The Preacher's Virgin Daughters Collection #2 - Kelli Wolfe - ebook

Holden Trimble is the fire-and-brimstone preacher who runs Bobcat Springs Church, and he abhors drinking, swearing, and sex outside of holy wedlock. Unfortunately for the poor preacher, he has six teenage daughters—Kelsey, Lindsay, Brandi, the twins Shelbie and Avery, and sweet little Katie—who are growing up fast. All six of them are still virgins—for now—but Briarwood Hollow is just packed with sexy blue-eyed deputies, hot athletic hunks, and mouth-watering older men who know exactly what they want and how to get it. What chance does a girl have against all of that? How long can the preacher’s virgin daughters stay innocent when sinful temptation is always right around the corner?This collection contains the four stories Disciplining Avery, Nailing Katie, Busting Kelsey, and Awakening Brandi.

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The Preacher’s Virgin Daughters

Collection #2


Disciplining Avery, Nailing Katie,

Busting Kelsey, Pleasuring Lindsay


Kelli Wolfe



Copyright 2014 Kelli Wolfe

Published by Pink Parts Press



All rights reserved. No part of this eBook may be reproduced in any form or by any means, except for the inclusion of brief quotations in a review, without permission in writing from the publisher.


All characters in this story are fictitious. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. All characters depicted are 18 years of age or older.


Holden Trimble is the fire-and-brimstone preacher who runs Bobcat Springs Church, and he abhors drinking, swearing, and sex outside of holy wedlock. Unfortunately for the poor preacher, he has six teenage daughters—Kelsey, Lindsay, Brandi, the twins Shelbie and Avery, and sweet little Katie—who are growing up fast. All six of them are still virgins—for now—but Briarwood Hollow is just packed with sexy blue-eyed deputies, hot athletic hunks, and mouth-watering older men who know exactly what they want and how to get it. What chance does a girl have against all of that? How long can the preacher’s virgin daughters stay innocent when sinful temptation is always right around the corner?

This collection contains the four stories Disciplining Avery, Nailing Katie, Busting Kelsey, and Awakening Brandi.

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Disciplining Avery


Nailing Katie


Busting Kelsey


Pleasuring Lindsay


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About the Author


Disciplining Avery

Anthony Sanders looked up from the stack of invoices on the counter as the front door banged open to let a burst of freezing February air scamper through the lobby. A girl swept in with the wind and hurriedly wrestled the door shut behind her then stood there gasping for a moment with her back against the door, pale golden curls delightfully askew. Her wide green eyes were apologetic as she caught his look.

“Sorry about that, Mr. Sanders. The wind yanked the door out of my hand.”

He smiled back. “It is nasty today, huh? How was the drive up?”

“A little rough on the curves, but not too bad. Sorry I’m late. I’ll get right to work.”

The Briarwood Hollow Lodge nestled on the ridge between the dual peaks of the hill the locals called Saddle Mountain, and the winding little road that led up from town was notoriously treacherous in high winds. Anthony had been a little worried about Avery making that drive in this weather, but since he had hired her he had gotten used to her quiet competence at anything she undertook and decided he’d let her choose whether to come in today rather than let her think that he doubted her.

He also had purely personal reasons for not wanting to suggest she stay home. As he watched her walk across the lobby towards the door marked Employees Only he felt a familiar twitch in his jeans. There was something about her that set him off like no one else he had ever known. Oh, she was pretty enough certainly, but it was more than that. During the summer Avery had worked in the lodge along with her identical twin sister Shelbie, but Shelbie just didn’t have the same impact. For some reason only Avery ignited this terrible desire in him.

Physically identical though they might be, the twins could not have been further apart in personality. Shelbie was bubbly and outgoing and constantly at the center of things, while Avery was an introvert who seemed content to spend most of her time alone. It wasn’t like she was painfully shy or had trouble interacting with people; he had seen enough of her relations with the hotel guests to know better than that. She just seemed to prefer quiet and her own thoughts over dealing with other people.

His breath hissed through his teeth as he watched the gentle sway of her ass, every luscious curve visible through her clingy sweat pants, and the hard pulse in his cock made him sit up and clench his teeth. He had been alone too long and it was starting to show. That worried him. He needed to work on his self control.

The last girl had left six months ago. They had been compatible enough, but April had gotten bored to death with the little town in only weeks and he wasn’t into making people miserable, so he had shown her around the club in Stantonville and another dom swiftly took her in. Anthony considered another trip to the club, but he knew it would likely be disappointing because Stantonville wasn’t very big and the choices there were limited. Most of the available girls were flawed—people only toying with the lifestyle or masochists playing at being subs to get their kicks. Anthony had enough trouble getting by in a place like Briarwood Hollow without throwing that kind of drama to the mix.

What he really wanted right now was Avery—stripped and on her knees looking up at him with those big green eyes and eager to please him. And that was just stupid because she was only eighteen and she was the preacher’s kid and a mere hint of the things he wanted to do to her would undoubtedly make her run away screaming.

He took a deep breath and tried to will his erection away. His eyes didn’t want to focus on the invoices and he couldn’t concentrate worth a damn. It was the sweats; they made her look so soft and vulnerable, and that pushed still more of his buttons.

Anthony was afraid he was starting to obsess over her. Actually he knew he was obsessing over her, he just didn’t know what to do about it. Maybe some time out in the bitter cold would knock the edge off of his libido. If that didn’t work then he could try a swim in Alligator Pond if it wasn’t completely frozen over.

Avery hurried to the utility room where the cleaning supplies were stored, eager to put distance between her and Mr. Sanders. It wasn’t that she didn’t like him—exactly the opposite in fact. Those piercing blue eyes set her body on fire and put thoughts in her head that she knew would send her straight to Hell. Not that she wasn’t going there anyway—she was a horrible, horrible person. She just hoped that nice Mr. Sanders never found out. He was always so kind and polite and treated her with a dignity most people didn’t offer teenagers, and she couldn’t bear the thought of the disappointment in his eyes if he ever learned of the wicked thoughts creeping around in the back of her mind.

Her cheeks turned crimson with shame as she quickly filled a cleaning cart with supplies and grabbed her notebook. In addition to the deep cleaning she did on every room during the off-season, she also kept a record of every little problem she found when she visited a room so Mr. Sanders could have them fixed. That had been her idea; since she was already examining everything in each room closely while she cleaned anyway, she figured it would save Mr. Sanders the effort of having to do it himself.

He had simply nodded and given her the notebook. That afternoon after spot checking her observations Mr. Sanders had praised her and given her a raise. The raise was nice, but his approval made her feel warm and appreciated in a way that was better than winning every single award at school. She wanted more.

She wished…

But he was almost ten years older and her daddy would not approve. Besides that, she was broken inside and he wouldn’t want her anyway—no one could—and he deserved so much better. She couldn’t understand why someone so drop dead gorgeous was single.

Best not to think of that. She took the elevator up to the second floor and tried to lose herself in her work.

Losing himself in his work was simply not happening. Anthony carried the stack of invoices downstairs to his basement office and dumped them in a heap on his desk. He really needed to get caught up on his paperwork before the quarterly taxes were due next month, but he just couldn’t keep his mind on the job. With a sigh he settled down behind his computer. How did the old saying go? The best way to forget one woman was in the arms of another? While that might not be possible just now, the internet could certainly provide suitable distractions and he had a long list of links bookmarked so he could get distracted quickly.

Two hours later he leaned back in his chair and tilted his head back to stare at the ceiling. Nothing was helping today, and he began to wonder if the idea he had formed half in jest of going for a swim in Alligator Pond might not be a good idea. Maybe just getting out for a while would help to clear his head.

Avery heard the knocking sound over her music and pulled out her earbuds. Mr. Sanders stood just inside the doorway of the room she was cleaning, an odd look on his face. She wondered if she had been singing without realizing it and blushed. Lindsay and Brandi had gotten awards in choir in school, but she couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket and she really hoped she hadn’t subjected him to that. She didn’t even sing in the shower.

“Avery, I’m going to run out to lunch. Would you like me to bring you back anything?”

“No thanks,” she said, pointing to her baby blue lunch cooler bag on the cleaning cart. “I brought mine today. Turkey club and tomato basil soup.”

“Hm. Sounds better than anything I’d be getting anyway.”

“I’m trying to eat healthier. When it gets this cold I just want to curl up and eat everything in sight, and I don’t want to get fat.”

He snorted. “I don’t think you have anything to worry about.”

For just an instant there was a look of raw, seething hunger in his eyes that sent electric tingles racing through her and turned her insides to hot, syrupy goo. She blushed again and looked down at the carpet, her heart thudding so wildly that she was amazed he couldn’t hear it.

“A girl can’t be too careful,” she murmured.

“Okay. I’ll see you later, then.”

She didn’t put her earbuds back in when he left. Avery didn’t mind him leaving her alone in the hotel, but she preferred being able to hear if anyone came in. The thought of someone sneaking up behind her while she was zoned out on her music was more than a little creepy.

By the time she finished her work on the room it was lunchtime, and she took her cooler downstairs to eat in the lobby where she could look out of the floor-to-ceiling windows facing out towards the wooded hills behind the lodge. Gray clouds scudded across the leaden sky, trailing a drizzle that would probably turn to ice on the roads before the day was over. Avery shivered thinking of her drive up the hill that morning. Maybe she should ask Mr. Sanders if she could go home early. She didn’t think he would mind since he had sounded so uncomfortable about letting her brave the weather to come to work today in the first place.

Her cell phone buzzed and jittered across the table top. It was a text from her best friend, Janet.




Avery looked outside as a swirl of freezing rain pattered against the windows. Leaving early was really starting to sound like a good plan. Just as she started to type a reply her phone went dead. She smacked it against her palm a couple of times, but the screen stayed black.

“Fantastic,” she grumbled.

Her phone was a hand-me-down from her older sister Lindsay, and it had been dropped and dunked and beaten up to the point where she supposed it was a miracle that it worked as often as it did. Unfortunately it always seemed to pick the most inconvenient times to die on her, like now—she needed to let Janet know she was on her way and she needed to let Mr. Sanders know that she was bailing early.

The nearest hotel phone was at the reception counter, but as she expected there was no dial tone when she picked up. While the lodge’s internet and television came in through satellite, the phones still ran through the old copper wire lines and every time it rained there was a fifty-fifty chance that they would go down. It just wasn’t her day.

As she returned the handset to its cradle she thought about taking off anyway, but she didn’t have a key to lock the front doors and even with the weather this bad she didn’t want to bail and leave the place unlocked while no one was there. All she could do was wait until Mr. Sanders got back. And what if he waited too long and the roads were so bad that he couldn’t get back and she was stuck up here by herself all night?

Wind whistled mournfully through the cracks around the front door, and the soft drumming of the rain against the windows became a clatter. Avery peered out the window and saw bright flecks of white in the gray pools of water—it was hailing.


There was one other way she could get in touch with Mr. Sanders and Janet. The only computer in the hotel with internet access was in her boss’s basement office. Technically that was off limits, but surely this one time it would be okay since it was sort of an emergency? After all, he wouldn’t want her stuck up here by herself, or even worse stuck up here with him until the weather cleared.

To get to the basement from the elevator required using a special key, but Avery had keys to every room in the hotel as part of her job. Well, every room but one, anyway. There was a locked room next to Mr. Sander’s office that none of her keys would open. He had told her that it was just storage for some of his personal things, but Shelbie had gotten bored last summer and attempted to unlock it over Avery’s protests. She had tried every key on Avery’s big ring twice before they had to flee for the fire stairs when Mr. Sanders rode the elevator down to the basement, and it had taken an hour for her heart to stop pounding in fear.

That door was locked as always but Mr. Sanders’s office door was ajar, yellow light puddling on the floor of the dimly-lit hallway. Pushing the door open she sat down nervously at the desk. One quick email to her boss and she’d be out of here; she would just go straight to Janet’s after she left, so she wasn’t going to even bother with an email to her. She clicked the mouse to clear the bouncing ball screensaver, hoping Mr. Sanders didn’t have it locked with a password.

The screen flickered as the screensaver vanished and Avery froze.

Mr. Sanders had left a dozen browser windows open, and the window on top contained a large gallery of pictures of a man and a young woman who was naked except for a metal collar around her neck and leather bracelets on her wrists and ankles. In some of the pictures she was gagged and tied up, in others the man was spanking her with a cane or a riding crop until her back and buttocks glowed fiery red, while still others showed him inserting various large toys into each of her openings. Towards the end of the series his manhood took the place of the toys, and the final picture displayed her on her knees looking up at him with tears in her eyes and mascara running down her face while she took the entire length of his shaft down her throat.

Avery’s pulse hammered through her and her hand trembled as she clicked on the next window. A row of three videos appeared before her. The man and woman in them were different, but they were engaged in the same type of acts as the pictures she had just seen.

She clicked on the first video, her tongue darting nervously over her lips as she watched with wide-eyed fascination. Heat blossomed between her legs and in seconds she was sopping. A whimper tore itself from her throat.

“No,” she said, and with a convulsive jerk of the mouse she clicked the Stop button.

This was wrong. Watching the things in these pictures and videos was a terrible sin. Being excited by them was an even worse sin, and her eyes filled with shameful tears as the familiar feelings of self-loathing bubbled up to the surface.

Two years ago she had found a discarded copy of the Marquis de Sade’s Justine and secreted it in her room. Over the course of a week she devoured it with a mix of horror and erotic fascination that left her floundering in confusion. However terrible the acts within the story appeared, they nevertheless ignited intense desires within her—desires that she knew could destroy her very soul. As each awful scene unfolded she couldn’t help imagining herself in the place of young, innocent Justine, helplessly serving the appalling lusts of the men who bent her to their will. This led to a seemingly endless string of intensely erotic dreams that left her gasping and throbbing when she finally jerked awake.

Guilt wracked her, and terror at the sinful desires unfolding within her. Again and again she tried to throw the book away, but each time she rescued it and returned it to its hiding place in her room with tears of despair at her own weakness. How could her body be so excited by these horrors? How could she want and dream of these things? There was something wrong with her, something broken inside her soul, and with that knowledge she began to draw apart from her sisters and her friends, becoming more solitary and introverted in hopes that no one would ever discover her dreadful secret.

She willed herself to get up from the chair, but she couldn’t make herself do it. Her nipples and clit hardened until they ached, and her pussy was dripping wet and quivering with need. For over a minute she simply sat there and stared at the monitor as she warred within herself, then she slumped in the seat and reached for the mouse again. Her lusts had won—as always.