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Medusa Loveheart

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This book is written by The last warlock and is a wonderful journey in our evolution. A brand new ism is revealed, Dao Buddhism with all that it means and a breathtaking look upon this world today. It reveals the truth about the human being and brings you a better faith in tomorrow. There is groundbreaking metaphysics and facts that are brought up. A book that has something for everyone in one way or another. A spiritual journey with amazing history. A must read.

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I like to dedicate this book to all species in existence today into eternity into infinity.

Attention!This book might just demolish the relative reality you are living in today completely, that said please do enjoy the reading.

Table of Contents


Dao Buddha

Love Universal understanding

Welcome All

Circle of Life

Dao Buddhism

Exist & Nature

The Force

True Faith


Poetry ONMO Justice


Tai Chi



Calibrating Lifestyle

Reincarnations and Incarnations


Defense only

Dimensions and Elements


The End

(Start of vital information)



This is a very complex book to read mostly because of the nature of metaphysics, just like some movies there will be contexts and senses that won’t be obvious until you have reached a certain point in this book. You will not be able to see: this books picture in completeness (this entire book and its purpose); until you have actually read the complete book in its completeness. That means that even: “this book’s cover” is a part of this book in its very own picture of completeness.

This book contains a language in a bit different form of English in some places and Id like to call it: “(-(>(.)<)-)Opposite<->Directional<->Reaggea<->English(-(>(.)<)-)” (where all the signs such as the following six –(.)<> are pronounced with silence).

I usually like to shorten the expression to Directional Reaggea English since opposite thinking is already a part of that tool.

The name of the common tongue for the bespoken form of English (the Directional Reaggea English that is) in any tongue is by me defined as ORBish where as many other people probably has gotten to understand it as Language of SOUL. There will be a more detailed description of how to understand it in my introduction and throughout this entire book, however if I don’t provide you this very information You might not have been able to as early as possible understand how you shall relate to its content.

You will always be the head character in this book; in the sense of: this book is actually a conversation between you; the reader that reads this text, and me: The author that wrote this book. Except it’s all about how you are responding and experiencing the feelings you get while reading different types of content. I will however every now and then make personal comments on the content in order to show where in this book we actually are with different synopsis.

You will have to read the “vital information” part in this book in order to give your self a fair chance... trust me on this one =)

In other words when I am talking I’m simply sharing my opinion of what has been represents on our table of presentation. Our table of presentation is visualized in your mind with a table free of your own taste and gathered around it is you in any form you like and me as the Demon of time – Medusa D.B. Loveheart – an Elemental: “Relative”. Every now and then I will sometimes just stop the whole picture and make recaps of what has happened and clarify things when I find that there is enough information now on the table in order for me to be able to show you an exact example that I believe that even if we might not agree, we will both be able to understand that we can see the same point from the same page in the same direction. By doing this every now and then I know you will understand absolutely everything that I talk about.

By the time you actually have read the entire book form the front side of this book till its opposite side as well as all the content within it, this book that is. You will have seen the world in so many angels that you will be able to see things with a new pair of eyes.

Pictorially speaking =)

Read this first

Or at least read the book entirely from the beginning to the end if you want to give yourself a fair chance to understand the content of this book

That’s why this isn’t the first text line in this book




Defining Metaphysical terminology

Directional Reaggea English Introduction

The Doted System

:: Four dots – two colons - Understanding

The concept of creating a word or a phrase to contain a picture of completeness with an orbish direction. Build an essence and fill it out with a context and bringing in a direction, creating an understanding that is a behavior in any shape and form.

:: :*: Understanding - An analog photographic picture always contains of one negative and one positive picture, you create the ::positive:: image (the one that you will keep and show to friends) out of the negative picture, the one that was captured on the film itself with help of the camera. The positive opposite is naturally the :*:negative:*:. Two in one, sort of speaking and is an important understanding in “advanced opposite reflective thinking”:: :*:

This book is an advanced compilation of code where I sometimes use the ::negative:: to shape out the ::positive:: corrects understanding direction. Whereas while calibrating the future, that’s the best behavioral pattern to reveal any secrets that the future might behold for us.

Every word in this book is in an English form that combines English with Latin melodies in a directional reaggea format of truth. It involves starters and stoppers introducing a bubble picture that you will see a lot of in this book and lots of other behavior patterns, opposite behavior patterns even though all words and sentences are easy enough for everyone to actually make sense at some point but always enough points so that no matter how complex I will get, you will always be able to see what it is that we are actually looking at ;).

When you describe a behavior you can basically refer to anything no matter what you choose to explain it with, the picture you will be presented will also include an explanation of what behavior parts and elements you actually are referring to. I will compare behavioral patterns from movies, myths, legends and story’s all depending on what it is that I’m describing to you for that very moment. In this book there will always be a new beginning whenever there is an end. In this book truth will always be accepted as a picture of completeness, in other words there won’t be anything that will exclude anything, everything is always ON just like nothing is. Nothing might be a concept of hard to understand; luckily this book will change that fact for you.

You will also get to know nothing as Metaverse and can be considered as an already existing nested parallel Universe in our existence.

No matter how confused you feel about reading this text you have already understood everything you so far have read even though it will have taken some time to get here. Your understanding will constantly grow, for each word that you progress and the change will always be constant. By that fact you will hereby experience what it’s like to read Directional Reaggea English. It will be direct, reflect, engines and motors, fuels and engines, opposites and dimensional. It will have rhythm and will be predictable and it will be the most awesome experience you probably have had.

Hehe, One more thing though. Don’t worry.

And we are still cool from my point of view; I already know we are different from each other.

This book is divided in several parts

First part is the calibration of where we are today and how we got here with evolution in all its glory and failures as well as many relative reality’s we all exist in, some of them we pass through in life without even reflecting over that we actually have crossed that path and for some those might be the very core in their reality. Some of them are rarities while others are everyday common sense. This part contains lots of metaphysics and behavioral maps. You will also follow my journey as the last warlock.

Medley here I resume and reflect over what’s been shared so far.

The second part is the composure and compilation of my very own ism; Dao Buddhism - covering parts of the way of the Dao Buddhist monk and Dao Buddhism. It shows you how to relate to the ism as a follower no matter if you have a lifestyle where your lifestyle doesn’t have that much room for isms and faith as well as showing it as a lifestyle in completeness.

Medley here I resume and reflect over what’s been shared so far.

The third part is just a step by step guide that will lead the people of this earth into the best direction for this opportunity of life with the human species in it. This part also sums up my very own humble definition of what I consider to be a higher civilization form of existents where peace is an equally strong and important fuel and engine as chaos is in the sense of evolutionary progress.

That’s just the way it is... for everyone =) Don’t worry... it’s not an end... it’s just another beginning.

This book contains many sentences ending, wherever one ends another one starts. Throughout the entire book. And when you have read the entire book you are still the one holding this book. Hopefully you will have a more beautiful world to look upon and maybe even a little bit more hope for tomorrow.

::Don’t forget that you are truly the main character of this book, you will stumble upon a methodology I’d like to call ::Dry Martini:: in the sense of direction as follow: just like the drink your feelings might get either shaken or stirred or even both in the same time. Sometimes the cause will be because of my weird sense of humor and sometimes because we are touching sensitive topics::

Sometimes my comments might be out of instructional nature such as:

“– You might want to take a seat in the coming part.” I’m saying these things mostly because I know what the next part will be about, but I don’t know who you are so since I’m asking you to hear me out fair and square I hereby show you that just like you are human so am I and even though we don’t know each other we can at least try to give each other a fair chance even if we both know that we might not agree on everything. So if you for example are holding a brew in your hand or drinking something you might swallow it in the wrong throat or maybe lose track of focus on your surrounding and spill your brew on something or someone. Because the content will be sometimes extremely naked and display the truth just like it can be with no censorship or cover-ups, in other words lots of delicate matters such as social behaviors, sexuality, war, peace, hate, love, sex, relations and many other topics in order to show you our past, present and future possibility’s.

Directional Reggae English One on One

. The start of a :: bubbel

… . The stop of a bubbel

:: ::Talking in Bubbles:: You will be introduced to the reading of pictures or bubbles to be more specific, with a dot system that is consisting of a starter symbol ((a single dot) always grouped alone in the center of the page) as you can see in the upper circle and a stopper symbol ((four dots grouped together that has the relation x-o three dots in a horizontal group and the last dot is in a vertical group with the middle dot of the three dots above it)The stopper is always grouped in a four doted group also as a solo group in the middle of the page as you can see in the lower circle::


::Talking in pictures I’d preferably like to consider a ::DNA Strain of content bubbles:: or as you might easiest understand it each bubble can be compared to the similar behavior several modern books and movies such as The Matrix with Neo and Morpheus directed to an older audience but also Harry Potter which is the example I use here for the screen shown in Harry Potters movie (that describes quite well what books and poetry and songs truly are about as well as sculptures and paintings) where you see professor Dumbledore extracting and dragging out a silver string, a piece of memory from he’s mind with his magic wand and storing that “DNA Strain of content bubbles”/memory in a bottle, and this book is both my cabinet storing several hundreds of bottles as well as my memory bowl.

:: This is also an ::understanding:: as well right here and the understandings starter and stopper is shown as “a pair of colons” with equal many sets of “::” (the reason I use the two colons “::” rather than the parentheses “(“ and “)” is because you then see the nature of that it’s not only an explanation but a behavior and sense in time and direction, it gives you a complete picture of what content is included in the understanding. The first set of “::” without the “” shows that from here there is a picture that will show you a phrase or word that can have many directions, however this is the direction I’m referring to its roots and branches. The Second set of “::” shows you the start of the actual phrase or word where it starts and the next “::” shows you where it stops and not until then you know if it’s a word or an entire phrase. The last “::” shows you exactly where the content of this variable of understanding stops. Sometimes there might be nested understandings (more than just one within one larger understanding) then I simply add the symbol “*” between the pair of colons/“::” and looks like this “:*:” in order to simplify what belongs to what and then you might just need to take it a bit slow and look at the content as both a picture and a text more pictorially speaking::


You are doing just fine honey... Let’s move on...


::You will also learn a methodology that’s called ::Scotch and Soda:: I learned the expressional art form from a "shopping window" when I was walking the Damrak a street in Amsterdam. It was a window dresser that had made a clothing display under the theme/”clothing style” scotch and soda. And it was completely perfectly done. She/he had worked with optical illusion methods by lifting up what normally is considered as the negative in the picture and blended both the negative lines with the positive lines. One window doll appeared to have 3 legs but when you looked closer it didn’t. The scene was so perfectly composed there was no doubt that that couldn’t be anything else but Scotch and Soda. The way the window dresser had worked everything in that window: kind of was one and the same entity and yet it was perfectly clear it was made out of several entities and people. The perfect illustration of what scotch and soda is like when done with clothing. I use it in the same way but my pictures in completeness are made out of words and mentalities, behavioral patterns and engines, with everything and nothing.

Scotch is a whiskey made in Scotland. Whiskey comes in five different categories, more or less. A whiskey can have many different behaviors when it comes to flavors for your taste but also the way it’s been created. Soda is bubbly Water with no alcohol and thereby out of different nature, at least right here and now. These two blended together makes the cocktail scotch and soda. In this understanding it’s important to understand that even if the drink scotch and soda is the end result entity referred to it does also include that before it became the combined new entity scotch and soda they where two separate entities. In other words here scotch and soda is also a behavioral pattern where two entity’s are blended together and the outcome of this process in time is the actual drink/cocktail scotch and soda. Where the scotch all of a sudden has gained a new behavior of bubbles and the soda has gotten the element of alcohol and lots of other taste teasers. So here: The Expression ”Scotch and Soda” is a behavior in time with a behavior of someone/something blending it and that has an outcome of a cocktail. Even though when I use it here it’s less likely that I’m referring to two different liquid entities’ being blended together, it doesn’t even need to be limited to only two either. It’s a base tool that is used in many places and as conceptual picture a more touchable phrase for people to use. This is Alchemy of behaviors and patterns and directional outcomes into whatever the result is::



:: ::x-o:: is a neutral formula of “it’s just another direction” and is used in this book to show you that there is an ongoing relation that might not be to obvious but out of major importance since it excludes any other type of understanding/interpretation of that particular content, so whenever the “x-o” formula is found in a content here it means that the text before the “x-o” is the “base plate”/”starting point” and the text that comes after it is where it’s directed/”heading towards”/”next plate”. The “x-o” formula is always tied to its content appearance own bubble picture, However the direction always goes both ways but only in the direction stated. Other directions are still true but since this isn’t just a book about metaphysics but also containing an Ism the direction are always important in relation to the base of the Ism. The content outside the Ism will only show an understanding from the Isms point of view and will never alter the Isms base itself, the Ism itself is covered in the second part of this book::



:: :*: Variable/s; it’s a common terminology within computer programming world but its behavioral pattern can actually be found in quite many places outside the IT world, You will find it a lot in Metaverse. A ::variable:: is something that is created by its creator/programmer. You could compare a variable with an empty box that you your self has built and the shape of the box are limited to your imagination. Then you fill that box up with some sort of content. In the IT world you usually fill those boxes with numbers, counters, command phrases or just simply yes or no.

Long time ago people used to describe feelings by inventing/creating/achieving a God/”State of mind in total awareness” that represented that particular feeling with all its glory and danger, and that’s actually how advanced each and every single feeling within us is and that’s how advanced the power variables are within Metaverse. An example of such variables is Freja an ancient Norse Goddess that represents the element and dimension of Love and is the fertility goddess. If you look at our world history throughout our evolutionary timeline you will easy see that it’s a common concept all over the world and that every country has their own unique set of them in their history and myths, looking into your country’s myths and folk lore explaining things their own way.

These types of variables are quite complex to create because it’s not only about making a feeling more touchable but also a complete description of its entire nature as a mood, action, what it’s like to give it and what it’s like to receive it as well as the denial of it, to not receive it when it has been given to you or to not respond to it even if you choose to receive it. It also reveals how you can choose to coexist with it. You are able to find such variables all over the world. The Laughing Buddha is a major great example of the preservation and clarification of the importance of humor and heartily laughter as well as real great life quality and true happiness. Even in your everyday life you stumble upon power variables only you have come to understand and know them as logotypes and slogans for different companies.

:*:Power Variables:*: can be found anywhere even in nature itself and you will find them in this book itself, just like the book itself is one:: :*:



:: ::Metaphysics:: if you look the word up on Wikipedia you will find a similar explanation: “The word derives from the Greek words μετά (metá) (meaning "beyond" or "after") and φυσικά (physiká) (meaning "physical"), "physical" referring to those works on matter by Aristotle in antiquity. The prefix meta- ("beyond") was attached to the chapters in Aristotle's work that physically followed after the chapters on "physics," in posthumously edited collections. Metaphysics is a branch of philosophy that investigates principles of reality transcending those of any particular science.”

Metaphysics is about the untouchable in the sense of not measurable with tools of/for physics. In order to understand Metaphysics you must also understand physics.

The metaphysical universe is basically the “tree of exist” and the source of all life, It is called Metaverse and is more complex and advanced with all the energies and coexistent metaphysical dimensions, astral planes and domains::



I will give you some example of concepts that belongs to the metaphysical formula-science.

Relations – The relation itself belongs to metaphysic because you can touch the entity’s where the relation exist between but you can’t touch the relation itself in the sense of physical unbounded relationships. You can’t touch the relation you have to/with other people as well as other physical entities even though you can touch both yourself and the other physical objects. Relations exist between everything and anything, there are relations everywhere. Relation has many different values. It can be in the state of friendly, lovingly, hatefully, neutral, presence within yourself, un aware, aware... just to mention a few of all the different kinds of values the variable relation can contain.

Exist – The Source and foundation for all existence in universe, there truly is no beginning and no end. Science says it all started with a big bang. Which is a quite dared thing to say especially concerning the limitation science has. To believe that from a single planet in an universe we should be able to see and understand the size of the entire universe is not just foolish, it makes no sense what so ever. Truth is no one knows how large it is. Eternity is a quite long time. To say; because you understand that universe existed for a couple of billion years: you can reach a conclusion of when it started. You only admit that you are afraid to see the truth as it is. If there has been a big bang there is still no way to tell what was before since there was something before and there is no way to see if there was another one before the one they claim happened with an equal or longer existence than this one, and another one before that and before that how many other big bangs there have ever been.

Science is also limited in the understanding of how large universe actually is since we can only see as far as our own tools allows too and today we can see very far with all kinds of telescopes and so forth but truth is they are still limited. Again science is limited to tell if there have been other so called big bangs on very extremely distance places in almost same time as well. If you take your kitchen table for example when it’s empty and place a coffee cup there then imagine that that coffee cup is symbolizing how far we are able to see in universe you will then realize that we can’t really see much at all and we actually have no idea if there has been another big bang in same time somewhere else on that kitchen table which is easily illustrated by simply placing another coffee cup on another spot. We actually have no clue what so ever of how far/large universe actually is or for how long it has existed. The beauty of this is that you still choose to limit yourself.

What the heck do I mean with that?

Well you where able to see that universe is quite big because of the kitchen table but you fail to see that the universe doesn’t really end there now do it. Isn’t is so that the kitchen table itself is actually located in a kitchen meaning the entire kitchen is actually representing universe... and it still doesn’t end there cause the kitchen is in your apartment and the apartment is in your building and the building is on your street and the street is in your city which is in your country wish is on the planet which is in this solar system which is in our galaxy which is in space. And we are still just talking about a single coffee cup that symbolizes a so called big bang as well as the size of universe. With this picture in your head isn’t it quite silly to claim that infinity is hard to understand.

Ask yourself:

Is it so wise to say that we don’t exist in infinity already, to say that there isn’t anything else left to be found out, if the size of our universe is symbolized with a single coffee cup isn’t it quite easy to see that we actually have quite a lot to explore and find out, that there is to put it frankly; it is but loads for us and that all the weird hate and wars we have among us on this one planet is quite pathetic considering what we have ahead of us.

With this single coffee cup isn’t it quite easy to see that eternity isn’t really that strange anymore that there actually is more likely that there has been several or to put it frankly again but loads of similar phenomena’s throughout our eternal existents already. With this single coffee cup isn’t it quite moronic to actually walk around and believe that we for some reason would be alone in universe.

Again you’re making a mistake!


Yeah... I’m talking about eternity now...

As with infinity you stopped at the kitchen table as if the space/room didn’t continue further...same thing here you forget that there are hours before you sat down by the table, days and weeks and months even years before that with loads of dinners, sex, tea, coffee at the very same table and before that the table was manufactured raw material that before that was trees or metals or sand, that came to be from other natural miracles. You forget that the table and coffee cup will transform into shards and dust and give birth to new phenomena’s and so it will go on for an eternity into infinity and so on. Time is a dimension of its own and I’m the Demon of that Dimension.

More of that later on dear =)

We have now taken a look upon Exists meaning of Eternity into Infinity

Exist is one of the core variables in Dao Buddhism and it stands for quite many things and derives partly from Dao, it is the source of all energy’s in Metaverse and universe, of all dimensions, astral planes and elements. Exist is the foundation for all nature that is a natural part of exist. Exist contains the domain and dimension of death, love, the force, time, luf, true faith, Metaverse and universe. Exist is the ::negative:: for Metaverse where nature is the ::posetive:: for Metaverse.

Nature – Is the gift of life and a true blessing from Exist. Nature is the miracle of life forms participating and endorsing the energies from Exist. Nature contains natural codes and spirits in all life not just birds, wolfs, fish and so but also trees, mountains, valleys, oceans, lakes and the wind. Nature contains the Domain and Dimension of Life, Love, True Faith, Biology, Physics, Elements. Nature is the ::positive:: for Universe where Exists Metaverse is the ::negative::

Exist & Nature – IS our only reason we are here today, The only true roots of everything in universe. The one and only true reason any life form has an opportunity to participate in this magnificent opportunity of life.

::positive:: / ::negative:: Chart



















Time – The Dimension.

I am relative.

Time is a natural outcome of existence and nature itself, because of the fact of space containing the universal circle of existence with planets, suns, supernovas, black holes in a never ending ocean of endless implosions and rebirths of new galaxies all over universe that’s always pulsing and beating rhythms of energy forces beyond earthly co existential purposes creating an existence in constant movement where time always exist as a natural outcome because of the fact of space and movement. Time isn’t really measurable in the sense that we don’t yet have an instrument that gives a reading of how much of it there is, sure we have the time watch and the stop watch that starts and stops time but it only shows you where in time things happened with an exact amount of seconds or hours or whatever it shows on the display just like a watch that only displays where in time we are in relation to earth time mostly. But if the watch isn’t there or stops time, time doesn’t go away, it’s still there. Time is actually a mass in the sense there is no line of time but it’s everywhere and all time eventually ends up in the time mass ancient and that mass isn’t beyond you or before you but it’s everywhere and nowhere. Traveling or journeying in time is actually doable but you have to understand that it’s not done physically yet but metaphysically. With mind, spirit, soul and heart in the force.

We have objectified time in order to take advantage of the fact that we exist in it. Time is based on relations in the eye of science formula-science. You can’t touch time you can only measure it if you choose to limit it to a smaller picture and if you decide the rules of it. Time here on planet earth has been defined by relations of our planet, its moon and our own sun. The moon is only countable into that picture as a factor of day and night time and as its relational affection on our planets rotation even though it’s minor it still has an effect to it that we normally not consider in every day time life. The rotation of our planet around its own axis gives us the cycle of twenty four hours. Our planets constant path around the sun gives us the cycle of a year. However time exists no matter if you are on a planet within a solar system or out in the middle of space itself, science defines the time in space as space-time. Space time also shows that time actually is a mass but in another sense. When in complete empty space time is still there but doesn’t really get verified till an object moves through it. Might it be a stone/comet or a ship of some sort, till that object passes through empty space time doesn’t really reveal itself at all but is still there. The time on our neighbor planets are not the same as they are here but we use our own time to give our self an understanding about it. Time is also a concept and could just as well have been measured by ecological lifespan on this very planet. The clocks that we all see today no matter if they are in digital format or physical artworks are just display boards that give us an understanding of where our time is at the moment. We cannot touch time, we can calibrate it and within that calibration we can calculate with it. Even on this single planet time has been defined in many different ways already. The Mayan civilization had their own type of definition of it. Time is a full blood dimension with its own yin and yang and needs the conditions of movement and space in order to exist as we are used to relate to it. Time is an essence in our existence and only a matter when looked upon it like that. Time is estimation as well as a fact. Time is a tool we need to use to understand when. Time tells us the existence of an event. Time gives us direction for past, presence and future. Time is relative. Time is more than that and a very useful tool. By ripping time out of content we have been able to objectify it in order to take advantage of it and we have use for that skill, that doesn’t change the fact that in its basic nature still belongs to metaphysics as a dimension in its own picture of completeness.

Dao Buddhism – True Holy Faith Religion from ancient. It’s a transparent holy faith religion with no god but only the force – The TRUE FORCE where true holy faith is your navigation and direction yielder, where inner harmony in full yielded yin and yang’s are only way to harmonize with it. Dao Buddhism is an universal ancient religion that is transparent covering all isms and religions as well as science and this planets evolution continuing out in universe everlasting growing mass that only keeps growing in same paste as we are in both Universe and Metaverse in other words in Versa.

Versa – Both Universe and Metaverse in one and the same expression to clarify you mean both.

The Force – Is a natural outcome of Metaverse – Exist - Universe – Nature, The force is their combined energies in all its relations and directions. The Force is everywhere – nowhere – between – anywhere. It has existed as long as Exist. To participate actively with coexistence with the force you must amend the calibrating lifestyle. It’s a lifestyle where you and all your senses just are reading the environment, reading yourself and your own entity’s impulses and reaction. A lifestyle where you accept your true nature as the animal human to its fullest and see the truth in your existence as it is and not as the world today are trying to shape and form you. Yes you are still able to function as the rest of the world. To participate as a follower of the force it takes a commitment in yourself beyond what you have seen before. Follower of the force is a collected expression and an explanation of a participant no matter where your path is, a full-blooded yielder of what force path it is you yourself is or has pathed. I’m the last warlock (Ancient Warlock today) and paths many paths, not just the warlock path. It’s a lifestyle, not a hobby. Everything you do is training and that in senses and ways most people don’t understand. Dao Buddhism contains all schools and mental training in order to reach higher bounds with the force for both the male entity and for the female entity and our lifestyle. Since all humans no matter sexual equipment between the legs consist of both a female and a male side you are able to achieve dual connections with the force as my entity has. To achieve a calibrating lifestyle takes time, determination and devotion. Adjusting it to the calculating lifestyle is somehow timely as well as hard. When you have achieved that you can start train in deeper schools of the force. I’m pathing the grand master force path today as the ancient warlock that I have now evolved into. I have found the paths and lanes and am constantly breaking new ice. Dao Buddhism is the result of a warlock lifestyle among others. Male and female entity doesn’t matter in the sense of harmonic coexistence. People that might recognize the term of the force from the movies of star wars should understand that the force IS even though it’s not exactly as illustrated by Georg Lucas, it still is and has lots to it that also is full of harmony. It is just a description of a yielder of the force basically, it happens to be a similar existence only this is about Metaverse.

Metaverse – is the ::negative:: to universe. It’s the versa that reaches beyond the physical world and universe. Metaverse is always in motion in one way or another. Metaverse contains not just energies from all over universe but also throughout time. Metaverse is the picture of completeness that contains astral planes, terrestrials and domains as well as lanes and the so called virtual lane of intercommunication. Astral planes contain natures, elements, dimensions and metascapes presenting schools of all kinds of wisdom and metaskills.

The domain of death is an important part of both versa, in other words both Metaverse and Universe. The circle of death with holds the “soul and spirit shards” from past life throughout time. Depending on your choices and events in life your shard will exist or dissolve when your life passes on. Metaverse existed long before life on this planet did, long before the so called big bang that resulted in our galaxy among other sky bodies. Just like universe, Metaverse is continuously in directions and stores energy’s in all life forms and nature Universe has provided.

Death is a natural part of physical life forms and is by many today treated with fear out of the wrong reasons. We all have one life time entity wise and most people seem to forget that the time you have alive as a humanoid is supposed to be lived and not done. The duration of a human’s life is like a pixel beating a pulse and a tone that will fade away or grow a rhythm. The existent of a life form is truly an eye blink before it ends in universe. When you die your physical life ends but your energies either goes into a “Soul spirit shard” or takes freer forms of existents till they are redistributed by other life forms. Death contains lots of history and wisdom from ancient times. A more beautiful and peaceful place to journey then in domain of death is hard to find, everything is in perfect harmony and the ancient winds of wisdom breaths calmly within you.

Mind – The calibrating and calculating brain, two different lifestyles from one and the same mass of cells. The calibrating way is measured in awareness while the calculating way is measured in Intelligence. The base for intelligence is always the awareness. Here we will focus on the calibrating lifestyle where mind is in sense of reader and expresser of feelings from your Soul and Spirit. Thoughts as its own outcome is a metaphysical object since everything you think, dream, mentality’s you have, fantasies about is just different forms of thoughts with different structures processed with one and the same brain and heart. The experience outcome of the chemical reaction within you is a metaphysical phenomenon and a very advanced metaphysical formula-science, the experience outcome and not the actual chemical reaction that is. The brain calibrates both physical impulses as well as Meta impulses. The brain contains the blueprint ::Positive:: of whom your spirit is. The mind defines the so called mind matter in metaphysics and is a very important understanding within Dao Buddhism.

Spirit – the ::Negative:: in your brain that is your essence of your own spirit, the blueprint to your total conscious. The Blueprint is what defines your will and who you are. The blueprint calibrates your grey brain mass which is billions of cell blocks called brain cells and is all working together with several responsibilities. Just like the flame in a room surrounded by heat can even the heat out and balance the energy flow so does the empty space in your brain collaborate the brains surrounding energies. The blueprint or spirit interacts with the brains outer surrounding energies and fuels the blue by reacting on these impulses. Spirits exist in all types of natures and so does souls. Not just humans or animals but trees and flowers.

:*: :: ::Blueprints:: and :*:Greyprints:*: are achievable “base plates”/foundations where you possess the ability to adjust, plant, grow and interact with metaphysical behavioral patterns and incarnational prints of energy’s schemas. They contain lots of important information and reveals paths of the force in all kinds of directions. They are also important schools of understanding as well as co existential understandings and achievements needed. Defining nature of Meta patterns in orbish directions. More of this will be covered later on and you will find other mentionable as silverprints as well. They are negatives of the spirit and the soul:*: ::

Heart – the essence in sense of reader – calibrator and expresser of feelings from your soul, the experience of the chemical reaction within you is a metaphysical phenomena and a very advanced metaphysical formula-science. It’s your heart that beats the love of the force of free will and free freedom. The heart loves you always never forget that, because you seem to forget to love and respect it back way to often in a society of today where money is supposed to be a god and alcohol your savior. That’s the biggest lie you could ever live in. Don’t betray your heart for something as foolish as money and alcohol. It’s with the energy’s of heart and mind you dives, surf, swim and plunge within your own emotion as well as the surroundings energy’s. Love decides the strength of the force you your self can handle and are extremely important to understand. It’s a beautiful feeling but also an utterly important measurement where your borders within your entire force existence are.

Luf - is holy faith love within the force and a perfected combination of mind and hearty matters.

Worry - Are commonly known to us as a feeling but is merely one of thousands of advanced map impulses in a very advanced chemical map for calibrators as well. It’s an explorer of the unknown and unaware rather than love that are the aware known boarder line in exploring and surfing the waves of the force. Worry today is only used in one direction only, hence an abuse of as a feeling and therefore it more often a harmful feeling rather than the beautiful feeling it actually are. You should treat all your feelings preciously and act interpretive with them rather than judge upon them. Worry is just one of all of our emotions but same goes for all of them.

Emotions – is just a signal system, never forget that. We react upon signals that have been predefined long time ago. Forget your previous school and relearn them as signals for your own calibrations; fear, hate, love etc.

All brand new schools in the calibrating lifestyle.

Soul – The very core of your existence. The ::Negative:: of your Spirit and is as vital as vital can be. You cannot neglect it because if you neglect it you not only disrespect the soul you rape both the spirit and the soul... your entire person in other words. Think about it for a while. Our soul is the base plates for our bare necessities and gives us the roots to our spirits. Your soul is so vital for your entire existence and it’s limitless. You can nurture your soul and give it several cores with the aid of reincarnation soul pathing in achievement of universal codes. No matter what your choices are always respect the soul in you. There is no limitation in the soul::

::VersaPathing ::VersaPathing:: is what you all do consciously or subconsciously. It’s a way of life just as it’s a life of your own way. You utilize VersaPathing for your reincarnation and incarnation pathing as well. Pathing is very communicating utilization while meditating as well and are best practiced during calm and secure situating both within you as well as your surroundings. Choices you made in your past life that might made sense back then, or no sense what so ever are most likely vital for you for purposes or might be or to become at least. See Pathing isn’t at all about the so called: “been there” or “done that”. On the contrary it demands true devotion in your own true faith foremost but also for you to dare to let go of what you choose to call sanity. To dare to share your faith with people and to respect you’re surrounding and you, too open up their eye in as many opportunities as possible. Pathing is about achievements with your own energies and can be done at home in privacy as well as outside in vast adventure whether they are in ceremonial practices or meditational harmonies. You can meditate achievement and you can physically advance in achievements. I will explain more about VersaPathing later in this book::

:: ::Reincarnation:: The rebirth of a soul and spirit. It’s usually known as the rebirth of an earlier life but can also be an achievement in Metaverse. Universal death codes - The complete achievement in reaching full power variables in universal coding. It is one of the reasons to Versa pathing. It’s done when you are reaching a mutual agreement with another ancient soul & spirit shard since it becomes a new core of yourself in your entity’s existence and is a very delicate journey to do and takes lots of devotion from you both. Not until the agreement mutually has been reached and met you have actually pathed the reincarnation in its completion::

:: ::Code:: Everything is ::code:: everywhere and nowhere is codes of nature or universe and Metaverse. Not as in the movie matrix even though that’s ::code:: as well but codes as in death codes or love codes or any type of code... sensual codes or sexual codes. ::code:: ::code:: ::code:: it’s all ::code:: Carnational codes can be both natural codes from elements of nature such as the wind, trees or animal life as well as universal civilizations, co-existential or death ::code:: you never know what piece of code you get when rewarded with them till later even though some seams obvious at first they might fill a much more profound and deeper purpose later on. Not to forget the most important codes there are HOLY codes. Codes comes to you as any form, I like to call fragmental code for grey prints since that’s what they are till you are able to make something out of it. Codes come in visions but also in brought daylight in everyday life not just weird dreams or state of beings. Codes can and are achieved in metaphysical pathings. By achieving behavioral patterns or codes you build or enhance sides or behaviors within yourself in any direction. But everything is ::code:: in more ways than that... you see codes in everything only you come to call them images, colors, lines, dots or objects but it’s all ::code:: dear::

:: ::Fragmental reincarnation – the incarnation:: is when only some pattern / fragments or a trait from either soul or spirit is achieved and it’s done in the very same way as reincarnation only here you can program it a bit or adjust it is more appropriate way to express it here. Fragmental or partly universal death codes - hence the talk about greyprint, blueprint and so on as well. It can be about a trait such as the bravery or about enhancing the feminine side::

::The Neutral Directional – ; the hyphen surrounded by one blank space on each side of it, looks like this “ – “ (without the “”). It is used in this book as a “::Power Variable:: compiler of flows”, Which means that each word separated by the hyphen is equal in all direction and is always fueled/injected with the base plate that is always the first word/phrase before the semi colon symbol “;” (without the “”) so by gathering or stating a base plate that base plate becomes the roots of the rest of the “::Power Variables::” that is the branches of that newly combined entity. Here comes an example and a taste of one of the beautiful plants you will find here in later coming content in this book:

Respect; FAITH – MUTUALITY – Diversity’s – Sexualism – LOVE – Nature – Elements – Dimensions - Senses – Emotions – Heart – Mind – Soul – Spirit – Dignity – Humbleness – Nothing – Everything – Life - Death



::Reflection is a synonym for pondering, thinking about as well as an opposite visual of an entity. Reflection in this metaphysical terminology is a verb in the form of re- pre- as well as flections in the mirror itself. You reflect over life events from both third person as well as first person. Flection is also a warlock trait and a defense. You reflect in order to be able to preflect over the TommorowTimes crossroads of choices to be made. ::Reflectional thinking:: serves purposes of learning from the past as well as see the presents and to reveal and become aware about the future possibility’s that lies ahead::


.: DotColon – Starter of a fragment

:. ColonDot – Stopper of a fragment


:: ::Fragments incomplete:: - I here in this book show you with the Starter symbol that’s built on a single dot directly followed by a colon and looks like this “.:” without the “” and the stopper of a fragment incomplete is symbolized with a colon directly followed by a single dot and it looks like this “:.” without the “”. I utilize fragments incomplete here in this book because this book “picture in completeness” requires these fragments in order to become complete. Incomplete fragments might look uninteresting at first glance or be conceived as unimportant or a dead end but they are not. They are just as important as all the other bits in order to see the picture in completeness ::




∞ Conceptual time concept ∞

:: this is something I use here in this book in order to be able to dissect even the smallest entity in its nature as well as to be able to use the concept of ::Behavioral patterns:: You are already familiar with the terminology of: Past time – Present time – Future time (only you probably are satisfied by using the short term of them as The Past, The Present/”here and now” and The future (anything that will become). Time is an indicator of sequenced appearing events no matter the form of them. Time in Metaverse is an yin and yang and dimension itself, showing existing steps as well as nonexistent. ::

::I also utilize ::NowTime:: which refers to this very moment we always exist in and is never one second ago nor one second ahead but always right now::

:: ::PerfectTime:: is the exact amount of time it actually is about no matter what the nature of an entity is. THE PERFECT TIME MANAGER I keep in this book as a variable represented and personated with DEATH. Death never end life, life ends life either by natural causes or premature causes. Death only deals with after life in the sense of redistribution of life energy’s that are just as active even if the entity’s reproduction lifespan ends, so doesn’t the energy’s that the entity has functioned as a container for. Death simply makes sure the energy’s are as they should and then makes sure they have somewhere to continue their journey in a more freely form then before. Death is never late and never early, death is always in perfect time::

:: ::TomorrowTime:: I use in order to show you the direction of when something takes place and it also shows that in that context the future is also a part of that particular context. TomorrowTime does never belong to the past even though the event of its own nature will eventually do just that (belong to the past) and when it does the statement of that events TomorrowTime is no longer in a state of true but has changed into a true statement of PastTime in SameTime::