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FREE short story!A naive college student summons a sexy infernal demon. But this sultry monster girl soon proves to be more than can he handle.Is the ultimate pleasure worth the cost of his immortal soul.

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Story Description

Jimmy Raines, a college student, steals a forbidden book from the library. He goes home and summons a Succubus to please his every whim and pays with his soul.

The Succubus

Dallas Quinn

Published by Knight Press Inc., 2017.

This is a work of fiction. Similarities to real people, places, or events are entirely coincidental.


First edition. September 9, 2017.

Copyright © 2017 Dallas Quinn.

Written by Dallas Quinn.

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Table of Contents

Title Page

Title Page

Copyright Page

The Succubus

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The Succubus

Jimmy Raines turned the ragged pages of the archaic tome. It was an old manuscript from the late middle-ages, complete with hand drawn illuminations.  The Malefacrum Diabolica was one of the first books on the subject of Demonology ever written. The university kept it secured in the archival collection so it had taken considerable effort to even be allowed to near it.

If it wasn’t for his friendship with student librarian Sheila Murphy, he doubted he would have been successful at all. “Don’t forget these.” She said as she handed him a pair of white archivist gloves. Jimmy wasn’t sure what there were made of, but the material was soft. She’d then left him alone with the book and he’d wasted no time getting started.

His interest in the black magic piqued not too long after he entered in the Medieval Studies program. After he’d learned how the Catholic monks had seized various magical texts, for their safekeeping. In their austere monasteries the celibate men had hand-copied countless ancient texts, in hopes of preserving them for future generations. When he’d learned his small university had acquired one of these ancient books, he’d drooled at the thought of studying it.

With a little effort, he’d managed to convince Sheila to use her credentials to allow him the chance. She worked in the late evenings at the library which provided the perfect opportunity for him to study the tome without suspicion. Of course she’d taken an obligatory photo copy of his student ID for the record. But none of that mattered to Jimmy he’d finally managed to get his hands on the book.

He pulled his iPhone from his pocket and began to carefully take pictures of the yellowed pages. As there would be no way he could actually take it and not be caught. While technically photographing the pages was forbidden, it was the safest alternative.  He had an unnerving feeling as he gazed down at it, wondering if it had ever been used.  The book was illustrated with detailed drawings which depicted hideous demons engaged in debauched sex acts. He wondered what a celibate monk thought as he copied these images and demonic phrases down for posterity.

Did these spells actually work? He shivered at the notion of performing real magic and summoning a demon.  It was then that he heard a knock at the door. He shoved the iPhone back into his pocket before Sheila entered.


“HEY, THE LIBRARY IS closing in about another half-hour.” She smiled and placed a hand on his shoulder.  He felt his heart beat a little faster when at her touch.  Tonight she wore a plaid skirt at a teasing length, just above her knees. With her rimmed glasses, tight white blouse, and full red lips she looked every bit the ‘naughty librarian’.