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The Opportunity ebook

Becca Ruef



Hayden Foster was bullied his freshman year badly to the point of death. A inhuman force visited him that night and gave him a choice. Hayden choose wisely and disappeared for three years. Only to come back and is darker than ever. Eden, Danielle, Enzo, Logan, and Jonathon goes through hoops to figure out what this means for them. Will their secret come out now that Hayden is back or will he ruin their lives one by one? 

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Becca Ruef

The Opportunity

This is to my fiance and family for supporting meBookRix GmbH & Co. KG80331 Munich

Chapter One

London, England 8:30 p.m.

Hayden Foster never felt such pain before in his life. From the top of his head to the tips of his toes, a searing white-hot pain shot through every nanometer of his body. He wanted to scream, get up and get help, but everything felt pointless. His vision blurred so the faces above him swirled into each other, showing him who they are. That they were always just one person, working along with each other. It wasn't until it started to blur with red and blue, that he finally wondered how long he'd been laying there, broken and bleeding. He sucked in a rattling breath, feeling the pain slowly take over his entire body.

A dark figure knelt next to him, black robes silently moving. His eyes are a dark red, the color of blood. A hood covered most of his face, but his eyes stood out against the dark. Hayden watched the figure through his blurry vision and wondered if he was just imagining this, death coming for him.

"My dear...," a deep, soothing voice entered his ears. "You... you did not deserve this."

Hayden gasped and gurgled, blood dripping down his chin. The figure glared and looked away, fury soaking in the depths of his red eyes.

The figure slowly reached down and touched Hayden on the arm, a soothing sensation spread throughout his body like a slight pause in the deafening pain. Hayden sat up and sucked in a breath to breathe, learning he no longer needed to. He looked around and recognized the place where he was attacked. He was surrounded by dark looming trees, swaying with a wind he could not feel. He looked down and saw his body, beaten and bloodied. He gasped and scooted away, fear igniting within. A dark figure knelt next to him, staring intensely at Hayden. Sympathy and fury lurked in the blood red eyes that stared into his bright blue eyes.

"W...who are you?" Hayden gasped out, fear and worry seeping through his body.

"Death," the figure said, skulls dancing across his robes.

Hayden blanched. " I'm dead?"

Death shook his head, his hood falling off his head, showing short black curly hair. "No, not yet, but very close." He casted a look towards the broken boy. "And Hayden Foster, I have a choice for you to make and only tonight can you make it," he stated, his eyes locking on Hayden's. He grinned, showing a flash of white. "I can let you die painlessly or you can become my right hand.... Karma."

Hayden tilted his head in an innocent curiosity. "Isn't Karma a girl though?"

Death's eyes darkened to black like a tide taking the shore. "That's a stupid notion and stereotype. The position is mine to name and I can give it to either boy or girl. I choose you, Hayden Foster. You have the qualities of being Karma. Because Karma comes for everyone, right?"

Hayden nodded, his mind swimming with thoughts. As an idea struck him, he glanced back towards Death, weighing his options. This was either crazy or stupid, but neither was good. Death caught his eyes and gave a grim smile.

"I'll do it."

Death closed his eyes and whispered a word that sounded foreign to Hayden's ears. A shot of warmth filled his body and the body on the ground slowly disappeared. The dark sky above him rumbled with thunder and the wind picked up. Hayden smiled as the breeze caressed his skin.

Death nodded, and they sank into the earth. As they sunk into the wet, soiled land, Hayden started panicked and kicked at the soil, but to no avail. They came to a stop as the descending came to an end and they dropped into a black walkway, Hayden was panting and shuddering. Whispers darted into his ears, making him turn and follow them, but Death blocked his way, his red eyes glowing in the dark place.

"Don't listen to them, boy," Death warned.

Hayden gulped. "But they need help. They're in pain."

Death sighed, his tanned features turning taunt. "It is not wise. But go look, my boy, but do not whimper or scream once you see."

Confused, Hayden slipped passed Death and made his way through the dark cave, listening to the whispers. His footsteps were light, so they didn't make a sound. As far as Hayden could tell, there were no sides on the walkway, so he kept to the middle.

The cave opened to a palatial room. The room had a orangish glow, almost like fire, it rippled along the walls. The room fell into a chasm and the chasm was filled with moving souls. Hayden gulped. The souls looked at him and moaned, their voices whispering in his ears, pleading for help.

Hayden narrowed his bright blue eyes at the restless souls. "There's nothing I can do."

Death laughed, a sound so terrifying that Hayden had goose prickles coating his arms. "You learn quick, my boy."

Death pulled Hayden to his feet and shoved him out of the cave. A black door slid into place, blocking the voices of the dead and damned. The room they had entered was alight with a reddish glow, that made Death's face look monstrous. A black desk, made of burnt bones, stood in the center. On top of the table, stood stacks of books and labels.

Hayden reached the first one and read The Death List. He tilted his head and saw so many names scribbled upon the pages in fancy cursive. He turned a page and ran a finger down the rows of names, looking for a certain date.

"If you're looking for your sister's name, she will be placed in a different book, a book of good souls. Those souls I do not touch because I'm not cruel," Death stated close to his ear. Hayden grinned at the statement, glad that his sister was somewhere peaceful.

"So, what happens," he asked, "now that I'm your right hand?"

Death made his way to the other side of the desk and sat in the chair that appeared from thin air. "Well, you start your training down below and see if you're cut out to be my right hand."

Hayden froze. "How long?"

Death shrugged, pulling out a small notebook, with what looked like small drawings upon them. "That all depends on you in the end, Hayden."

Hayden narrowed his eyes at the drawings and nodded in determination. "Alright. Let's train."

Death grinned. "Welcome to hell, my boy."

Chapter Two

Unknown      6:30 p.m.


Hayden Foster stared at himself in the obsidian glass. Muscles rippled across his chest and arms. His bright blue eyes looked inhuman in the obsidian mirror. His lips turned into a smirk as his black hair curled with the wind. Black and red walls surrounded him, hot to the touch. Hayden grinned as he put his left hand against the wall closest to him, feeling the heat upon his skin, but felt no pain.


A dark chuckle made his head jerk up. Death stood there in the middle of the room. The room was shaped as a circle. No corners or edges. The walls were smooth and attracted heat to it's surface. There were six people in the room. Hayden's three teachers, Death, and him. Hayden went to one knee and bowed his head. Death wore his robe with the dancing skulls, skulls of actual people. His black hair laid upon his forehead. A frown of assessment was placed on his lips.


His blood red eyes caught Hayden's blue ones. "Ah, Hayden Foster, you are a sight."


For three years, Hayden was sent down to Death's trainers for his training. Mrs. Helim was his psychologist trainer. Mr. Grin was his physical teacher. Mr. Dark was his demonic language teacher.


Hayden kept his head bowed as Death made his way to him. Death dragged a finger across Hayden's back, measuring how far he's come.


"So how ready you are?" Death's words came out smooth as if he already knew the answer.


Hayden looked up, his blue eyes staring into Death's blood red ones. He smiled, his teeth gleaming in the dark palace. "I've been ready since you asked for me, my lord."


Death smirked, his blood red eyes turning brighter. "Good," He brought Hayden to his feet, standing a foot taller than Death. The skulls reared back and gave an echoing laugh. "As my student and right hand, I give you your first mission," he says, looking within his eyes.


Hayden's blue eyes glowed brighter. "Them," Hayden snarled. Death nodded and handed him a piece of paper, made of bone.


The paper was filled with demonic drawings. Spending some of his training learning the demonic language, Hayden figured out the letter. He smirked, the words coming to him and he felt a rush of heat, an adrenaline rush.


Hayden caught Death's eyes. "What happens?"


"None of the ones you're after I had sentenced to death, only Karma, which is you. Three boys and two girls need to be taught that Karma is a bitch. You've mastered your new powers, showing me and the other realms of my palace that you are ready to complete this task," Death explained, his face turning dark.


"So, I have to choose a punishment suitable for the crime of a person?" Hayden asked.


Death smiled wide, his teeth gleaming in the dark. "Exactly. Now I send you off to begin the process."


Hayden gasped as a rush of dark energy rose through him. Death chanted RISE in demonic language. Hayden shot through the roof of Death's palace. The ground resisted him at first, pushing back, trying to suffocate him, but they released their hold after a while. Hayden reached the surface and landed in the place he had left three years ago, the place now covered with water from rainfall.


The sky was dark with clouds, but grey, as light tried to shine through. Nothing looked different. Hayden smiled. He started thinking about his plan, knowing the people he needs are still in high school, seniors this year. He let out a breath, trying to relax his body. He had to go home and make up a story to his father.


He trudged towards his old house, putting his hand in his pockets. He glanced down and forgot he didn't have a shirt. Hayden bit his lip, thinking of places to get one, when the ground rumbled softly, and a shirt floated from a small crack. Hayden chuckled and shook his head, grabbing the black shirt. He slipped it on and continued his way.


The clouds had started to part when he reached the house. No car was in the driveway and the house was trashed. The house was one story, with tan coloring with black trims and roofing. The lawn surrounding it was a brownish color and tall. Hayden grounded his teeth together. His father had moved. Hayden groaned and went inside. His bed was in the same room as when he left. His clothes were there too, but none would fit him now.


He sat on his bed, forming a plan. He's eighteen. By rights, he could go to the school and register. But would they ask why he went missing for three years? He mused with the thought for a few minutes before coming to an internal agreement. He would register tomorrow at Kingsmen High.


He fluffed his pillow out and laid down, his eyelids fluttering closed. He fell into a dark sleep. The clouds outside darkened and thunder rumbled.


Hayden woke up to a dim light upon his face. He laid there, thinking about all the times he woke up to the same light. He moved his head to the left and saw his window was opened, the sky outside was a soft grey. Hayden knew exactly what that meant in London. No rain. He kicked off the sheet that somehow wrapped around his legs. He climbed out of bed, in the same clothes as yesterday. He stretched, feeling his muscles loosen. He saw that it wasn't too early, and he grinned, knowing he was about to start his mission.


He left the house the way it was, making his way to the high school. He knew the way by heart. The town was quiet, something he wasn't quite familiar with.


The high school was located by a river, that was about six feet wide and eight feet deep. The school loomed about eighteen feet tall, with four stories. The building was a reddish-brown color, with ivy growing along the left side, facing the river. There were four roads intersecting each other, one to the high school, the others to the other schools. The students here saw each other, all day.


Hayden drew closer to the high school, seeing students laugh and yell at each other. He tensed in irritation, wondering how long he'll be here. He closed his eyes briefly as eyes turned to him, their stares burning their way into his skin, settling there.


He let out a sigh as the door slid shut right behind him, cutting off their stares.



Chapter Three


London, England7:47 a.m.


Hayden Foster walked down the empty hallway of Kingsmen High. The lockers lining the hallway was a dark green color, almost forest green. Name tags and other papers littered the surface of the lockers. He shook his head, ignoring the sound of his shoes on the tiled floor. He made it to the room that has a sign that said Office. He opened the door and the secretary looked up.


The secretary was a male in his twenties. Brown hair covered his head and chin. Grey, calculating eyes studied him. There was a tag on the desk, which was over filled with papers, Mr. Sanford. Hayden tilted his head and gave a charming smile.

"And who may you be?" the secretary asked, raising a dark eyebrow.

"A new student, sir," Hayden responded.

The secretary narrowed his grey eyes. "Really? How old are you?"


"Do you have an I.D.?" the secretary asked, his voice becoming sharp.

Hayden stiffened, but somehow a wallet found its way into his jeans. He pulled it out and presented his I.D. The secretary snatched it from his hands and looked over it.

"So I'm guessing you have no parents," the secretary said, his voice filled with venom, "because this family moved two years ago after his son went missing."

Hayden shook his head. "You're right, I don't have a family because he sent me away three years ago."

He had made up the story on the spot as the man narrowed his eyes. The secretary watched him carefully, as if trying to recognize him. Hayden studied him back, getting a feel of the office.

"Mr. Foster, please wait in a chair until Mrs. Carmine comes to get you," Mr. Sanford said, gesturing to the seats behind him. Nodding, Hayden slipped into a seat and waited.

The first bell rang, like a bell cong. Students started to fill the halls outside the office. Students didn't look inside the room to see him, but a few girls did. They saw him then looked away, giggling. He tensed, his back straight against the seat. A girl in the hall stopped short and stared at him. Her eyes were an emerald color, a deep green. Her auburn hair was tied in a loose braid that fell to her mid back. She wore the school uniform, a black plaid skirt with a white button up shirt and a black tie. Hayden's eyes followed her as she walked away, bowing her head. He glowered at the wall after she disappeared sight.

One. He thinks to himself, waiting for the principal to come out. The door opened beside him and a woman of thirty stepped out. Her blonde hair was in a high pony tail. Her eyes were a dark blue, almost black. They landed on him and they widen, a smile forming upon her red full lips.

"You must be Mr. Foster," she said, coming to stand in front of him. Hayden stood up, almost towering her with his height. She was tiny for a principal, about 5'6". She held out a hand for him to shake. "I'm Principal Carmine."

He took her hand and shook it. It was warm and smooth, but firm. Principal Carmine smiled and let his hand go. She turned sideways and gestured for him to go inside. He stepped into the wide room, with Principal Carmine right behind him. The room was mostly bare, with a small amount of posters on tan colored walls. A white, sturdy desk was settled in front of a window, facing the wall across the room. The window lit the room fairly well, expect the desk lamp. Papers stacked her desk and a gold carving of a name plate sat at the corner of her desk, close to the edge. A laptop sat closest to her on the desk. Principal Carmine sat in a black rolling chair and pointed at a chair in front of the desk. He slowly sank into the chair and stared at her desk.

Carmine messed around on the laptop, typing a few things before sliding a piece of paper to him. Her dark blue eyes studied him. "There is no information in the data system where you have been the last three years."

Hayden bit his lip, knowing he must keep to his story. "They didn't record it because he sent me away to a private military school."

Carmine raised a light eyebrow. Her blue eyes sparked with a dangerous gleam. Hayden noted that he might need to keep an eye out for her. He narrowed his eyes at her. She looked down at the screen and her eyes widen. "Oh, okay. I see."

Hayden stiffened and tensed. "What?"

She hummed. "Well, a military school called Xander Mill just emailed me your papers and school information."

Hayden nodded in relief. "I thought they had already did that before I came back."

Carmine gave him a smile. "That's okay. I shouldn't have implied you were lying." She slid the sheet on the desk, facing it to him. The top of the page said the name of the high school. Below that, was a few questions. "I'm going to need you to fill this out and give it back," she said. He nodded and took a pen from the desk top.

He answered the questions and slid it back to Carmine. She smiled and began typing on the laptop. Hayden took the time to focus on the table against the wall beside the desk. There was a printer and different colored sheets. He narrowed his eyes at a suspicious looking file. Carmine cleared her throat to get his attention. His blue eyes flickered back to her.