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The Tale of the Pie and the Patty-Pan is a children's story written and illustrated by Beatrix Potter. The story tells of a cat called Ribby and a tea party she holds for a dog called Duchess. Complications arise when Duchess tries to replace Ribby's mouse pie with her own veal and ham pie, and then believes she has swallowed a small tin pastry form called a patty-pan. Its themes are etiquette and social relations in a small town.The illustrations depict the cottages and gardens of Sawrey, a village in the Lake District near Potter's Hill Top farm, and have been described as some of the most exquisite Potter ever produced. Ribby was modelled on a cat living in Sawrey, Duchess on two Pomeranians belonging to Potter's neighbour Mrs Rogerson, Tabitha Twitchit on Potter's cat at Hill Top, and Dr Maggoty on the magpies in the London Zoological Gardens.Simple dwellings, rustic pathways, and stone fences inspired Potter’s imagination and enhance the tale's timeless aspect and suggest an unchanging countryside and its way of life.=============TAGS: Beatrix Potter, children’s stories, lake district, England, bedtime stories, helpful, background, timeless countryside, hill top farm, Ribby, cat, Duchess, Dog, Patty Pan, mouse pie, veal and ham pie, swallow, cottages, shop, street, tin, pastry, small town, etiquette, social relations, Sawrey, Pomeranian, Dr Maggoty, magpie, rustic pathway, simple dwellings, timeless, aspect, way of life

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Tale of the Pie and the Patty-PanWritten and Illustrated ByBeatrix PotterAuthor of "The Tales Of Peter Rabbit," Etc.

Originally Published byFrederick Warne & Co, Inc, London[1905]

Resurrected byAbela Publishing, London[2018]



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Pussy-cat sits by the fire—how should she be fair?

In walks the little dog—says "Pussy are you there?

How do you do Mistress Pussy? Mistress Pussy, how do you do?"

"I thank you kindly, little dog. I fare as well as you!"

Old Rhyme.

Tale of the Pie and the Patty-Pan

Once upon a time there was a Pussy-cat called Ribby, who invited a little dog called Duchess, to tea.

"Come in good time, my dear Duchess," said Ribby's letter, "and we will have something so very nice. I am baking it in a pie-dish—a pie-dish with a pink rim. You never tasted anything so good! And you shall eat it all! I will eat muffins, my dear Duchess!" wrote Ribby.

Duchess read the letter and wrote an answer:—"I will come with much pleasure at a quarter past four. But it is very strange. I was just going to invite you to come here, to supper, my dear Ribby, to eat something most delicious.

"I will come very punctually, my dear Ribby," wrote Duchess; and then at the end she added—"I hope it isn't mouse?"

And then she thought that did not look quite polite; so she scratched out "isn't mouse" and changed it to "I hope it will be fine," and she gave her letter to the postman.

But she thought a great deal about Ribby's pie, and she read Ribby's letter over and over again.