The power of here and now - Francesco Bandinu - ebook

The power is expression of the being. Everything about you is the maximum expression of power. In the here and now you have the power to remember who you really are, to observe yourself from another point of view, the here and now, to reach the awakening and return to being finally FREE!

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© Francesco Bandinu, Milan, 2015

ISBN; 9786050431599

First Edition: April 2015

Second Edition: May 2016

All rights reserved

Full or partial reproduction and through any medium, must be authorized beforehand by the author.

Translated by Isabella Cultrera

Original title: Il potere del Qui ed Ora







Under no circumstances the contents of this book can constitute a prescription of a treatment or replace a specialized medical check, so they do not intend to, and must not, replace the opinions and indications of health professionals.

The author of this book does not dispense medical advice nor does he prescribes the use of any technique as a form of treatment for physical and medical problems without the advice of a doctor, directly or indirectly. The author's intent is simply to provide information of general nature to assist you in your quest for physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. In case you use the information in this book for yourself, which is your right to do, the author and the publisher assume no responsibility for your actions.

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The author


The structure of the individual

The physical body

The mental body

The emotional body

What distances us from the awakening

What is the awakening

When does the awakening take place?

The mind

The body

The habits

The destructive stimulus

The secret of time

Time: the biggest illusion

Revolutionary theory of time

It's all here and now

It's all within us

The projection

The illusion

Only YOU exist

Being HERE and NOW

Who can reach the here and now

What blocks us from reaching the here and now

Identifying the blocks

Dissolving the blocks

Go with the flow of life

What is power

The purpose of the journey


Meditation Technique

Meditation in all your gestures

You are meditation

Breathing: the divine waft

The inner silence

What is silence

Fear of silence

What you find in silence

How to reach silence

Finally free

The author

Since childhood I had the feeling that there was something wrong between the world I watched with the eyes of the child and the world my parents, the school and all the people around me taught me. I have nothing against them, since I'm sure they did everything with extreme love, but all they did was to simply transfer to me what the previous generations had taught them. I always wondered what was wrong and I always searched for answers, until one day I met a person “by chance” (there is no such thing as “chance”) who right from the start seemed different from everyone else.

Thanks to this person, in the spring of 1999, I begin my ongoing journey of personal growth. Along the way I got to meet a true master who transferred to me, for 7 consecutive years, the teachings of an ancient tradition.

So from a simple personal growth began my quest for the TRUTH, an experience made up not only of philosophy but of an improvement on myself, of practical experiences and work techniques that have allowed me to increase my level of awareness, to understand the mechanisms of the human being and especially to discover WHO I AM. At the end of this wonderful experience I realized that the guide had given me a great gift: he made me independent, allowing me to continue my quest. I was no longer dependent on the guide and I could finally walk alone.

Today, even many years later since the beginning of my quest, considering that I believe there is nothing to withhold, I have decided to expose what I learned in over 15 years of experiences though courses on personal development, individual sessions that allow people to increase their awareness level, and by writing a series of books where you can learn the philosophy of personal growth and some concepts that surround the mystery of each individual.

Around the same time was launched the blog called, of which I am the founder. A blog where I publish some of the concepts and the philosophy of what I have learned and experimented in various years of work. I often refer to other holistic disciplines that I was able to experience over the years and which made me realize that there is not a best way, but there is only the best path for each one of us depending on one's own talent and experiences lived. To say it better, each one of us has its own vibration and its own level of awareness, so everyone follows what's best with what is compatible with his/her energy structure.

Today I call myself a researcher, because I believe that the quest for TRUTH is the only task that each one of us must carry out in this life.


Why I wrote this book

The moment you reach the memory of who you are, you begin to live life with full awareness. And it is in this awareness that you start to complete yourself and fill your consciousness to the point that you feel the need to share all that you have, because you realize that all those who until recently you called "the others", in reality it's simply you.

So this is how my new journey in total awareness, through a long and deafening silence, where I open my heart to all those who are willing to receive what I have to share, begins. Writing a book on the power of the here and now is one of the many ways with which I have decided to share my knowledge.


The structure of the individual