The Sexy and Supernatural Collection - Jade Bleu - ebook

30 stories of hot and horny paranormal pleasure! Werewolves, vampires, ghosts, gods, possessed plants, and other things that are ready to go bump (uglies) in the night. Get the collection and save!An erotic short collection featuring an assortment of rough, raw, supernatural encounters.This collection includes:Bitten by the Hot Neighbor (Hot Bites 1)Bitten by the Hot Bartender (Hot Bites 2)Bitten by My Hot Driver (Hot Bites 3)Bought by a Vampire #1: Tanya’s BargainMy Vampire Dom 1: Susie’s SurpriseMy Vampire Dom 2: Chloe’s DebtMy Vampire Dom #3: Curing Fannie’s PhobiaA Werewolf Found Me Fertile! #1: Snow BunnyA Werewolf Found Me Fertile! #2: Date CrasherA Werewolf Found Me Fertile! #3: Party AnimalA Werewolf Claimed Me Rough #1: Into the Wild WoodsA Werewolf Claimed Me Rough #2: Out on the Sandy BeachA Werewolf Claimed Me Rough #3: Down in the Raw DesertFertile and Ready for a Werewolf (Fertile for a Werewolf 1)Fertile and Willing for a Werewolf (Fertile for a Werewolf 2)Fertile and Bareback for a Werewolf (Fertile for a Werewolf 3)Bound and Fertilized by My Pumpkin PatchBound and Fertilized in the GardenBound and Fertilized by FlowersClaimed by a Sea GodComing for CupidFertile for the Dragon Shifter #1: AbbyGhost in the (Sex) Machine 1: What Got Into HerGhost in the (Sex) Machine 2: Strapped in and RiddenGhost in the (Sex) Machine 3: Ridden Rough by a Living Doll

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