The Sex Crusades: Volume Three (Historical Erotica) - Alicia Stranger - ebook

The saga continues in the third and final volume in the series...*************************Warning: This ebook contains explicit and forbidden descriptions of taboo sexual activity. It may include themes or elements of taboo, forbidden, and adult topics. It is intended for open minded mature readers who will not be offended by graphic depictions of sex acts between consenting adults.XXX Adults Only 18+ Graphic Content

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The Sex Crusades: Volume Three

Alicia Stranger


Copyright © 2016 Alicia Stranger


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And so King Gunther and the Burgundians crossed over into Asia Minor and marched quickly to Palestine. King Gunther took the slave-girl Jasmine with him, and enjoyed her as often as time allowed.

Princess Andrea was still traveling in disguise with Sir Bors and the company of squires. She waited for a chance to be near Duke Charles or Brother Anton, but they were important commanders and it was no easy task for a stranger to approach them. Meanwhile she fucked nightly with Sir Bors and the squires, and the journey passed pleasantly enough for her. If in fact the truth be told, she was beginning to enjoy gang-fucking very much, and was becoming quite used to the pleasure of having two or three orgasms every night.

And so it finally came about that the Burgundian army marched into a broad plain laying before the city of Jerusalem, and there they met another large Christian army already assembled there. The Christian forces cheered and saluted each other, and soon there was a vast celebration under way. Up in the Saracen-held city, the heathens lined the battlements and watched their enemies disport below.

The Burgundians were eager for battle, so the next morning King Gunther told Duke Charles to prepare a squadron of cavalry for a sortie against the Saracens. The duke quickly called up his men, and the Burgundians took the field.

The commander of the Saracens in the city was a shrewd handsome veteran named Sheik Abdul, and he watched with his lieutenants from the city wall.

"They must be Burgundians!" Abdul said. "They have a great reputation in Europe, but my spies tell me they haven't fought a battle in years! I think we can teach them a lesson right from the start! Send out a squadron of our best, battle-tested fighters!"

King Gunther climbed a small tree to watch the battle, and he gave his men a cheering little speech in which he reminded them of the honor of Burgundy, and the men all shouted and waved their swords and rode off to battle.

The city door opened and out streamed a squad of very fierce Saracen veterans. This squad was made up only of men who had lost brother, fathers, or other close kinsmen to the Christian invaders, and every man was thirsting for revenge.

The Burgundian knights rode into battle with their armor highly polished and their colorful banners flying, but from the first clash in was obvious that Gunther's men were outmatched.

Duke Charles watched with dismay as his men were cut to pieces by the heathens. He himself was radiant with battle, and his sword was always where it was needed most. Many Saracens fell to his blade, but it was not enough to stem the tide and soon the surviving Burgundians started to retreat.

Duke Charles was furious. "Damn you cowards! Come back and fight! Do you want our enemies and allies alike to think we are cowards. Better death than dishonor!"

This rallied the Burgundian knights and they started back to the battle, but just then three mounted Saracens attacked Charles at the same time.

Charles parried a blow with his shield, and swung one of his own, and one of the Saracens fell dead to the ground. But then the other two closed on Charles and one of them struck his sword from his hand.

"Take him alive and win a good reward!" Sheik Abdul called from the walls, and the two heathens immediately laid hands on Duke Charles and dragged him from his horse. The advancing Burgundians tried to rescue him, but Charles was thrown across one of the Saracen's saddles, and was soon being carried into the enemy city.

Now there was great consternation among the Burgundians. The remnants of Charles' squadron chased his captors to the very gates of the city, and fought furiously with the heathens, but in the end all were slain.

King Gunther tore his hair in sorrow.

"My best commander is carried off by the heathens, and my forces are reduced by a quarter in a senseless slaughter! Why did I ever let myself by talked into leaving Burgundy? Never did I think my eyes would behold such a tragedy!"

Princess Andrea, watching the battle disguised as a squire, was also very upset by the turn of events. She was sure the Saracens would submit Charles to horrible tortures, and her heart quaked at the thought.

Only Brother Anton maintained his composure. Obviously very upset at the way things had turned out, he still remained calm and immediately set about taking care of the wounded and seeing to the needs of the rest of the Burgundian army.

"The Lord God works in strange ways!" he told Gunther. "Perhaps Duke Charles will do us more good inside the walls than out!"

But Gunther would not be consoled, and retired to his tent, where he resorted to sweet Jasmine's charms to help him forget his troubles.

Charles struggled manfully against his captors, but was none the less subdued, and was surprised to find himself treated with every courtesy by the Saracens. After he had been stripped of all his armaments, he was placed in a comfortable cell and food was made available to him.

Assuming he would be tortured, Charles was very anxious when his cell door was opened several hours later. But it was no less a personage than Sheik Abdul himself who had come to see him.

"I trust you are comfortable?" Abdul asked.

"I suppose so, considering the circumstances! When are you going to start torturing me?"

Abdul raised his fine eyebrows in surprise.

"Torture? Well, if it's what you want, I suppose it could be arranged! There must be somebody around here who could whip you, or burn you with red-hot irons, or something. Personally, I've always preferred playing a game or two of chess! Do you play?"

"Why-why, yes! Yes, I do!"

And so Sheik Abdul laid out a chess set and the two warriors sat down to play. Needless to say, Duke Charles was quite surprised at this form of captivity, and the two men spent a couple cordial hours over the checkered board. Finally Abdul put away the pieces, got up, and courteously thanked Charles for his time.

Charles was left in confusion, but Sheik Abdul had found out all he needed to know. He returned to his quarters and talked with his kinsman and advisor, Sheriff Ali.

"He is just what I expected-proud, boastful, and stupid! Even in captivity, he gloated like a child when I let him win one of the chess games!"

"Did you find out what we need to know about the Burgundians' plans?"

"Not yet, but I know just how to go about it! Send in


Moments later Selena arrived. She was believed by many to be the most beautiful woman in the Near East, and many men had lost their lives and fortunes out of lust for her. She was totally devoted to the heathen cause, and had placed all her wiles at the disposal of the city's defenders.

Her beauty really was unbelievable. Now in her mid-twenties, Selena still looked like a teenager, with firm upright breasts. Her dark curly hair hung almost to the round perfection of her ass. Her legs were long and shapely, and her lovely face reminded one somehow of the radiance of the full moon.