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Wealthy brat Clarice is on an expensive holiday aboard the exclusive Voyager train running north from Cape Town up to Cairo. She is a sexy little thing who is used to getting anything that she wants, and as the train travels across South Africa she decides she wants a little naughty interracial action with one of the African waiters, but she gets a shock when room service arrives!The Red Line is the first in a series of four short erotic stories that follow Clarice's kinky adventures as she seduces, and is seduced, all the way to Cairo.

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Table of contents

The Red Line

Historical Background

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

A note from Ginny.

The Red Line

A Kinky Journey Begins

Ginny Watson


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Historical Background

The Cape to Cairo Red Line railway was the vision of British imperialist and founder of the famous De Beers Diamond empire, Cecil Rhodes. A proposed rail road that would link all of Britain's assets in Africa, from Egypt and Sudan in the north of the continent, down through the British Protectorates of Uganda and Kenya. Tanganyika (now Tanzania) which posed a problem being a German colony, but eventually that territory also came under British governance allowing the proposed route to travel south through Malawi, Zambia, Botswana, Zimbabwe (formerly named Rhodesia after Cecil Rhodes) and finally into South Africa.

A route north to south through British Territory, a route designed to increase the stranglehold of British Control in Africa, a railway to increase trade... but more importantly, a quick and efficient way to move troops across a continent and suppress rebellion wherever imperial rule was questioned or challenged!