The Strange Fires of Christian Drama and Comedy - Francis Tega - ebook

Motion pictures or drama are neutral agents used to drive in knowledge skills and attitude, but in spiritual things, they should not be mentioned at all because they are among the instruments misused in Christian circle. This book explains why.

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The Strange Fires of Christian Drama and Comedy

What Christians Really Need To Know


Francis Tega

Copyright © 2018 by Francis Tega.

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All rights reserved. Except for use in any review, the reproduction or utilization of this work in whole or in part, in any form by any electronic, mechanical or other means, now known or hereafter invented, including xerography, photocopying and recording, or in any information storage or retrieval system, is forbidden without the written permission of the author or the publisher.

Table of Contents

Title Page

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Chapter one: Sincere ignorance

Chapter Two: Digging deep into the origin of drama and comedy

Chapter Three: Sanctified Hypocrites

Chapter Four: Carnal Weapon for Spiritual Welfare

Chapter Five: Wooden Works

Chapter Six: Early Church Methods

Chapter Seven: Brother Talent

Chapter Eight: The Old Ark on a new Cart

Chapter Nine: The Acts of the Philistines

Chapter Ten: The Acts of Jeroboam

Chapter Eleven: God’s Anointed turned Actor

Chapter Twelve: Corrupters of the Holy Scriptures

Chapter Thirteen: The Need for a radical Reformation



THIS BOOK IS AFFECTIONATELY dedicated to my fellow contenders for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints, especially late A.W Tozer whose books kindle in me some kind of holy fire. He was a burning light indeed.


THIS WORK IS AS RESULT of the help of the holy spirit of God. I am forever grateful for the inspiration, wisdom and exemplary lives of many preachers of holiness.

For the development and production of this book, I feel a deep sense of gratitude to;

My wonderful Sister in Christ, Felix Deborah, for her patience, and support in the success of the work. I don’t know how to thank her, but to say thank you. You made it easy to fulfill the will of God. Thanks a million times.

Bro Ajibola Opeyemi, a contender of the faith in words and deeds,for his words of encouragement.

Oghene Moses gift, my brother who keyed into my vision, Gbenga Peters who instilled in me a reading habit.

My mentor in the art of writing Dr. Karrisa Glanville, a woman of principle and integrity and all members of the imani bridge writers.

Finally, to the only wise God to who belong glory, dominion and power to him belong the glory forever and ever .Amen.


THE WORLD HAD INVADED the church and had fallen upon her with the edge of the sword, here she is, lying wounded in the pool of her blood, crying for revival, but nothing is happening. Why?

This statement may look radical but reading this book will clarify to you what I mean. There was a man sent from God whose name was A.W Tozer, a prophet highly hated for his sharp criticism against the error of the church. An earnest contender for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints.

This work is the successor of his booklet titled the menace of the religious movie which was published in the 1950s he cried ‘the religious movie is a menace to true religion because it embodies acting, a violation of sincerity, indeed history will show that no spiritual advancement, no revival, no upsurge of spiritual life has ever been associated with acting in any form’. This booklet  has been long out of print and not many are anxious to bring it to light, but am ready to bring the conviction in the book back to light because I strongly believe in his convictions because they deeply rooted in Christ the solid rock  though he succeeded in making enemies as bill gates succeeded in making money, nevertheless he was in the center of the will of God since he had scriptural credentials to back up his claims. The man Tozer sought for only one man that will come to the light of the truth through his writings and I thank God he found me. No author has ever touched the depth of my soul as this man for in him was the matchless grace of God. This book is not for the faint at heart not for novice in the art of the spirit.

As many people do not believe the doctrine of Christian perfection which is holiness, some in the doctrine of heaven and hell, but that does not mean those teachings are not true because others object to it, in the same vein, you may not agree with the content of this book, but you will recognize that I know what I believe and why I believe it. After reading this book you will have a crystal clear picture of my conviction on this subject. Let me tell you again, you may not agree, but at least it should give you something to ruminate on, considering the fallen away of our contemporary church from the ancient land mark.

I believe that the church had return to the dark ages where John Wycliffe and the rest of the reformers met it; therefore there is a need for an urgent and radical reformation again.

At the end of this book which will cost me good friends and brethren, a reader will have to make a decision to take the bible and other valuable books to seek the truth for himself or remain in ignorance, you cannot stand on the fence here. I strongly believe that way by which the church can recover from her fall is for individual to stand were the bible stand alone.

Let me add this that it has been said by many scholars that everything is right that it only depend on how we view it, but I believe such statements have no place in the things of God, but I still have something to say and this is it.

There are inventions that are neither good nor bad. It only depends on how we use them. For example cocaine is good and also bad if abused. The television for example is powerful instrument for good and evil depend on how it is channeled. It will be foolish and dogmatic for me to say that the television has not added to the revival of evangelism among us. We must not also pretend that we do not know how much it has broken the moral wall of our society at large when men of corrupt mind uses it. So it is a neutral instrument, it is neither good nor bad. There are many neutral instruments around us. They are very useful for instructional and developmental purposes. The instrument itself is not the problem itself but the mis users.

As a student of education, I know very well that motion pictures or drama are neutral agents used to drive in knowledge skills and attitude, but it is my personal conviction to state that in spiritual things, they should not be mentioned at all because I count it as one among the instruments misused in Christian circle. This book explains why and where I stand on this issue.

Chapter one: Sincere ignorance

‘’LET US ALL ADMIT OUR ignorance when confronted with what we do not know’’ Deng To, Chinese editor of ‘evening talk at yenshan’

‘’ Nothing in the entire world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity’’ Rev. Martin Luther king Jnr.

Sincere ignorance is one of the great tools which Satan is using against Christians today and people because of their pride will not admit their ignorance when confronted with what they do not know. Some cover up with big bibles and hymns, some with college diplomas, while others hide under the umbrella  activities, successfully brain washed by luciferian opinions into believing they really know what they think they know.

A very young kangaroo came across some birds singing about peace and unity among the animals in the jungle when he went for sightseeing in the wood. The monkeys were doing the dancing while the baboons were doing the drumming, the young kangaroo could not hold his joy but joined the gyration, the melody continues until the rain broke the melody and everyone went their own ways.

He could not understand the lyrics of the song he heard, because it was interrupted by the rain; he had not seen the invasion of the beasts upon his family, he had only heard about the wickedness of the lion and its family, he thought he could make the jungle a better place and went to meet the lion in his territory to have some talk and ask him why he never wanted peace but war at all time, he thought this could be settled amicable. He went to the lion’s house and was used for dinner. He died for his ignorance. People in the Christian circle are like this, half understanding of the bible had thrown them in the pit of sincere ignorance and we are fighting hard today for a vivid knowledge of the Holy Scriptures among Christians.

Doth this offend you?

By the grace of God I have many things to say which are hard to say and one of them is that a large number of bible readers are suffering from what I call knowledge deficiency syndrome. It grieves me that these are the very people who claim to be in the forefront contending for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints and they claim one third of the earth population.

Our opinions are directly proportional to the population of the members of our churches. There are people who are sincere devotees and slaves of errors who love the praise of men more than God, some do not love the praise of men but they are conquered with the fear of man that they have no back bone to stand for the truth when the need arise, but rather choose to shrink than to stand tall.

These set of people will be of the opinion that we should rather be silent about a controversial issue as this that even if peter will rise up against it he will not win. Dear reader I want you to understand that in the battle for truth either we kill the error or we die fighting against it we are always on the winning side. To some people they prefer that sincerer seekers of the truth should hold their peace and complain in their secret places else Herod will kill them. They suggest that you keep quiet and die in silence. Away with such kind of people who are slaves to the wrong opinions and modern ideologies of carnal men whose god is their belly, foaming out their own shame.

You may say a writer should consider the opinions of others and their feelings and be liberal and soft hearted against the unrighteousness of men. He should be tolerant even if the church is marching on to Endor  at the speed of light. Such are the people who paint the sincere seeker of the truth as been narrow minded as they did to G.J.O  Moshay but his reply was jaw breaking, he said ‘’Bible believing Christians are often  been accused of been narrow in their views about true religion. In a way our accusers are right because the way to heaven is indeed ‘narrow’ and ‘strait’. For such people even a book as this is an abomination to them. To be more frank such people do not understand the real purpose why the church is called out of the world.

We are confronted today with many goliaths of errors which the David of the church has not brought down but is running away from. One dangerous feature of these errors is that they are 99% close to the truth. Such errors are the most deadly, and it takes an eagle eyes bible believer to discern them. From this I pray God will deliver the church.

There are two specifically with which we must contend, I refer to drama and comedy. I may as well ask you the same question Jesus Christ asked his disciples when they were surprised at the sharpness of his truth “when Jesus knew in himself that his disciples murmured at it, he said unto them, doth this offend you?” John 6 vs. 61

These two strange fires of religious entertainments are two deadly weapons invented by Satan’s ingenuity. It has spread faster than any known error over the body of Christ. This demon inspired weapon boast of millions of converts in Nigeria alone and all around the places where Christ is named. These are some strange fires burning vehemently upon Jehovah’s altar today, kindled by anointed and chosen Nadab and Abihus of this modern age of mass deceptions and religious confusion.

At this point we must be very careful not jump in to blind conclusion yet concerning this strange fire we are talking about which was imported by people with zeal but without knowledge. Had they known it they will not have tried it, this is one of the purpose why the book is written through the help of God. Let us be careful about this issue, because it is the blood line of some people without which they cannot live, but let us not be more careful than the Holy Spirit which is the spirit of truth. Let us depend on him as we flow along with his revelation. People even claim to have been called into such ministry; I have seen many in Nigeria where I live. The issue is more complex than we think, but I have no need to worry about what anyone who will be affected by the book may say. I am not afraid of man but God who can kill the body and cast it into hell at the same time. A king messenger can only be afraid of the kings message not the people he send them to else he is not worthy to be called a faithful servant. Let us not become foes due to the message of the king which you are holding in your hand, I beseech you my brethren, but God forbid that i apologize for the truth. Because i can do nothing against the truth but for the truth, therefore pray for conviction. Let us invite the spirit of Christ to illuminate our eyes to see this deep bitter truth, I never accepted it at first because I was guilty of it but I can do nothing but to bend to it hard knocks else I die guilty of silence.




FRANCIS BACON, THAT notable English philosopher, statesman and lawyer in his essays , ‘of the truth ‘ dropped some words into the depth of my heart he said “ No pleasure is comparable to the standing upon the vantage ground of truth...and to see the errors, and wandering, and mists, and tempest below the vale below” .  These very words brings some soothing relive to my soul, because I stand on the vantage of truth as you will do after reading through the book with much patience and diligence with prayer. I am sure you will not sit on the fence as the weaklings who have no backbone will do.