The Passion Economy - Davidson Adam - książka

The Passion Economy książka papierowa

Davidson Adam


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For the past few years, the popular refrain has declared that the middle class is dying and robots will soon take our jobs. But these pronouncements of doom fail to account for the many people who are not miserable, and for the small businesses riding the waves of change.
Drawing from the fascinating stories of an Amish family that makes farm equipment; a former priest turned chocolatier; an ice cream maker obsessed with the perfect scoop; and a dissatisfied accountant overturning his industry, Adam Davidson shows how The Passion Economy works by different rules. Once we learn them, anyone can become wealthier, happier, and more delighted in their working life.

Liczba stron: 310

Format (wymiary): 15.5x23.5cm

ISBN: 9781473683662