The Tempest - William Shakespeare - ebook

Versione didattica, con moduli per l'apprendimento del testo, del celebre capolavoro di Shakespeare, a cura di Pasquale Vaudo. Pasquale Vaudo, professore decano di lingua e letteratura inglese nei Licei, è specializzato in studi shakespeariani. 

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Table of contents

The tempest

The tempest

The Tempest
Abridged version of the original play
Main Characters
Alonso, King of Naples. He believes his son has died and is overjoyed to later find him.
Alonso repents for the pain he caused Prospero in the past.
Sebastian, Alonso's brother.
He is easily led to plan Alonso’s murder.
Prospero, the right Duke of Milan.
After his brother, Antonio, seized his title and property, Prospero was exiled with his daughter and luckily landed on an island in the Mediterranean Sea.
Antonio, Prospero’s Brother and Usurper.
He had plotted against Prospero years earlier and now wants to convince Sebastian to murder his brother, the king of Naples.
Miranda, Prospero’s Daughter. Miranda Prospero's daughter.
She has been on the island with her father for 12 years — since she was 3 years old.
Ferdinand, Son of the King of Naples.
During the storm, he was separated from the rest of the king's party, met Miranda, and fell in love with her.
Gonzalo, an honest old Counsellor,who saves Prospero's and Miranda's lives when they are exiled.
Ariel, an airy Spirit, assists Prospero in seeking retribution over his enemies.
Caliban, Prospero’s savage and deformed slave.
He is the offspring of the witch Sycorax and the devil.
Figure. An illustration/drawing of the main characters of The Tempest.
(From a film/play/ etc)
Plot summary (FCE)
While you read the plot summary write the correct tense of the verbs in brackets.
Alonso, the king of Naples, (is returning) from his daughter’s wedding in Tunis. He (is accompanied) by his son, Ferdinand, his brother, Sebastian, and Antonio, the Duke of Milan. An old Milanese courtier, Gonzalo, (is) also on board. The ship (is wrecked) in a storm and all the passengers and crew (are thrown) into the furious sea.
Prospero, the former Duke of Milan, and his fifteen year-old daughter, Miranda, (are Watching) the shipwreck from an island. He (tells) her, for the first time, how they (reached) the island. Twelve years before, when he (had been) Duke of Milan, his brother Antonio, (had usurped) him, but with Gonzalo’s help he (had escaped) in a small boat with his baby daughter, Miranda, and his library of books about magic.
They (had landed) on an island in the Mediterranean Sea and Prospero (had turned) the only inhabitant, Caliban, a deformed and savage creature, into his slave, after Caliban (had attempted) at Miranda’s virginity .
There (are) also spirits on the island. One of them, Ariel, (had been imprisoned) in a tree trunk by Caliban’s mother, the witch, Sycorax, who had then died.
Prospero (used) his magic abilities to free him and he (made) the spirit swear to serve him.
The ship’s passengers (are cast) up on the island unharmed, and even their clothes are not wet or damaged. Alonso (believes) his son to be dead but Ferdinand (has landed) on another part of the island. He (encounters) Miranda and they (fall) in love at first sight. He is the first man, apart from her father and Caliban that she has ever seen. Prospero (puts) Ferdinand to work manually, controlling all his movements with magic. Ariel (pesters) Prospero for his freedom and Prospero (promises) it once he has done some things for him, regarding the newcomers.
Ariel (leads) the party towards Prospero’s cell. During this journey Antonio and Sebastian (plan) to kill Alonso so that Sebastian can be king. Two other members of the party, Trinculo, the court jester, and Stephano, a boisterous butler, are also wandering about on the island. Caliban (recruits) them to help him overthrow Prospero.
They all get drunk then set off for Prospero’s cell. Ariel (reports) the plot to Prospero.
Prospero (has released) Ferdinand and given his blessing to the marriage of the two young people. When the three would-be usurpers arrive at his cell they are distracted by some brightly coloured clothes that have been hung out for them, then they (are chased) away by a band of spirits who have taken on the form of dogs.
Ariel brings the party to the cell. Prospero (renounces) his magic and (reveals) himself. He (forgives) his brother and prepares to return to Milan to resume his dukedom. Miranda and Ferdinand are betrothed. Sailors arrive and announce that the ship hasn’t been wrecked after all, and is safely anchored off the island. Ariel is set free. There is a final celebration of their reunion.
Read this summary plot and choose the right tense of the given in brackets.
Episode 1 . The shipwreck.
Your opinion
a. Refer to the figure and describe what it features.
b. Have you ever been caught into a storm/ heavy rain/ flooding ? If it is the case, describe what and how you felt ?
Use a monolingual dictionary and write the definition of master and boatswain.
Figure. An illustration from a film /play or a drawing about the scene.
(A sailing ship caught into a heavy storm. Some members of the crew are on deck)
Episode 1 . The Shipwreck. (Act 1 – Scene 1)
On a ship at sea the shipmaster , the boatswain and the mariners manoeuvre during a fiery storm. Enter Alonso, Sebastian, Antonio, Ferdinand, Gonzalo, and others.
Alon. Good boatswain , have care. Where’s the master ?
Boats. I pray now, keep below.
Ant. Where is the master, boson ?
Boats. Do you not hear him ? You mar our
labour: keep your cabins: you do assist the
Gon. Nay, good, be patient.
Boats. When the sea is. Hence ! What cares these roarers for the name of king?
To cabin: silence! Trouble us not.
Gon. Good, yet remember whom thou hast aboard.
Boats. None that I more love than myself.
You are a counsellor : if you can command
these elements to silence , and work the peace
of the present, we will not hand a rope more;
use your authority : if you cannot , give thanks
you have lived so long, and make yourself ready
in your cabin for the mischance of the hour, if
it so hap (pen). – Cheerly, good hearts! - Out of our
way, I say.
Gon. I have great comfort from this fellow:
methinks he hath no drowning mark upon him ;
his complexion is perfect gallows. Stand fast,
good Fate, to his hanging! Make the rope of his
destiny our cable, for our own doth little advantage!
If he be not born to be hanged,
our case is miserable. [ Exeunt.
Boats. Down with the topmast! lower, lower!
Bring her to try with main-course. [ A cry within.
A plague upon this howling! they
are louder than the weather, or our office. –
Re-enter Sebastian, Antonio, and Gonzalo.
Yet again ? what do you here ? Shall we give
o’er and drown ? Have you a mind to sink ?
Enter Mariners, wet.
Mar. All lost! to prayers, to prayers! all lost!
Boats. What, must our mouths be cold ?
Gon. The king and prince at prayers! let us assist them,
for our case is as theirs.
[ A confused noise within, - “ Mercy on us!”-
“We split, we split!” – “ Farewell, my wife and children!” –
“Farewell, brother!” – “ We split, we split, we split!” –
Ant. Let’s all sink wi’ the king.
Seb. Lets take leave of him.
Gon. Now would I give a thousand furlongs
of sea for an acre of barren ground ; long heath,
brown furze, any thing. The will above be
done ! but I would fain die a dry death. [Exit.
Episode 1 . The shipwreck
Post-reading activities.
1. Into the text.
Complete this summary. Use the words below.
storm crew wind waves
passengers boatswain mariners king’s cabin
A royal ship is caught from a terrible (storm) . While the (crew) is manoeuvring to escape the fury of the (wind) and ( waves) , some noble (passengers) come on deck to check the situation.
A proud (boatswain) orders them to go downstairs since they cannot do anything to stop the storm.
Meanwhile some (mariners) shout and complain because it is all lost and the ship is sinking.
The noblemen hurry to the (king’s cabin) to pray all together in the hour of death.
b. State whether these statements are true or false. If a statement is incorrect , change the word/words to make it correct.
1. Alonso , the boatswain and the mariners manoeuvre during a fiery storm. (F/the shipmaster)
2. Antonio, Sebastian and Gonzalo come on deck twice. (T)
3. The king and prince are at prayers in their cabin . (T)
4. Gonzalo thinks the boatswain was born to drown . (F/ be hanged)
5. The ship splits before sinking. (T)
2.Into the text
a .Read the text carefully and find sentences expressing command, instruction, suggestion. Follow the example.
Lower !
(Mercy on us ! Let’s all sink with the king. Let’s take leave. Shall we give over and drown ? Down with the topmast ! ….)
3. Getting into the text
Write these statements in current English. Follow the example. Then translate the statements .
Remember whom thou hast aboard. Remember whom you have on board.
1.What do you here ? (What do you do here ?)
2. If he be not born to be hanged , our case is miserable. (be/is)
3. He hath no drowning mark upon him. (hath/has)
4. Trouble us not. (Don’t trouble us)
5. None that I more love than myself. (None that I love more than myself)
4. Beyond the text.
Role play
Listen to the recording of the first scene. Then divide the class into different groups and let the students dramatize the dialogue among Gonzalo, Antonio, Sebastian and the Boatswain. The whole class will take the role of the Mariners.
Writing (FCE)
State who said this statement. Then comment on it.
“Now would I give a thousand furlongs
of sea for an acre of barren ground ; long heath,
brown furze, any thing. The will above be
done ! but I would fain die a dry death!
Detective work. (T-grade10)