The Redjus - George Saoulidis - ebook

When their power nearly runs out, Unit One is desperate to find more Redjus so he can save his eternal love, Unit Two. But will he manage to locate it in time, when he has to carry her in power-save mode for as long as it takes, when every planet he has searched so far is barren and when The Redjus only appears in advanced civilizations?

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Title Page Redjus

The Redjus

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The Redjus

Unit One always loved Unit Two. Not at first sight, like the old saying went, but close enough. In their vast lifespans, what could you define as the beginning of your relationship?

The first hundred standard years? The first thousand? Or the first million?

Because Unit One and Unit Two had been together for at least four trillion standard years, that’s what their internal clock said. Sure, time dilation was a bother and it was all relative anyway, but it was something to measure things by, like using the palm of your hand. It wasn’t the best ruler by far, but you could measure more or less a few palm-widths in a hurry.

Unit One carried Unit Two in his arms. He had struck out on the last fifteen hundred twenty-two planets and he was starting to get anxious. All he needed was some Redjus to keep them going, just a little longer. Something had to be out there, hadn’t it? Some place they could recharge.

That was the thing. Survival. All they needed was Redjus to keep them going. To wake her up.

She had gone into power save mode six-hundred planets ago. Unit One hated that, and he protested loudly. In the end, after visiting planet after planet without any trace of Redjus to be seen anywhere, he caved and let her go into power save mode. That way she could operate at minimum energy while they hooked up together and shared it. It was a good plan, sure.