The Silence In a Dying Man's farewell - Anuoluwa Soneye - ebook

The Silence In a Dying Man's farewell ebook

Anuoluwa Soneye



"The Silence in a Dying Man's Farewell" is an anthology of poems that explores the emotions and thoughts left unsaid at the point when death draws close. Death in the book is presented both in the natural form as the end of a man and qas an eternal parting between lovers. The poems give skins to the pains and agonies that are silent in final goodbyes and echoes the verses that often end up in the grave, unheard.

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Anuoluwa Soneye

The Silence In a Dying Man's farewell

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The Silence in a Dying Man's Farewell








Silence is seldom heard when spoken aside

-the stage of poetry.






Anuoluwa Soneye


And every day,

I lose a part

-of me

I Fall


I fall apart into

little bones,

then flesh-

Bloodless and silent

yet, I fall.


I fall apart into


in public places

beneath itching eyes

yet, I fall.


I fall apart into

things I cannot say.

Disgust- sight of decay

below- decomposed

and yet, I fall.



Death Cares


Tonight turns cold.

The snow steams

and the darkness shines.


Death lays my bed.

I sit at the last supper.

He helps carry my cross

to the hill.


Tonight turns cold.

I shiver helplessly

till death comes by alone

and wraps me in his arms

-in white.


Oh death comes for me!

Oh death cares for me!




Regrets are sores

torn through deep

past the hall of memories.


Regrets are colorless.

They spark no picture-

faceless agony


Regrets are tasteful.

On raw pepper,

excess sauce.


Regrets are gentle

and quiet-

in voiceless tears.


Regrets weigh tons

so when giants kneel,

it’s not weakness.

The crushing mass;

-of “if I had known”

What are you like?


Some say you are old

ugly- withered skin

and red eyed.


Some say you have a scythe

Sharp- dangerous

a single swipe.


Some say you are beyond

human- far below; too above

our thoughts.