he need to? 271

Q: If man is made in God’s image, does that mean God is human? 272

Q: Would you believe that physics will solve God? I take electrons as the Energetic One, as God. Would you support this? 272

Q: I can refute all arguments of atheism and establish God. Who can accept my challenge? 273

Q: In your understanding, what is the Soul? 274

Q: What is the mechanistic explanation for the expansion of space in the universe? 274

Q: Is it possible to make someone spiritually connected to me? 275

Q: If you believe in souls, do you believe we recognize a familiar soul? 275

Q: Can more than one soul live in a body? 276

Q: Everyone has to go some time, so what do you think happens when we die? Do you believe our soul goes on somewhere else? 276

Q: I believe that we are energy, are souls, and that life doesn't just end when our hearts stop functioning. What do you think of this? 277

Q: Do we have a soul or is it just our sense of self? 278

Q: Where does your soul go when you die? 278

Q: What is the scientific definition of a human being? 279

Q: What is the reality of soul? 279

Q: Is it scientifically proven that plants have souls? 280

Q: Does the universe have to make sense under the laws of physics? 281

Q: How can something be massless, yet still exist, like a certain neutrino? 282

Q: Why do people still believe in the Big Bang theory if it is known that God created the universe?………………………………….282

Q: Does morality actually exist, or is it just a product of the imagination? 284

Q: What is a soul? 284

Q: What if the universe contains billions of intelligent life? 285

Q: If you have a soul, how much does it weigh and where does it go when you die? 286

Q: What's the difference between alive and dead? (Not the physical ones) 287

Q: Why do you think you exist? 287

Q: What happens to us after death? What is the soul? 287

Q: Can God himself be the Universe itself? 288

Q: Where were we before our birth? At least our souls? 288

Q: What do you know about the God particle? 289

Q: Is a human soul a kind of energy? Can this energy be trapped? 289

Q: Could the speed of light be different in different universes? 290

Q: Where are the souls right now? 291

Q: Is there a simple explanation for elemental particles? 291

Q: What is the human spirit's essence? 292

Q: Are our souls returning to god after death? 292

Q: Is it more accurate to say that God's act of creation was 'accidental' rather than 'deliberate'?…………………………………....294

Q: What are the differences between spirit and soul? 294

Q: If we can't see God, does it mean God does not exist? 295

Q: What is the explanation of Quran verse 39:42 “God takes the souls at the time of their death, and those who have not died…"? 296

Q: What is a soul, and where is it? 296

Q: Why do people believe in God rather than science? 297

Q: Can 2 people's spirits connect in real life? 298

Q: How can one accept the absurdity of life and existence? 298

Q: If you were God, what's the point in creating anything? 299

Q: Why can't science prove that there is no god? Why can't any religion prove or show that there is a god? 299

Q: Does the existence of this universe disprove the theory of infinite universe? 299

Q: Does God have qualities? 300

Q: What if there is a border on the outside, outside universe saying "Turn back! You can't pass through here!" and it's like walking up to a wall? 301

Q: What if all humans believed in the same god? 301

Q: Why do people have a need to understand what happened before the big bang? 302

Q: Is a telepathic connection between two souls real? 303

Q: Even if the Big Bang theory was right, could somebody explain what originated it? 303

Q: What if the world didn't exist, will we then be some kind of bacteria in space? 304

Q: Could God make Himself cease to exist? 305

Q: Do you agree that both religion and atheistic materialism are dead ends? 305

Q: I'm an atheist but what if the God we talk about are actually creatures from another universe where 11th dimension exist? 306

Q: Are we bodies with a soul or souls with a body? 307

Q: Should the scientific method be applied for the question of God's existence? 308

Q: Why is religion a big problem in the world? 309

Q: Is death mean separation of soul from body? What is science especially biology says about this statement? 309

Q: Both Jewish and Islamic people belong to God, so where is the difference? 310

Q: Are we beings? Are we humans on earth or souls who are eternal beings? 310

Q: How does one transcend the human form and become like god? 311

Q: What argument is there to support the existence of human souls? 312

Q: Do you believe that the soul departs after death? 313

Q: What is the soul or the spirit? Is there a difference between the soul and the mind which recognizes what happens around us? 314

Q: What made you rethink existence? 315

Q:  How can we be sure that we actually exist and that life as we know it isn't merely a dream? How can we be sure that real existence is known? 315

Q:  If the Universe is so huge and so extravagant, then why do we as minuscule forms of organic matter believe in God?………..316

Q: What if God exists but doesn't care about his creatures? 316

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Q: Can Metaphysics solve the mystery of existence with a rational answer accepted by religions and science? 357



Humanity has been idealized by the Positivist philosopher Comte (1850) with the Great Essence, summed up as the living, conscious and real part of the Great Transcending Being, that is, of God.

Bearing in mind this philosophical image, which assigns to each Being a living and real part within the great Body of God, we will later analyze and develop the new Theory of the Transcendent Reality (TTR) as a logical and fully rational reference model that can be used by future generations in the journey of knowledge of the mystery of existence.

TTR could give human beings the immediate and great result of ending the secular divide between all areas of thought in general and especially between religion, science, and paranormal. From now on, all these categories of human thought can, in fact, reconsider the mystery of existence from the basic assumptions of TTR. The tools and the ultimate purpose of each of them may appear to be finalized and functional to the speculation of the others. There will no longer be the incompatibility of mutual purpose that characterizes all the categories of human thought today.

The God of Religion or, as we shall call it below, Alef, will find in the TTR a synthesis and a single way to be understood and rationally represented. We will say that therefore the rational and scientific God coincides with Alef. Both can be scientifically, if not demonstrable, at least perceptible. Just as if, for example, a human conscious protein could only prove by its means limited to the narrow space of the cavity sequence and chemical connections of the body in which it is immersed, that its existence is a real part of a living being, dimensionally very complex and seemingly difficult or perhaps impossible to be fully understood.

If the study of the TTR will be seriously started and accomplished through scientific research, humanity one day will eventually solve the greatest of the mysteries that its existence imposes from the night of the times: who are we? where are we from? what do we do on this universe? believe that there is nothing more important for a human being than understanding the reason for its existence.

And I also believe that this statement can be valid for any being of this and any other hypothetical universe.

Unfortunately, the human mind, apparently the most gifted of cognitive faculty in our universe, does not allow us to face this transcendent issue in commonly shared canons. That is, in such a way that science can investigate, falsify and experience the causes in a formal and canonical manner.

So, humanity has always exerted itself to represent this theme of existence. And the  most transversal and widespread way has undoubtedly been religion. To the point that is commonly accepted the dichotomy among generically religious arguments concerning the transcendent and the scientific ones concerning the rational and non-transcendental aspects.

Although, there are many other areas of thought, such as the metaphysics, paranormal, clairvoyant, premonition, etc, which try, in less extreme ways (i.e. not only based on faith or science), to represent and propose hypotheses on certain aspects, related to the  transcendent meaning of our existence.

This framework generally prevents acceptance of any consideration that is not framed in one of the above categories of thought. By giving humanity the safe prospect of never having a rational and logically credible and sustainable response on the cause of the existence in general and of human beings in particular.

We should therefore be resigned to be forever prey to irrational religious propositions, or extroverted, superficial, partial and unverifiable paranormal hypotheses, or unrealistic metaphysical theses, or the usual refusal of science about this topic.

Fortunately, I think there may be a new way, a kind of new science that represents a meeting point and mediation between current science and metaphysics.

As we know, science requires that the object of its analyzes and theories be based on what is rational, verifiable reproducible, falsifiable, etc.

Therefore, the transcendent can not be understood in this context either from the scientific point of view or from the metaphysical one. The latter, in fact, by definition, pushes beyond the applicable science and, as far as it can show fascinating distant scenarios, in support of its too advanced and vague thesis never possess the required standard scientific requirements.

So we need a new theory, able to analyzes the causes of existence. This can be called Methaphysic-Science 1.0 and it must comply with the following general criterions:

i)Start from scientific or just rational, logic and credible considerations at least empirically verifiable in our known universe, it must create and propose a metaphysical paradigm capable of representing and justifying transcendental aspects and causes whose effects could be found and measured in our known universe.

ii) By using canonical scientific methods, it must verify and recognize in this universe the effects depending on the new metaphysical proposed model.

TTR (Theory of Transcendent Reality) represents the first theoretical proposal that meets the requirements of Methaphysic-Science 1.0:

i) the metaphysical model proposed by TTR is simply based on rational logical and incontestable observations even in the eyes of any scientist. That is: every form of existence present in our three dimensional universe, whether it is a human being, an animal, a plant, an elementary particle of matter or something else, can be uniquely represented and characterized by only the three basic prerogatives: S, V, P.


the “S” corresponds to the Structure property, assimilable to the space/energy/mass characterizing the typical scope area used by science in our universe.

The “V” corresponds to the property of Life, generically assimilable to the ability to change, move, evolve.

The “P” corresponds to Thought property, generically assimilable to the ability to analyze, process and imagine.

The TTR model predicts and theorizes that these three properties make possible in our three-dimensional universe only 6 types of "beings" differentiated according to the 6 possible permutations of these three SVP properties, namely: SVP, SPV, PVS, PSV, VPS, VSP.

Starting from this simple consideration, they arise all the other postulates and the other logical structures that support the TTR model. 

For instance:

1. All the possible and conceivable existence, of whatever nature and dimension it is, belongs to a single physical 11 dimensional container, named for simplicity: Alef (where the 11 dimensions come from the fact that science predicts today that 9 or 11 is the possible real dimensions, of which only 3 are available in our universe).

2. The Alef container consists of infinite Physical Points (Points of Alef) having 11-dimensional spatial components (contained in S) and 10 Added dimensions: V, P, C4, ..., C11, such that: S> V> P> C4> ...> C11 (SVP law).

3. All the Points of Alef have the following prerogatives:

they are all interconnected in 11 dimensions (L-links).

they retain their own spatial position in Alef's body, but at the same time they can replicate them selves in 10 copies  capable of passing within each of the 10 possible under-dimensional universes (1d-10d) floating in the Alef's body.

they are identical, although 50% are clockwise (male) and 50% anticlockwise (female).

at each parallel transit of their 10 replicas in the 10 types of under-dimensional universes 1d-10d, give "apparent" consistency to under-dimensional


of themselves, also named Particles of Existence or Souls,  which are:

endowed with an infinitesimal mass proportional to the spatial dimension of the universe (orthogonal projection law) crossed by each replica.

equipped with a number of spatial dimensions and real added components (VPC4 ... C11) proportional to the universal dimension crossed by each replica.

characterized by a decreasing order of presence of allowed components (S,V,P,...) depending on the random impacts of the Points of Alef with the specific crossed universe.

only one kind of Particle of Existence (S>V>P>C4> ...>C11) in each universe can be "naked", that is: it can exist as it is, without a body of protection.

The Particles of Existence randomly formed by components SVPC4,...C11 not ordered as the compliant ones (i.e. in our universe, the 5 types not compliant:  P>V>S, P>S>V, V>P>S, V>S>P, S>P>V), require a protective body formed by Particles of Existence of type compliant.(i.e. the naked ones: S>V>P).

ii) From the postulates of the above criterion i), the TTR says that the individual Particles of Existence, which support our entire universe, are nothing more than masses/energy points that can be represented by a physics-mathematical form that can be expressed with an "Existor" (a sort of math Tensor) of 64-elements.

This means that the three forces S, V, P of each Particle of Existence act and are decomposable, on each face of an infinitesimal cube (of Plank's size), by different differential equations obtained starting from the relativistic Einstein famous formula (E=mc2).