The New Pearl of Great Price - Arthur Edward Waite - ebook

The New Pearl of Great Price ebook

Arthur Edward Waite



The Treatise of Bonus concerning the Treasure of the Philosopher's Stone. Translated from the Latin and edited by A. E. WAITE. One of the classics of alchemy, with a very curious account, accompanied by emblematical gures showing the generation and birth of metals, the death of those that are base and their resurrection in the prefect forms of gold and silver. This work casts out cruel disease from the human body, disease produced by malignant humours; and thus you are preserved. It will teach you how to regain the beautiful flower of youth, and how to secure a green and placid old age. All this may be yours, by the favour of the gods. Poverty will be triumphantly put to flight; your treasure-house will be filled; you will be able to succour the needy, and to render the sacrifice of praise to great Jupiter.

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