The Most Out Of Control Incest: Taboo Erotica - Candy Fires - ebook

Warning: This is a vintage hard-boiled full length (100+ Pages), post-censorship erotic novel. This is bad stuff. Both bad meaning bad and bad meaning *good*. The story is so crazy, we can't even give a proper description. Check out the free sample if you can.**********Wanda would breath faster, her tits hardening under his head. Penny would fondle his balls harder as the urge to mount his gentle, fatherly prick filled them all and brought honeyed juice to their sweet, young, daughterly pussy lips . . .Ben shivered against the saguaro and stopped dreaming. His cock felt as if it would snap in two, and he adjusted his pants. He glanced around furtively, ready to whip it out and jack off like his teenaged son. It was the only way he got his rocks off any more.That was when he spotted Wanda at the broken window of cabin eight, the fingers of one hand exploring the hole in the glass, the fingers of the other one imbedded in the wet meat between her thighs.Ben's cock throbbed heavily. It was just like the dream! He breathed faster. He saw her leave the window with a small cry, and he couldn't stand the suspense any longer. He left the pane of glass and the can of putty on the ground and crept quickly over, partially concealing himself in a clump of palo verde growing at the back of the cabin.His breathing seemed to stop. It was better than any dream he'd ever had of it. His oldest daughter's open cunt faced the window as she writhed and twisted on the bed. He watched the way her finger fiddled with her dark-furred twat lips and sank into her juicy hole and twirled around her straining, red clit.

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The Most Out Of Control Incest

Candy Fires

Copyright © 2017

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Wanda Hickock licked her dry lips and crept around the side of cabin sight, her fingers touching the dry, paint-flaking boards. She stood in the shade a moment and looked toward the main part of the decrepit resort motel, the office part.

She knew her mother was in there, working on the books, prancing around in panties and bra. Wanda had spotted her through the open door, seeing the shiny patch of ripe, full buttock through a hole in the panties and the way her mother's big tits stretched the mesh bra to near transparency.

Sight of the bra had made Wanda feel disgust for her mother. There was no excuse for her running around like that. She could afford a new bra. She didn't have to wear the one so worn that her left nipple stuck right through the hole in the cup. What if somebody drove down the old highway and decided to rent a cabin for the night? What if Howard decided to go into the office for something and saw his mother's nipple staring him in the face?

Thought of her brother made Wanda lick her lips again. She glanced toward the old stable, where there were still two rickety horses for the guests to ride.

She didn't see Howard. She didn't hear him. Yet, she could picture her eighteen-year-old brother in there still trying to teach Miss Sugar to count by tapping her hoof on the ground. Or maybe-maybe he was. . . doing something else with Miss Sugar!

Wanda sucked in her breath. The thought was shameful. Yet, she'd heard of such things. She couldn't stop the image that came to her mind-of Howard standing on a box behind Miss Sugar with his hard young prick fucking in and out of the mare's big cunt.

Her own pussy throbbed, and she cupped it with her hand, sucking air between her teeth with a sibilant sound. Her willowy, eighteen-year-old body shivered slightly as she felt the strong flaming between her soft thighs.

She could feel her cunt lips through the thin material of her worn dress. She squeezed them tightly. Her finger pushed into the groove between them and made the material slide against the soft, moist tissues with unbearable sensation. The image of the strong, pounding, spurting prick she'd been dreaming about all morning sprang erect in her mind and made her moan with terrible heat.

She glanced quickly around the rest of the dry, cactused grounds. She didn't see her youngest sister, Penny. Penny was eighteen. Her budding little tits were filling into sharp cones tipped with fresh, pink nipples, and she was getting fuzz around the lips of her puffy little pussy. Even though Penny was growing into a big girl, she still liked to play little-girl things by herself and to find cozy little hiding places among the palo verde and the arroyos.

Penny wouldn't bother her anyway. But her mother would. If her mother had seen her come this way, then she'd come jiggling and bouncing across the yard with some dumb job for Wanda to do, like sweeping the blown dust out of the cabins.

She didn't have to look around for her father. She could be positive where he was. Nearly every day, he limped on his bad leg up to his favorite ledge and sat under the mesquite there, staring off toward the mountains. He dreamed about the old Spanish treasure he would find one day, with which he could buy a new place up in the north woods where he could put in a ski slope. That would bring the tourists back. And if Mavis didn't like the cold and snow, then she could goddamn it stay here, and he and the four kids would run it.

Wanda gave a mental shake of her head. How many times she'd heard her father's dream that would never come true she couldn't remember. It was always the same. Mavis would go out of his life forever. Howard would become a real son, a good buddy, doing the work he couldn't do any more because of his bad leg. And his three girls, Wanda and Penny and Lula would ... Lula!

Wanda searched the grounds one more time. Lula wasn't in sight either. She suspected Lula was still in the double bed they shared, sleeping, but she could never be sure about Lula. Her hot-cunted, devilish little sister, one year younger at eighteen, was a perfect brat and never to be trusted at any time. Especially when she told those whopping big stories like the one this morning.

Wanda shivered again. She felt so horny she couldn't stand it. If she weren't careful, she'd make herself come right out here in the open just by thinking about Lula's story this morning.

She slipped her willowy body around the corner of the cabin and up onto the warped wooden porch. She hurried through the rickety door and closed it to a thin crack and looked around the interior, not quite sure what she thought she would find.

She sucked in her breath and glanced toward the bed. She tried to picture the trucker lying there, his big prick straining upward and spurting hot juice the way Lula had told her about.

She closed the door fully with a rusty squeak and felt her young pussy squirm hotly again. Even though the bed was freshly made, she tried to see some kind of imprint on it, some evidence that Lula had been telling her the truth for once.

A whisper of doubt went through her mind. Despite the fact that Lula had come crawling into the double bed at the crack of dawn, all flushed and moist and smelling kind of strange, Wanda knew better than to believe her sister.

Lula was a shameless little liar, always tormenting Wanda and Howard and even little Penny. Always taking their mother's side against their poor father.

But the details ... and how she was so wildly hot and juicy up inside her pussy . . .

Wanda moaned again and felt her pelvis jerk forward reflexively. She lifted her skirt and saw the dark spot her leaking pussy had made on it. She clutched the bunch of material at her waist and gripped her naked cunt again, unable to keep from shaking it.

She slid her finger up and down the slippery groove between the bloated lips, feeling extra daring and erotic for not wearing her panties to the cabin-just in case . . .

The trucker was gone, of course. There was no sign he'd ever been there. Only Lula's word for it. Only Lula's descriptions of how he'd fucked his big prick into her hot little pussy again and again, doing it all night long until his balls wouldn't spurt any more sperm.

"Ohhhhh, God...," Wanda moaned aloud, her finger twirling over her straining clit, her pussy mouth squeezing open and closed.

She sagged back against the wall, her knees parted, her feet braced widely on the floor. She imagined the big cock running in and out of her sister's cunt hole, her sopping pussy, and her finger slid to her own silky opening.

Her vagina was loose and quivering. Her fingertip touched the muscular mouth, feeling the wetness, the satiny slickness of her pussy tissues. Her finger became the trucker's prick in her mind, no longer fucking in and out of her sister's hole but ready to push into her own, ready to fuck into her and make tier ... make her scream and thrash and suffer hot, raping pain!

He cunt mouth clamped closed. The whole tunnel squeezed down tightly inside, making juice spurt from the tiny opening that had just been so big and loose. She pushed at her vaginal mouth with her fingertip, but it wouldn't go inside.

Damn him! Oh, damn Deke Birney! I'm never going to be normal again!

She stopped trying to fuck herself. She whimpered tightly and nearly burst into tears instantly. Then she pushed the dark memory back into the murky area of her mind and smothered it one more time.

She took deep breaths. She closed her eyes. She kept her fingertip sliding gently, stroking softly along her oiled gap, over her clit, around her puffy pussy lips, until the emotion of the memory became smothered, too.

Carefully, she allowed images to come back into her mind. She imagined Lula on the bed with the trucker. She let his cock come into sight and watched it fuck in and out of her sister's pussy.

It was all right if Lula got fucked in her imagination-or some other girl she dreamed up. That never caused any problems. She remembered what Lula had told her early this morning and let the whole scene develop in her mind.

He was on the bed. He big prick strained from his loins, erect and throbbing. He got over Lula, his mouth sucking at her young, hard tits. He jacked his prick with his hand while he did it, and his balls swung back and forth.

He parted Lula's creamy thighs, gazing down at her crack, watching the young, fresh, juicy pussy meat quiver and suck eagerly. Then he put the tip of his big cockhead against Lula's sodden cunt and pushed. His cock fucked into her squirming body, and they both thrashed.

Lula locked her young legs around his rolling butt, flexing her thighs to help him drive into her body again and again. His cock slid in and out of her hole, fucking her, drilling her, the shaft slippery and shining with pussy juice.

Then he growled and lunged into Lula's twisting body, his prick bucking and dancing inside her squeezing cunt. He shot her young pussy full of sperm, blasting her cunt full, grinding down against her body, fucking her, fucking her . . .

"Ohhhhh, yes-yes!" Wanda moaned, her knees shivering apart again, her pussy hole opening wide and drooling hot, slick honey from deep inside.

Her hand swirled over her eager, receptive pussy. This was the way it always was when she masturbated. She had to imagine another girl getting fucked, and then it would work. Then she could come and come!

Her finger fucked into her own cunt again and again. She tossed her head and moaned more loudly. "Ohhhhh, she got fucked! She got fucked all night long!"

Cunt honey ran from her pussy and oozed down her wrist. It trailed under the rounded curve of the bottom of her crotch and puddled in the puckered mouth of her anus, making it shiver and shuck. It began to coat her ass-cheeks and made them slippery.

She tipped her head back so that her long, dark, lustrous hair feel in a shimmering cascade down her slim back. Her tits thrust forward under the dress, the nipples sprouting hard and rubbery at the tips of the firm cones. Her knees went weak and jittery as she brought herself right to the verge of wild orgasm.

Outside, a gust of wind blew something against the cabin and made a thump. Wanda squeaked tightly and stopped, her body quivering and shaking with the need to finish and come.

She gasped shakily and slid her long finger out of her pussy, doing it slowly and carefully so that it wouldn't trigger the explosion waiting to be set off inside her willowy body. She listened intently for another sound.

For all she knew, Lula was creeping around outside the cabin, just waiting to catch her in the middle of her orgasm, when the little brat would burst inside and laugh and laugh.

Lula was always playing dirty tricks like that, always teasing her about sex, knowing that Wanda was afraid to let a boy fuck her again after that time Deke had . . .

She heard another sound, a light scratching, as if a tumbleweed were being blown around the side of the cabin. She let out her breath. The moment of her climax had gone.

She swore inwardly, damning her little sister. She remembered the way Lula taunted her, telling her stories about fucking, drawing up all kinds of images and rubbing her hot, blonde pussy right in front of Wanda's eyes until it made wet sounds, talking about hard, sperm-jetting pricks fucking up her twat.

Every time, Wanda couldn't stop listening, couldn't tear her eyes away. She'd get so horny she'd have to run off somewhere and masturbate to a shaking orgasm. And Lula was always trying to catch her, breaking in and laughing about the way she had to play with herself like little Penny instead of getting fucked like a eighteen-year-old.

For all Wanda knew, Lula and the trucker had plotted the whole thing and were going to break in on her while she was so hot and vulnerable that she wouldn't be able to stop the trucker from fucking her into a frenzy with his hissing, throbbing cock.

Lula had already tried that once-with their brother, Howard! The brat had worked her up one night with sexy stories and then had gone out of the room, knowing Wanda wouldn't be able to keep from playing with herself.

Then, just as she was thrashing and moaning, ready to shake a big orgasm out of her hips, Lula had burst into the room, giggling, pulling Howard behind her.

He'd been only eighteen then. He'd stared at Wanda's twirling hand and parted thighs and glistening cunt meat, and he'd run off to lock himself in the bathroom. That had made Lula laugh with glee and draw up more images for Wanda about how Howard was in there jacking his young prick off, wishing he could spurt his boyish load into his big sister's succulent, hot cunt!

With all this in the back of her mind, Wanda had to take another look outside. She finally saw the tumbleweed, lying still and innocent by the side of the cabin.

She went back toward the bed, absently massaging her heated twat again. Something else was wrong with Lula's story about last night.

Wanda just couldn't believe their mother had sent Lula here to fuck the trucker all night.

Suddenly, she sucked in her breath. She stared right at it. It was just the way Lula had described it. The window-with the lower right pane broken out at the corner.

From her shoe ... from coming so hard that her shoe.. .

Wanda shivered and hugged her tits and stared at the hole in the window. It hadn't been there yesterday, or her mother would have bitched to her father about fixing it. The story had to be true!

Wanda ran shaking fingers over the edge of the hole. She felt a gentle puff of dry air come through it from outside. The whole unbelievable morning rushed back into her mind and made her moan again.

It had been the crack of dawn when Lula had dragged herself into the double bed they shared. Her hair was scraggly and damp. Her pouting young tits had been aflame, the ends ruddy and slightly bruised-looking, as if they'd been sucked on hard and kneaded by big, rough hands.

Her cunt muff had been sodden and matted with drying juice. There was an odor wafting up from Lula's bloated, reddened crotch that was new and heady. She'd moaned repeatedly, curling up against her older sister's slender body, humping her hips constantly.

"Ohhhhh, Wanda-I can't get enough fucking!" she moaned. "He fucked me all night long, and I still want more!"

Then she'd swept her hands shamelessly over Wanda's body, feeling her sweet tits through the skimpy nightie, feeling the flat tummy, then boldly grabbing Wanda's dark-furred pussy!

"Ohhh, God! Give me your hand! Fuck me, Wanda! Do it like this!"

"Lula!" Wanda had gasped, feeling-her sister's fingers penetrate between her twat lips and swirl up inside her pussy.

She hadn't known what to think. She watched

Lula roll over onto her back and lift her knees and part them widely. She felt Lula yank her hand between the parted thighs and force three fingers into her sopping cunt.

"Aaaaieeee, yes! like that, honey! Ohhhhh, don't stop! I love to come! Fuck me, Wanda!"

Her ass humped up and down. The bed bounced and jiggled. Wanda was stunned. She didn't know what to do. She felt the slippery cunt suck and pull at her fingers and squirm all around them.

Her own pussy had burst into flame. Lula talked and babbled as she fucked up and down with her wet cunt, describing the big cock, the sperm-squirting prick, the feel of it deep inside her shaking cunt.

Her tits rocked tightly on her chest, the nipples hard and pointed and very red. The flat tummy quivered, and the smooth thighs thrashed around Wanda's imbedded hand.

"Deeper, deeper! Ohhhhh, fuck your whole hand right up into my hot cunt, honey!" she cried, tugging at Wanda's wrist.

The muscular, silky mouth sucked and spasmed. Lula let out a high squeal. Her hips lifted high, and she propped her hands under her tight ass-cheeks to open her cunt fully.

Wanda hadn't been able to keep from staring and moaning with her own heat. She looked right at the shaking cunt hole. The way her fingers spread the rubbery mouth, she could see into the depths of Lula's juicy red cunt. She imagined how the big prick had gone all the way in and what it had done back there, spurting and shooting.

"Yaaaaaah!" Lula screamed.

Her legs shot into the air. Her hips shuddered. Orgasm ripped through her hot young body, and her cunt mouth spasmed and sucked at Wanda's drenched fingers.

Then she'd collapsed into a deep, sound sleep, sighing heavily, a little smile on her full lips, her blonde hair tossed about. Wanda had looked down on her sister's flushed body, feeling the juice on her fingers beginning to dry.

The aroma was funny. There was more than just cunt juice on them. She touched one to the tip of her tongue and then knew there was more than just pussy juice inside Lula's swimming cunt.

She'd been in agony all morning. She'd been afraid to fuck her own cunt to shuddering orgasm right there beside Lula, just because she knew the kinds of tricks Lula played. The little brat would do anything to tease Wanda-even all this.

She'd had to find out if the story were true. She'd had to come to the cabin. And now-now she was staring right at the proof, feeling the sharp edge of the hole in the glass.

"It happened," she whispered, her pussy mouth quivering again. "It really happened! Lula got fucked all night! Ohhhhh, God-I can't stand it! I've got to come!"

She stumbled weak-kneed across the bedroom with her fingers sliding along her slippery gap. She twirled and flopped onto her back on the bed.

Her legs shot wide apart, and she writhed in ecstasy, just the way Lula must have done. She lifted her knees, and her skirt slid down them. Whimpering, she raised her quivering ass-cheeks from the bed and raised her skirt high on her slender waist.

Her thighs fell wide apart. Her ass-cheeks tightened into quivering spheres against the bed. She opened her shivering, oil-drenched cunt wide and Jet her hands pounce on it.

She moaned and tossed on the bed, closing her eyes to the light coming through the window at the foot of the bed. Her vaginal tunnel squirmed and squished all along its length.

The dark, drenched hairs over her cunt lips swam to the sides of her gap with the juice pouring over them. Her pink flesh gleamed with fire from the spread slit, and her clit pulsed stiffly.

"Ahhhh, God!" she cried, letting her fingers slop through her sodden flesh. They stabbed inside her cunt, fucking. They twirled over her pulsing clit. They slid over her spasming ass-hole as she smeared cunt juice all over her crotch and soft inner thighs until she was bathed in it.

She let every part of her horny body go loose and eager. She couldn't remember when she'd been so hot, ever. Her spine arched, and her neck strained, and she felt as if her tits would explode.

"Ahhhhhhgh! I'm going to come! God, am I ever going to come!" she wailed.

She wondered suddenly what Howard would think if he saw her now. What her little brother had watched the last time was nothing compared to this.

He'd stare and get a hard-on for sure, unable to spin away and run to the bathroom to jack off. Howard wouldn't be able to do anything but fall on her open crotch and fuck his young, hard cock into his sister's pussy and let it spurt and blast into her sea of slippery oils.

Wanda moaned and tossed her head. She shouldn't be thinking things like that. She shouldn't imagine her brother fucking her! That was incest!

But she couldn't stop the pictures of him through her mind. She saw him standing behind Miss Sugar, his stiff prick in his hand, leaning forward toward the mare's shivering flanks as his prickhead slid between the big pussy lips. , She pictured him on the toilet seat, his hand whipping up and down his blazing shaft, his head tossed back and his neck straining as he jacked himself off and imagined her.

She pictured him coming toward her instead of running away, his face slack with heat, his eyes still round and gentle and sweet-and his cock hard, inching toward her pussy, making ready to . . .

"Oh, no!" Wanda cried sharply, tossing her head. "Don't imagine it now! Don't make your pussy close up now!"

As if to prevent its Happening, she fucked two fingers, then three into her open, loose cunt. She gasped, writhing them around inside her body.

Her cunt was loose! It wasn't squeezing closed! She was ready to imagine being fucked, and it wasn't happening!

"Ohhhh, God!" she cried happily.

Maybe she was going to be normal after all. Maybe it was because she was so hot! Or maybe ... maybe it was because ... because it was sweet, gentle Howard about to fuck her! Her brother!

"Ohhhh, God-God!" she moaned again, shame filling her. She just couldn't go around fantasizing that her brother was about to fuck her, because one day it might really happen!

Purposefully, she wrenched her mind from her little brother and thought of another boy-Willy Harmon. God, he was a creep! She thought of Deke, of the time he'd raped his prick through her taut, shrieking cherry and rammed into the back of her dry cunt so hard she'd clamped down around his cock and had nearly squeezed it off inside her violated pussy.

"Ahhhhh, no!" she wailed.

She could feel it beginning. The three fingers would hardly move inside her vaginal mouth. She could feel the big cunt muscle close down around them, as if they were Deke's raping cock, as if she were going to make him stick inside her again so that he would tear her tender pussy as he tried to fuck in and out of her ravaged body.

She wrenched to the side, twisting away from the memory before her pussy closed up and left her frustrated again. The image of the face above her began to change. It blurred. She couldn't see who it was. All she knew was there was a cock inside her squeezing, clasping cunt.

"Howard!" she cried. "My brother! Fuck me, Howard! Ohhhhh, let it be you fucking me!"

His image came. She gasped and gasped. Her pussy went slick again. It was working. Oh, God-working so shamefully well!

"Prick! Fuck! Fuck me! Ahhhhhgh!" she squealed.

Her ass heaved on the bed. Her pussy mouth sucked and gobbled at her fingers, drenching them. Her thighs quivered open and closed, and orgasm ripped through her young, shameless body.