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The Power Of Midnight Prayer is not a religious book. It is a revelation! It is a revelation for a new awakening. It is a call by the spirit of God to take the battle to the gates of the enemies, to demolish evil altars at night. The church of Jesus Christ is entering fully, her era of power, an era when nobody in the church will talk of the wickedness of the devil; it is an era when witchcraft and occultism will go out of existence. This will happen because as we enter this era fully, the sons and daughters of God will take over the night hours from the workers of darkness.

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Hope Etim

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Table of contents

Table Of Contents


Why Midnight

Forces That Operate At Night

Warfare At Midnight

Victory At Midnight

Supernatural Nocturnal Interventions

Strategies For Winning Midnight Warfare

How To Boost Your Prayer Life

Warfare Prayer Points

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Table Of Contents


Chapter One:

Why Midnght?

Chapter Two:

Forces That Operate At Midnight

Chapter Three:

Warfare At Midnight

Chapter Four:

Victory At Midnight

Chapter Five:

Supernatural Nocturnal Interventions

Chapter Six:

Strategies For Winning Midnight Warfare

Chapter Seven:

How To Boost Your Prayer Life

Warfare Prayer Points



He lies there, quietly scheming and plotting evil in his heart. From time to time, he casts a glance at the clock on the wall. As the tick of the clock approaches the middle of the night to announce the dawn of a new day, the evil schemer rises, waves his right hand on the air, and casts spells on everyone in the room. And they all start snoring with reckless abandon. Now believing that the coast is clear, he sets out to join his evil companions in the coven.

Unknown to him and his evil colleagues, their supposed victim (his brother’s son) whose case they want to finalize that night and sentence to untimely death through road accident, has read a book entitled, The Power Of Midnight Prayer, in which he discovers how to arrange and organize destiny for victory during the night hours. This young man has suffered too much frustration and crisis in life. Virtually everything in his life is on a standstill. He is desperate for freedom and has decided to take his case to God, the Chief Judge of the universe.

Against the expectation of this evil schemer, the man, who has read The Power Of Midnight Prayer, is awake, even when he thinks that his spell has arrested everyone in the room. At 11:30 pm, the young man starts praying; he can’t run short of prayers because the pastor who wrote The Power Of Midnight Prayer includes some Holy Spirit-inspired prayer points in the book. So, well-armed and equipped, the man targeted by the evildoer takes the battle to the gate of the enemies of his destiny.

“Fire!” the secretary screams as he jumps away from the table where evil deliberations have been holding for almost an hour that night. Before others know what is happening, the entire coven is on fire. They watch as the case register burns to ashes, and then the cage used for imprisoning their victims is smashed open by a mysterious hammer, freeing the victims. As this young man continues to pray, more disaster continues to ravage the camp of the enemy. One of them, their president, sensing the direction of the missile, turns into a bird and flies directly to the source of the fire to attack it. But as he approaches where the young man is desperately and violently praying, the president gets engulfed in a fire and crash-lands. He dies!

The young man continues his prayer for two uninterrupted hours, and at daybreak, the satanic agent that has vowed that he will die in frustration and misery, cannot wake up. Although this young man did not direct his prayers against any person, the wind of justice has blown; for “the soul that sinneth shall die” (Ezekiel 18:4), and “The wicked will be cut off from the land” (Proverb 2:22). Divine justice has been executed. It was time for this young man to see the goodness of God in the land of the living.

From the next day, he goes out to do his normal business, and lo, things start turning up for good. There is expansion and abundance. His life becomes beautiful, and those who used to mock at him, start struggling to get his phone number. The young man, who used to come to church in rags, regains his dignity. He is blessed, and is now prosperous, using his blessing to serve God.

Halleluyah! What a mighty God we serve. Indeed God answers prayers. He answers this young man’s prayer when he cries unto Him at night, and He will answer you. The story of this young man is the story of everyone who will devotionally read this book.

The Power Of Midnight Prayer is not a religious book. It is a revelation! It is a revelation for a new awakening. It is a call by the spirit of God to take the battle to the gates of the enemies, to demolish evil altars at night. The church of Jesus Christ is entering fully, her era of power, an era when nobody in the church will talk of the wickedness of the devil; it is an era when witchcraft and occultism will go out of existence. This will happen because as we enter this era fully, the sons and daughters of God will take over the night hours from the workers of darkness. At night, when demons and their agents used to gather to hold their meetings, church revivals and family altar prayer meetings will be taking place. The devil and his agents will try to use the daytime but it will only expose them further because the day was not created for dark activities. They will try to fight to regain control of the night by resorting to physical attacks and fights but the sons and daughters of God will persist. We will persist until, out frustration, they will take the case to God and God in His wisdom will tell them: “There is no peace for the wicked unless he repents”. Eventually, they will come, trembling and bowing to Jesus, and all iniquities will cease!

Friends, as we await this glorious moment, let us rise in the middle of the night and engage The Power Of Midnight Prayer in order to experience the power of God move mightily in our lives and our world.

Why Midnight

Chapter One

Why Midnight?

“If you can arrest your night seasons, you will control what happens in the daytimes of your life.”

The night season is a very powerful time in the life of anybody. The forces that operate in the universe are always at their peak in the night. Destinies are built and destroyed at night. Whatever happens in daylight has already been settled at night. Those that are careless with their night seasons always end up as victims of circumstances in the daytime.

Friends, in life nothing just happens. If your daytime must be profitable, then your night season must be efficiently and maximally utilized. Those who rule in daytime spend at least one hour awake at night. The activities that determine the events and happenings of the universe take place at night. Nothing great occurs in the daytime that has not been programmed at night. Do you want to win in daytime? Then make good use of your nighttime?

You need to understand that there are victories you can’t get in life unless you operate in the dark hours. Dangerous forces and powers operate at night; that is why you can’t afford to be sleeping when some humans and spirits are gathering somewhere discussing, planning and programming your downfall.

Looking at the scripture carefully, you will discover that some dangerous operations that changed the course of significant events were effected at night. Let’s look at some of them.

When God wanted to forcefully free the Israelites from Pharaoh’s captivity, He intervened at night.

So Moses said, “This is what theLordsays: ‘About midnightI will go throughout Egypt.Every firstbornson in Egypt will die, from the firstborn son of Pharaoh, who sits on the throne, to the firstborn son of the female slave, who is at her hand mill,and all the firstborn of the cattle as well.

Exodus 11:4-5 (NIV)

God could have reserved this history-changing, destiny-reversing operation until daybreak, but no; He decided to do it at night. This means that there is something about the night that we must learn and understand in order to win our toughest battles. Look at this: “ At midnight the Lord struck down all the firstborn in Egypt . . .” (Exodus 12:29). “And there was loud wailing in Egypt . . . (v30).

I hope you understand that firstborn signifies strength. Jacob told Reuben “. . . you are my firstborn, my strength” (Genesis 49:3). So firstborn means strength! Agreed? Alright, let’s continue. When God wanted to strike the Egyptians, He did it at night. What is Egypt? Egypt in the Bible talks about the world of the unbelievers; so if you want to strike the strength of the unbelievers, strike at night.

Wake Up At Night And Strike

God struck the Egyptians’ firstborns at night to teach us that if one must conquer the forces of wickedness, if there must be wailing in the camp of the operators of the spiritual wickedness that operate in high places, then one must strike at night. Strike at night for the dark hour is the strength of the wicked.

As the Israelites journeyed towards the possession of the Promised Land, they met the Amorites in the very land God has promised to them. To defeat these enemies, they adopted an all-night warfare strategy. The Bible tells us that, “After an all-night march from Gilgal, Joshua took them by surprise” (Joshua 10:9 NIV). “Joshua took them with surprise” because he struck at night.

Many believers have lost many battles because they fought in daytime, a battle that should be fought at night. When our church started, I thought just going out to invite people to church would make the church grow. So every day I would wake up, rise up and show up at people’s shops and houses inviting them to church. To my surprise the very people that promised to come to church would either forget or ignore the invitation as Sunday morning approached. After several fruitless attempts, I decided to change my strategy. I would wake up at night and call the people to locate me. After doing this for some time, amazing things started happening; people started coming to church without invitation.

One woman said that in her dream (at night) somebody brought out her file and gave to me and told me to take care of her. I don’t need to tell you what she did as soon as she woke up. Another woman was sick and the sickness seemed to defy medication. She saw in her dream that I laid hand on her and she was instantly healed. When she woke up she told her husband she knew where she would be healed. At about 11 pm they both came to my house; I prayed for her, and she got her healing right there. Where did she get the invitation? In her dream, of course! When did I send the invitation out? In a midnight prayer! Friends, if your life is going in a direction you don’t understand, and everything seems to be falling apart, wake up at night and pray, and you will win.

Midnight prayer is very powerful! It takes the Amorites of destiny by surprise. Demonic forces and kingdoms meet at night to device there evil plans; that is why you must wake up at night and strike them while the case is still ongoing. Don’t wait for them to conclude your case before you fight, because you may not get the operational code of the warfare. Every soldier knows that every battle has an operational code. The code may be a slogan or number, but it contains the strategies for that particular battle. So don’t fold your hands watching and waiting; cut short your sleep that you may secure the victory of your destiny.

Altars Are Destroyed At Night

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