In this book, author has tried to deal with some realities of world with different approach in spite of all limitation and red lines that has faced them. However, this book can not include all purposes and attitudes of author. Author has tried to use a simple language and not express specialized contents so that to be understandable or the public with different scientific degrees. This book consists of 3 chapters that deal with some issues including evolution, creation, place (space), time, universe, metaphysics, ghost, body, elf, human, life and some related matters.

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Ali Mahmoodi


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In the name of the one whom we trust in his existence







The naturaland supernaturalworld with AM




Ali Mahmoodi



About author

Name: Ali Mahmoodi

Pseudonym: AM

Date of birth: 1990/6/7

Marital status: Single

Place of birth: Iran- Ilam

Address: Iran- Ilam

Mother tongue:Ilamian Kurdish

Education: Bachelor of general biology, Scholar

Gmail: www. alimahmoodi [email protected] Gmail. Com

Instagram: ali- mahmoodi90

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Table of contents






Chapter 1

Evolution Creation Universe Time Space



Chapter 2

Metaphysics Ghost Body Dream ELF And so on



Chapter 3

Natural Life And …













In this book, author has tried to deal with some realities of world with different approach in spite of all limitation and red lines that has faced them. However, this book can not include all purposes and attitudes of author. Author has tried to use a simple language and not express specialized contents so that to be understandable or the public with different scientific degrees. This book consists of 3 chapters that deal with some issues including evolution, creation, place (space), time, universe, metaphysics, ghost, body, elf, human, life and some related matters.

June 2016


Evolution Creation Universe Time Space






We all know that there have always been conflicts between evolution and creation. Science advocates evolution and the followers of religions and their sects advocate creation.

All humans who believe in one of the religions that believe in God's creation somewhat agree that God created the Universe at once or in very little time. In other words, all have emerged and placed in this world at once i.e. they have been created and entered into the Universe with the final forms that we see now or have been in the past such as me as a human or dinosaurs in the past such as me as a human or dinosaur in their age.

In the other hand, science has proved via reliable and safe ways that what has occurred is contrary to the belief of creation. Science has rejected at once creation and in the form of immediate and final. Front of science is evolution against theory or ancient and religious belief of creation. Science has proved that world hasn’t been created at once including human (For example, in 7 days and 7 nights) and life forms and humans haven’t entered into this world with final forms.

Therefore, it is easily proved that belief of creation has been wrong and the belief of evolution is correct. According to evolution (at least regarding the life of earth including human), life has first emerged in any manner in the earth and over time early life has proliferated and continued after emergence. Then, the primary and single life has developed into different forms of life (eukaryote, prokaryote, plant and animal) via actions, reactions, interactions, adaptations, different kinds of mutations and other involved cases. Therefore, that primary cell has been the source of all life during different periods (including current life and we). This trend doesn’t stop here. It will continue wherever life moves forward in place and time. So there is no doubt regarding evolution theory, but definitive confirmation of evolution means definitive rejection o creation. Now what is the duty of the followers of creation? According to the fact that the attitude has value, religious and even political aspect, if followers of creation are persuaded that their belief is wrong, they may persist in their belief and deny evolution. There are many individuals (including me) that have grown up with belief in theory of creation, but they completely understand and accept evolution. Even they have contributed in proof of it. Now in spite of these interpretations and limitations to end this conflict in favor of one of the parties, if we want to mediate between these two parties, we can present only one justification for two parties (creation= extraterrestrial, evolution= terrestrial) as follows (of course, for individuals who both believe creation and confirms the truth of evolution). Creation decides to create a world and enters human into it (according to divine definitions). After this decision, creator have had this power to create the world and human at once, but predicted the human who he want to enter the earth with this level of intelligence one day think about the work of world and himself and tries to understand it such as present human. So if creator created the world and human at once (creation), human would be bewildered, confused and depressed and face a number of questions that could never find response for them.

So God who was going to bring the man in the material world, decided to enter the man into the earth with materials of material world so that it can be traceable with human knowledge. First, he created inanimate world in a series of process to provide the field for entry of life and human. Now with provision of inanimate world creator doesn’t enter life and human into the earth at once, but enters life and human in a series of process and a procedure that is called evolution. Finally, God creates a life, human and world that are traceable by science. In other words, the formation of the Universe and life is a planned project on behalf of creator (of course, it is notable that I have not considered other doubts regarding creation to express this justification for creation. As noted previously, this is just for those who believe divine creation. Individuals who doesn’t believe creation or even creator can eliminate the option of creation and God or ignore this test, what is certain here is the truth of evolution).

Many individuals believe that world and it's accessories are very regular including life. If it is seen that world is very regular and particularly earth has a special order and nothing been created without reason and wisdom and everything is just in its place (such as hunting and hunter, pest and pesticide, day and night, seasons, gas balance of earth's air, water and soil, and even in astronomical levels) and some religious have emphasized this order and system. On the other hand, they believe that order is one of the signs of the creator of creation. Indeed, this order is meaningful for us as human and other inhabitants of the earth that we know because we and other biotic and a biotic parts have come to an agreement with each other in the interactions, while this may be total chaos for non-us. For example, if an organism enters apparently regular earth from a world other than our world, this may be from elements that are not compatible with the elements of this world. It may be like poison to us and our world or we and our world to be like poison to it. Now if we ask the organism whether it like our earth and world, what will be its answers? On the other hand, if we set aside these problems and pay attention to order, we will notice that presence of such an order doesn’t mean that world is regular and each one of accessories is just in its place. But they could reach an agreement or find suitable place via actions, reactions, interactions and other factors. They obtained order as a result of these adaptations and interactions. In other words, this is not order but to reach an agreement by force. For example, if we consider present earth in opinion of an extraterrestrial advanced intelligent being, what we will deduce. Abiotic parts (such as gases) conflict with each other (for example, relationship between water and fire) or looking at behavior of individuals who are disappointed or seeing a very preliminary and undesirable scene such as hunting scene and eating each other.

Do you believe that earth is systematic and desirable? Do you consider it as advanced and interesting? Judgment is with you.

Let ignore these matters. First, world has been completely disorder including the earth (in opinion of me as living present human with these biologic conditions). If we ignore other things and pay attention to the earth, we will find that is has passed several chaotic periods to reach now. It is not unlikely that these periods repeat in future. For example, if today human entered the earth in early in early years of emergence of earth, he would die as soon as possible. First, elements such as oxygen didn’t present at all or were trivial.

Over time oxygen was produced by a group o life and other group of life evolves to consume it. Water – dependent life was established due to the existence of water. Water wasn’t provided due to the need for water before the emergence of life. Plants appeared and a group fed on them (vegetarians) and other group fed on vegetarians (carnivores). Life was compatible with life, life with environment and environment with environment. Beings adapted themselves to seasons and that seasons didn’t generate for life. Animate and inanimate beings adopt themselves to day and night that is a repeatable phenomenon or are influenced by it. Yet there isn’t order with all of these interpretations. For example, hunted creature doesn’t consider the existence of hunter as order.

These are only a few examples that we presented. Generally, what we know as order hasn’t existed but has come into existence. We can note that there is not absolute order at least regarding the world that so far we have known. Evolution and adaptation is a small example of it.

If we have a comprehensive image of world in the mind from small to large, we can conclude that indeed world is a world in worlds, a time in times, a space in space, a place in place, a set of sets, a repetition of repetitions, a similarity of similarities, a procedure of procedures and so on. This is difficult to understand for myself too. Therefore, it is better to give several examples. For example, the rotation of bodies around each other is similar such as astronomical rotations or rotation of electrons around nucleus or human body is similar to the frame of earth and other complexes. Generally, human body is a tool that consists of a set of tools. In other word, several sets have gathered to form human set from cellular components to organs and human itself so that each one has a set of tools to reach its goals and finally human goal. This can be an imitation of surrounding world such as earth or nature. A set of tools plays role in human body including hands, foot, ears, eyes and brain. Human like his body or surrounding world uses tools to promote himself. For example, human acts like evolution of his body or other parts of life to evolve man- made tools e.g. makes tool for himself by imitation of natural tools. Human uses stone as tooth for cutting or stone as a knife to cut. These examples can be from primary to advanced cases. For example, evolutionary trend of vehicles from invention of wheel to present advanced car is an evolutionary trend that is very similar to that of beings such as human in nature.

If it purpose of coexistence or assemblage of cells near each other and formation of colony and eukaryotes including plant and animal is to establishment of congregation in order to minimize damage and loss via cooperation and provide the change of better and longer life, so why doesn’t this occur at other levels? As we know, the change of survival and security is higher in community in nature. Therefore, animals follow the same purposes by formation of colonies, families, flocks and other communities. For example, canine incline to live in flocks and communities for easy hunting and defense themselves against grater threats due to the advantage of higher number and other advantages. Herbivores that mainly are hunted beings enjoy the advantages of security, higher chance of survival and support of others with the establishment of small and large communities. Small insects such as ants, termites and bees have followed such as method. One of other advantages of these behaviors that is new is division of work. There are many cases such as these including in human, insects, aquatic organisms and birds from small levels to great ones and from prokaryote to eukaryote. In addition to these cases that occurs among the same species, similar cases also occur in different species such as different kinds of coexistence e.g. coexistence of fungi with higher plants and coexistence of bacteria with animals (for example, bacteria in the digestive tract).

Now we give some inanimate examples. Galaxies in the world, constellations in the galaxies, planets in constellation, water, air and land worlds and microscopic, prokaryotic and eukaryotic worlds are examples of world in the world (for example, my body is a world for some bacteria and cells). These may range from very low levels to extreme. This can be a reason for the existence of worlds other than a world that we have identified.

An example of the man for repeat on repeat: human gathers from inanimate elements in a series of actors. This is the start point. His physical dimension is completing and reaches evolution at the age of puberty. For a while evolution trend continues after the age of puberty, but it will stop in a certain period and then it will take the downward trend to old age and finally deaths i.e. end point. Then return to the same early elements.

Soul is such too. It consists of a series of gather element (brain and nerves) i.e. start point. Then it is completing and reaches evolution at the age of mental puberty. For a while evolution trend continues after the age of puberty, but it will stop in a certain time and then it will take the downward trend to dementia and death i.e. ends point. Here, repetition is so near and similar that soul and body become parallel. Now we consider human from another perspective. Human has a reverse movement direction at the ages of birth and death. At old age human physically and mentally acts like a human at birth. Both are timid, irritable and need the care and support and other similar cases in body and soul based on closeness degree to old age and death or birth and fetal. These can be easily found at a superficial glance. Both close to death and close to fetal men are toothless, hairless or short hair, weak, unable to move, low mobility and with low levels of sight, hearing and smell. They are dependent on other individuals so that if both are left, they will die. They are incapable of feeding and bathroom. They are deficient in physical and mental terms. Generally, human moves from deficiency towards evolution at birthand at old age from evaluation towards deficiency.