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In this second tale of the Anderson family saga, Kate continues to encourage the value of true family bonding which includes sharing love in the flesh. With Kate’s ideas of sexual exploration, will new pleasures await her daughter and son-in-law? It turns out that the sexy twins have their own ideas to enhance the traditional Sabbath of the Anderson family.~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~Sharon and Cecil crossed each others paths daily; they had a wonderful father/daughter relationship and their sexual contact at family time was nothing less than fabulous. They enjoyed each others creativity and the dirty talk that went along with the sex, but when they went out together just the two of them, Sharon was usually in a much different space. They had announced at the Sensual Sabbath that they wanted to have a father/daughter date. They mentioned the particular weekend they chose but did not disclose the details. The family approved  with best wishes for a good time. Their plans included some drama as suggested by Sharon to Cecil. Sharon was sitting alone at a small table in an upscale coffee shop in Santa Nella at about 1:00 pm waiting for her date to arrive. She was wearing a nice but conservative gown, and when Cecil entered, her eyes lit up and she flashed a bright smile.Cecil approached Sharon and said, “A pretty girl like you need not be alone. May I buy you coffee and lunch?”“Yes, you may, sir; now this girl is no longer alone,” she answered.After a very light lunch of a shared sandwich and iced coffee, Sharon asked, “Do you have something else in mind?”“It just so happens that I do,” he answered.  “I’ve reserved one of the cottages on the beach in Capitola.”“Dad, you’re kidding!” she exclaimed with girlish enthusiasm. Sharon was so impressed with her father's plans that she did not even realize that she inadvertently ended the drama of pretending they were strangers.“No way am I kidding, it’s ready for us at this very moment in time,” he responded as he dangled the key in front of her.It was about an hour and a half drive to the beach and Cecil was totally in tune to Sharon’s elated feelings about the place he had rented for them. They enjoyed small talk and laughter all the way until they arrived in Capitola late in the afternoon.   It was a charming studio cottage right on the beach where one would be stepping out onto the sand immediately after opening the front door with the gentle waves of the Pacific Ocean only about 100 yards away. On the dining room table was a wrapped gift; Cecil picked it up and handed it to her as he said, “Considering the setting, you may enjoy this.”“Daddy, you never cease to amaze me!” Sharon exclaimed with a broad smile. “You really know how to charm a girl,” she added as she hastily opened the package. It was a sleeveless slip-over blouse displaying a peacock with its feathers on a white background along with a pair of powder blue shorts and thongs. Tears filled her eyes as she held up the beautiful blouse to admire the design.“Dad, you remembered how much I love peacocks. Where did you ever find something like this?”“Well my dear, the shops here in Capitola are known for unique items, and I thought that ‘something different’ would be in order rather than stopping by the house to get something you already own.”“Thank you, Dad!” she exclaimed as she wiped the tears of joy from her cheeks and then added, “Before I change, let’s be a little intimate. Nothing kinky like we do at family time; just some tender touching, you know, Dad:  a prelude to later tonight.”

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The Sensual Sabbath 2

by Houston Cei

Cover by Moira Nelligar

Copyright © 2014 by Houston Cei

All rights reserved

No part of this book may be reproduced without permission from the author. All events and characters are of the author's imagination. Any similarities to actual events and charters living or dead is coincidental.

~~ All characters in this book are 18 or older. ~~


Marge and Cecil were an industrious middle-class couple in their early forties living in suburbia with their two adult offspring, Sharon and Raymond, who are fraternal twins.

Marge’s widowed mother Kathryn, affectionately known as Grandma Kate, has lived with them since the passing of her husband and has been an integral part of the immediate family. Kate always had a good relationship with her son-in-law and was a key figure in raising the children since their very early years. Marge and Cecil are an attractive couple as are the twins, but Kate is outright voluptuous with thick, curly auburn hair and big brown eyes. In her sixties, she still had a bouncing pair of 38D breasts and usually dressed to display her assets. Her legs also held their shape over the years and she has always enjoyed the fact that they are eye-catching when they are showcased in shorts or a mini-skirt. She always enjoyed the opportunity to sit down and cross her pretty legs when she was aware that onlookers would catch a glimpse.

Kate was the most vocal person in the family and was often looked upon for leadership. She was instrumental in initiating the Anderson’s “family tine”which was originally triggered by inadvertently catching the twins in the nude ready to make love. After Sharon and Raymond explained to her that they were more than simply brother and sister but were mates, their grandmother offered to help make it acceptable to their parents. Kate succeeded and then family time became the Sensual Sabbath.

In the previous story, Sharon fell victim to a violent attack near the college campus where she was taking modular courses for credits towards her master's degree. After finishing her finals, she had been simply resting in an isolated park after the scholastic grind before she was violently attacked and severely beaten. She was devastated and withdrawn for a considerable length of time and did not have the interest or desire to participate in any sexual activity. Hearty girl that she was, Sharon eventually recovered and the strength of her libido proved to be a match for any family member including that of the lusty Grandma Kate. To the delight of Kate, there was a change Sharon’s manner of speaking. Her language became downright dirty but the family loved it. Her dirty talk enhanced the setting at family time and Sharon was occasionally the family member to take the lead on the Sabbath, sometimes even before her grandmother.

The Sensual Sabbath 2 opens with Sharon and Raymond as they enter the workforce and later develops into how their life together alters after meeting another couple with whom they become exceptionally close and more than just friends.

The Sabbath is the seventh day of the week and traditionally begins on Friday afternoon and continues through Saturday. Keeping it “holy” could mean different things to different people. Generally, it is a time of family togetherness without work; as for the Andersons, it included love in the flesh.

Chapter 1: Revisiting the Anderson Family

It was a beautiful Friday afternoon in the San Joaquin Valley as is typical in the month of August. Sharon and Raymond were winding down their vacation before entering the work force. They had spent a fun-filled two weeks in Southern California as a reward for their academic achievements courtesy of their proud parents Marge and Cecil and the especially supportive Grandma Kate. The loving couples had graduated with honors and were now prepared for promising scheduled interviews for positions in the technology surge of the Silicon Valley.

With their parents and grandmother out for the evening, Sharon and Raymond were watching TV together in the family room when feeling in a frisky mood, Sharon asked her brother, “Do you feel like being an Egyptian right about now?” That was her jovial way of referring the ancient Egyptian custom of keeping sexual activity within the family so as to keep the royal bloodline “pure.”

“With a sister like you, I’m always in that kind of a mood,” Raymond answered.

“Great!” she responded. “Ya know Raymond, it’s family time tomorrow and I’m looking forward to it. Yes, we had fun in Santa Barbara but I miss Mom and Dad and Grandma Kate. It will be fabulous tomorrow morning.”

“I’m with you there, Sharon,” Raymond said, “so it looks like we’ll have a prelude this evening.’

“Yes, right here in in the family room. If they come home, I’m sure they won’t mind watching what we’re doing,” she said with a bright smile.

Raymond laughed at the jovial manner in which his sister spoke as he stood up to turn the TV off. As they were undressing, she said softly in his ear, “I’d like to sit on your lap while you do me anally. I know how much you like that tight fit.”

Still amused at her dialogue, he said, “You don’t have to do that just for me.”

“Don’t be silly, sweetheart. You know I love it too, especially when you fondle my breasts with your prick up my asshole,” she responded crudely but with a sensual tone so as to enhance the mood for making love.

Once they were nude, Raymond sat down on the sofa and Sharon dropped to her knees before him and took his standing cock in her hand to stroke it slowly. She looked directly into his eyes with a smile and then after forcing a buildup of saliva in her mouth, she spit it onto his prick before taking half of it into her mouth. After a short blow job, Sharon stood up, turned her back to her handsome twin brother and sat on his lap to let his hard prick slowly ease its way up her tight asshole. As he cupped her breast and squeeze gently, they rocked slowly in harmony while she fingered her clitoris.

“How are ya doing sister dear?” he asked.

“I know you don’t really need an answer dear brother, but I know you have fun just talking while we’re fucking.”

Raymond chuckled as they continued their motions and they were enjoying themselves so much that they were oblivious to the sound of a car in the driveway. Kate entered the front door, and as soon as she came to family room to see the activity of Susan and Raymond, she nodded in the affirmative with a grin and said, “Now that’s the grandchildren I’ve always known and loved.”

“Grandma Kate!” Sharon exclaimed. “How nice to see you after so long. Please forgive us for not being embarrassed.”

“Don’t be silly. You kids enjoy yourselves. I’m just glad you’re home for family time tomorrow,” Kate said.

As he continued to butt-fuck his sister, Raymond asked, “Did you have a date, Grandma?”

“I sure did,” she responded. “I was very close to inviting him in, but it looks like it’s a good thing I didn’t. Not just anybody could understand something like this. Here we are, the three of carrying on a conversation and you two are fucking to your hearts delight.”

Sharon and Raymond both chucked as they continued their motions looking directly into the face of their smiling grandmother. “Did you get fucked, Grandma?” Sharon asked.

“Damn right I did!” Kate exclaimed, “and boy did he ever have a big one! We first went sixty-nine and he got me off sucking on my big clit. When he turned onto his bag, I started gobbling the nob and he pushed my head all the way down to where I could feel his pubic hairs on my lips and his balls on my chin. He laughed when I gagged and drew my head back but it was all in good fun. Men love making women feel like whores and I think most of us like to feel that way sometimes. Then, he put his hands on my head but didn’t need to push. I went right back down on his cock again until he came, and that was one hell of a load to swallow. I was pretty satisfied, and maybe that’s why I didn’t invite him in, but now after watching you nasty kids, I feel like a little more.”

The young couple loved hearing their grandmother talk this way, and was always pleased when she was in such a sexy mood. “Grandma, Sharon and I have been having a good time here just the two of us but you have a way of making a good thing even better,” Raymond said while his cock was still inside his sister’s anus.

“That’s a nice compliment, and I’m always glad to help,” she responded with a grin.

“May I suck one of your tits, Grandma?” Sharon asked as she was still fingering herself.

“You damn sure may!” she exclaimed as she took off her blouse and bra. Kate approached her granddaughter and holding her right breast with her hand she guided the nipple into the young woman’s mouth. Sharon moved her hand from her own pussy and put it under Kate’s very short skirt to finger the hairy cunt with its super-sized clitoris, and upon noticing that nothing covered her crotch, she commented, “No panties today, Grandma?”

“My gentleman friend wanted them,” Kate answered.“Maybe he’s sniffing them right now.” With both of her hands then behind her granddaughter’s head, she pressed her huge breasts against the smooth, pretty face. As Sharon sucked hungrily on her grandmother’s nipple, Kate said, “That’s it my dear. It feels so damn good, just like when I suckled you mother as a baby.”

Sharon was stimulating Kate’s clitoris in circular motions with her forefinger and thumb when she asked, “Would you like to lick my clit Grandma, while I’m getting fucked in the ass?”

“Yeah!” Kate responded as she dropped to her knees with just her mini-skirt on to lick her granddaughter’s clitoris while she was still getting butt-fucked by her brother. While Kate was exercising her tongue, she could not resist the opportunity to also suck on her grandson’s testicles. With his ball in his grandmother’s mouth and his dick deep inside his sister’s asshole, Raymond announced, “Can’t hold back any longer!” Sharon felt his warm semen spurting inside her; the intensity of his climax was all that he could have hope for, and sensing that, she said, “that’s fine dear brother, you deserve a good nut.”

Sharon dismounted her brother and Kate the started licking the dick that had been in her granddaughter’s asshole. It was moist with cum and Kate enjoyed the taste. “I’d give you some head but I don’t think you could handle it about now since you just came,” Kate said knowing that his nerve endings were satisfied for the moment.

“I think you’re right, Grandma,” Raymond said, “but how about later?”

“You’re on!” she said with a broad smile.

“Wanna sleep with us tonight, Grandma?” Sharon asked.

“Can I be in the middle?”

Susan and Raymond both chucked and nodded in the affirmative as a welcoming gesture to their forever horny grandmother. Kate slept with her grandchildren that night, all were in the nude with herself in between the two as she had requested. They were lying on their sides in the morning when Kate was the first to awaken, and it was with a cheerful laugh as she felt Raymond’s stiff prick against her buttocks. Her arm was around Sharon with her own pussy hairs brushing her granddaughter’s ass. Kate thought of spreading her checks to let her grandson’s cock inside her anus but she refrained keeping in mind that it was time for the family gathering of the Andersons’ unique Sabbath.

“Okay kids; are we ready to rise now?” Kate asked rhetorically.

“You bet, Grandma,” Sharon responded, “we’ve missed Mom and Dad and we wanna start family time.”

Raymond then said, “Speaking of ‘rises’ I’ve got one now.”

“Yeah, I feel it almost in my ass,” Kate said with a smile as she turned around to kiss him on the lips. Sharon also kissed her mate, and the three proceeded to put on just their underwear and check on Marge and Cecil.

Kate and the twins found Marge and Cecil in the dining room having coffee and all were immediately elated as Raymond embraced his mother who could not help but plant a hard open-mouthed kiss on her son’s lips and Sharon dashed into her father’s arms.

“Hold me tight, Daddy!” Sharon exclaimed and Cecil was not at all hesitant to tighten his embrace with his lovely daughter. Meanwhile, Marge continued her kiss with her son, and as her tongue mingled with his, her hands were on the back of his head as if she wanted to hold him forever. Raymond was even surprised at how much he was enjoying his mother’s passionate kiss and reciprocated with the swirling of his own tongue inside her mouth.

I think she loves her son a little too much, Kate was thinking, but then again: What’s a mother for? Family time has started!

“As you all continue with your greetings, I’ll get breakfast started,” Kate announced.

Each of them remained in just their underwear for dining. Conversation during breakfast was light and cheerful and centered basically on how pleasant it was for Sharon and Raymond to be back home. Yes, they had a wonderful two weeks away together and would recount their adventure, but nothing could equal the joy of being with the immediate family. After they finished eating, they did the dishes together, cleared the kitchen and then went to the family room.

Kate took her place on the sofa between Sharon and Raymond as she was accustomed to do with a hand on the leg of each grandchild. Marge and Cecil sat together across from them on the love seat holding hands.

Marge said to Sharon, “Tell us all about your trip.”

“Mom, it was wonderful!” Sharon exclaimed and continued with child-like enthusiasm, “Th