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DESCRIPTIONIt was supposed to be a beautiful weekend in the mountains, until disaster struck! When a freak snowstorm traps Alexis and her father inside their cabin, she's sure their lives are over. As they huddle for warmth, their naked bodies pressed tightly together, she whispers to her daddy that she doesn't want to die a virgin. What else can he do but give in to her passionate desire?EXCERPTIt was supremely awkward to hug his daughter to his chest when the act forced him to both squeeze her breasts and pull her body into his penis, but the gesture was habit. Usually there were clothes between them--a lot more clothes. "Don't you give up," he whispered in her ear. As he leaned in, the scent of her, cool and fragrant, like frozen tulips, slithered up his nostrils and dripped down his throat. He could taste her, fresh and sweet, and it did not do a thing to lessen his erection. He groaned in frustration, which he hoped she took as anything but the guilty lust that ruled his heart."No, daddy," Alexis sobbed. "That's not what I mean. This trip. It was supposed to be so special. And instead...oh, it's a disaster!"He could feel her little heart banging wildly at her breasts. He squeezed her again, and she moaned. He pulled her deeper into his chest. "It's a disaster we'll face together," he promised."No, no," she continued. "That's not it. I'm so... I'm supposed to be scared, and I am, but right're holding me and...and all I can think is...all I want is--" Was it a sigh or a sob that leapt from her lips? Whatever it was, the frustrated passion was undeniable. "I want you," she whispered fiercely."W-what?" he stammered."I'm glad it's so dark," she said. "I can't bear to look at you right now. I just need you to...touch me." Her hand slid over his and clamped his fingers over her soft mound. The gesture was unmistakable."Can you?" she whispered, frightened to the core of her lonely soul.As she wiggled her cute little bottom, he couldn't believe his ears. The same adoring voice that had asked him for driving lessons, that had asked him why the sky was blue and why whales weren't fish, was begging him to touch her. She rolled his rigid cock between her buns and begged him again.Their teeth were chattering. For a moment, he could convince himself he didn't know what she was asking, but he could not ignore the way she squeezed his hand over her breast. "Daddy, please," she moaned. "I don't want to die a virgin..."He chuckled to break the tension. "You know, that's usually the guy's line..."Alexis rolled in his arms. He groaned as those luscious breasts pushed into his chest, as she forced his stiff prick against her soft, shivering stomach. She gave him the eyes. He was helpless against those eyes. "I'm serious, daddy," she whispered to him. She reached for his cheeks, and he for hers. Her lips were blue, and he frowned with paternal concern."Baby, we've got to get you warmer. I'll see if there's any blanket we missed--""Don't you dare leave me," she commanded. Her angry breath misted in the narrow space between them. "I can't feel my toes, let alone my lips."He didn't know what else to do. Taking her beautiful face, he kissed her blue lips. She moaned into his mouth, and quickly offered her tongue. He was just trying to warm her, he told himself, but it felt too good to stop.

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The Snowstorm

© Copyright 2017, Veronica Sloan, All Rights Reserved

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Disclaimer: This story contains explicit content, including graphic descriptions of sexual intercourse and consensual incest. It is intended for adults only. All characters depicted are over the age of 18. This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events, is purely coincidental.

Cover design by Veronica Sloan. Cover photo © Can Stock Photo / shmeljov.

* * *

Chapter 1: Growing Pains

Arthur lay beneath his daughter's car, drumming his hands on his chest. Above him, the cooling engine tinkled and popped. At his waist, the empty oil pan gathered dust. His daughter's heels had vanished from view five minutes ago, and he was just about ready to give up. "Honey!" he yelled through the engine. "We still doing this or what?"

He heard her clicking from the other side of the house, then onto the hard concrete of the garage floor. He watched her smooth ankles disappear behind a tire, then heard the grit scraping as she got down on her knees. Her mop of black hair brushed the concrete and her sweet face appeared below the bumper. "Sorry the call took so long, daddy. Steve said he can't make it."

Surprise, surprise, he thought, but he didn't say it aloud. "Should we leave it for another day?" Alexis asked with a sigh.

"No way," he said. "I'm already down here, and I've got the pan and the wrench. I can at least show you how to replace your oil before I go."

He loved watching her frown transform into an upside down grin. "Really? You have time?"

"Time enough to get you started," he said. "It's real simple. Scoot your butt under here, and be careful not to hit the jack."

The girl swept her hair back into a quick ponytail, then laid down on the concrete. She didn't tell him to wait so she could change, or whine about the dirt on the floor, nor did she think twice about her white skirt or her open-shouldered blouse. It was a beautiful ensemble, and it fit her like a dream; it was also the least convenient outfit for working on a car, but she didn't care. Arthur tried not to stare down her cleavage as she slid under the bumper, but the pink blouse was loose and her bosom was half out of it.

Alexis was twenty-years-old, and in the full ripeness of her womanhood. She was slender, like her mother, but her small breasts exhibited a surprisingly fluid animation. They jiggled as she pushed herself over the concrete. Arthur averted his eyes, but then he was just staring at her strong and supple thighs. They emerged from the short hem of her white skirt like the stalks of a luscious flower.

Get a grip, old man, he commanded himself. It had been too long since he'd had a woman, and many years since he'd had a woman as young and fine as Alexis. That's a dirty thought, he chastised his hungry brain. He was proud of the beautiful woman his daughter had become, and he couldn't bear the thought of dumb brutes--himself included--gawking at her fertile body.

He was prouder still of the casual way she flicked a dust bunny off the frilly pink lace that clung to her shoulders. There was a part of him (the macho part that never quite faded from his teenage days) that was thrilled whenever his little girl manned up like that. Her big brown eyes, her pouting lips, her pale and delicate skin, were not the features one expected from a tomboy. Until recently, that was exactly what she had been. He supposed it was his fault. Alex's mother had walked out just when she needed her the most. That left Arthur with the monumental task of raising a teenage girl.

It wasn't his area of expertise. The best thing Arthur did in life was fix cars. He was baffled by the hormones, the moodiness, the finer points of feminine hygiene. But he'd be damned if he didn't learn it all. It wasn't easy, but he did everything he could to be the best parent possible, in no small part because he knew Alexis would grow up to be smarter than him and her mother combined (as long as he didn't screw up). As he watched her smiling face slide up beside him, he smiled back with pride. He hadn't screwed up too bad. The girl was curious about the world, a straight A student, and only cursed like him when she was in the house.

"You know they have shops that do all this shit for you, right?" she teased.

"You want some bozos to charge you thirty or forty bucks for something you can do yourself and for a tenth of the cost?" he asked.

"If I brought it to any bozos, they'd be your bozos, and you wouldn't charge me anything."

"What kind of car guy would I be if my daughter didn't at least know how to change her fucking oil?"

When she clung to his arm, the blouse slid over her bellybutton. Alex giggled as he tickled her bare stomach. "I can't believe girls pay full price for half a shirt," he muttered.

Alexis stuck her tongue out at him. "Steve likes it."

"Yeah, well," Arthur grunted, rolling his eyes, "Steve ain't here, is he?"

She sighed. "I know..."

"Me and my dumb mouth," he said. "Forget I said it."

Alexis gazed anxiously at the engine. "Ooh, don't you worry the jack's going to give out and you'll be crushed under here?"

"Well...not till you just mentioned it."

She pursed her full, red lips. "Don't tease me. I'm serious."

"If the car fell, I'd just use my super strength to lift it off you. Anxiety alleviated?"

"Oh, much," she snorted. Taking care not to kick anything important, she scooted further up until she could put her hand on his chest. It was such a comfortable gesture, and her body was so damned soft. She lay her dark hair against his shoulder and gave him a pat. "Okay. What am I looking at? This all looks way too complicated for my girly brain."

"It is a girl's brain," he agreed, "but we'll make due." With his wrench, Arthur lightly tapped the rear end of the engine sump. "See this? That's the drain plug."

"Drain plug, got it," she said.

He grabbed the pan and wiggled it over her face. "This? Drain pan."

"So you're going to loosen the plug and drain the oil into that?"

"Uh-oh, folks, we gotta quick one over here..."

She playfully shoved him. "Don't be mean! I'm serious! And why did we have to run the car beforehand? I'm gonna singe my eyebrows off down here."

"That's so the oil will drain. Cold oil doesn't move so good, so we let it heat up and circulate before we want to drain it."

"Oh," she said. "That actually makes sense.

He handed her the wrench, and dragged the pan under the plug. "Loosen that plug, and try not to let it fall in the pan."

"What happens if I do?" she asked.

"Then you'll have to fish it out of the oil."

She giggled. "Oh, duh."

As his daughter concentrated on the plug, Arthur caught himself gazing at her chest again. The loose collar of her blouse left the top of her breasts completely exposed. Those succulent slopes wiggled before him as she twisted the wrench, and any man who claimed he didn't have the urge to grab, squeeze, or suck them, was a liar. Arthur wished he could exclude himself from that group, but he was only human.

And too horny for my own good, he lamented.

"Got it!" Alexis cried. She pulled off the plug and the oil began to drain into the pan. "Wait, is that it?"

"After you replace the filter and put some fresh oil in, yeah, that's it."

"That's fucking easy!" she gasped.

"Still want to pay some bozos forty bucks to do it for you?"

"Hell no," she said.

"That's my girl." He went to pat her back, but the skirt had ridden up so much that he accidentally spanked her behind. She gave a nervous little growl and socked him on the arm.

"Watch those hands, you animal!"

Five minutes later, his hand still thrummed with the memory of that bouncy flesh. He ignored the thrum as he showed her how to remove and replace the filter. Winter was just around the corner, he explained, and she needed a thinner oil to flow better at colder temperatures. Leaning against the hood, she didn't miss a single word of his instruction. She listened well, asked a few questions, and then followed his words to the letter. She was sharp, and always had been. Why she ended up with Steve, he'd never know.

Steve. In a father's eyes, the kid was way out of his daughter's league. And Arthur knew better than anyone--he'd employed the dumbass for the last five years.